When an older gay man catches a straight burglar breaking into his home, he forces him to be his bondage slave for the weekend with unexpected results. Includes bondage, spanking and fucking.

Taming Dan
by Matt Swimmers

Taming DanI drove down the dirt road, basking in the summer sun. My truck bounced over the bumpy road, but I knew I was coming close to the end of it. This road went through my property, leading down to the lake at the end of it. It was completely private, hedged in by trees. All the better for my precious cargo, which I hoped was doing well in the bed of my truck.

I came to the end of the road by the lake, and stopped. I took a beer from the cooler in my passenger seat, got out and stretched my legs. The sun beat down on my bare chest as I surveyed the beach. The water would probably be warm today, I shucked my sandals and went out to test it. Sure enough it was warm, lovely even. I debated going for a quick swim, since I was only in a pair of black briefs, but decide to get down to business first.

I went back to the truck and took a blanket off of the passenger seat, spreading it down across the sand. I took the cooler and a duffel bag down and set them by the blanket, tossing my finished beer off to the side. I went back to the truck, and opened the hatch in the back. There was my prize.

I had found him trying to break into my cottage last night. He'd snuck into the basement through an unlocked window, unaware that I'd been watching him for half an hour from the upstairs. When he finally got inside, I went downstairs to meet him. He'd charged at me when I turned the light on, all I saw were his black jacket, pants and mask rushing at me. He wasn't prepared when I fought back and wrestled him to the ground.

"Fuck off you old freak!" He'd yelled and cursed at me as I straddled him, pinning his arms behind his back. Guess he hadn't expected a man of 55 to be able to overpower him like that. I pulled off the mask, and it was only a kid, maybe in his late twenties. White, with long dark hair and five o'clock shadow. He was pretty handsome, Italian or Greek maybe. He was mostly muscle from what I could tell, but from the way he went down, he had no idea how to use them.

"Now now son, no need to be vile." I grabbed a piece of twine from the work bench next to me, wrapping it around his wrists.

"What the fuck?" He thrashed around underneath of me, but his arms were tied now. I grabbed his long hair and pulled back. "Ow! Shit!"

"Listen up punk, you messed with the wrong guy tonight." I growled at him. He tried to spit at me, but I slapped him away. I grabbed another piece of rope, this time turning around and binding his legs together.

"Now, I'll give you a few minutes to relax." I got up, leaving him wriggling around on the floor. I left him down there for a good half an hour, I waited until I heard the yelling stop. When I went back down he was still laying on the floor.

"So what, the cops are coming?" He spat out at me.

"Not at all my boy." I came over to him, sitting on the floor close by.

"So then what the fuck?" He grunted.

"Such language." I chided him, to which he rolled his eyes. "What's your name son?"

"Fuck you."

"Your parents must have not liked you very much to give you a name like that." I laughed. He just sneered up at me. I rolled him over, and sure enough there was a wallet in the back pocket of his jeans.

"Are you dumb enough to bring your ID with you?" I asked, thumbing through the wallet. He was, as it turned out, along with a few credit cards and a wad of twenty dollar bills.

"So, Dan is it?" I tossed the wallet away. "Looks like you already managed to get some money tonight." I reached into his jacket pocket, a few
bags of marijuana inside, alongside a pack of cigarettes. "Ah. Selling drugs, wonderful."

"Hey, someone's gotta do it." He sneered.

"Well Dan, you won't be doing any more of it tonight." I stood up, grabbing a pair of scissors off the wall. "You're going to be sleeping down here tonight son, hope you don't mind." I unzipped his jacket, as he struggled. He had a white wife beater on underneath, his hairy chest and arms visible. He cursed some more as I cut his jacket sleeves.

"I figured you would be more comfortable like that." I said. I couldn't help myself, I had to reach out and tweak one of his hard nipples underneath the white cotton.

"Hey! Fuck off faggot!" He spat out at me. I grabbed the nipple harder and he winced.

"I might have to gag you too boy. I'd hate to do that." I reached over and pinched the other nipple. "You have such a nice voice."

"Go to hell, queer." He grunted. I smiled, leaned down and licked his neck slowly, up to his ear. I ignored his cursing and thrashing, tasting his sweat.

"I'll see you in the morning Dan. We're going to have lots of fun."

"Rot in hell!" He shouted at me as I went back up the stairs. The taste of his sweat was still in my mouth, my eight inch cock rigid in my jeans. His shouting kept up as I undressed and got ready for bed. Even as I lay there, naked in bed I could hear the boy yelling downstairs.

I stood up and groaned, taking my red briefs I'd had on earlier off of the floor. I went downstairs again to find him thrashing still.

"You interrupted my sleep boy." He looked up in fear as he saw my hairy, naked body. My cock was still hard, a little bit of precum in the foreskin. I thought I had a pretty good body for a man my age, stocky and large, I was over six feet tall.

"What the hell dude?" I grabbed him by the hair, and when he opened his mouth to cry out I shoved my briefs in. His cries were muffled by the cotton, and I dragged him over to a support beam.

"Now time for your punishment." I said, grabbing some more rope and the scissors. I pushed him up against the beam, untying his arms long enough to wrap them around the wooden post, and then secured them again. He struggled down, scared of what was about to happen.

I knelt down in front of him, his eyes wide with fear. I undid his belt, and undid the button holding his jeans together. He screamed at me as I unzipped his jeans, pushing them down around his knees. He had on a pair of white boxer briefs underneath.

"Nice boy, you match." I smiled, tweaking his nipple again. "I think your punishment for tonight should be simple. A face full of my jizz should do it."

I stood up, his eyes fixed on my cock as I jerked it, inches from his face. The sight of the trussed up boy in his underwear was driving me crazy, and it didn't take long before I was ready to blow my load.

"Ready for this baby?" It was my turn to sneer down at him. His head was shaking no as I groaned, my load shooting out and landing on his face. Some got in his hair, but most of it ran down his cheek and nose, onto my briefs which still gagged him.

I rubbed the rest of it out onto his cheek, his eyes filling up with tears. I leaned in close to his ear. "You fucked with the wrong guy tonight boy. And tomorrow will be even better." I chuckled, giving his nipple one last twist. I looked down and noticed a rather sizable bulge in his boxer briefs.

"Oh my. Did my little burglar enjoy that?" I reached down, grabbing his pole. Sure enough, it was hard. I untied his arms so he could sprawl onto the ground, then reattached his bindings. He didn't struggle at all that time. I pulled the briefs out of his mouth, but wrapped them around the top of his head.

I grabbed his wallet, and then I laughed my way up the stairs, turning off the lights and leaving the sobbing, bound, aroused boy in the dark.

When I woke up this morning I was anxious, wondering how my captive boy in the basement was doing. I threw on a robe and went down to check on him and there he was, still tied up and asleep, his jeans around his ankles. He'd managed to get my briefs off of his head, but they laid close to his face.

I nudged him awake with my foot. "Morning sunshine."

He looked up at me, sleepily. When he realized who I was and what had happened the night before, he jerked awake suddenly. "Come to finish me off?" He muttered.

"Finish you off?" I laughed. "You think I'm going to murder you?" I laughed some more. His bravado was fading as I bent over, hilarity taking me over. "A hot little piece of ass like you and you think I'm going to kill you?"

He blushed, but furrowed his brow. "Fuck off, faggot."

"Oh you sound like a broken record." I grabbed the scissors from the table where I'd left them. "Let's get you out of those jeans." I held him down and cut the rest of his jeans off, pulling his shoes and socks off with them. I retied his legs, most of the fight gone out of him.

"Now Dan, we're going to discuss something." I rolled him onto his back and straddled his chest, my robe opening to expose my naked, semi-hard dick, which rested on the top of his chest. "We have two options here. Option one, I call the police and report these drugs and the break in." His eyes narrowed. "And I'm sure you know what that means. And I have cameras all along the outside of the building, trust me, you'll end up in jail for a very, very long time."

"Or what?"

"Or you're going to be my bitch for the weekend." I stroked my cock a little, bringing it to full hardness.

"And suppose I let you do that." He began. "Then when you let me go I report you. For kidnapping me and molesting me."

"If you want to go to the police and tell them an old man overpowered you and had his way with you, be my guest. I would love to see the look on your face when you tell them how I jacked off on your face while you were gagged with my underwear." He blushed as I rubbed my cockhead down his chin, leaving a trail of precum. He tried to jerk his head away, but to no avail. "That was fucking hot by the way, did you like how I left them on your head afterwards? Were they nice and sweaty for your gag?"

"You have no proof about the drugs."

"Oh I do son, don't worry." I smacked his cheek with my dick.

"There's cameras in here too. Of course, last night I made a tape of me beating you down, then taking the drugs out of your jacket."

"Then molesting me?"

"Well I cut it off before the fun started. And a copy was e-mailed to a few close friends of mine. The short version, and the long."

"So there's a bunch of old homos..."

"Yep, beating their old dicks watching me strip you. And they'll probably have more before the weekend is out. So if anything should happen to me, and they don't hear from me by Monday morning, the short copy goes out to the police. And the long copy goes out on the internet." I smiled, my cock wet and dripping now. I let a few drops land on his chin. "Oh, the police get a scanned copy of your ID as well."

"You're sick." He spat at me.

"Oh you have no idea son." I ran my cock over his lips this time. He shut his mouth tight, but there was a trail of precum over his lips. I reached back and fondled his package a little, he was half hard this time.

"So son, what is it going to be? Should I get my collar, or should I call the police?"

"Collar?" He gulped.

"Yes son, a nice leather one for you." I reached down by my thigh and squeezed one of his nipples. He shut his eyes against the pain, but after a few seconds, he grunted something.

"Louder boy." I commanded.

"I'll let you do whatever you want, just don't call the fucking cops." He said. "I've got a record already, if I get sent in again they'll give me the maximum sentence."

"You'll be my bitch?"


"Say it." I commanded, slapping him with my cock again.

"I'll be your bitch." He said through clenched teeth.

"You'll do whatever you're ordered to do?" I rubbed my dick up his chin again.


"Yes, sir." I said calmly.

"Yes Sir." He repeated meekly.

"Good, now suck my fucking cock." I put it to his lips, which he opened gingerly and took my head into his mouth. "Oh yeah son, suck that fucking prick." I commanded him, a handful of his hair guiding him as he gave me a sloppy wet blowjob. His eyes were clenched shut but he still went to work on my dick, a
bit amateurish, but I'd had worse suck jobs. Having this muscled beast in my control was getting me so hot, I knew I would cum pretty soon.

"Oh yeah baby, you're gonna get a nice big load of daddy cum in a few minutes." I pumped his head up and down on my dick with his hair.

I pulled out before I came though, letting my load spill down over his face again. His eyes were still closed, but I scooped up bits of my cum with my fingers and fed it to him. "Yeah baby, take my load, fuck yeah." I encouraged him as he gingerly ate my semen off of my fingers.

I stood up afterwards, using the briefs from last night to wipe the rest of his face off. "Good job son, now you can rest for a bit while I go get ready for our trip."

"Trip?" He asked, looking up at me nervously. I didn't answer, just turned around and headed back up the stairs. He was left there on the concrete, bound and alone.

I came back down a while later, with a few extra things. The first was the leather collar, which I fastened around his neck without a word. Attached to that was a leash.

"I'm going to untie your legs for a bit now son, remember what's waiting out there in cyberspace before you make and funny moves."

"I know Sir." His eyes couldn't meet mine, though I could tell from the red rims of them he'd been crying again. I smiled to myself as I untied his legs.

"Stand." I ordered him. He made it to his feet shakily, his hairy body slightly cramped from being tied the night before. I led him up the stairs and out through the kitchen to the deck and back yard. I led him over to the tree line.

"You probably have to piss?" I asked, standing behind him.


"Yes what?" I asked, reaching around and grabbing a nipple.

"Yes Sir." He winced. "I have to piss." I reached around and pulled his flaccid cock from his boxer briefs, giving it a little stroke.

"Well let it rip then son."

"I can't Sir. Not with you holding it like that."

"Well you fucking better boy. Or else you're going to have to go all over yourself later. And if anyone's going to cover you in piss, it's
going to be me."

He nervously moved closer to the trees, and after a few seconds I felt his piss start to flow. "Good boy." I told him, letting my fingers brush through the stream a few times. When he was done, I shook his cock and then put my fingers to his lips.

"Taste it."

"Seriously?" He tried backing up.

"Now, cunt." I shoved my fingers into his mouth, he struggled a little but I felt his tongue lick them clean. "Good boy." I said again.

"Now I have to piss too, but I'm going to do it in the bathroom for now. As much as I'd love to see you drenched, I don't want to mess up that pretty white underwear yet." I led him to one of the boards that supported my deck, and tied his leash to it.

"I'll be back for you in a while cunt." I said, leaning in and giving him a kiss. Again, he tried to pull away, but a quick slap and he stopped resisting. I could still taste a bit of cum as my tongue invaded his mouth.

I packed for our trip, then came back to free him. I led him to the truck, where I tossed him in the back, blindfolded him and re-tied his legs. He whimpered a little as we took off, but he kept still and mostly silent for the drive.

Now I surveyed my prize. He was still in his white undershirt and boxer briefs, his arms and legs bound. His furry, muscled body looked taut with nervousness.

"Hello? Sir?" He called.

"I'm here boy." I said, stepping up into the truck bed. "Ever fucked someone in the back of a truck?" I asked as I untied his legs.

"No sir." He said. "The back of a car once, but that's it."

"Oh it's a lot of fun, you should try it sometime." I reached down and fondled his package. He shuddered as I stroked his cock and balls through the cotton. "Ever done it outdoors at all?"


"In the summer?"

"Yeah, in the woods." A smile curved his lips, obviously he had enjoyed himself. His dick was stiffening up.

"Nothing like it, eh?" I snaked my hand up the leg of his boxers, pulling his stiff dick out the leg hole. He was uncut like me, probably seven inches of meaty, thick dick. "And I bet she loved this thick fucking cock."

"She did." He moaned a little as I started to stroke his meat.

"Well boy..." I put his dick back inside the boxers. I leaned in close to his ear. "Hope you're gonna like mine just as much." He whimpered again as my fingers found his hole. He clenched up around them as I inserted one slowly into his ass.

"Oh yeah baby, you're nice and tight. Daddy's gonna have a fun time breeding this bitch." I snarled into his ear. He was almost hyperventilating now, trying to get away from my probing fingers and hands, which had found his stiff dick again.

"I don't even know your name." He breathed out.

"You don't have to know my name bitch, call me Sir. Or Daddy." I smirked, licking his neck up to his ear. He was shaking a little as I got up off of him. I removed the blindfold and took his leash, leading him from the truck and down to the blanket on the beach.

"Sand?" He looked around even though he was blindfolded. "We're on a beach?"

"One of my favorite spots in the world son. Keep your eyes closed until I tell you." I said, removing his blindfold and sliding him on a pair of sunglasses. "Ok boy." He opened his eyes slowly, the bright sun high in the sky.

"All things considered, it is a nice spot." He said.

"I know Dan, see, this isn't all bad." I laid down next to him.

"Were you serious about pissing on me?" He asked nervously.

"You'll find out in a little while, once I'm ready to get rid of these beers." I said, opening another bottle. He looked out over the beach, to the mountains in the distance and the sun high in the sky.

I laid down on the blanket and gave his leash a tug. "Get down there boy, get my briefs nice and wet." He complied slowly, moving down between my legs and slowly running his tongue over my package. "Come on slut, put some energy into it. Get them nice and fucking wet." He was now practically drooling on my briefs, his tongue painting his spit around my crotch. Some of it was leaking down onto my thighs, driving me wild.

"Yeah you fucker, drool on that cock."

"Yes Sir." He said, his tongue still wrapped around my cotton bulge. I pulled my now soaked cock out of the briefs and slapped his cheek with it.

"I love slapping you with my prick boy." I hissed, slapping him again. "On your hands and knees, now." He got in the position I requested, and I pulled his ass up in the air higher.

"Now for your punishment." I opened my bag, pulling out a leather strap.

"I thought your cum in my face was punishment."

I just laughed. "Oh no boy, that was the beginning of your punishment." I brought the strap down across his beefy ass, which stretched out his tight boxers. Even if he wasn't my slave at the moment, I'd want to fuck that bubble butt. Till he screamed.

"Ahh!" He cried out, not quite a scream, but enough to make my dick twitch. "Shit!"

"Yeah baby, been a few years since you've had a proper spanking I bet." I brought the strap down again, a little harder this time. "Your real daddy ever spank you?"

"When I was a kid!" He cried out. "He stopped when I was around eight!"

"Bare assed boy?"

"Sometimes!" He cried out as I spanked him again, even harder.


"Yeah, never anything like THIS!" He shouted the last word as I brought it down with a loud crack. He'd flung the sunglasses off with a shake of his head, burying his face down in the blanket as I brought my strap down again and again.

"Please stop! I'll do anything!" He sobbed into the blanket. The sight of this muscle bound stud crying and begging for mercy had me just about ready to blow my load inside my briefs.

"Please stop WHAT?" I asked loudly, adding a light swat for emphasis.

"Please stop spanking me Sir." He sobbed out into the blanket, his ass up in the air completely now.

"Oh no boy, not yet. I might have to make a small adjustment though." I reached down and grabbed a hold of each side of his boxers, tearing them and exposing his hairy ass. If I thought his chest was hairy, his ass was even better! I almost drooled as I looked at his muscled cheeks, covered in dark, soft hair. The crack was black with fur as well.

"Wow, you're a hairy one." I said, giving his ass a slap with my hand. It was red underneath the hair, and warm.

"Thank you Sir. Do you like hairy?"

"Oh very much so boy." I said with another strap hit. He cried out again. "I like it even better red and sore underneath all that sexy hair." I gave him a few more hard hits with the strap, then knelt down behind him.

"Ever had your pussy eaten boy?"

"What?" He stammered.

I gave his ass another hard slap with my hand. "Answer the fucking question." Another slap.

"No Sir." He called out. "Please, stop." He begged through a sob.

"A tough guy like you? Breaking into people's houses? Selling dope on the streets? Starts crying with a little bit of a spanking?" I laughed, giving him another hard spank.

"I'm sorry Sir!" He cried out.

"Sorry for trying to rob me?" I asked.

"Yes Sir!"

"Sorry for cursing and calling me names?"

"Yes, so sorry Sir!" He was getting his breathing under control now.

"Well your apology is accepted." I said, standing up and grabbing the strap again. He looked up in terror.

"I thought you accepted it." His eyes were wide as he watched me heft the strap in my hands.

"Oh I did son, but you agreed to be my bitch for the whole weekend. It's only Saturday afternoon!" I brought the strap down again. I was glad for the fence around my land, since his cries could probably heard for a long way.

Afterwards, I left him there sobbing on the blanket, his ass in the air and his hands bound. He'd managed to take a lot of spanking, his ass bright red and covered in welts. I finished my beer and had a cigarette, coming back to find him still sobbing on the blanket.

"I'm sorry Sir. I'm sorry." He was panting, his head turned to the side. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was wet from tears.

"Oh you haven't begun to be sorry." I said, flicking my cigarette butt away into the water. I rolled him over onto his back, his boxers sticking straight up in the air.

"And besides boy, for someone calling me a faggot earlier, you've had a hard on this entire time." I rubbed my thumb around the wet spot where his cockhead was, the thin cotton turning see-through as it got wet.

He turned his head away from me and blushed, a look of anger on his face. "Oh it's alright son. I'm just glad you're going to enjoy this next part." I got between his legs, hoisting his legs up onto my shoulders.

"What part?" He looked up at me again. "Oh no." He moaned. I ripped the rest of his boxers off, leaving the waistband and a few scraps of fabric, throwing them away into the sand. His cock hair was surprisingly well trimmed, given the rest of his body.

"Oh yes son, it's time to feel your daddy's cock deep inside that pretty hairy hole of yours." I rubbed my hard dick up against his asscrack. Even through my briefs he was wriggling around nervously.

"Please, no." He begged. "Anything else, don't fuck me."

"Oh those pleas just get my prick harder son." I smirked at him. "Even better than watching you gagged and covered in my cum."

"No. No." He kept repeating as I brought some lube out of my bag. I took a hold of his shirt and ripped it in half, exposing his hairy pecs and abs. This really was a hairy god in front of me. He must've spent his whole life working out.

I smeared some lube onto my fingers and started to wet his hole. "Be glad you didn't call me anything nasty today son, or I might have just used a bit of spit to break you open." I had two fingers inside of him now. "That could have hurt."

He didn't say anything, he just laid there as I finger fucked him. I smiled and twisted his nipples again with my free hand. He looked good there, wearing nothing but the tattered waistband from his boxers and a torn shirt, the only whole piece of clothing on him was the collar.

Even when I pulled my dick from my briefs and lubed it up, then rubbed it up and down his crack he just laid there, biting his lip and clenching his eyes shut, as if he was in a bad dream and could wake himself up.

"Now baby." I grunted as I shoved my dick up inside of him.

He screamed and his back flew up off of the blanket. I wrapped my arms around him and forced my mouth onto his. I fucked him like that, our bodies pressed together and my tongue inside of his mouth. He was still crying out, even as my tongue filled his mouth. Even with all of the pain, his cock was still hard and dripping, and his legs were wrapped around mine, taking my cock like a pro. In fact if he wasn't so damn tight, I might have thought he'd been bottoming for years.

"Yeah! Fuck your cunt is tight!" I yelled, pulling my mouth away from his. He fell back to the blanket, tears running from his clenched eyes, wordless cries of pain coming from his lips. I had one hand on his hips, but I started to jerk his cock with the other.

"Fuck yeah boy, gonna make you cum while I fuck that hole." I grunted, and he started swaying his head back and forth. I pumped harder inside of him, and jacked his cock in the same rhythm.

"Please! Stop!" He cried over and over. It just drove me harder. His hairy ass clamped down tighter on my invading rod, and I knew he was close to cumming.

"Should I let you cum bitch?" I took my hand off of his cock, pumping my own into him slower.

"Please!" He begged, his attitude doing a complete turn around.

"Please what?"

"Please let me cum Sir!" He cried out. I stroked his wet cockhead.

"Oh no, call me daddy."

"Please let me cum... Daddy!" He cried as if wrenching it out from the pit of his stomach. I went back to fucking him hard and jacking his prick. "Oh my god!" He shouted as his cock exploded, huge shots of cum arcing up and hitting the sand behind him, some of it landing on his chest and face, some on the blanket. I'd never seen a boy cum so much.

"My turn!" I said, pulling it out of him and jacking it the last few strokes. I let loose a barrage of cum onto his chest and stomach, some of it mingling with the load already on his torso and face. I watched the cum settle into the dark hair, both of our bodies sweating in the summer heat.

I ripped the rags of his shirt from his body, and used those to clean him up a little. He laid there panting, and I leaned over and kissed him. This time, he kissed back.

"That was intense." He panted.

"It's just the beginning." I said, helping him up. I led him back to the truck and blindfolded and tied him again, leaving him in the back of the truck while I cleaned up. I took his ripped clothes and shoved them into the bag, no sense leaving a mess.

I opened another beer and drove us back to the cottage. When we got there, I went back into the truck bed and pulled his blindfold off. He blinked, the trees here protecting his eyes from the worst of the sun.

"Those beers finally hit me boy." I said, pulling my cock out of my briefs.

"Were you driving around with just your underwear on?" He asked.

I didn't even respond, I just started to piss. He cried out as my stream hit him in the mouth, I just laughed as he sputtered and tried to back up.

"Oh no cunt!" I yelled. "Drink that fucking piss." He closed his eyes yet again, and opened his mouth. I'd never had such an erotic piss, and I'd had quite a few into and onto some boys before. But somehow the disgust and submission of this one made it so much hotter.

"Yeah baby." I let the end of the stream flow down over his hairy chest and down to his cock. "Mm. Just the way I like you, marinated in my piss." I leaned down and kissed him again, savoring the salty taste on his tongue. His stubble tickled my face as I kissed him deeply.

"Now thank me for it." I hissed in his ear.

"Thank you... for your piss... daddy." He managed to squeak out.

"Good boy." I untied his legs again, leading him to the backyard again. I tied him to the same post as before. "Now I'm going to grab a shower boy, I'll be back for you in a short while."

About ten minutes later, I went outside, naked, to release Dan. "Now I'm going to untie you completely boy." I said, leading him upstairs. "You're going to need a shower before you stink my house up with your piss smell. Just remember..."

"I know Sir. I won't run." His eyes were down on the floor now.

"Why not?" I pulled the waistband from his boxers down over his meaty thighs and he stepped out of it.

"Because... I have to know where this is going. Sir." He added the last part almost instinctively.

"Really?" I stroked his cock, which was semi-hard again.

"Yes. Sir." He said quietly.

"Go get a shower. I led him up the stairs, unbinding his hands for the first time since the night before. He stretched his arms gingerly. I undid his collar as well and led him to the bathroom, giving him a towel.

"I'll find you something nice to wear as well son." I said, leaving him in the bathroom.

"Thank you, daddy." I heard from inside the door. I smiled as I heard the shower turn on. This stud was coming around. Once they felt the surge of cumming with another cock inside of them, they usually did. Even my pissing on him hadn't broken his spirit. The rest of this weekend was going to be fun.

I rummaged through my underwear drawer, hoping to find something that Dan could wear. The cottage was my "play" area, hence why most of my toys, straps, collars, etc. were all out here.

Eventually I stumbled onto an old pair of white briefs a trick had left here. They were worn a little bit, but I bet they would look great on Dan. I left them on the bathroom counter while he was in the shower, then headed back to my room to find something for myself to wear.

I heard the shower shut off, so I grabbed a pair of white boxer briefs, almost like the ones Dan had on earlier. I laid back in bed, wondering if he would come to me.

In a matter of minutes, he was in the doorway, smiling sheepishly. Sure enough, he looked damn sexy in the briefs I'd left for him. "How do you like them Sir?" He asked, coming towards the bed.

The change in his attitude kind of threw me for a loop. I reacted quickly. "On your knees bitch." I shot up off the bed, and he fell to his
knees. I grabbed his damp hair and pushed his face towards my crotch. He moaned and automatically started to lick at my package.

"Don't even have to be told anymore bitch." I said, jerking his head up towards mine. "Maybe I should keep you for more than the weekend. Open your mouth."

He opened his mouth wide, and I spit into it. "Now get back to work." I pushed his head back to my now stiff cock, letting him bathe my crotch in his spit. He was in a frenzy, his lips and tongue flying. I pulled my cock out between the fly of the boxers, and shoved it into his mouth. His blowjobs were getting better, but sloppier. I loved it. The spit dribbled from his mouth down my shaft, even my balls were getting wet as this horny boy slurped up and around my cock.

"Yeah baby, drool on that prick!" I egged him on, laying back into bed. "Suck that fucker! Suck it!"

I was now laying completely on the bed and Dan got up between my legs and kept going. He pulled my balls free of the boxers as well, and sucked on them for a while.

"God damn it Sir. I never thought I could love sucking dick this much." He panted, jacking my dick.

"Then shut the fuck up and suck." I slapped him with my hand, but he just smiled up at me.

"Yes sir." He said with determination, going back to blowing me. His mouth was getting better, his blowjobs still wet and sloppy but with more technique. Sometimes I laid back and let him suck, other times I had him by the hair, pumping my cock deep down into his throat. He would gag a little, but he could take it.

His mouth seemed to get even better as he went through this blowjob. I opened my eyes to find him staring up at me while he sucked, his eyes questioning me. Was he doing a good job? Was I happy with him? I wouldn't have believed it was the same man from last night, tied up and cursing as I manhandled him.

I was in full control of my cumming now, the intense excitement of last night gone. And I could hold off for a while, I wanted to see how long this fucker would suck before he started to get tired of it. Ten minutes went by in a flash, his motions were sometimes quick, sometimes slow. Sometimes I would feel his hand pumping as he sucked, other times it was completely his mouth. I felt his hand playing with my balls, then reaching up and rubbing through my chest hair.

Fifteen now. No signs of slowing down. I was very impressed with his stamina, but I wouldn't tell him that just yet. I wasn't even talking now, just letting his mouth work on my dick.

Twenty. My control was starting to slip. It also hit me that it was mid-afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything yet. I pulled him off of my dick slowly by his hair, and rolled him over onto the bed.

"Stay there boy." I admired the tent in his tight briefs, and tucked my own dick back into my boxers. I grabbed some handcuffs from the closet, and in a quick motion his wrist was secured to my bed posts.

"Nowhere to run to now boy." I gloated, giving his nipples a quick twist. "I bet you're hungry."

"Honestly Sir, quite hungry. I haven't eaten since last night, before I..." He caught himself, blushing as he remembered the circumstances of our meeting.

"Well I can't starve you. I'll run into town and grab us something." I grabbed a shirt from the closet, tossing it on.

"And just leave me here tied to the bed?"

"Oh no, not like that." I pulled out a small butt plug, rolling him over. I pulled down his briefs and pushed his hairy cheeks apart. With a quick spit, I lubed up his hole and inserted the plug. He winced as he was stretched out by the rubber cock.

"How's that feel?" I asked, giving his ass a slap.

"Not as painful as when you fucked me earlier." He blushed.

"I'll have to use a bigger one next time." I grabbed his nipples again and gave him a kiss. "I'll be back." I grabbed some jeans and went downstairs, my cock still hard and throbbing in my pants.

The drive only took about fifteen minutes, I picked up some fast food and went back to the cottage. I left my jeans and shirt at the front door and went upstairs. There was Dan, asleep on the bed. I woke him up by stroking his package.

"Food's here." I uncuffed him and led him downstairs.

We were oddly silent as we ate, Dan wolfing down the food hungrily. He paused when we were almost done. "So you trust me enough to leave me untied now?"

"I trust you enough now I suppose." I took a long sip of pop. "I still have that video over your head."

"I haven't even thought about that since this morning sir." He said. He sounded truthful. "I've been more worried about.. well... pleasing you."

"Well finish that up, so you can get back to pleasing me." I finished off my pop and headed back upstairs. "I'll be waiting."

"Can't have you waiting sir." He said, tossing down the bits of burger he had left. "I'll come with you."

"Are you sure son? It's going to be intense. I want you well fed and ready to go." I pulled him close to me.

"I'm ready sir." I led him back upstairs, and his wrist was once again cuffed to the bed. I cuffed the other one as well, leaving him helplessly laid out on the bed. I grabbed the collar again and attached it around his neck, and blindfolded him as well.

I reached inside of his briefs and slowly removed the butt plug. "That keep you hard while you ate?"

"It did sir, but it might have been the thought of coming back up here afterwards." He whispered. I laid down beside him and slowly rubbed his package through his briefs.

"So it's truth time son." I whispered in his ear. "Why the change of heart?"

"I've always fantasized about guys. It's just.. the crowd I hang out with, it's always `gay this' and `fag that'. If anyone knew... I'd probably be dead." He said. "When you just, took control of the situation it forced me to come to grips with it. The submission I'd never even thought about."

"Doesn't seem like you got a lot of discipline before." I said, reaching inside his briefs and running my finger up along his ball sack.

"My mom left me with my dad when I was a baby. He tried to discipline me, but I just needed to rebel." He confessed in a whisper. "I got into drugs when I was a teenager, and after that we just couldn't connect anymore. I moved out at sixteen and needed to support myself. Drugs seemed the best way."

I reached up and pulled his cock out of the briefs, stroking it slowly. He was breathing heavy in time with my strokes. "How did you get here last night?"

"I drove, my car is parked along a side road somewhere, about a twenty minute walk away."

"Why here?"

"I'd heard you were kind of rich, figured it would be an easy job."

"And it turned out much differently didn't it?" I kept stroking him.

"It did sir. I'm glad." He breathed out with a sigh. "I can't believe it, but I'm almost... grateful."

"I could help you son. Get you back onto the straight and narrow."

"And what would I have to do?" He sounded on the verge of tears. "I've got nothing, I know nothing. Aside from crime I can't support myself."

"Well son, you could stay here. I could use a hand keeping the place up, and I could even pay you." I stroked him a bit faster now.

"So you want me to be your whore?" He sounded angry now. The blindfold hid his expression. To be honest, I had no idea why I suddenly wanted to help this boy. My feelings were outweighing my horniness for the first time in a while.

"No son, you're already my whore." I nibbled his neck, feeling a spasm run through his body. "I want to help you."

"After what I tried to do to you?"

"Especially after what you tried to do. How could I let you go again, knowing that you would be back onto the street in a matter of hours, trying to score some money anyway you know how."

"Nobody's ever..." He started, choking up.

"I'll give you some time to think. For now..." I stopped stroking his cock. "I'm going to give you a pair of shorts to wear son, and you can get back to your car." I tucked his cock back into his briefs.

"You're just going to let me go? After that?" He was so confused, I removed his blindfold and uncuffed his wrists.

"I want you to think on it. Next Saturday, if you're willing to give it all up and come live here with me, be on the beach at the end of my road at noon. Be wearing nothing but those." I stroked his cock through the briefs.

"I don't know what to say..." He looked stunned as I tossed him a pair of old running shorts. He stood up and put them on.

"Your keys should be down in the basement in the remains of your jeans." I led him downstairs and showed him to the door.

"Remember, Saturday at noon if you're willing." I gave his ass a quick slap and gave him a kiss. He kissed back.

"I still don't know your name sir."

"You'll find out next Saturday." I said. As I saw the shirtless boy leaving through the woods, I stopped myself and realized what I had just done. I had no idea how it would turn out. I didn't even quite understand it myself. My old partner, Jack and I had long discussed having children, but then he'd dumped me a few years back and moved across the country. Was it that? My paternal instinct kicking in about thirty years too late? Was it just that I felt sorry for Dan? A sensitive kid who'd done wrong in his life, but wanted to change? Was it my hormones thinking for me? If he was here, no doubt he'd be in my bed, servicing me every night. I opened a bottle of wine and wondered what the future held.

A week later, it was almost noon. I was wearing a pair of black briefs, and climbed into my truck. I drove down the same road as last week, feeling the familiar bumps, seeing the dust cloud kicking up behind me. Even before I saw Dan there, I saw his car. And there he was, laying on a towel on the beach in the white briefs I'd given him last week. He sprang up off of the blanket when he saw me coming.

"I knew you'd be here." I said, pulling him close to me.

"Oh god I'm so happy to see you here." He moaned, dropping to his knees. He pushed me up against my truck and started to kiss at my cock.

"Fuck baby, couldn't wait?"

"All week I've been dreaming about getting to finish what I started last week daddy." He sighed, my briefs now wet from his mouth. I let him munch on my package for a while, before I dragged him up into the back of the truck. I laid him down on a blanket and ripped his briefs, much like I'd done last week. As I put his legs up in the air and spit on my hand, he looked up at me with adoration.

"I've been dreaming about this too daddy." He moaned.

"Dreams are never as good as the real thing." I said, stroking my cock to get it wet. "Your cunt ready?"

"It's been ready since you left it last." He barely was finished when I shoved my cock inside of him. He cried out in pain as I rode him hard, but his cock was hard as a rock the entire time.

"Oh god!" He cried out as I leaned down and nibbled at his neck. "Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard!"

"Take it like the little bitch you are." I hissed at him, licking his ear. "Fuck that pussy is tight. Daddy loves his little boy's twat."

"Fuck it. Tear that pussy apart." He groaned through clenched teeth. We kissed as I pumped into him even harder, pinning him down on the ground and letting myself go wild.

I pulled his hair, I twisted his nipples, I slapped him. Every act of degradation only seemed to thrill us both more. Every time I called him a name I could see beads of precum splashing out of his foreskin. He wasn't kidding when he said he needed it.

"Fuck yeah!" He cried, throwing his arms around me. "Please cum daddy! Fill me up with your spunk!"

"You want that fucking jizz baby? It's all yours!" I yelled, letting my orgasm wash over me. Shot after shot of my cum poured into his ass, both of us crying out as I came. I reached down and stroked his hard dick, and it was less than a minute before he started to twitch, his own cumshots splashing out onto the blanket below us.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, dozing in the summer sun.

We woke up an hour later, sticky with cum and sweat. "I'm so glad you came back for me." He said quietly, running his hand through my chest hair. "But why? You barely know me."

"I wanted to help Dan. I want to give you something to make you better." I pulled him close to me.

"Nobody has ever done anything like this before for me. It's just a little bizarre, that's all." He looked up at me. "But I'll do whatever it takes sir."

"I know you will." We talked for a while in the back of the truck, deciding that Dan would stay there as my housekeeper, making a decent wage and trying to put his life back together.

"I still don't know your name." He laughed.

"I'm Charles." I said, giving him a kiss.

"Can I ask you something sir?"

"Of course."

"That night when I was tied up in the basement, it was pretty dark. I didn't see any flashing lights or anything. There was never a tape was there?"

"No Dan, there wasn't."

"I knew there wasn't."


"Yeah. I just couldn't come right out and beg you to have your way with me." He blushed.

"No, it was much hotter the other way." I laughed.

That was months ago. Dan lives with me still, although no longer as my housekeeper. He's now my partner, going to school during the day, and coming home to me at night. At first, when he came home, he would down to whatever underwear he was wearing that day, strap on his collar and come crawling into my office.

Nowadays he's clothed more often than not, and he comes walking in to give me a hug and a kiss, not a blowjob. Of course, whenever we get horny, the collars come back out. He's even gotten back into contact with his dad, and even came out to him a few days ago. He left out the part about me being his boyfriend,
just saying he was still working as my housekeeper at nights while he went to school. I understood, being almost the same age as his father.

All in all, things are great. I managed to tame the wild kid who'd come through my windows that night, and he was forever grateful.

Matt Swimmers


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    Great, and nice and sexy right through. Charles is one hot stern Daddy. In the first twenty-five minutes of their basement encounter, Charles ties Dan up, unties, reties…. It struck me that a street tough would have kicked out or struggled more–no matter that he’s also gradually gathering that this could be his secret dream of being dominated come true. Dan starts out SO insulting and defiant that it seemed wrong that, pretty much right away, he wasn’t physically fighting.

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