Looking to escape his rough life on the farm, Timothy Ryan joins the Army and World War II.

Torturing Private Ryan - Chapters 1 & 2
by steve mchalperin
Series: Torturing Private Ryan
Art by ULF. Visit his blog here

Chapter 1: Drafting Private Ryan

World War II was a messy affair. Was there ever a non-messy war? The US had tried to stay neutral, but Pearl Harbor changed all that. Domestic production was regeared to munitions and the draft was on. Selective Services swept through every state in the Union, including Texas. And that’s where Timothy Ryan was caught up into the Army.

Ryan lived on a medium sized farm outside Amarillo. Farm life was tough and took its toll on everyone. Slight changes in the weather could hammer a family and a region. Profits were slim to begin with and sometimes went to zero or worse. This put a strain on family life. Some families took a religious approach to adversity, invoking God’s Will or something like that. Many fathers were admirably stoic in the face of uncertainty. Some men took to alcohol for temporary deliverance. A lot took to raw anger, which they took out on their sons. It had always been a part of Texas farm culture that teenage boys in particular had to be broken and trained just like horses – with a whip.

Tim’s dad had died in a tractor accident when Tim was only six years old. His mother remarried quickly, probably for her and Tim’s survival, but her new husband was a bastard. He was in the alcohol/anger camp and he took out his anger on Tim. When Tim was younger, he spanked him brutally: bare ass, supple birch branches, hairbrush. A few times he made young Tim’s ass bleed. His mother never interfered; that was all part of the farm life.

As Tim matured and got into his early teens, the old man graduated to horse whipping, as it was called. Tim had to strip in the barn and his step-father strung him up in ropes hanging from a rafter. His legs were pulled far apart by another pair of ropes. They were a permanent fixture, as was the whip coiled up on a peg near the ropes. The beatings were brutal, often leaving Tim’s back and ass criss-crossed with welts. In other places this would have been a problem for Tim changing into gym shorts in the locker room. But in rural Texas it was not at all uncommon for a lad to show up with welts on his back, sometimes even on his chest. That was simply part of the farm culture and nobody knew anything different.

The problem for Tim, in addition to the pain of the beating, was that as a young teenager he often threw a boner during the whippings. This made his old man even angrier, but there was nothing Tim could do about it. It was sort of automatic: intense pain/boner. This was followed later by another boner/intense JO/sleep. Poor Tim was whipped for the slightest infraction, or even just for nothing if the old man was drunk. What young Tim did not know what that this repetition was having an effect on his brain wiring. The rewiring was linking pain and solo sex pleasure. Pain and pleasure is a potent combination.

There was another factor in Tim’s life impacting his sexual wiring: wrestling. He discovered he was good at wrestling when he got to high school; it provided some relief from farm life. Although mediocre in class work, he excelled on the mat. He did well in the JV and was promoted to varsity in his junior year. Driven by the coach, he worked out hard in the gym and built himself up into a muscle-teen. The pain of the workouts followed by some messin’ around in the showers matched the pain/pleasure pattern of his home life. Tim also got special training from the coach who introduced him, forced him actually, into heavy workouts in his home gym and rough man sex afterwards. Tim was compelled by some inner need to keep going back to coach’s house, full knowing what was to happen. Coach eagerly obliged, escalating the pain and migrating to bondage scenes, and that’s when Tim learned that it was OK to scream, manly even. Most of his schoolmates progressed from this man on man stuff into regular, heterosexual activities. Young Tim’s new pleasure/pain wiring, however, didn’t need girls for a good time. He did need a father figure to really hurt him and then provide pleasure.


Chapter 2: Capturing Private Ryan

When the draft net hit Texas, Tim pre-empted it by volunteering for the Army. He really needed to get away from the farm and his step-father. He would miss his mom and the coach, however. By the time Tim was a senior, his sessions with Coach were pretty heavy. His “interview” at the recruiting headquarters was simple. The sergeant said: “Whip off the T shirt, boy, and let’s see what you got.” Tim threw a double bicep curl and the Army guy almost drooled at the mouth. Two minutes later he signed on. Two days later he was off to Pendleton. Two months later he was on Omaha Beach for D-Day.

They charged into the water, across the beach, and up the cliffs where the Nazis were embedded. Tim tried to ignore the guys dropping around him; he was told this was going to happen. He focused on moving forward. When he reached the cliffs and began the ascent, he was somehow separated from his platoon. Within minutes he was surrounded by German soldiers and taken captive.

All POWs were sent directly to the SS for interrogation. They were well known for having “special techniques” for forcing captives to talk and they obtained valuable information that way. The techniques were well known to be insanely vicious.

Private Ryan was tied up hand and foot. He was blindfolded and gagged with rags tied behind his head. Then he was thrown into the back of a car. There already were two other soldiers laying on the back seat and they grunted when he landed on top of them. The car pulled away and they drove for maybe a half hour. SS guards pulled the men out of the car at the local head quarters of the SS. It was a burned-out school.



  1. Session3 - June 20, 2021, 3:16 pm

    I missed this story the first time around. Singin’ my song like a motherfucker! Cruel stepdad, wrestling coach, sadistic Nazis…. Writing kept tripping my switch so nonchalantly, as if it were just normal, no big deal, to take Private Ryan deep into pain (and to take my nuts right along). HOT set-up!

  2. slavemchalperin70 - June 21, 2021, 5:47 am

    Glad you like it, Sir. I like to “trip guys’ switches,” one at a time, real slow — just like good torture.

  3. Session3 - June 27, 2021, 12:52 am

    Just like! Beautiful job. Ulf images rock.

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