Mike learns more about Jesse & Matt's relationship. Then Jesse catches Mike's roommate stealing from his new friend.

Out of Bounds - Chapter 2 (Page 1)
by Pandamonium
Series: Out of Bounds
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Ah, the fucking weekend was upon us. It was Friday and this night was sure to be a drunken night of debauchery in the dorm rooms. Coach left and I got dressed and headed out for the two mile walk back to the dorms.

When I arrived back at my room, my roommate Jim was sitting at his desk studying. He saw me come in, wearing my new football team issued clothes.

"You look like one of them now?"

"Actually, I AM one of them now. The coaches invited me to join the team, and I said yes."

"Well, congratulations, I guess. You gonna be playing the first game?"

"I doubt it, but you never know."

I sat down at my desk and turned my laptop on and started doing my homework. About 20 minutes into working, a call alert popped up on my screen from Frank. I clicked the call open and I saw, Jesse's face appeared on my screen.


"Yo, Jesse, what's up, man?"

"You weren't going to tell me the news?!? C'mon man! Get down here and tell me what happened!"

I guess word spread of the coach giving me a spot on the team had spread. It was Friday... work could be done later. I guess there was a reason to celebrate, so I said, "Yeah, I'll be right over." I clicked the screen saver on my computer and got up from my desk.

"You heading to Matt and Frank's room?"

"Yeah, I'll probably be there for an hour or two. Do I need to bring my key?"

"No, it's cool. I'll still be here."

"Ok, cool. See you in a bit."

I left Jim to himself as I left the room and proceeded to the other end of the hall. I approached the door to Matt and Frank's room, took a deep breath before I went in, and was about to knock. The door opened up before I got a chance. Jesse rushed me in and took a closed the door behind me. I saw Matt and Frank in the room. Frank was at his desk, on his computer and Matt was sitting on his bed. Matt gave me a nod, smiling as I sat on the chair across from him.

Jesse sat down next to Matt seeming very interested in what I had to say. "So, how did you make out with Matt's massage?"

"Oh... yeah I feel great. Matt popped a rib back in."

"What?!? Fuck man! I'm glad you're feeling better, but ouch! Man, that hit I put on you in practice was even nastier than I thought!"

"Yeah, afterwards too, Coach came and found me and talked me?"

"Really? What did he say?"

"He offered me a spot on the team. He was impressed with me at practice and said I'm free to join. So, I said yes, and I accepted."

"See! I knew you'd do it, man! I'm proud of you, Mike. Honestly, I'm proud to call you my teammate."

Jesse got up and gave me a hug. Jesse put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down to sit on the bed.

"That's great news, but that's not why I called you down here for. I want to talk about what happened after practice. You and Matt in the shower... you and Matt in the trainer's room..."

I looked at Matt who still had a half-smile on his face. I knew what Jesse was talking about but not sure where this conversation was going.

"... I need to tell you something. I told Matt to help wash you down in the shower. I told Matt to take you to the trainer's room and give you a full-service treatment. You see, Matt may be my teammate, but he is also my bitch. Frank is too."

"Uh, you're like fuck buddies or something?"

"Kind of. But it's a little different. I am their master. They have sworn their loyalty and obedience to me. They worship the ground I walk on. I am their chosen leader, their life coach, and the man they admire the most on this campus. I am their alpha. There's a sexual aspect to it, but it's more than that. My success is their success as well. They help me, I help them."

"Okay, so why are you telling me this?"

"Because that blowjob you got today, wasn't Matt's doing. It was mine."


"Yeah. I wanted to find out the truth about you. I wanted to see how you would react. So, after Matt fixed you up, he came back and reported to me what happened. Matt said that you were more than acceptive to the special treatment, more than receptive..."

"... if you mean I liked getting my dick sucked by a guy and then fucking the shit out of him, then yeah, fucking guilty as fuck over here."

"Wait... what!?!? You fucked him?"

Jesse looked at Matt who looked surprised.

"Oh, Matt didn't tell you? Yeah, I fucked his muscled ass on the trainer's table! Took my dick like a champ!"

"Whoa! Hold on! Matt! I told you to suck his dick! You KNOW that I'm the only one who fucks your ass!"

"I-I-I-I thought that's what you wanted... it just happened all so quick."

"We'll talk later about this, Matt. But for now, let me talk to Mike. I'm gonna give you a pass on this one time but understand that Frank and Matt are mine. You don't fuck either of them. But regardless, I helped you out today. I got you on the team, and I got you laid. Now, I expect some favors in return."

"Okay. What do you want?"

"I want you to help me make the wrestling team, for one. Also, I still expect you to hold up your word, and wrestle that match we talked about. But now that I we both have a better understanding about what we're all about, I wanted to raise the stakes a little. How about..."

"Whoa! Hold on, guys! Jesse, take a look at this!"

"Is he going through your wallet?"

"Yeah, that's definitely my wallet!

"Mike, your roommate just took a couple twenties out and pocketed it."

"That son of a bitch!"

"Can he see us?"

"No, the camera's off and the microphone is muted. He has no idea we can see him."

"I'll take care of this. Matt, come with me. Mike and Jesse, you guys stay here and watch. Record that video."

"Yeah, already have everything saved."

"Good. I'm gonna teach this fucker a lesson right now!"

"I want to go."

"No, stay here and watch, trust me. It'll be better if you're not there."

Jesse and Matt exited the room for my room down the hallway. I pulled up a chair next to Frank and watched his laptop screen alongside of him as this shit was about to go down!

Jesse and Matt entered the room without knocking.

"Excuse me?!?! May I help you"

"Lock the door."

"What's going on here?!? What do you guys want?

"Shut your mouth, fucker. We know what you just did. In case you didn't realize it, Mike left his computer on, with the video call still up. We all just saw you go into Mike's wallet and steal his money out of it! We got it all recorded."

"So, we'd be in our right mind to call Campus Police to arrest your ass. And after you're convicted, suspended, and kicked out of school, maybe you'll go to jail too. And I tell you this, those guys in prison would love a guy like you. Your family and friends will probably disown you; you'll never land a job. And you just pretty much fucked yourself."


"No, shut your fucking mouth! I am doing the talking here, asshole. You're gonna listen to what I have to say. I got you by the fucking balls on this one! I'm gonna tell you exactly what we're gonna do. First of all, you're gonna hand over that money you took out of Mike's wallet. Also, Mike told me you were a wrestler in your high school, right? So, you're gonna wrestle. Sound good? If you play by my rules, and I won't call the cops. Understood?"

"You want to wrestle? You mean you want a fight?"

"Whatever you want to call it, sure. Here are the rules you gotta play by, bitch. If you beat me, I keep my mouth shut and you get to stay as Mike's roommate. Like none of this ever happened. If I win, you pack up your shit tonight, and move out. You live in my dorm and I move in as Mike's new roommate. Either way, you stop this stealing shit! You got me?"

"Yeah, I got you."

"So, we got a deal, right?"

"Yeah... we got a deal. What are the rules?"

"The rules are non-negotiable. We wrestle right here, right now. Anything goes, no rules, no pussy ass submissions, no tap outs, no quitting. You win by a 1-2-3 pin, and the winner makes the loser his bitch!"

"His bitch?!? What the fuck does that mean?"

Jesse pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the bed. Stepping out of his shoes, he gives Jim a look.

"You better start getting ready, because match is about to start."

"Hold on! What does that fucking mean?"

Jim pulled off his shirt, tossing it aside.

"Okay, the fight's about to start! Are you ready?"

Jesse dropped his shorts, clad only in his jockstrap. Jim seemed confused by Jesse's choice of attire.

"Are you ready?"


"Dude, what the fuck? Keep your fucking pants on... OOOF!!!!"

Jesse delivered a hard knee straight to Jim's nuts, grasping him by the ears. Jim's knees buckled as his face winced in horrendous pain. Jesse flexed his muscle letting Jim's face slide down his chest. Jesse yanked Jim's dead weight body up and scooped him up, delivering a hard, quick body slam on the floor of the dorm room. Jim's body hit with a hard thud. Jim could hardly cry out in pain as he had the wind knocked out of his lungs.

Jesse grabbed Jim by the shorts, yanking them down his legs, stripping Jim naked on the middle of the floor, helpless. Jesse tossed his shorts away and stooped over Jim's chest. Jesse straddled Jim's chest, facing Jim's feet. Jesse's foot slid under Jim's head and scooped it up as his legs wrapped around Jim's head. Jesse's muscled thighs squeezed tight and forced Jim's face into Jesse's ass. Jim's muffled screams could be heard as Jesse arched his back.

Jesse grasped Jim by his ball sack and started to tug hard on them.

"Lick my ass, boy! Lick it! Stick that tongue out! Lick my hole! DO IT!!"

Jesse reached back and grabbed the back of Jim's head pressing it deep into his ass. A muffled groan is all Jim could do as Jesse pressed his face hard into his ass crack while stretching his balls. Jim's hands came up clasping Jesse's ass cheeks, trying to pry them apart.

Jesse released his head scissors on Jim, getting to his feet. Jim, slow to get up rolled over and based up to all fours. Jesse stood over Jim, raised his fists up above his head clenched together and slammed a double sledgehammer down to Jim's lower spine. He hit him again and again and again until Jim flattened out to the floor. Jim's naked body writhed on the ground. Jesse straddled his back and clasped his hands around Jim's chin. Jesse cranked back, lifting Jim's chest off the floor. Jesse grabbed Jim's arms and slipped them over each side of his thighs, trapping his arms. Jesse re-applied his chin lock and pulled back on Jim's neck, sitting low on his back and bending it in a very dangerous angle.

Jesse held Jim in this hold as he screamed in pain, the strength diminishing in his entire body. After a good minute, Jim's resistance to the hold stopped as his face turned beet red and the sweat started to drip from his brow. The veins on Jim's neck protruded as Jesse continued to keep the hold on Jim. By the second minute, Jim had almost gone completely limp in Jesse's grasp. Jesse let go of the hold as Jim fell near unconscious face down on the floor.

"Oh, fuck no, boy. This match is far from over. It's not over until I say it's over."

Jesse stepped around in front of Jim, bending down and clasping Jim by his ears. Jesse dragged Jim up to his knees and forced him up wobbly legged to his feet. Jim threw a very weak punch into Jesse's gut that didn't faze him one bit. Jesse reached through Jim's crotch and over his shoulder and hoisted Jim up into a body slam position in the air again. Jesse muscled Jim up and over and slammed Jim down back first on the corner of Jim's bed. Jim's back bent sickeningly as his shoulders slammed onto the dorm room carpet.

Jim's eyes went wide as he howled in pain. His back on the receiving end of some serious punishment. His body slunk off the side of the bed and his body folded up in a heap on the floor. Jesse threw Jim's legs to the side letting Jim fall to his back on the floor. Jesse knelt down beside Jim and picked Jim up by the back of the head. He pulled Jim's face to his hairy chest.

"You fuckin' pussy, look at this chest! This is the chest of a real man. I've seen the way you look at me every time I come in here. You got some sort of crush on me, boy? Yeah, you know you do. Come here, boy! Suck my nip! Suck on it!"

Jim's face was pressed into Jesse's heart. Jesse mashed Jim's face into his hairy chest until Jim's mouth rested over his Jesse's left nipple.

"I said suck my nipple, boy! Open your mouth!"

Jim's mouth opened obediently as he started to suckle on Jesse's nip. Jesse held Jim's head in place as Jim sucked. Jim's arms were nearly limp at his side.

"Oh, fuck yeah, Jimmy. Now you're starting to show me some real appreciation. You'll be calling me your master real soon!"

After a minute, Jesse pulled Jim's face away and gave Jim a hard slap across Jim's face.

Jim was dazed, no fight at all to retaliate. Jesse locked his arms around Jim's body as Jim sat on his ass on the floor, locking his hands together at Jim's lower back. Jesse pulled and muscled Jim off the floor and elevated him up onto his shoulder and started to squeeze at Jim's ribcage in a bear hug. Jesse's muscles straining and starting to shine with a fine layer of sweat. Jesse squeezed Jim like a rag doll, shaking him from side to side in the lock. Jim started to groan louder and louder with each violent shrug and squeeze.


"No submissions, boy!"

Jesse hugged Jim in close, Jim's legs wrapping around Jesse's hips to try and relieve the pressure. Jesse crouched in a squat and squeezed harder on Jim's lower back. Jim's bare ass grinded on Jesse's jock pouch, which was visibly tenting. Jesse started to bounce Jim in the bearhug, each bounce slamming Jim's ass down on his swelling cock. Jim let out a moan.

"You like that boy? You like your ass bouncing on my cock? Yeah, you know you do. Soon, you're gonna be begging me to fuck your ass."

"Arrrrgh! Fuck you!" Jim said defiantly. Jim managed to headbutt Jesse, which took Jesse by surprise and broke the hold. Jim stumbled as Jesse released the grip, holding his nose. Jim, dripping with sweat grabbed Jesse in a headlock.

"Finally, you're fighting back!" Jesse taunted while Jim squeezed his head in his arms. The hold was short lived as Jesse reached down under Jim's ass and grabbed a hold of Jim's balls. Jim howled in pain. Letting go of the headlock. Jesse, balls in hand grabbed Jim's chin from behind, quickly knelt down, and snapped him backwards over his knee in a brutal backbreaker.

Jesse adjusted Jim, holding his body horizontally over his thigh and stretch Jim hard. Jim's back arched as Jesse pushed Jim's chin down. Jim was immobilized, floating on Jesse's thigh, groaning in pain. Jim's hands tried to pry Jesse's hand from his chin, but Jesse's muscled forearms would not budge.

Jesse smiled, looking down at his victim so gloriously stretched out on display. He wiped his brow, spat in his hand, and grabbed a hold of Jim's cock. Jesse began to stroke Jim's dick with his slicked hand. Jim's groans grew louder as he desperately tried to free himself. The groans soon turned to moans as Jim's cock started to get hard as Jesse stroked him in the hold. Jesse smiled and Jim started to panic.

"Yeah boy, I knew you'd like that. Your dick doesn’t lie. You've probably been jerking off at night thinking about me, haven't you?"

"Unnnnghhh. F-f-f-fuck you."

"Oh, fuck me? No, no, no. You better start respecting me more boy. You need to show me your appreciation. You need to recognize that I am the alpha jock on this campus. You need to recognize the privilege and honor you have right now of being in my presence. You need to learn your place, boy. You should be honored to be my bitch. I know you've fantasized about me, wanting to be right where you are now. So, you have two choices right now, boy. You can keep fighting it and lying to your yourself, but that will only make your suffering and punishment worse. Or you can give in and submit fully to me and show me how much you've lusted over me and beg me for the fucking you've dreamed of!"

"Go fuck yourself, asshole!"

Jesse lifted Jim up in the air, standing up with him, only to slam his back down against his knee in a backbreaker. Jim's head and shoulders hit the floor as Jesse dumped him, holding onto his legs. Jesse quickly muscled Jim over, flipping him over to his chest while grappling Jim's legs. Jesse stepped over into a brutal Boston Crab. Jim screamed out, his back once again bent taking more punishment. Both Jesse and Jim's bodies were now slicked in sweat.

"Arghhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Please stop! Please!! I give up! I give up!!"

"Fuck you, bitch! You had your chance! You heard what I said! No submissions! You wanted the hard way, now you've got it! This is what you wanted right!?!"

Jesse cranked the hold back, Jim's legs held firmly under Jesse's pits. Jim's cock rock hard and bouncing as Jesse pulled back, bouncing on Jim's lower back. Jim groaned in pain once again, on the verge of tears.

Fuck! FUCK! I'm sorry! Please! Let me go! You win, fuck!

Nawww. You haven't learned your lesson yet, still, have you? I'm here to expose you, boy! Expose you first, a fucking thief. Expose you second, as a fucking liar! And expose you third, as a fucking bitch!!

Jesse bounced the Boston Crab harder and faster. Jim's back looking like it just might buckle and snap at any second. Jim was helpless, and Jesse was deaf to any other cries and pleas. All negotiations were off the table now. Jim's movements slowed to a halt after about five straight minutes in the hold.

Jesse let go of one leg as he stood up. Their bodies were drenched in sweat now. Jesse held Jim upside down with one leg still in his grasp. Jesse noticed Jim's erect six-inch dick, and once again took hold of it, pulling it back and stroking it. Jim started to make a painful moaning noise.

"Fuck, Jim. Such domination! Such brutality! How does it feel to be such a big bitch? Do you think you're better than me, now? Huh, Jim?!?"

Jim's eyes squinted in pain as Jesse bent him back and stroked his dick simultaneously. Jim's cock started to leak pre-cum heavily, which only acted as extra lube as Jesse expertly stroked and milked Jim's dick. Jim started to gasp for air and moan as his cock shot off jets of cum.

"Fuck yeah, Jimmy boy!"

Jesse dropped Jim's leg. Jim let out a painful twitch and spasm as his leg hit the ground.

Jesse stood at Jim's head, sweat dropping off of Jesse's body onto the top of Jim's head and back. Jesse flexed above Jim, looking like a hairy muscle god in his jockstrap over his fallen opponent.

Jesse mounted Jim's back, laying his chest down on Jim's back. Jesse reached under Jim’s armpits and snaked his arms through, applying a full nelson on the ground. Jesse squeezed lightly as he positioned his bulge on Jim's ass and slowly began to slowly grind Jim on the ground.

Jim started to moan. His body was aching, his cock fully hardened, and now being humiliated. There was nothing Jim could do but endure this torment.

Oh, Jim, your ass is mine, boy. You feel that? You feel that big cock rubbing your ass? You want that cock inside of you, don't you? Just tell me you want it, Jim. Tell me you want me to fuck you, and I'll end this.


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    DREAM COME TRUE! My wrestling jones driven into a frenzy!
    Perfect story! So sexy, just wow. Keep submitting stories, Bro.
    The detailed play-by-play of the wrestling works me up fierce!
    Ps., the writing must be ideal–I never noticed it!

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