An arrogant and philandering CEO crosses the wrong employee and learns that "Payback's a Bitch!" in this hot humiliation, cum control, milking and forced shaving story by Grizzly. Photo from MenonEdge.


Payback's a Bitch! - Intro
by Grizzly
Series: Payback's a Bitch


Vince Cunningham sipped his black coffee, scrolling absently through his copious emails. At only thirty-six years of age, the up-and-coming businessman's recent promotion to CEO of Lava Industries, a fast rising pyrotechnic development company had left him with little time in his busy schedule. A fine time for his lazy secretary to decide to fall ill! Now the handsome but impatient blond man was going to have to do a few extraneous errands here and there until either she recovered or even better he found her replacement.

“Can’t you just check the damn thing from the hospital?” he demanded through the phone.

“I’m… I’m sorry, sir. They said that any further electronic stimulation at this stage could only make things worse. I’m not even supposed to be calling to tell-"

A sharp slam of the phone ended the conversation and the fuming CEO turned his attention back to his computer. As he scrolled, one email caught his attention.

“ATTN: I OWN YOU!!!” screamed the subject the line. Bright blue eyes darted left and right swiftly to assure that he was indeed alone in his office. Vince double clicked, and the email popped up on his screen.

Mr. Cunningham,

I know about the bank account. I know that you have been stealing from your poor wife, and I know that without her money and her connections to your sponsors, you would be nothing. She doesn’t know that you’ve been cheating on her since the beginning either, does she? If she only knew… your position, your wealth, and your cushy lifestyle would no longer exist.

Vincent’s brow furrowed in concern. The affairs were one thing – his wife was so desperate she’d cling to his chiseled body even if she did know that he had slept with half of the women in his office. But this person knew about the account? How on earth was that even possible? Not even his lawyer knew that information…

Vince unbuttoned his collar and rubbed the thick blond hair on his muscular chest nervously as he read on.

Fortunately, there is something that you can do about it. I’ve heard tell about that big cock of yours, and I want to see it in all its thick glory for myself. Come submit yourself to me tonight at the Toucan Motel, big boy, and we’ll see if we can’t make the situation a little more pleasant for the both of us.


Vincent felt heat creep into his handsome face. She was blackmailing get into his pants?? A wide grin split his face, and he clicked the reply button with gusto.


I’ll be there. Expect me around 7 tonight.


Vince sent it off and leaned back in his chair, swiveling a bit in self-satisfaction. Excellent. An evening with another woman so desperate to worship his cock all night. Vince pitied the poor girl but he couldn't blame her for wanting him. They all did. But luckily for her, this was just what he needed to blow off some steam. "A win-win for the both of us!" he chuckled to himself.

The Toucan Motel wasn’t no prize by any stretch of the imagination but then its purpose was a seedy one and it accomplished that with little effort. As Vince pulled up and off to the side, he slipped the clerk his usual twenty for discretion and grabbed the key that had already been waiting for him then made his way up to his usual suite, Room 224, twisting the key in his fingers excitedly.

As he opened the door, hanging in front of him was a note. “Strip for me, honey… I want to see that hot bod of yours. I’ll be watching, sexy.”

Vince smirked as he locked the door and walked into the room, loosening his tie. As he looked around, he saw delicate bare toes peeking out from under a sheer curtain, shrouded in darkness. Vince tried to get a better idea of the woman’s body, but from the shadow over the curtain there was simply no way. He shrugged off his blazer and laid it on the nightstand before flexing his muscles think to himself, "I sure hope this chick's got big jugs."

Vince decided it was time to start the show. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his hair covered chest. His pectoral muscles rippled as he flexed, slowly peeling the white shirt from his body. As he raised his arms up, the gym rat exposed the thick, plentiful hair under his arms. Now topless, the CEO took a moment to seductively run his hands over his hairy, muscular chest. His nipples began to harden reflexively as they were exposed to the air, and as the man ran his rough thumbs over the dusky nipples he felt a thrill of arousal run through his body.

"This is awesome," the man thought as he pushed his yellow locks out of his face. "I bet this chick is practically wetting herself in anticipation."

He ran his meaty hands down his chest and gym toned abs, tangling his fingers in the thick body hair that covered every inch of his figure. The young man chuckled as his hands reached lower, grabbing at his stiffening cock through his pants.
"This desperate bitch is gonna love this!" he thought to himself as he heard a slight moan from behind the curtains. His cock began to stiffen more as he heard her, and the CEO unbuckled his silver belt. Without wasting any further time, he unbuttoned his pants and slid them off, leaving him naked except for only his black briefs. He was well hung; even sheathed in silk his manhood was visibly impressive. A trail of thick yellow hair trailed from his navel downwards and he ran his fingers through the it seductively.
Vince stretched his body languidly over the mattress, making sure that the person behind the curtain had a good view of his hardening shaft under the silk. “If you want to see more, darlin’, you’ll have to strip me down yourself. Get your ass out here.”

The toes moved from out the side of the curtain and Vince’s jaw nearly dropped in shock.

“Long time no see, big boy!” The toes were attached to the body of a smooth shaven man! The culprit was in his late twenties, lean and dark of hair and eye. He was naked as well and his cock stood out from his hips in anticipation. He grinned at the shocked CEO. “Remember me, Vincent?”

“What the fuck?! Rex?! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!!” The CEO scrambled for his pants, red in the face with rage. “Son of a bitch! You fuckin’ queer! I’m gonna make sure you get fucked up for this one!!”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere if I were you, Vince.” The dark haired man moved his right hand from behind the curtain, revealing a hidden camera. “Do you see this camera, you pompous ass? Yeah, I’ve been recording every minute of your display there. Bet your coworkers would love to see you stripping for a queer. Certainly would make for some interesting water cooler talk tomorrow!"

"What the fuck do you want from me?" demanded the clearly angry CEO.

"You're gonna learn a little lesson today, my dear Vincent. PAYBACK'S A BITCH!! Now, get your sweet ass back on that bed and strip!”


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