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Out of Bounds - Chapter 1 (Page 1)
by Pandamonium
Series: Out of Bounds
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My name is Mike Wilson. I have a story back from when I was 20 years old, a junior in college, a strapping young student athlete going to college at the state University. I was on the wrestling team, living on campus, a typical student... going to classes during the day, training in the afternoon and evening, and socializing on the weekends. I lived in the dormitories, required for the first two years. My floor was a mix of partying students, pot heads, and student athletes as well. The fraternities were always recruiting their fair of fresh meat, but I never felt I had time for that non-sense. I was focused on my grades, wrestling practice and lifting, and fitting in to the social environment.

I had a roommate named Jim. He was a lean surfer with a girlfriend. He'd bring her over every other weekend. When she wasn't around, he liked to sleep in the nude which never bothered me, or him for that matter. I remember him always wearing plain white boxers with a gaping open fly, which meant him flashing his junk all the time. Little did he know then that I enjoyed sneaking a peek at what he was packing. Yep, his roommate was a closet case.

Jim, like me also wrestled in his high school days, but he never pursued it past that. He said he was never any good and spent a lot of time that year making phone calls to plan out trips to go surfing. I could always talk wrestling with him, but the conversations were never much. He definitely had a California attitude even though he was totally East Coast. We were friendly with each other but not quite best buds or anything.

As for me, I was the top wrestler in my school, a state champion in my Junior year. Senior year I was held back by a couple injuries, but still did well enough to be recruited by the state university coaches. Wrestling was my life, and I had an interest in business management. My current scholastic regimen was a mish-mosh of subjects of general education requirements... things like music and history that weren't really in my wheelhouse. But being a student meant you had to study those things.

As with most new environments, I slowly got to learn my neighbors in the dorm over the first few days. Some were anti-social, and barely said a word. Others were very social, door wide open, welcoming in anyone who wanted to come in and play some video games, watch movies, or engage in some casual weed use. Different tokes for different folks.

I was a 6'2" 235-pound wrestler, a big strong boy. Thickly muscled in all the righty places, a short, mopped head of dirty blonde hair, killer blue eyes, a bright smile, and a big thick dick that I kept mostly to myself. I had never been in a relationship, and honestly, in high school, no one ever showed any interest in one with me. I was never one to chase girls, as a lot of my classmates had been. I enjoyed wrestling, working out, music, and movies. A lot changed once I got to college, though.

Student athletes seemed to be in their own niche of social life on campus though. I tried to break those barriers by just being myself, but other students always seemed intimidated by my gorilla like physique. Always small talk, the occasional hello passing by in the dorms, but usually they would put their heads down and quietly walk by me. The athletes in college always represented the team colors well. Our usual wardrobe mostly consisted of university issued shirts and jackets. There was no mistaking which sport we played or what team we played for.

Funny I say that, because "which team we played for" wasn't always clear. There were definitely closet cases, much like myself, who were here for the sport, but also enjoyed the perks being involved in a sport brought about...the locker room antics...group showers...the sweat, muscle, and physicality of the practices... the smell sweat and sounds of the weight room... the equipment and tight fitting uniforms. All of it was pure stimulus for any man at the peak of his sexual prowess. The whole athletic department was pure dirty sex to me.

The wrestlers were few and far between compared to the other sports, especially football. They outnumbered us 8-to-1 at least. They definitely got more attention than we did. No one really cared for the sport of wrestling. Our school was big on basketball, probably the top sport... and football.

On my dormitory floor, there were two members of the football team housed at the end of the hall that I hadn't really socialized with at first. One was named Matt, a lineman, big boy 270 pounds. His roomie, Frank was a third string quarterback with a smaller, muscled, lanky frame.

One day I was walking from the bathroom shower on my floor, and Frank and Matt were heading back to their room. There was another guy from the football team with them though. I had just finished up showering, with just a towel around my waist walking back to my room. The halls were kind of narrow, so they pressed up against the wall and gave me a casual nod as I walked by.

I never saw their friend before, but he was definitely a teammate of theirs because he was wearing a football team jacket. His eyes definitely followed me as I passed by him. I turned back to get another look at him as I walked to my room, and I could hear all three of them talking and saw them looking back at me.

I thought nothing of it really as I headed back into my dorm room. I got dressed as my roommate, Jim, was doing homework at the desk. After getting dressed, a few of the neighbors from our floor popped in to hang out. When things were cool and casual, we usually left our dorm room door open invitingly for the neighbors to say hi. It made socializing easier, and a lot of us on the floor practiced this way of thinking. The two football guys, not so much... their door was always closed as to say, "Do Not Disturb."

We were just hanging out drinking, playing video games, talking fantasy football picks, and what-not. About two hours after my shower, there was a knock on my door. It was the three football players that just passed me at the door.

"Hey man, what's up? How you guys doing? You're Mike, right? Wrestling team?"

"Yeah, I'm Mike. Hey, what's up?"

"I'm Matt and this is my roommate Frank... we're your neighbors down the hall. We're on the football team."

"Yeah I've seen you guys around. This is my roommate, Jim, and a few of the other guys on the floor."

Jim and the others gave a casual wave. They smiled back with a nod. They didn't seem interested much in Jim or the others, just me.

"This is our teammates, Jesse. We were just talking about you after we passed by. We told Jesse we didn't know much about you except you're on the wrestling team. So, we just wanted to meet you, introduce ourselves officially, and talk to you. Do you wanna come down to our room and hang out?"

"Uh, sure. Yeah, I've seen you guys a few times but never really had a chance to meet you. Cool."

"You sure you don't want to hang out here with us?" Jim interjected.

"Naw man, it's cool. You guys got your video games going. Mike, we got some beers and stuff. Hang out there."

"Yeah, cool." I replied. I felt kind of rude leaving everyone else behind in our room, and thought it was a little strange they had singled me out of everyone. I got up and shook their hands and followed them down the hall to their room. Matt opened the door, and we went in, the door closing behind us.

Matt was a big guy, 6'4” 270 pounds of beefy muscle and bulk. He had a handsome face, a tight blond flat top haircut. He went over to his mini-fridge and handed me a can of beer and sat down on his bed.

Jesse was about 210 pounds, 6'2", very muscled from what I could see. He had a thick neck and a very square jaw. That was his distinct look, almost like a Dick Tracy villain. He was from New Jersey, with an accent to match. Tight faded haircut which he hid with a reverse ball cap and a gold chain. His attitude was loud and proud and braggadocios... an outright Guido. Italian for sure. His style was definitely hip hop from the baggy jeans he was wearing, and a long sleeve black Tupac shirt.

Jesse took a seat across from me as Matt handed him a beer. He sat on the edge of the chair, thighs apart, like he was doing a low squat in the weight room.

"Make yourself at home, man. Drink up,” Matt said as he cracked open a beer and pounded it. Jesse did the same as Matt pulled out another can from his pocket. I did the same, popping open the can with a hissing sound. I wasn't a stranger to beer but, holy hell, these guys were looking to get a quick buzz for sure. I took a small sip before following suit and chugging the beer in one drink.

Frank spoke up as we sat down, "I gotta change and go... group project meeting at the library." Frank started pulling his shirt off and walked over to his bureau. He yanked down his shorts and was wearing a jockstrap underneath. I tried not to stare as he proceeded to get naked off to the side and change.

I proceeded to chug down my beer, and Matt quickly handed me a second while making small talk. I noticed Jesse looking at Frank's bare ass as he got changed, muscled and smooth. I got a glimpse as well, he definitely had a nice ass, but I was playing low key. I turned back at Jesse still looking in Frank's direction as he got changed.
"Damn, look at that ass..." Jesse chuckled.

Frank looked back with a smile back at Jesse. "Fuck off, asshole," Frank replied as he pulled his sweatpants up. Frank grabbed a t-shirt and came back over to me. "It's nice to meet you, Mike. Sorry I can't stay, but we can catch up later. These guys will take care of you, I'm sure. Watch out for that guy, though" pointing at Jesse. Frank grabbed his backpack and left the room, leaving the three of us to drink, chat, and whatever was about to happen next.

After the door closed, Jesse turned his attention back to me and started the conversation. Matt just pounded a bunch of more beers listening to us talk and adding in peanut gallery comments every now and then.

During the conversation, Jesse said he just learned out that I was on the wrestling team from Matt and Frank. "That's so cool man. Tough sport, wrestling! I always wanted to do it, but my school never had a team."

Jesse talked about himself and mentioned that he had walked on to the football team. That meant that he wasn't recruited and just tried out for the team as a regular student. That was not a usual route for a student athlete to go. The time investment for an athlete is very demanding, and usually backed with an athletic scholarship. So, I knew that Jesse was a pretty good athlete.

When I asked him of he'd ever play any games, he said "If I'm lucky... most walk ons are just there for the scout team, but if you pay your dues, you'll get some actual game time in. I'm hoping to impress the coaches during practice. If I can get their eyes on me, they'll see how good I am. But either way I like being on the team, practicing with the team, getting to lift with the team... all that good stuff."

"Not to mention all the sweaty, dirty, naked showering?" I joked. Matt almost spitting up his beer. Jesse stood up and grabbed more beers from the fridge for each of us. I noticed the beer in my hand was still full and chugged it down before accepting a new one from Jesse.

"Good man! Dude, you ever watch that pro wrestling stuff on TV? I've been a huge pro wrestling fan since I was a kid. I know all those holds and moves they do on TV."

"Well, that's not exactly what we do, but I know what you're talking about, I watch it too, “I replied. When I said that, his interest piqued even more.

"Do you think a guy like me could try out for the wrestling team?" he asked.

"I would probably say no. I mean, you could definitely TRY, but it's a small team and we're all recruited. We don't really have walk-on's like the football team. I mean, I've never seen you wrestle, but I think you'd probably lose pretty quick in a wrestle-off." I replied.

"Fuck that! You're cool, man, no offense. You got some funny jokes, I tell you, and I like you. But in all seriousness, if you knew me, you'd know I'm a pretty tough guy. One of the toughest on the football team, probably the whole campus. Wouldn't you say, Matt?"

Matt nodded in agreement. "Oh man, you should have seen the hit he put on poor Dave last week. Knocked him clean into next week!"

"You see!" Jesse pointed at Matt, "he'll vouch for me. And honestly, when I saw you coming out of the shower today, I looked at you and I saw you got some impressive size on you. A good build. I figure you're pretty tough. So, I asked my boys who you were. When they said you were a wrestler, I saw it as a challenge. I think you and me should wrestle. Just for fun you know. I think I can take you, despite your size, and your experience. "

"Dude, you two should do a WWF match against each other, but like real moves. None of that fake bullshit," Matt added. "Level playing ground then, right?"

I laughed and said, "sure" sarcastically, which seemed to insult Jesse.

"You think you can beat me?" he asked, almost challenging me.

"I would probably destroy you... and humiliate you." I replied.

"No fucking way! You wanna bet on it? Let's do it!" He said seriously.

I knew we all had been drinking, and maybe it was the alcohol talking, but the idea of a pro wrestling match with real moves sounded like someone would probably end up getting hurt really bad. There were a few times in my actual wrestling practice that me and a few of the guys would goof off and we'd pull real pro moves and submission holds on each other. Those things hurt when applied with real pressure. We were always careful not to go overboard with each other. Still I couldn't show weakness with these guys and back down.

"Anytime you want. Just gotta plan it out!" I told him.

Jesse seemed pretty happy about me accepting and made me shake on it. My visit to the room ended a few minutes later, excusing myself back to my room after what seemed to be an intoxicated case of testosterone driven, alpha male competitive shit talking between a football player and wrestler.

Over the next few days Matt and Frank became pretty friendly with me. They came around to my room, always inviting me back to theirs, sharing beers and stories. I soon discovered that Matt could drink and trying to out-drink him was a mistake. Frank was a very smart guy, and an exhibitionist apparently. He was always getting naked and changing for something before going out. They always suggested me trying out as a walk-on to the football team. I thought about it, but I wasn't sure if I had the time for such a demanding schedule. I had classes, I had homework, I had wrestling off-season training. Adding a whole regimen for a walk-on spot for the football team didn't seem to make sense.

Jesse would often come to visit the dorm for drinking, and more trash talking. He always brought up our agreed-to match and wanted to actually make plans for it. I thought everything he was doing was a theoretical situation, so I offered up ideas about where, how, and when something like this could happen. Basically, he was getting me to plan up and book the whole match.

We had the idea of where and when it should be done: the university gymnasium after closing hours...late night. Ideally, we would use that mats in the Wrestling Room and lock the doors so no one would disturb us. Jesse established rules of the match. He wanted actual pro wrestling rules, but no holds barred, and win by a 1-2-3 pin or submission. Matt volunteered to be the referee if we needed one.

After a few more meetings Jesse and I seemed to get along more as friends. He asked me about my training for wrestling season, and after some more coaxing, finally got me to agree to come to a practice on the football team and talk to one of the coaches to try out.

"Just give it one week, man. Seriously! You will absolutely love it! We'll help you out. If after one week, it's not for you, no hard feelings, we'll still be friends, but you at least owe it to yourself to try. If you try out for the football team, I will try out for the wrestling team. We'll help each other. How about it?"

"Alright, fine. I'll give it a week."


The following day, I met up with Jesse, Frank, and Matt outside the football facilities and they walked me into the office of the coaches. They introduced me to the offensive coach who interviewed me and asked me about my high school athletics, asked me about my grades, and my position on the university wrestling team.

"Mike, Wilson, huh?" Coach was reading my paperwork that I had filled out. "Well, you seem like a big athletic kid, Mike. Matt, Frank, and Jesse told me about you, and after meeting with you, I think you have a good shot. I'm going to send you to the trainer's office. We'll need a physical and a health evaluation... standard procedure. And then just sign the rest of the papers. After that, we'll get you some equipment, gear you up and you'll be practicing with the team. practice starts in 2 hours. As a coach, I have strict guidelines for my players to behave responsibly on and off the field. I don't take any crap. Be respectful, be a team player, and listen to your coaches."

After meeting with the coach, Matt and Jesse brought me to the Training Room for a full physical. This is pretty routine for an athlete, but always awkward to drop trou and be inspected like you're Grade-A Prime Beef. After being cleared and signing paperwork, I was cleared to practice.

I headed to the Equipment Manager's desk with Matt and Jesse. They picked up their laundry bags and introduced me to the manager.

"Hey Jerry," Jesse said, “we got a new guy. This is Mike. Coach said to hook him up with clothes, full equipment, and a locker."

Jerry was an older man in his 60's. Jesse explained that Jerry was a fixture there and had been with the university team as equipment manager for over 40 years. He was grizzled and had an attitude for sure, they warned me.

"Fresh meat, huh? Well, alright... let me get a look at you kid. What size shoe you wear? I'd guess a 12 or so." Jerry clocked up an old beat up pair of football cleats on the window counter. He was remarkably correct on my shoe size. "And let's see, you need this... and this... some of these... and those... and you need to pick a number..." Jerry was slapping all this equipment in front of me that I had no idea what it was for. Jesse could see the confusion on my face as Jerry slowly worked his way on the back shelves picking apart my equipment needs. I began to grab the stuff in my arms, and the pile was getting high really quick and Matt and Jesse started to laugh.

"You guys wanna give me a hand?" I said.

"And that should do it, boy. Good luck!" Jerry put the last few pieces of my uniform on the counter and left for the back.

Jesse grabbed the athletic supporter and cup Jerry just put down on the counter and said, "better hope this fits you," with a laugh.

We headed to the locker room on the other side of the building. Weaving through the maze of lockers and hallways until we got to our lockers. We had arrived pretty early; practice was still an hour away and most of the other players hadn't arrived yet.

Jesse and Matt showed me what each piece of equipment was and how to put it on. There's definitely an order to getting dressed and without their help, I would have been wearing a cup as a facemask most likely.

"So now you have your equipment, some clothes for the weight room, and stuff to wear around whenever. These guys will do all your laundry, just get a new set of clothes as you drop off your dirty laundry. Okay, I know it's early, but we should get changed and get on the field."

"Okay! Sounds good. I'll see you guys in a bit." Matt left us to his locker across the room to get changed.

Jesse opened up his locker which was next to mine. Jesse pulled off his shirt. He had a full chest of hair, thick and bushy. It ran up onto his shoulder, down his arms and back as well. He was a gorilla. I never would have guessed he was so hairy given his finely manicured haircut and facial hair. But his entire torso was covered in hair. Underneath all that hair were definitely large round muscular pecs and abs. The kid was cut. He always wore baggy clothes as part of his style, but it also hid his body hair. He definitely was hiding a lot of beautiful muscle under his wardrobe that honestly was a crime to hide like that. I took off my shirt as well, and the difference between us too was night and day. Like most wrestlers, I shaved my body hair during the season. Not just for grooming purposes, but for aesthetics, personal hygiene, and competitiveness. Wrestlers and swimmers generally are always shaved smooth.

Jesse casually talked with me as we both stripped down. He flexed his muscle a little before unbuckling his belt and stripping his pants down. bending down, he picked up his pants and boxers. I couldn't help but sneak a peek at his cock and low hanging balls dangling down between his legs as he hung his street clothes in his locker. His dick had to be a good 8 incher. His ass and lower body were just as covered in hair just like his upper body.

He glanced over to me as I dropped my pants as well, and unapologetically asked me about my body hair.

"So, do all you wrestlers always shave your body, even your dick and balls?" He said as he let out a little chuckle.

I turned to him in all my glory and said. "We don't have to all shave it all off, I do it just for wrestling season usually. But the coaches suggest it. It feels good, and makes our skin less prone to skin infections, easier to clean, and give your opponent less grip on your body." I bent over and grabbed my clothes off the floor.

"Honestly, you look good. I mean, it looks good on you. Must be itchy as hell though."

"Not really, no. If you're serious about joining the wrestling team though, it's what you gotta do. You'd have to shave down, dude."

"Fuck... really?" Jesse pulled his white jockstrap up his legs covering up his cock and tucking it in and adjusting the straps. He turned again to me as I was hanging up my street clothes. His eyes widened as he saw my cock. "Dude! That's a big dick! Holy shit! You're gonna hurt someone with that thing,"

"That is SOOOO inappropriate, dude. Wow. But thanks, I guess. And if you really want to know, I'm a grower, not a show-er."

"Uh... YOU are a show-er AND a grower if that's the case. I'm the same way, dude. Welcome to the big dicks club."

"Thanks, I guess. Do I get a membership card?"

"No, but there is an initiation." He joked as he sat down on the bench, preparing his equipment.



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