Defeated & shaven bare, Samson is forced to make a humiliating nude march through the streets of Philistine and into the king's dungeon where he waits in bondage. Meanwhile, King Nabal is entertaining another young man in his private quarters.
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Samson Part 2: King Nabal's Dungeon
by SuperHuman
Series: Samson & Delilah

samson-paradedThe march to the capital was an arduous and humiliating affair. While the soldiers enjoyed the luxury of horses for the hours long journey, naked and barefoot Samson was forced to walk, stumble and sometimes even dragged over the desert terrain by a thick rope tied tightly around his massive shaven genitals. When his beaten feet felt like they could no longer bear another step, a particularly sadistic soldier who rode behind was happy to offer some encouragement in the form of stinging blows from a leather whip expertly wielded to strike against the groaning prisoner's round muscular ass wrapping around his thighs and snapping against his sweaty cock and balls. Of course the rest stops were even more humiliating than the march. While the soldiers took a break to rehydrate themselves and offer water to their horses, they amused themselves by forming circles around the captive to verbally humiliate him and pretend to fuck him alluding to the fact that he'd be facing far worse humiliations in King Nabal's dungeon. Only Captain Aaron took pity on Samson; offering him water and reminding the soldiers that the rash king might frown upon them using the prisoner before him and that they might very well end up in the dungeon hanging right next to Samson.

News of Samson's capture reached the Philistine capital with lightning speed. By the time Samson and his captors reached the city's gates early the following morning, the streets of the city had become a festival as the populace lined the streets to welcome their triumphant army and catch a glimpse of the captured legend. Samson hung his head in shame at his embarrassing nudity as the soldiers led him down the city's main street to the thunderous sound of the roaring crowd. Women gasped at the sight of the nude defeated hero holding curious children tightly against their hips. The men hurled insults, taunting the obviously helpless man to fight back sometimes even blocking the entourage's path for the opportunity to strike the prisoner's shaved head or pull on the rope stretching his half-hard cock and balls as the soldiers did their best to hold back the over-jubilant crowd making their way down the cobble-stoned street to the entrance of King Nabal's palace.

Once they entered the massive wooden doors of the palace, Aaron led Samson, flanked on either side by two soldiers who tightly held his arms, immediately down a long winding stone staircase into the dark underbelly of the palace. The group was greeted by the dungeon master, a shirtless slightly overweight middle-aged man with a shaved head and a thick beard covering his face.

"Another Nabal, ey?" he asked with a grin, rubbing dirty hands together in anticipation as his eyes scanned the naked prisoner from head to toe.

"Yes. This one's special. He gets the personal attention" answered Aaron as he pushed Samson toward the dungeon master.

"This way," said the dungeon master as led the group along the the dimly light corridors toward the King's personal torture chamber. Samson shook as he stumbled along the path listening to the pained groans and cries of the King's many other enemies being tortured.

At last the small group reached a simple stone-walled room. Samson offered no resistance as the guards shackled his wrists into a set of thick heavy chains that hung at the center of the room attached to a pulley that required both guards to use all of their body weight to hoist the muscle man up hands over head hanging from the ceiling until his feet barely touched the floor.

The dungeon master attached an additional pair of shackles binding Samson's feet together in a manner that forced his soles flat and accessible with toes pointed down barely touching the ground. Then holding Samson's half-hard cock in one hand, he spanked his ass with the other and said "I'll be seeing youz soon, Manslave" before heading toward the door with Aaron and the two soldiers. Aaron looked back and for a moment stared at the hanging prisoner then turned shut and locked the heavy door leaving Samson alone hanging in the dark to contemplate his fate.


micah-torturedAs Aaron climbed the steps of the palace to King Nabal's private chambers, he could hear the distinct sounds of agony coming from behind the locked doors. He hesitated, fearful of angering the rash king by interrupting his private time, but decided it best to follow the king's strict orders of alerting him at the moment of Samson's arrival. Aaron knocked firmly on the door.

"Did I not give instructions for complete privacy?" the young king demanded as he swung open the door to his chambers revealing the king's completely nude slender body and surprisingly large rock hard cock. He held a multi-strand leather whip in his right hand ready to strike to offender.

"My lord, I bring news of Samson" replied Aaron bowing down to his king.

"Very well, Captain" said Nabal softening his tone "You may enter."

The king turned and walked into his bedroom. He made no effort to cover himself or hide his dripping hard cock. Instead setting down his whip, he picked up his chalice of wine and took a drink. Aaron entered the luxurious chambers and immediately discerned the object of the king's lust. A beautiful naked farm boy, Micah, roughly the same age as Nabal hung almost lifelessly at the foot of the king's massive bed supported by ropes that stretched out his arms. His well developed legs were spread wide by a bar attached to his bare feet that barely touched the floor. The poor youth had made the mistake of addressing the king in his weekly open council with his subjects. These events were nuisance to the king - just a bunch of common peasants whining about their insignificant lives he'd say privately - but sometimes he found the opportunity for a little fun when a handsome male subject caught his attention. Micah fit the bill perfectly. The handsome young farmer with light golden brown hair, an olive complexion and a slender but more muscled physique than Nabal had dare to complain to the king about his soldiers slaughtering his herd of sheep for a meal - essentially wiping out his family's only source of income. King Nabal was infuriated by the youth's insolence and commanded his guards to arrest the young man and take him directly to his chambers. The intensity of his session with the sadistic young king was evidenced by the bloody cuts and welts on his back, buttocks and thighs, the pool of piss on the floor below him and his now barely audible moans. Aaron could not help but stare.

"You said you possessed word of Samson," interrupted the impatient king.

"Yes my lord," answered Aaron "He is awaits you in the palace dungeon, my lord."

"Very well, Captain. You have served your king well. Tell me of his condition," the grinning king questioned taking another sip of wine.

"He endured a very long journey, my lord. Perhaps you would see best to allow him to rest for the day so he will be fresh for you in the.."

"Nonsense!" interjected the king. "I've waited long enough! Guards!!"

Two heavily muscled palace guards quickly entered the room. "Yes my king?"

"Take care of Micah. He bores me. He doesn't scream as much as before."

"Shall we release him back to his family?" they asked.

Nabal briefly contemplated the request. "No, take him to the dungeon. I may desire further sessions with him."

"Yes, my King" they responded and set about untying the exhausted youth who longer had the strength to stand on his own.

King Nabal put on his robe and picked up his whip contemplating it for a moment then walked over and opened a set of doors to a cabinet filled with a vast collection of torture instruments. He grabbed an additional smaller whip and a wooden club.

"You are dismissed, Captain" he said with a smile and made his way down the long winding staircase to the dungeon and his date with Samson.



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    I’m glad that the story is continuing! Love to see what happens next.

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    Looking forward to this story.

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