Our mystery movie star suffers through flogging, cbt and cum control while tightly stretched out on the rack much to his cock's delight.

Hollywood Star - Part 2
by Ibtow
Series: Hollywood Star


With that command I heard the winch being turned and my hands started to be pulled higher and tighter as my feet were anchored to the bottom of the table it started to stretch my body. The winch continued to be turned by the guard and my body would now no longer move further up the table, I could already feel the stretch and pressure on my arms, shoulders and chest. I looked up at the screen above me I was amazed how little I seemed to have moved, it felt a lot more than it looked. The winch stopped moving and my arms were now pulled tight I could not bend them however much I tried.

“Remove the cock cage guard”

“Yes Sir”

The Guard came up to the table and took a key out of his shorts and unlocked the padlock. He pulled the plastic tube my cock was inserted in off and my hard cock flopped out and stuck right up. I looked up at the mirror and have to say I liked what I was seeing. He took the rest of the cage off and my balls felt good being free again. He moved round the table to the top and twisted the winch again pulled me tighter still this was starting to get uncomfortable.

I watched the Guard walk round the table and pick up a black leather flogger, as he turned round he had an evil grin on his face.

“Guard 25 lashes start now!”

“YES SIR!” the guard responded.

He stood to my right hand side and lifted up the flogger, I watched as he brought it down, following the leather strips as they connected to my stomach, the pain was instant, it hit me and I screamed into the gag and lifted my body off the table as much as I could. I had never imagined it would feel like that. As my body came up the flogger came down again, on my stomach, my eyes were wide and I looked up at the screen, the camera was showing already the red marks on my abs. The flogging continue one after the other, no stopping, he was concentrating his attention on my abs and just below the waist, the pain was flooding my body and I could feel the heat building up on my abs. I was breathing hard when the flogging stopped. I slumped into the table and looked at the screen. My abs were glowing red and I noticed my cock was still rock hard, this confirmed my need for this type of punishment.

The guard walked round to the top of the table and turned the winch a couple of more times pulling my body even tighter.

“Guard 25 more!”


He stopped at the top of the table and again brought the flogger up, I was watching the screen and I watched as the flogged landed over me hard on my right chest, I lifted my head as I shouted into the gag I watched the second strike hit my left chest and could not believe the pain and the marks left after only one hit. Again it continued each hit on alternative sides, my chest was throbbing and felt so hot, I continued to scream and bit into the gag, each time the taste would hit. My bodies senses were in overload once again the flogging just stopped, he must of reached 25 already. I looked at the screen and again my cock was at full attention. The guard again moved the winch one more click. This caused me to shot in the gaged. I shouted “aarrrhhh fuucckkk” but I sure it just came out mumbled. I looked at the countdown clock only 15 minutes had past since I was tied down, it felt like hours.

“Guard double punishment for having an erection. 50 guard now!”


50 fuck no, I can't take 50. I shaked my head and screamed into the gag they of course took no notice and the Guard brought up the flogger and this time brought it down over my hard cock. He connected with precision, the tips of the flogger hitting the tip of my cock the rest hitting my shaft and balls, I had never felt pain like this, it rippled through my body, my brain was screaming at me to get away, I started thrashing at the bonds that held me tight to the table, the only movement I had now was to arch my body up, this just made my cock even more exposed. The next hit came on my balls, the next one my cock, then my balls, then my cock. I lost count of how many time my cock and balls were flogged, it wasn't until he moved to the rest of my body that I breathed, he continued to flog my chest, abs, legs, arms all over every inch of exposed skin, then it was over. I suddenly realised I was being left alone. I looked at the screen, my body was covered in red marks and welts, it felt like I was on fire. I looked at my now soft cock, my bollocks had come into my body for protection. My body was covered in sweat which shine and showed off my muscular body. My body hair was damp and clinging to my skin, if I was watching this video on the website I would of come many times over.

I started to get my breath back and moved my head around I could not see anybody in the room, I looked up at the countdown clock it was at 10:45:32 had I passed out or was my mind in such a place that time went quick. I looked at the screen it was still showing me tied up, the gag in my mouth (god my mouth was dry), taped in place, my body was pulled so tight every muscle was bulging, my gym and personal trainer would be very impressed with how I looked, except the red marks from the flogger. My mind jumped to Tony my personal assistant, he would look good like this, I could abuse him. I could send him here and I could be the Guard, would he be into it. Would he do it for me.

As my mind wondered off the reality of my situation jump to the front of my reality as I heard a door open and shut. It was the Guard, he seemed alone, he walked up to the table and went to the winch, he leaned over his head close to my ear.

“You are hotter in reality than on screen boy. You look fucking hot tied like this, but this is just the start you are only 90 minutes into the 4 days. I will get you alone soon and I have plans of my own. I have permission from my Master to do what I want to you. Things will get worse, you will wish you never sent that email but you did boy and now you belong to us!”

With that he slowly turned the winch again 4 more time’s my arms felt like they were going to explode from the sockets.

“Prisoner is ready SIR!” shouted the guard.

No response came back but I heard the door open again, the Guard went out of my vision but soon came back with a pair of electric hair clipper, I looked at horror, I can't be shaved my next role requires me to play a rough type. I protested as much as I could be it was all ignored. The Guard came up to the table and turned the clipper on, without saying anything he started to shave the hair off my cock and balls, he was rough and he caught the skin a couple of times but he didn’t care before I knew it my cock and balls were just stubble. He didn’t stop there he carried on shaving up my treasure trail, I was shaking my head screaming no into the gag, telling him to fucking stop into the gag, he didn’t stop he carried on shaving the hair on my stomach, taking his time as he got to my chest. He expertly shaved my chest with the clippers, blowing the hair off my body. When he had finished I looked down at my body, it was completely shaved. I started to get angry now, I hadn’t agreed to this, how was I going to get away when the director saw this smooth body at the next shoot.

I started to thrash around and shouting into the gag, calling the Guard everything under the sun. He most of caught some of it as his head snapped round, he looked up at the camera, then slapped me in the face!

“Shut the FUCK UP PRISONER!, YOU AGREED TO WAIVE ALL RIGHTS! Now stay the fuck still or you will be sorry!”

He was right I had agreed to this, I calmed down slightly the adrenaline was rushing through me, I breathed deep, slowed my heart rate. The Guard left the table and then returned with a bowl of water and shaving cream, fuck they were going to shave me bar. He did he shaved my cock and balls, my stomach and chest, I had no hair left from my balls to my armpits. After he had finished he got some baby oil and started to rub the oil into my body. He covered every bit of my body, taking time to rub it in, my un-caged cock was hard again he started to stroke it slowly at first then quick then slower, then quicker again, he was expert at this, I felt like I was getting close to coming I arched my back, he must of read this sign as he slowed down, and started to rub the head of my cock, I was watching him on the screen, he was edging me, I have read about this but never experienced it before, he kept this up for 20 minutes, each time I was close he would stop. I was getting more and more worked up. I was groaning into the gag, pleading with him let me cum. I was so close I had my eyes closed. I was brought back into the room when I felt a sharp intense pain on my cock head, I opened my eyes looked at my cock and let out a long deep moan, a large plastic peg was stuck on my cock head, the guard was grinning.

“Cumming is not allowed boy, you won’t be coming during these 4 days!” is all he said before bringing another peg out and placing it at the base of my cock, each one caused a throbbing pain to shoot through my body. The next went between my balls, causing them to push tight each side, another went half way up my now limp cock, the next two the guard snapped both at me and placed them on my balls, they dug in deep and hurt more than I thought I could put up with but I had no way of getting them off. The Guard rubbed his hands over the area between my cock and abs, he gave it a hard slap, and another. I thrashed around nothing would stop the paid coming from cock and balls. He got another 3 pegs and placed them between my cock and abs. He moved up the table and pinched my now shaved nipples, he took 4 pegs and placed two on each nipple. He wasn’t finished yet, he got 4 more pegs and placed them on my arm pits. Now every part of my body was throbbing and screaming. I don’t know if I could cope with this much longer. The Guard walked to the end of the table and twisted the winch one more turn.

“Your have 10 hours left on the rack, 1 hour rest starts now” boomed the voice of the master.

The guard walked past me flicking each peg as he went, he walked past the camera without looking back. I was shaking my head and pleading not to be left like this. Then the lights went out and I was plunged into darkness. The screen above me when dark and all I could see was the countdown timer at 9:59:40. The screen suddenly changed and my body in a green night vision image sprung to life. I looked at the image, when it started to zoom in on my body. It started at the my feet and panned up to my cock. 5 pegs were on screen digging into my body, it then panned up to my abs, I was breathing deep and so tightly spread out and the night vision highlighted my muscles. The camera continued to pan up to my shaved chest, my nipples where hidden by the pegs and my chest heaved. The camera continues to my face. The face that had sold millions of cinema tickets around the world. My gagged still firmly in place. The camera panned to my eyes, I looked back at myself. I shuddered, what had I signed up for, this was like a scene out of a horror movie. No one knew where I was, if I never returned no one would no where to look for me. The camera zoomed back out so I could now see my whole body, I have to admit I looked amazing, I scanned every bit of my body watching myself breathing, sometime uncontrollably thrashing against the constant pressure of the bondage, my one tattoo on my inner bicep seemed dark. I tried to flex my arms to relieve some of the pressure, I pulled against the bounds hold me out tight. I managed to flex a little and watched as my arm bulged even in this position. But the pressure didn’t stop, the throbbing and pain from the pegs never stopped. I looked at the timer, only 15 minutes had passed, fuck time seemed to be going very slow. I tried to zone out.

I breathed in deep through my nose, the smell of the jock strap stuffed in my mouth hit me again. The man scent, the scent of the guard who was inflicting this suffering on me hit my brain like a drug. My mind wandered and I had thoughts of Tony my assistant. I had seen him naked many times his body was just about perfect, he took pride in his body. He had nice muscular frame, body hair in all the right places and his cock was a good 6 inches and thick. He was out to everyone and he was always picking up guys. I started to think I could do this to him. Get him tied up, tortured and abused. Keep him locked up for days on end, use him as my sex slave, I could do that to him.

I opened my eyes the pain from the pegs was getting unbearable now. I looked at the counter it was down to 9:15:45 I only had 15 minutes of “rest” left but I still had 9 hours left on this torture table. I was only 3 hours into my 4 days. I had no idea how I was going to last. I had paid a lot of money for these guys to fuck me up. I looked down at my body, the pegs were pulsing on there own and I noticed my cock was getting hard again. My mind was screaming it wanted out my cock was screaming it wanted more.

The counter clicked down to 9:00:00 and the door clicked open, the Guard now naked entered the room again. I looked at him with pleading eyes, trying to tell him to release some of the tension from the rack. I looked over his body. He was fitter in real live, my eyes drifted down to his cock and I was surprised to see he was in a chastity cage. He walked around the table and leaned into me.

“I have been wearing this since you emailed in your sordid fantasy boy, today is my release day boy and I tend to use you later to release my tension. Master has left me in charge of you boy for the next few hours. You still have nine left boy, regretting your cock ruling your mind yet boy?”

He started to peel the tape away from my head to remove the gag.

“I want to hear you scream for real now boy!”

He pulled out the gag it was soaking wet, it was the first time I had noticed the stains on the inside of gag.
“Water please” I wrasped my mouth was so dry. He held the jock over my mouth.

“Open wide boy”, he then rang out the jock into my mouth, the taste was disgusting but at the same time I lapped up the salty water.

Once he had got all he could out of the jock he throw it to one side and got a class of water and poured it into my mouth, I gulped it down.

He attention soon moved to the pegs biting into my body, he moved to the pegs on my nipples, he flicked each in turn. The pain shot through my chest and seemed to burst out of my throat in a scream. He then slowly and purposely removed the first peg from my right nipple. The shooting fire of pain was instant, he then quickly removed the other pegs on my chest. He stepped back pulled a riding crop from under the table and whipped the crop down on my nipples. He made quick, hard and sharp swings at my nipples and chest, the pain from the pegs being on was intensified. I was trying not to give him the pleasure of crying out in pain but when he started repeatedly hitting my right chest, in the same spot over and over again. I couldn’t hold it any more. “Fuck, fuck, fucking stop, aarrrhhhhh” I cried out, it made no difference, he just moved to the left chest and carried on hitting. He said nothing just stared at me as he continued the torture. I started to pull at the wrists cuffs, tencing my body, staining, trying with all my will to get free, to stop this abuse.

He stopped, walked to the table and started to trace the out line of my abs with the riding crop before reaching the pegs on cock and balls I knew these would hurt when released but willed him to take them off to stop the torture these pegs were inflicting on my manhood. He just started to flick the pegs with riding crop, slowly to start with then faster and faster, each time they moved and I reacted, I moaned, yelped, moved my body he smiled an evil grin. I looked down at his caged cock, it must be 8 inches long and thick it was pushing against the steel cage, he was getting off this. He slowly increased the force of every hit, hitting my cock and balls, the pressure and pain was building up. Each he caused the pegs to move and bit into my cock and balls even more. He continued to move up my body again, working the riding crop over my abs, I lost count of how many time he hit me with that thing. I was shouting until my voice was hoarse. When he finally stopped I had a cover of sweet over my whole body. I looked at the monitor above me my whole body was a burning red colour. My breathing me deep, he then moved down the tablet again and I started to remove the pegs from my balls and cock. Each one sent a bolt of lightning through my body. Each one he removed made we scream, I couldn't control it even if I wanted to. He left the worse until last. The one the tip of my cock had now be on for over 90 minutes. He lifted my cock up with the peg, the pain of that was almost to much to take. He looked me straight in the eyes and slowly removed the peg. I have never felt a sensation like it. The blood running back into my cock head felt like molten lava, he kept looking at me and grinned. He started to stroke my cock, each time causing more pain. I had no idea why but my cock started to get hard again, the sensation of pain, my situation would have most people staying soft but my cock was now rock hard.

“You are a fucking pain pig boy aren’t you, you love this pain. Your a sick fucker.”



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