Jesse and Matt finally have their wrestling match and its a no-holds-barred humiliating brawl!

Out of Bounds - Chapter 3 (Page 1)
by Pandamonium
Series: Out of Bounds
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The following day, Matt and Frank had helped Jesse get all his stuff moved into my room and Jim's stuff relocated to Jesse's old room. Matt and Frank talked to me a lot about the match tonight and were honestly excited to see it. They asked me if they could come watch, and I had no problem with that, but it was Jesse's call.

It was a Saturday, and as night approached, Jesse, Matt, Frank, and I had started drinking. We all had worked up a pretty good buzz, and were talking about our match that night, mostly trash talking. Jesse agreed to let Frank and Matt attend, appointing Matt as the ref and wanting Frank to record it on his video camera.

About two hours before we were to start, Jesse kicked me out of the room, saying he needed to get ready. We all had been drunk by then, so I knew this was going to be an ugly match. With our kind of intoxication, your give a fuck tends to turn off, pain is numbed, and the testosterone can take over.

I went back to my dorm room down the hall and stripped down, wrapping a towel around my waist, and headed to the bathroom. I took a quick shower to get cleaned off and fresh before our match. Returned to my room and went through my gear. I decided to wear my jock and singlet, like I usually did for wrestling practice, with a t-shirt and shorts over them.

After weeks of avoiding Jesse's challenge to do the match, it was finally happening. An hour later, the four of us headed down to the university gymnasium to settle this score once and for all. Jesse was dressed head to toe in sweats, with his hood up on his sweatshirt. Matt and Frank did most of the talking, commenting on how much of an epic battle they knew that this would be.

We got to the gymnasium and headed to the wrestling room located in the east corner of the second floor. Cutting through the locker rooms and showers, I opened the door to the wrestling team locker room. I locked the door behind us and hit the light switch.

“We should have all the privacy we need.”

“Good.” Jesse said softly from under his hoodie. “We're gonna lock it from the inside too just in case.”
Matt slid the bolt on the inside of the door and affixed a padlock on it. Somehow, I knew that Jesse's plan was not to lock everyone else out, but to keep ME locked in.

“Get changed.” Jesse said after the door was secure.

“I'm ready to go,” I said gesturing standing in my practice clothes.

“Really?” Jesse sounded disappointed. “You’re wearing that?”

“Sure.” I looked to Matt and Frank who shook their heads. “What should I be wearing?”

“I thought you'd go shirtless… but whatever.” Jesse sounded unimpressed.

Jesse started to change, pulling off his sweatshirt. His chest gleamed with a shine. My eyes widened. His physique captured my attention immediately. Jesse’s body was shaved clean, devoid of all hair. Not only that, but his skin shined as if it was glazed in a lacquer!

“You shaved.” I noted.

“I figured I'd start early.” Jesse smirked, his tone sounded cocky and proud. “It’s what the wrestling team does. That’s what you said right?”

“I thought I smelled baby oil…” My comment got me a raised eyebrow from Jesse.

“I look fucking amazing.” Jesse bounced his pecs, the low light of the room reflecting off them. Jesse looked like a Greek god. His muscled definition popped. The veins in his arms, chest, and abs were very apparent. His vascularity was incredible.

“Fucking cheater.” I said with a snarl. Jesse oiling up his body gave me a disadvantage, making him hard to hold.

“It's not cheating if there's no rules.” Jesse retorted.

Jesse flexed his arms in front of me. He looked intimidating. Yeah, I had seen him naked in the locker room, but seeing him strip down in front of me in my team's wrestling room, my home turf, gave me a different feeling. I saw him looking around, like he was planning on owning the place. His pecs were huge and perfectly rounded. His shoulders were also round. This kid was solid muscle with hardly an ounce of fat. His abs were cut and he had that V-shaped lower torso that cut his hips.

Jesse dropped his sweatpants and had some red mesh shorts on. His legs were also shaved smooth and oiled up. Jesse stepped out of his shoes and went barefoot. I was in my t-shirt, shorts, and decided I should probably wrestle barefoot as well to be fair. I sat down on the bench and started to take my shoes off.

Frank started to record on his video camera. He panned around and focused on Jesse and his glistening body as he began to speak to me.

“I want it just like I said, remember?” Jesse reminded me. “No rules… no complaining like a bitch… no submissions. Win by a 1-2-3 count pin only.”

“Yeah I remember our rules.” I reassured him.

“Are you ready to go?” Matt, taking his referee position a little too seriously pointed at me with an authoritative voice.

I finished pulling off my shoes. "Yeah, I'm ready," I replied, standing up from the bench and proceeding to lead everyone to the wrestling room.


I felt a hard shot to my back and the clanging sound of metal on flesh. I fell, stumbling to the ground face first. A shooting pain in my back, the wind knocked from my lungs, I realized Jesse had just struck me hard from behind. Looking back through my wincing eyes, I saw Jesse wielding a steel folding chair.

“OH SHIT!!” Matt and Frank both exclaimed after knocking me down to the ground.

“GET HIM JESSE! YEAH!! GET HIM!!!” Jesse’s cheerleaders coaxed him on. I seethed in pain, wrenching on the ground.

The match had started. Jesse really took no prisoners. This was not a normal, friendly wrestling match between friends. Jesse set the tone immediately. I tried to get up but...


A second chair shot to my back laid me flat out on the floor of the locker room. Jesse clearly taking his inspiration by watching professional wrestling on TV, but we weren't acting, and there was no script. How could a human being do this to another, let alone someone I considered a friend?

My muscles ached. A numbness went to all my extremities like a jolt. Frank was rolling footage on his camera, getting in close on my face, grimacing in pain. I let out a moan of pain as I tried to move. Before I could even try to get up though…


A third shot from the chair crashed down into my back flattening me back down to the cold cement of the locker room. I let out a loud cry of pain. My frustration was high as Jesse took the first offensive move on me. I tried to catch my breath. I heard the chair clang down on the floor beside me, Jesse dropping it now that he had a clear advantage on me. He stepped around in front of and all I could see were his feet.

“Get all of this on camera!” Jesse barked out a loud order to Frank. Jesse reached down and grabbed me by the neck and started dragging me across the floor. I struggled to get up, but my back was still stinging, the trauma making it hard for me to fight back. Jesse dragged me under a locker room bench bolted the floor. Feeding my body underneath, Jesse positioned my head, grabbing me by the hair, he opened a locker door.

"C'mon you fucking pussy!" Jesse berated me as he stuffed my head inside an empty locker. I reached forward my hands trying to push back against the locker but then...


Jesse slammed the door of the locker hard against my head.

The metal on the door made an echoing rattle after the impact. My head felt the crushing blow as my body slumped flat against the concrete floor. I felt helpless, and not ready for the kind of brutality that Jesse was bringing to the table right now. I could hear Matt and Frank laughing and cheering Jesse on with every shot. I immediately felt like my head had been concussed, my head aching, my ears ringing, my equilibrium disrupted.

"You got him, Jess!" Matt yelled!

"Holy shit! That was brutal!!!" Frank exclaimed.

"You're going down, big man!" Jesse growled as he got low on the ground whispering in my ear.

My head was spinning, I slowly began to pull my head out of the locker and rolled to my back. Jesse climbed on top of the bench flexing into the mirror on the opposite wall, admiring himself as Frank caught it all on camera.

Jesse turned back to me and suddenly leaped off the bench and dropped an elbow on my chest! All his weight and the extra height from the jump impacted down compressing my lungs, driving all the air out of me.


Jesse got up immediately, grabbing a hold of my ankles and dragging my body hard and fast under the bench again. My back scraping and sliding along the smooth concrete floor, Jesse quickly dragged me towards the doorway of the mat room.

"C'mon Mike Wilson! Get your bitch ass up!" Jesse grabbed me by head and yanked me up to my knees at the doorway. There was a twelve-inch step down from the locker room onto the mats of the practice room. I knelt in front of the ledge before I felt a hard foot between my shoulder blades. Jesse planted a cocky foot on my back and launched my body forward, falling into the mat room.

I landed face first onto the cold mats with a smack.

"Ding, ding, Mikey! Welcome to the battlefield! Guys, I'm about to FUCK HIM UP!"

Jesse grabbed my t-shirt as I laid face first on the mat and started to pull it over my head like a hockey fight. I struggled trying to get free, but suddenly felt Jesse's foot press down on my neck as he pulled even harder on my shirt!


Jesse pulled until my shirt ripped and tore away to shreds off my body. I knew Jesse's plan was not just win but humiliate me in the process. I felt outnumbered and broken down... trapped. I knew I had to get back into this fight somehow before it was too late.

Jesse finished tearing the shirt off my body, collecting it up in his hand before throwing it down on top of me. I laid face first down on the mat. My singlet top covering my torso, which got Jesse's attention.

"Oh, you wore your wrestler onesie to the fight. Damn, boy, that looks sweet on you. It'll look better on me when I make the team.. but we'll figure that out later. But for now, allow me to show you who is the big man on campus here. Get a good shot of this, Frank!” Jesse’s commentary showed me he was comfortably in control of this fight. His confidence was demoralizing.

Jesse grabbed my singlet straps behind my neck and twisted them in his grip, choking my neck as he dragged me up to my knees again. The pain on my face was apparent as I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror by the doorway. Jesse stepped around in front of me and put my face right to his crotch. He pulled my mouth right onto his bulge holding it there as he flexed for the camera. I could hardly move, my body still aching, my head still ringing, forced to take in the smell, the taste, and the feel of Jesse's bulge in my face.

"Oh, that's a real man right there. You like that, Mikey? Fuck yeah, you do! Let me feel that mouth!"

Jesse grabbed my hair pulling on it, making my mouth open more. I could feel his dick getting hard, his bulge pressing onto my tongue now. I coughed and choked. Fuuuuck! His domination was starting to get to me. I was torn, I didn't know whether I liked it… or if it was pissing me off. I couldn't give up now. I had a reputation to uphold. I always fought fair, never resorted to dirty tactics or cheating. But I had to do something right now!


In one quick motion, I pushed off and raised a fist. An uppercut landed firmly up into Jesse's balls.


Jesse's knees buckled and he stumbled away from me in pain. I slowly stepped up to my feet, still feeling my back screaming in pain, but fought through it. With Jesse's back to me I locked my hands around his waist and hugged him in close. My feet planted on the mat and I popped my hips. Jesse hunched over, still nursing his balls began to show me an opening. I lifted Jesse off his feet with ease and arched backwards.


Jesse landed hard on the mat as I threw him backwards over my head in a suplex. He landed with a thud and a slap of the mat high on his shoulders and the back of his head. Matt and Frank let out a cheer for me this time as I got up. I guess they weren't there as Jesse's backup after all, but more as witnesses to our fight. I turned towards Jesse, still reeling from the nut shot and my hard slam on the mat. I was pissed now and kicked Jesse hard in the ribs as he lay on the mat. Jesse groaned in pain.

"Not such a tough guy now, are you?" I spoke down to Jesse, showing the anger in my voice. I reached down grabbing Jesse by the ears and wrestled him back up to his feet. Jesse threw a punch into my stomach, but I shook it off and lifted him off the mat again in a bear hug. I turned and threw him again, powering him up and over my head throwing him across the mat. Jesse once again landed with a thud on the mat hard.

I got up once again to cheers from Matt and Frank. I picked Jesse up for a third slam. Jesse clearly stunned and hurt offered little resistance this time as I reached through his crotch and over his shoulder picking him up and lifting him up over my shoulder. I turned his body and threw his back down hard onto the mat in front of me in a hard body slam.

Jesse's body bounced on the mat and then fell to rest in front of me. His face grimaced in pain. I dropped down on top of him, pinning his shoulders to the mat. Matt got down as I reached for Jesse's leg going for the pin.

Matt counted...


Jesse's body spasmed, his leg kicking powerfully and slipping out of my grasp. His oiled-up body making it hard for me to grip. Jesse's shoulder popped off the mat, stopping the referee's count. Jesse had escaped defeat easily. I learned Jesse wouldn't go down that easy.

"Time to show you how real wrestling is done, now!" I said. I knew the tide had turned in my favor now, and it was time for some payback!

I landed a hard knee into Jesse's rib cage as he lay on the mat. Jesse winced and I proceeded to clench a fist and landed shot after shot into his temple for punishment. I must have hit him eight or nine times before my hand started to sting. I might have just broken a knuckle, I thought to myself.

"Fuck!" I shook my hand and pulled Jesse up. Jesse was dazed for sure and hurting. I had to show Jesse that he was in MY house. He tried to beat me fast with cheap tactics. Two can play this game though. He wanted to humiliate me, and now he’s going to pay for that!

I slowly got up, dragging Jesse up with me by the head. Jesse was nearly limp and I could control him like a puppet. I grabbed his left wrist and fed it between his legs to the waiting grasp of my right hand, trapping it. My left arm hooked behind his free arm and stretched it back under my pit, twisting his body around. He bent at the waist as I tied him up in my hold. His perfect ass bent over right in front of my crotch. I pulled him in close, my bulge grinding right on his ass. I pulled hard stretching him back even more as my hips thrusted back and forth, humping his ass.

"We call this one a Ball and Chain, Jesse! You better get used to me riding this ass, boy!" My confidence now starting to gain as I began to establish my dominance over Jesse. All that trash talking in the past was catching up on Jesse now. I was a wrestler, and he was in my world!

Jesse let out a moan with each thrust as my stiffening dick poked his muscled ass with each thrust. Jesse's oiled up body began to shake and quiver, the oil starting to rub off on my skin as well as the sweat beginning to build up on both our bodies. The temperature in the room was building up. I continued to pound away at Jesse's ass, at the same time yanking on his wrist, making his own arm rub hard on his dick and balls. Jesse's grunts started to turn to moans.

Frank got in close filming the action in tight on Jesse's ass. Jesse was like a rag doll in my hold, except for his cock which was visibly hard under his shorts. With a firm grip on Jesse's body I lifted him again off the mat and spun him around in the air. His legs flailed like a whip as I slammed and released him a third time down hard to the mat!

Jesse yet out a cry of pain his body convulsing. I stepped over his head, and dropped, my knees pinning down his arms. I purposely stuck my package down over his mouth in an embarrassing teabag as payback. I told Matt to get down and count as I pinned him down, flexing my biceps in dominance over him!



Jesse's body popped. His knees crashed into my shoulders, giving his oiled-up body just enough space to slip and slide out from underneath me. He escaped defeat again. Jesse was breathing heavy as Matt confirmed "Only two!!" to me. I slapped the mat in frustration, the exhaustion starting to set in. I took a second to catch my breath, kneeling on the mat, thinking of what to do next and put Jesse away once and for all.

I slowly got up, Jesse was starting to stir on the mat, rolling over to his back. I felt firmly in control now as I approached Jesse, reaching down and grabbing his ankle. Suddenly, I lost grip on his foot as it slipped out of my hand, Jesse pulling it away and immediately kicking it back into my groin!


Jesse's foot planted hard on my balls. I fell like a ton of bricks face down to the mat clutching my balls in a world of pain. My eyes started to tear up, my body almost paralyzed from the cheap shot.

Jesse, slowly rose to his feet. Jesse muttered something incoherent as he stepped in front of me reaching down. Jesse’s hands grabbed me by the ears and painfully pulled my body up. He tucked my head between his thighs. My hands cupped my aching balls as Jesse started to pull me up by my hips trying to lift me, but I dropped to a knee. Jesse adjusted, instead grabbing the back of my shorts and yanking them, trying to muscle me back up. It was the wedgie from hell as he lifted me off the ground, my legs being pulled up into the air when suddenly…




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