I am publicly posting Amalaric's response to Pencil's demands from his story "You Receive a Summons to be Publicly Punished" for anyone who wasn't present to witness Amalaric's humiliation in person.

Punishing Amalaric
by Amalaric
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Mr. Pencil, sir! I think one of the worst things about the punishment you recommended that I endure was an insistence that there be a photographic record for everyone (who may not have been able to be there in person) to view. The burning sense of humiliation, that I continue to feel, remains fresh.

As you know, sir, I reported to the Center for Public Punishment promptly after being remanded there by yourself. Reception was a cold place and the bored-looking clerk ordered me to strip off my clothes as he completed some sort of perfunctory paperwork. I only got as far as baring my hairy torso when a policeman, who identified himself as Officer Duffy, entered the room and motioned for me to follow him to a place that he referred to as the ‘examination cubicle’. Officer Duffy nodded impatiently as I stood dumbly in place, not certain what he wanted me to do. ‘Get your fucking clothes off, boy. That’s right…EVERYTHING!!!’ He watched with avid interest as, blushing with shame, I continued to shed my clothing- unbuckling my belt with trembling hands before hiking down my levis, squatting uncomfortably to remove boots, still dusty from my job working construction, socks and…after a deep breath (and maybe a silent plea) I made to remove my briefs. ‘Hold it, boy!’ he smirked, ‘Let me do the honors.’ And, hooking both of his thumbs into the elastic waistband of my briefs, he hiked them down to my ankles and ordered me to stand before him…as naked as the day I was born.

I could tell that the cop liked what he saw, though he rambled on for a while to the effect that he needed to make sure that I was fit and able to take what was coming ‘like a man’. I swear, sir, that cop’s hands conducted an exploration of my hard, hairy body that would have put any doctor, administering an annual physical to some unlucky guy. to shame! He spent an awful lot of time stroking my chest and abs, testing my biceps and, yeah, handling the equipment riding proud between my muscular legs. I couldn’t really figure out why, sir, since you had led me to believe that what I rated and was about to receive was a bare-bottom spanking. So, why did Officer Duffy need to spend all of that time stroking just about every damn inch of my nude body, even paying particular attention to my sweaty cock and balls?

Anyway, the cop finally seemed satisfied and, binding my hands behind my back and attaching a kind of leash, directed me to the larger space where my public punishment would commence. OK!! I knew the place was called the Center for Public Punishment…but the sight of all those people gathered to witness my looming pain and humiliation was, well, a complete freak out! And it wasn’t just the fact that the room seemed damn crowded, but I also recognized at least half of the faces. Worst of all was my smirking (now ex) girlfriend, Cindy who just didn’t seem able to resist the sight (and sound and smell…) of her big, muscular man stripped naked, beaten and humiliated. Fuck! I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

You know what came next, Mr. Pencil, sir, since it was you that laid down the terms of my ordeal. That’s right, before things could get down to business (and, please, finally end the nightmare) I had to stammer and stutter a rough and impromptu apology to everyone there for the way I treated all of those characters in the stories I had written. Actually, sir, I don’t think that anyone cared much about the apology but I could definitely sense the interest in twenty pairs of wide eyes roaming the hard expanse of my naked body as I made that preliminary speech!

When the rambling apology (that seemed to last forever) was finally over I was guided to the ‘spanking horse’ and roughly bent over it at the waist as my wrists and ankles were cuffed to the widely spread wooden legs. At first, I shut my eyes but someone noticed and commanded me to open them. What I saw was the stuff of nightmares! Peering between my own spread legs, already beginning to cramp and slicked with sweat, the first thing I saw was my own dangling penis and testicles and beyond that horrific sight…the fascinated stares on the faces of the gathered ‘spectators’ seated only a few feet away. I realized that they must also have an excellent, albeit reversed, view of my exposed manhood, my asshole winking between force-spread butt-cheeks, long, hairy legs and the terrified face of the unwilling victim.

The first blow caught me by surprise and I remember (after the yelp of pain) a single, searing thought, fucker’s using a RIDING CROP!!! He turned out to be a loathsome, fat sucker…but he could move as nimble as a ballerina. BTW, Mr. Pencil, you had stipulated a beating on my bared buttocks while the titles of my stories were read out…but that bastard worked over my spread thighs, my back, from the nape of my neck to the levered crack of my burning butt, and even nicked my balls…more than once! Sure, if you don’t believe me, well, check out the photo!

When the beating finally ended, as the last title of my damn stories was pompously proclaimed, I reckoned that they would finally let me go…but no! Forced to stand in the center of that hateful room, stark naked, I was ordered to spread my legs and clasp my hands behind my head- to give the spectators the best possible view- as each one was invited to come forward and conduct a personal…ah…inspection of my bruised anatomy. Sure, there was some discussion about stuff that went on in those same stories, but damn! That was FICTION!!!

Of course, you know, sir, that they hurt me a lot more before letting me go. But I think the worst thing of all was when Cindy had the bright idea of forcing me to jack off in full sight of everyone and then thank her for her kindness. Well, though the humiliation will probably be with me for the rest of my life- I can take some consolation (at least) in the knowledge that, when I finally shot my copious load of man juice, it was quite the show!

Well, sir, that’s my report, and you also have the fucking photographic evidence. What more can I say? What more would you have me do…?


  1. GayBondageFiction - December 4, 2020, 9:32 pm

    Wow Amalaric! You should pose for your manips more often!! Woof!!!

  2. conversation17 - December 5, 2020, 8:35 am

    What an idea this is! An impromptu apology for how you treated everyone in the stories you had written!… My God, yes! lol. Reading the titles of your stories out while you are beaten… Triple lol, yes! If this does not make every avid follower of Amalaric want to jack off, nothing will!!!!!!!! lol. lol. lol. God speed, Amalaric. You are the best.

  3. SfArtist - December 6, 2020, 11:05 am

    So sexy, and it proves that “What goes around comes around”!

    Totally love it!

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