You've been bad. Prepare to pay the price.

You Receive a Summons to be Publicly Punished - Part 1
by Pencil

Dear Sir,

Male Public Corporal PunishmentWe regret to inform you that the accusations against you have been adequately substantiated and you have been found guilty. Based on previous communications with you, the committee feels that you have, thus far, not demonstrated adequate appreciation or remorse for your actions. You have therefore been ordered to present yourself for punishment at your local Corrections Centre where you will undergo Public Corporal Punishment witnessed by those you have harmed and by your peers.

You are required to register at the Centre on March 4, 2021

You will be assigned a punishment officer upon registration. He or she will be responsible for your processing and punishment for the day. Please note that you must comply with all requests made to you by your assigned officer. You are asked to address the officer as Sir or Ma’am.

You will be required to remove all of your clothing so that the officer can conduct a visual inspection of your body. The officer may need to conduct a body cavity inspection if he or she deems it necessary. Please note that we are affiliated with academic institutions and therefore students or trainees may be present during your processing.

You will remain naked throughout your time in the Centre unless otherwise instructed. Please note that we have many staff in our facility some of whom may be known to you. We understand that their presence may cause you embarrassment, however, we are unable to accommodate any requests for privacy or special treatment.

After registration you will be escorted to the viewing room stage where you will have an opportunity to apologize to your complainant(s) who will be present. You are encouraged to have a prepared statement of apology. Please note that our viewing room is open to members of the public. You may request to have friends or family present for your punishment but they are advised to arrive early as the viewing seats are limited to seventy and are often filled to capacity.

Please note that we have, at times, restricted attendance of witnesses to a specific gender or age range. We have also, on occasion, closed the proceedings to the public, at the Punishee’s request, if he can demonstrate that he normally is in a position of authority and a perceived loss of status by his subordinates could unduly affect his ability to function. However, given the nature of your offence, we have decided not to accommodate any such request and the viewing of your punishment will be open to all interested parties.

After apologizing to your complainants, you will be required to turn away from the audience spread your feet apart and bend over so that your bared buttocks are the highest point of your body and clearly presented. Corporal punishment will then be administered to your naked buttocks with an implement of your officer’s choosing, including his own hand or the hand of anyone present. Any of the following implements may also be applied; paddle, taws, birch, whip. You will receive, at minimum 10, strikes of the instrument. You will be required to count out-loud the number of strikes to your buttocks.

As corporal punishment is being administered, you are to maintain the bent over position and you must keep eye contact with your audience from between your legs.

Any breach in the instructions outlined above will result in additional strokes being added to your punishment.

After your public spanking you will remain on the the stage facing the audience with your hands on your head The officer will then fully explain to you and to all assembled the nature of your offence(s) and why it was unacceptable. We understand that the required pose during the officer’s lecture will cause you to fully display your genitals to your peers and such exposure is normally considered indecent, however we are doing this to emphasize that everything, including your misdeeds, are now being fully revealed for public scrutiny as you have lost any right to concealment.

You will then stand with your nose to the wall so that the spectators can view your buttocks and be satisfied that adequate punishment has been applied. Members of the audience will then be invited to examine you more closely. During this time of inspection, you will be required to assume any pose or position requested of you by any member of the the staff or public present. We understand that you may find these positions to be degrading, inappropriate or overtly sexual in nature, however, you must comply with these requests as the intention of the proceeding is to cause you humiliation and you have have lost all right to any privacy or dignity during the proceedings. Similarly, the participants may also touch or handle your body as they see fit. You may also be required to do various exercises such as squatting, running on the spot or jumping jacks if so requested.

Please note that is not uncommon for the Punishee to loose control of his body functions during the punishment process and you are responsible for cleaning any of your bodily fluids such as urine or semen that may be emitted. In such a case a mop or towel will be provided to you.

At the discretion of the punishment officer, you may be required to wear various articles of clothing which are usually intended to cause shame or ridicule and may include a traditional DUNCE cap or age or gender inappropriate garments such as diapers or female undergarments. You may be paraded about so that all assembled can witness you in the intended state of ridicule and disgrace.

When the punishment officer has been satisfied that you have adequately paid your debt to society and have shown adequate remorse for your actions, you will be allowed to dress and leave our facility.

Failure to appear at the Punishment Centre on the specified date will result in fines and / or imprisonment.

We look forward to welcoming you for your session,

Sincerely Wayne Bradshaw,
Director of the Office of Corrections,

Authors Note: If you would like a Part 2, I will need you to answer the following questions;

1– Who are you and what do you do?
2– How do you look dressed? ie what is your clothes like, complexion, facial hair etc
3– How do you look undressed? ie Body type? Body hair amount and pattern
4– Who would you most hate to be your assigned Punishment Officer?
5– Who would you most hate to witness your public punishment?


  1. Amalaric - November 29, 2020, 6:25 am

    Perfect story! Every detail floats the boat, so to speak. Would love to read sequels… so…
    – 1. manual labor
    – 2. basic, worn, casual
    – 3. Muscular but not steroidal…normal body hair, no shaving
    – 4. somebody old and fat…haha
    – 5. family and friends, especially girlfriend…

  2. gworley - November 29, 2020, 10:13 pm

    I love the idea of this story.

    Answers to your Questions:
    1– Who are you and what do you do?
    I am George and I am a Computer Engineer [I do computer programing, repair (both software and hardware with some data recovery, and upgrades)]

    2– How do you look dressed? ie what is your clothes like, complexion, facial hair etc
    Normally in bluejeans and a Polo type shirt – in the summer I like wearing shorts. Can dress up if I have really have to. Fair complexion. Look younger than what I am. I have hair down to middle of my back. Got a mustache and a goatee. Hair color is a combination of brunette and platinum blond.

    3– How do you look undressed? ie Body type? Body hair amount and pattern
    Average (170 pounds) very little body hair. No pattern. Do not shave my pubic hair.

    4– Who would you most hate to be your assigned Punishment Officer?
    Not sure I have an absolute hate for anyone to be my Punishment Officer. I do have an idea who I would would like to be my Punishment Officer -> Male 18 to 40, blond and blue eyed.

    5– Who would you most hate to witness your public punishment?
    The one I would hate the most is my male partner (Yes I am gay) of 40 years (yes I said 40 years) however it might turn him on.


  3. Captive51 - December 2, 2020, 1:15 am

    1. I am Sergey (russian), I am a student
    2. I like to ware cut briefs, jeans and open t-shirt.
    3. I am 21 y.o. 65kg 180cm, well muscled, no facial hair (shaved)
    4. Women
    5. Family members

  4. Sailor17 - December 2, 2020, 4:19 pm

    1. Dave a banker
    2. Casual clothing short hair with beard
    3. Fat, average body hair, man boobs, small penis. Don’t like being naked in public
    4. Simon, a rival from the final year of school. We had a few fights. To be at his mercy in this situation would terrible. He definitely would strip naked straight away. He would do a cavity search then stick fingers in my mouth to check there too. What happens if he isn’t satisfied at end of the day, can he continue the next day?
    5. Both our friend’s groups from school. Girl I had a crush on from school and the one now. Few female cousins

  5. Office of Corrections - December 2, 2020, 11:26 pm


    Dear Mr. Amalaric

    Thank you for providing the information requested.

    After registration you are to report to Officer Duffy.

    You will have to remove all your clothes for Officer Duffys inspection.

    You will then be marched naked from the reception area to the viewing room.

    There has been a great interest from many GayBodagefiction readers regarding your upcoming session. There has been many requests for you to suffer the same humiliations that you have so carefully described and illustrated in many of your stories on the Gaybondagefiction web site.

    However, we have restricted your punishment to the public spanking as described in our previous correspondence. We are pleased to announce that it will now be your turn to have all your dignity and privacy stripped away and be forced to expose yourself to your peers for punishment.

    When you arrive in the viewing room, we ask that you explain to the audience why it is that you have put so many others into degrading situations and then you will apologize to the viewers. We expect much interest in viewing your punishment so we have reserved 20 seats for family and friends. Interestingly, your girlfriend has requested to be present.

    Pls remember, that when you are presenting your buttocks to the audience, you must keep eye contact with them from between your legs. You will spanked on you bared buttocks while the titles of all 385 of your contributions to are read out.

    After your public spanking you will stand with your hands on your head so that all the Gaybondagefiction readers, your family and friends and your girlfriend can see the entirety of your exposed body and the officer will then lead a discussion regarding your stories. You will also be asked to reveal other personal fantasies and stories at that time.

    You will then place your nose against a wall while the Gaybonfdage fans walk about the at their leisure inspecting your body and confirming that your physical punishment has been adequate.

    Many of the audience participants have requested that you are put into the many degrading positions that you have so enjoyed seeing your victims assume in your stories. You will be required to accommodate all such requests.

    After your fans have adequately demonstrated to you how it feels to be one of the characters in your stories, the session will be concluded on the condition that you agree to produce an illustration of yourself at this session. This illustration must include at least one image of you receiving your punishment. If you refuse this request then you will be held until you are transferred to a one of the foreign detention facilities mentioned in your stories.

    We look forward to welcoming you,


  6. Amalaric - December 3, 2020, 1:36 am


    That is a very strict sentence…but I must comply. The illustration(s) will be forthcoming in the hope of some lenience, sir!


  7. Amalaric - December 3, 2020, 6:23 am

    I think, in a way, the hardest was stripping in front of Officer Duffy…and submitting to the the, ah, preliminary examination….his hands all over me, the most private places; and yeah, he took his sweet time and mouthed a running commentary on what he saw…and felt. What followed was also very…bad. The butt spanking (asshole used a RIDING CROP!!!), of course, hurt like hell and, as I peered between my quivering thighs at the leering ‘guests’…well, you can imagine the humiliation. But, maybe the worst was the aftermath- hands behind my head; helpless and completely exposed, now it was my tear-streaked face, naked heaving torso and…my manhood on total display. I wanted, at that moment, to be anywhere, anywhere at all…someplace else. Finally, nose against the wall, like a fucking schoolboy, they stood, stretched…

    And came forward for their own explorations…and made me pose in ways that would make anyone cringe! At that moment I wanted to die from the shame.

    You are cruel, Mr. P…sir!!!

  8. GayBondageFiction - December 4, 2020, 9:30 pm

    Amalaric’s full response to Pencil’s demands has been posted as a separate post “Punishing Amalaric

  9. SfArtist - December 6, 2020, 11:03 am

    This premise also “floats my boat”!

    1) You can call me Jake ( my job doesn’t allow the disclosure of my real name). I work for the Secret Service. I’ve been an agent for almost 10 years. It’s tough job
    but I love serving my country, so it’s all good. For the last three years I’ve been assigned to POTUS and those in his orbit. The usual turmoil announced in the press
    is just a fraction of what goes on behind closed doors, but seen by those sworn to secrecy. Hence, my alias. When I first became an agent, I was prepared to put myself
    between a bullet an my assigned VIP. It took mental and physical strength to fulfill my duty, and I’m proud to say my record reflects my commitment. As of late, the
    working conditions for many of us agents have changed dramatically. Our normal duties have been expanded and warped. We are asked to do things that is far from our original objective. We are constantly told to do more and more “personal” things for these VIPs.

    2) All us agents try to blend in. I have a crewcut, always cleanshaven, but by the end of the day I can’t hide my 5 O’Clock shadow. I’m gym toned and I wear my black suit and tie well. (sunglasses and earpiece of course).

    3) What I see in the mirror when I get out of the shower after a long gym session is a guy who could take care of himself and protect those around him. I’m about 6’1″, 195 lbs., decent for a guy in his early forties, perhaps a bit thick. The crewcut and the cleanshaven face is a complete contrast to what’s under the suit. My chest is covered with a dense mat of hair that swirls around my pecs, and
    tapers down to a happy trail to my bushy groin. My arms and legs are also covered with hair, but that hair tends to be more puffy and kinky. Even my ass has a nice swirl of hair meeting the hair on my thighs.

    4) My greatest fear, and I’m not alone on this, is that POTUS will override all protocol and allow civilians to physically punish us. On several occasions, POTUS has shown his displeasure by personally ordering a few of us agents to “Drop and give me 50”! Things like this have occurred in the Oval Office, in the halls of the WH, in POTUS’ private living quarters, but never in the public’s eye. Lately, I’ve been assigned to one of POTUS’s senior advisor, and eldest son. He seems to always have a chip on his shoulder and loves abusing his authority. Once, he was in the room when POTUS ordered an agent to drop and give him 50, he not only laughed, but when the agent had completed the order and was awaiting permission to rise, he suggested to his father that another 25 wouldn’t hurt, and laughed again.
    Of course the agent had another 25 added. So right now, I’m praying that my current VIP doesn’t get permission to punish us directly. He doesn’t seem to have boundaries, and seems to enjoy it too much.

    5) Because we follow our current principal everywhere they go, any number of different people could be present for our potential humiliation. Senior advisors are everywhere, sometimes their families and kids are there. Political friends and business associates ( sometimes foreign) are always around. The worst is when they ask whoever is around for punishment suggestions, it’s a source of entertainment for them. It’s a “Game” of power to them, but a source of humiliation for us. My greatest fear, to be humbled by an inferior brat!

  10. Amalaric - December 6, 2020, 1:34 pm

    I am at a loss for words…(well, sort of). You need to write this up, man! Just awesome. I would be happy to illustrate…

  11. Amalaric - December 9, 2020, 6:39 am

    Where’s the Pencil? Surely, you aren’t going to let me get away with the cockiness exibited (see: Punishing Amalaric) despite my horrific ordeal??!

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