Strong man Samson is bound, humiliated and force shaved in SuperHuman's hot new twist on the famous biblical tale.

by Superhuman
Series: Samson & Delilah

samson shaved

Samson HAD to cum. He mounted Delilah from behind. With his right hand he reached up and brushed back the long locks of hair that fell over his handsome bearded face revealing the hairy pits usually hidden between his massive furry pecs and bulging biceps. His left hand guided his hard cock into her waiting hole as he leaned over gently biting the back of her neck and breathed in deep, taking in her perfumed smell up his nostrils into that special place in his mind that drove him mad. He loved this woman. Small. Soft. Beautiful. Yet powerful enough to bring the strongest of men to his knees. He could rip a vicious lion into two with his bare hands but he could not say no to this woman.

Samson’s thoughts focused on her but as she took the pounding of his trusting meat between her legs, Delilah’s mind wandered. She thought of her people. Her king. And of course the thousand pieces of silver she was promised for delivering the mighty Samson under his control. Yes, Samson had earned an impressive bounty on his head in his 30-something years. He was the enemy of the Philistines. Legends of his superhuman strength inflicted fear into the hearts of the Philistine people and the mere mention of his name brought embarrassment to their young King Nabal.

At the tender age of 20, Nabal had ascended to the throne after the mysterious death of his father, King Abimelech. The former king was a beloved leader. His 6 foot plus stature, heavily-muscled hairy body and incredible athleticism and combat skills earned him a reputation as a fierce warrior. But Nabal's father was also known as a wise and benevolent ruler who had earned the respect and admiration of his people. The shocking news of his mysterious death in the prime of his life and the whispered rumors of the disappearance of his resting body rocked Philistine despite the High Priest's investigations.

Young King Nabal’s reputation was far less flattering. His small and slightly effeminate stature. His lack of athletic abilities and fighting skills. Rash. Emotional. Cruel. He squandered the kingdom’s fortunes on his own selfish luxuries and rumors abounded of his unusual sexual inclinations. He was desperate to prove his worth so when upon learning of Samson’s weakness for Philistine women or more specifically for THIS Philistine woman, he quickly put a plan of action into place.

Samson was breathing harder now and the force of his thrusting brought Delilah back into the scene. She reached back and pushed him away, turning over to face him.

“What are you doing woman??” he demanded sweat dripping from his forehead and hairy pecs. “I was just about to cum!”

“Tell me, Great Samson.” she responded “Tell me the secret of your super-human strength and how you could come to be subdued.”

“This again??” he questioned clearly annoyed at having his rhythm interrupted. He reached down to remove her hand from blocking her pussy but she would not budge.

“No Samson. Every night I give myself to you fully. Yet you keep this secret from me.”

Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to finish the job to achieve his daily required orgasm until his woman had been appeased, Samson lied.

“If I am bound with seven green bowstrings, I would become as weak as any common man.”

Appeased with his answer, Delilah gave Samson a smile and removed her hand. He immediately reinserted his massive cock in her sweet hole and began to thrust until at last he reached the needed orgasm spewing his massive full-day's load inside her and promptly drifted to sleep.

Delilah quickly called her faithful servant Haggith who brought her seven green bowstrings that they used to tightly bind Samson. They tied his hands together behind his back. His feet and knees. Finally the last four bowstrings were wrapped tightly around Samson’s bulky torso. Surely no man could escape.

Confident that Samson was securely bound, Delilah screamed “Samson! The Philistines are coming!”

Samson immediately awoke and easily broke the shredded bindings that fell to his feet. He grabbed his heavy sword and prepared to fight but soon realized there was no army to defeat.

“What is this foolishness woman?” he demanded. “I need my sleep!” Samson dropped his sword and lay back down to sleep paying no attention to the angry scowl on Delilah’s face.

The next night of course Samson HAD to cum but as he prepared for his pre-bedtime fuck, he could sense the anger still radiating from Delilah. He approached her from behind, his hard cock pressing up against her butt through his loin cloth and pushed her long brown hair to the side while kissing her neck and cupping her delicate breasts with his large hairy hands.

But she pushed him away, turning to him to say, “You’ve made a fool of me Samson. There will be sex tonight.”

Undeterred, Samson took her in his arms and attempted to kiss her but she resisted. “You lied to me Samson. You said the bowstrings would make you as weak as any common man.”

Horny as hell, Samson decided that another story would be required. “If you bound me completely with unused rope, I would become as weak as any common man” he assured her. “Now you know my secret, let me take you.”

She did and once again Samson fell fast asleep. Delilah and Haggith wasted no time in tightly binding Samson’s limbs and torso with unused rope. Once again she screamed, “Sam! The Philistines are coming!” and once again Samson awoke prepared to fight easily ripping Delilah’s handiwork to shreds.

By following night, Samson was shaken by Delilah’s palpable anger and had grown too tired to continue to keep his secret from her. As they prepared for bed he told her that the secret of strength was his manly hair. The hair on his head had never been cut and a razor had never touched his skin.

“If I were as smooth as the sissy boys you call Philistine men, I would be as weak as any man” he said.

Delilah gave him a big smile and a passionate kiss and as he held her in his arms drifting to sleep he decided to give her the night off even though he was as always horny as hell (there was always morning anyway).

Delilah was confident that Samson had finally revealed the true secret of his strength so once again she called upon Haggith to bring her scissors and fetch the Philistine army as Samson lay sleeping in her lap dressed in just his loin cloth. She took the sharp blades in one hand and gently pulled Samson’s long dense hair in the other then began to cut off his locks close to the scalp with a devilish smile across her delicate face.

It wasn’t long before a small army of eight heavily armed men stood outside Samson’s secluded desert tent waiting for Delilah’s cue. They were led by Aaron, the accomplished and handsome Captain of the Philistine Army and the late King Abimelech’s most trusted advisor. In his thirty-something years, Aaron had developed an imposing body of lean muscle under sun-tanned skin but his dirty blond hair (that covered much of his body), light eyes and handsome face gave him a softer appeal.

Satisfied that Samson’s hair had been sufficiently shorn, Delilah called out one last time, “Samson! The Philistines are coming!”

As the soldiers charged into the room, Samson jumped to his feet and reached for his sword prepared to slay the intruders but to his surprise the sword was far too heavy for him to lift. The group of men attacked at once. Taking advantage of their numbers they easily overpowered him tackling the once-strong man to the ground and then moved the kicking and screaming Samson over to his bed. They held him down on his back and tied heavy ropes around his hands, feet and neck then pulled out tightly stretching his arms and legs spread-eagle while Samson demanded in vain to be released.

The soldiers wasted no time in making sure that their captive would be rendered completely helpless. Aaron pulled out a bottle of oil from his uniform and began to pour the warm liquid over Samson’s stretched out hairy torso. He massaged the oil into Samson’s bare chest and took the opportunity to roughly pinch and pull on the embarrassed warrior’s erect nipples causing Samson to jerk and cry out in pain much to the amusement of the laughing audience of soldiers. Aaron then produced a straight razor from his uniform and placing it against Samson’s hairy pec began to shave off his chest hair in slow long strokes taking special care while shaving off the ring of hair the circled Samson’s tortured nipples.

Aaron moved down to the bound stud’s ripped stomach. Once again he rubbed in the oil and proceeded to shave off the hair all the way down to the top of the protesting man’s loin cloth. Moving up to Samson’s face, Aaron began to closely shave the remaining hair from Samson’s head and once it was shaved completely smooth, the soldier began to carefully shave the thick full beard from Samson’s handsome square face as the captive man began to cry.

It was getting hot in Samson’s tent and Samson was sweating profusely as Aaron moved to his exposed hairy armpits. He applied the oil and carefully shaved off the thick bush of hair in his prisoner’s pits. Then Aaron moved on to Samson’s arms shaving each one from shoulder all the down to his hands and fingers.

Aaron repositioned himself between the cursing warrior’s tightly stretched legs. Once again the warm oil was poured over Samson’s massive legs and the soldier went to work shaving off his leg hair from the tops of feet and toes, over his calves, up his massive thighs all the way up to the bottom of his loin cloth that covered that last of Samson’s dignity.

Finally the soldier reached up taking hold of the waist of Samson’s loincloth and in one quick move yanked it down revealing the warrior’s huge uncut cock, massive hairy balls and luxurious pubes. The soldiers let out an audible gasp at the unbelievable size of the humiliated naked man’s genitals. His half-hard cock must have measured 9 inches and his plump hairy balls were the size of eggs. The gasps turned to hoots and laughter as the Captain roughly grabbed Samson’s cock and flung it back and forth making it quickly stand straight up from all the attention. Aaron pulled back Samson’s foreskin revealing his enormous mushroom shaped head while wondering to himself how Delilah had even survived this assignment.

“He must be liking this!” chided one of the soldiers as Aaron poured the warm oil all over Samson’s genitals and the other soldiers began grabbing their own hardening cocks through their uniforms.

“Don’t move! King Nabal insists that you be delivered fully intact,” warned Aaron as began to shave the hair from humiliated stud’s balls while stroking his ever growing cock. By the time Aaron had finished with Samson’s balls, he cock stood at full attention and grown another 3 inches. Aaron continued his assault on the thick bush of pubes surrounding Samson’s cock keeping up his stroking of the warrior’s cock which was now dripping with precum.

Finally the men moved to turn Samson over on his stomach. The weakened warrior barely had the strength to resist at all. Aaron quickly went to work on Samson’s ass. Pulling apart his massive ass cheeks and shaving all the down to his hairy asshole. Aaron couldn’t resist the opportunity to stick in finger deep into the humiliated man’s hole, repeatedly pushing it in deep and pulling it out which only turned the other soldiers on even more and caused Samson’s still hard cock to ooze more precum.

Aaron was satisfied that Samson was now completely hairless and utterly under his control. The men stood the helpless naked warrior up and tightly bound his hands behind his back. Samson took one last lingering look at Delilah as the soldiers marched him out of his tent for the long walk through the desert night and into the streets of the Philistine capital on his way to King Nabal’s personal dungeon.




  1. Todd Fleming - July 29, 2014, 1:11 pm

    This a great start to a classic. I hope there are more chapters coming.

  2. SuperHuman - September 14, 2015, 8:39 pm

    Thank you more coming soon

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