• Icily clinical, mordant narrator. Terrific writer, describing a dildo as “a gelatinous monster of an ass buster.” “No one talls about Fuck Club.” So glib and deadpan snarky, so horrific a psychpath.

  • ” . . . his squiggling booty . . . ” Ideal writing. As we get to know him, the sadist’s attitude is getting more and more chilling, almost Lecter-like. The pics are very hot, seem to come from a private session. […]

  • Session3 commented on the post, The Wrestler 2 days, 11 hours ago

    Perfectly done little ride in Arthur’s head. We’re forced to conclude that Arthur is so round-the-twist lost in his moment of erotic connection that he’s blind to the inevitable catastrophic consequences coming […]

  • He’s ADORABLE! Not my usual type, but the rueful cluelessness in that tight little bod is charming! They seem to have North American accents, but I never heard of this show. Canada? Anybody know?

  • Who’d have guessed. Here on GBF, a story no sex and almost no onstage punishment, and I loved it! Thanks, Amalaric. Accent on the 2nd syllable?

  • “…considering himself a reasonable sort of guy…” Fred should be strung up from a rafter.

  • Fred, “nearly choking up with emotion,” is priceless. Not much gets by Amalaric’s eye, and he has merriment just as sharp.

  • [ A secret pleasure of this site is the mild trippy sense of “sharing our impressions of the story” with other commentators, when they’re in 2019 and you’re in 2021. Time-warp. ]

  • I’ll say! More muscly than Amalaric’s norm. The pic in the living room! Woof!

  • Fred’s personality is consistently amusing me, with his prissy entitled self-pampering. I’ve met any number of wealthy single gay airheads like him. Love the narrator’s tone, tooling along complaisently with […]

  • Maybe I’m too repressive, Richard. GBF is kinkland and you’re a wonderful writer who should feel absolutely free to fly to your own kink. (But if you tell me that not only all five men but Kimberley and Muffy, […]

  • So well written, and darkly, sardonically humorous. Tickling happens not to do it for me, either, but that just means that this story is designed for a different audience. It’s also clearly designed to groove on […]

  • I’m liking it very much, too. As guys go who are being extorted by threat of a public outing, the narrator is about the luckiest a man could in such a situation. Howie’s played completely fair, and “brought his […]

  • Well, no WONDER you don’t much writing done, bro! Your picture’s so fierce hot, you must spend 75% of your day coping with come-ons and another 10% staring in the mirror, unable to believe your own luck. Next […]

  • Session3 commented on the post, Wickus – Part 1 1 month ago

    This reads like a seriously fine novel by a imaginative, sure and subtle artist. Really beautiful. The indolent entitled narrator’s mindset, the mindless dehumanizing bigotry he and his family share, and the […]

  • What is it about rectitudinous superheroes going down that amuses us so? Poor Greenie here, guzzling drugged water all night cluelessly, unable to discern (A.) that he’s been massively drugged and (B.) that hot […]

  • Seems to me the second clip is from (or an outtake from) the sequel to the movie Hostel (Hostel II?). The scenario matches, the man looks very like Roger Bart, which tallies, and that film had a resourceful […]

  • mchelperin is such a sharp writer. The characters so sharp, the details so imaginative (a rusty boat trailer as a rack? Perfect.). I never miss one of his stories here (and no, I’m not “him in disguise, touting […]

  • Sure liked this simple story. Perfect writing. The extended Judd/Stone sex scene was A+++. Pictures hot, too. Thanks. Biker rape could have been twice as long, richer in detail. I get it about keeping a short […]

  • Funny, funny, funny. Loved the frottage mixed in with the nip and pit work (but that’s just me). I was surprised that there was no hot descriptions of cocks except that one reference to Gambino’s length. I cum […]

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