A Trip to Leatherland by Etienne – Page 5

A marine suffers through roasted balls to quench Casey's well earned appetite.

A Trip to Leatherland - Page 5
by Etienne
Series: A Trip to Leatherland
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All that strenuous activity had worked up an appetite. Luckily the next stretch of midway offered a bunch of food vendors. I picked up a hot dog and a code, and continued checking out the area.

A few yards away from the hotdog stand I saw a small booth advertising "HOT NUTS". These were not, however, the kind of nuts one might have expected.

Directly under the sign, a goodlooking blond guy was tied, legs spread, over a kind of cooking pit. His balls were imprisoned in a set of chains that held them directly over a pile of twigs which the barker was about to ignite with a match.

"How about it, mister," the barker said to me as he applied the lit match to the kindling. "Wanna try some fresh roasted nuts?"

I paid my quarter, and while I waited for the guy's balls to cook I read the data sheet posted in the front of the booth. His name was Mike and he was a marine on leave from the base. Selling his nuts was his way to augment his meager military salary in order to help support his young wife back home.

The marine was starting to squirm in his bonds as his testicles heated up. Previous fires had scorched away all the hair from the succulent pair of egg-sized orbs, and now the hairless skin of the ball sac was beginning to turn pink and glowing from the heat. The nuts were just about ready; nice and hot.

"AfffhhhHHHH!" the marine screamed finally, "That's enough, for Chrissake....they're done, they're done. Get me outta here, that's enough...."

"How do you want 'em, mister?" the barker asked me, ignoring Mike's howls. "Well done? Medium? Rare?"

The marine was really yowling now, tugging at his chains as if he'd rip his nuts right off. The testicles were wriggling like live things inside the sac, trying to escape the searing heat. I took pity on the poor jughead.

"Medium rare will be fine," I laughed, "just so long as they're good and hot."

The sobbing marine was untied and laid out on the 'dining table' for me. He was on his back, and I lifted his muscular legs up and arched him over backward, so that his knees came to rest on either side of his head. Grasping his gyrene cock like a handle, I proceeded to lick and slurp at his sizzling nuts, savoring the rich flavor of his barbecued balls. Wisps of head rose from the heated gonads, and they smelled a little like roast beef.

Noticing that, in this position, the marine's cock was directly over his face, I remembered something I had read in a Jeff Kincaid porno story, and decided to give it a try. I figured it might take Mike's mind off his roasted balls.

Still chewing on his eggs, I reached out with my free hand and pried his jaws open. Then I pushed his legs back a little further so that the mushroom tip of his marine cock was shoved into his mouth. He squawked in protest and tired to move his head away, but I held him firm one hand about his dork, the other on his jaw. When he realized he had no choice, he settled down and began to suck his own fuck pole.

"That's better," I thought to myself as I gnawed on his steaming balls. "I hate to eat alone."

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