A Trip to Leatherland by Etienne – Page 6

Casey proves himself to be a pro at Leatherland's bowling lanes...crusing a poor jock's nuts in the process.

A Trip to Leatherland - Page 6
by Etienne
Series: A Trip to Leatherland
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Once I finished eating I felt I ought to try some more exercise, so I headed over to the bowling lanes. At the far end of each lane a naked stud was staked out, seated with his legs open wide, lewdly offering his crotch in place of the usual ten-pins. The ground was soft sand, and designed to slow down and absorb the force of the ten pound bowling balls and to prevent any real damage to the target crotches. But you could still get enough speed on a throw to cause some yelps and curses from a well placed strike.

There were a few lanes not in use and I selected one that offered an athletic, shaggy-haired blond. His data card told me his name was Ken and he was a star of the local college's swim team. That figured. His cleanly muscled, sleek body was just perfect for Speedos.

Unfortunately for Ken, I turned out to be as good at bowling as I had been at dart=throwing. I scored an impressive number of direct hits that must've felt like I was mashing his jock balls into a jellied pulp! The butch athlete may have started the day as a baritone but for the next few days he was gonna be talkin' soprano.

As the winner of the bowling tournament, I was awarded a tiny trophy and my choice of 'pin-boys' to play with, I chose Ken, of course; the blond aqua-jock was a Grade-A piece of studmeat and I was looking forward to putting him through a few post-graduate paces.

I was supplied with a selection of ass-toys to use on Ken, miniature bowling balls strung on lengths of cord. On some of the strings, the balls were of graduated circumferences, ranging from the size of a cherry tomato up through baseball-sized spheres; other featured balls studded with tiny rubber spikes. Still others were hollows and filled in alternating sequence with boiling hot and icy cold water.

Resignedly, Ken lay on his back and lifted his legs in the air, bringing his knees down onto his chest, presenting his fine athlete's asshole to me like a gift-wrapped birthday present. Between his knees, his movie star handsome face reflected trepidation at the ordeal that lay ahead.

"Please, Sir," he whimpered, "don't hurt me too much. Please...."

"Shhhh," I said reassuringly, "relax. I'm gonna make you feel read good. I know just where your joyspot is, buddy. In a few minutes you're gonna wonder how you ever lived this long without a string of balls stuffed up your bunghole, bangin' against your fuckin prostate."

He groaned, clearly not convinced.

"And when I yank'em out in one quick jerk you're gonna feel like your guys're comin' out with 'em, but I promise you, it'll send you to the moon."

His groan escalated into a wail as I began to stuff the string of hard balls up into his hot swimmer's ass. The last sphere kept popping back out amid his hopeless pleadings. "Please sir, no more, I can't take any more, I'm too full." I wedged that last ball back in, he screamed, "No, no-o-o!"

I wanted him to know what ass-packin' was all about, so I grabbed his ass cheeks and began to work them until his cries and beggings nearly yielded tears. "What's the matter fucker, you don't want 'em?"

"No, please no, take them out, please, oh plee-aa-sss-eee-eee-e."

I couldn't wait to yank'em out but I wanted to prolong his plight. His eyes searched mine of leniency but I glared at him with blazing savagery and rebuffed him with- "Your ass looks like a Bekins van, boy, guess it's 'bout time to unload."

Without warning I yanked the first one out, then two more, his yelps multiplied -then another....his body shuddered. Then I heard that sound from deep within him that told me he was about to explode. I gave one quick jerk to free one more....then in one all-out motion pulled the rest from his overstretched, pouting hole. He screamed long and loud and erupted in a battery of high flying jets of ecstasies, never-ending, still forthcoming. His ass constricted with each bursting spasm until he had flooded everything and everyone around him before sinking into bliss.


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