An A-List celebrity tells the story of his willing submission to the owner of a gay bondage website.

Hollywood Star Part 1
by Ibtow
Series: Hollywood Star


I’m not telling you my name as I am a Hollywood A list star, I am world famous, admired and loved by woman and men. I’m 27 years old, I have been famous since an early age and my career is on a high right now. I am also hiding a dark secret from the world.

I have know I was gay since my early teens, but when my big break came I told my then manager and he told me to never come out in public “it would harm you career man, you would get passed over for any big role” So I haven’t I have hidden it from the public even since, rumors have circulated in the press and on the internet (I am top of most “Not out in Hollywood” lists) but I have never publicly came out and have even dated woman to keep up the front.

I have been very careful on who I have been with when it comes to guys, most have been other Hollywood/TV stars also in the closet so you know its not going to come out. Some have been amazing and fantasy’s many a man and woman would dream off. Just searching the fan fiction I can tell you I have acted out more than one of them. Being in showbiz they are all fit as fuck, and most of the time the cocks are the best asset that people never get to see and fuck some of them know how to use it.

Whilst I have done lots of stuff my real fantasy is too dark for many, the closest I have got is being tied to a bed whilst I was fucked and sucked off. That cemented my love for bondage but I craved more, much more, I craved to give up control, to be abused and hurt.

It all started when I started looking online at gay porn, it started with the normal fucking, sucking then I started watching some bondage and my cock would spring to action, I would jerk off whenever I could, I then stumbled on this one site, this one site that fitted every fantasy I had. Each week a young, fit lad would be abused and tortured beyond the point most sites would go to. Everything was simple but effective and everyone of the videos would make me cum twice watching the clips. I long fantasied about being in that dungeon being the “victim” but I never thought it would be possible to act out these fantasies.

I was in-between scenes on my latest film, we were filming a scene in a gym locker room where I was coming out of the shower, so I had spent all morning looking at my very fit 24 year old co-star walking around with nothing but a towel around his waist and he never wore anything under it, so his cock bulge was on display most of the morning. I stack up well next to him, the advantage of having a personal trainer to get that Hollywood leading man body. I hadn’t shave my chest since going for more adult roles so my body hair covered my chest and abs and “spy” photos of me at a private pool had gone viral and been seen by millions.

We had an extended break in filming (which happens a lot in movies if you get a few minutes of footage it's been a good day), so I went to my trailer and asked to be left alone for while, I needed to release some tension. My assistant put the word out for me not to be disturbed. I locked the door, took off my t-shirt and trousers. I was just in my tight CK underwear. I went into the trailer bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I started to think about my body stretched out, tied down and being flogged, my cock started to harden instantly and was pushing against my underwear. I slipped them off and my 8 inch cock was rigid and pulsing. I grabbed my laptop and opened up a file called Steven. This was one of my favorite videos from the site, this guy, most likely mid 20’s was on a table his hand tied to each corner as well as his feet, the captor slowly turned the winch and he was pulled tighter and tighter, when he was pulled as tight as you think a human could go, he was whipped without mercy. I edged out my wanking until the flogging started at that point I burst a hot load of cum all over the bathroom sink and mirror.

I was still horny after cleaning up the cum from the bathroom I stopped naked and went to the bed I loaded up the website and looked at the latest updates and hovered the mouse over the contact button as I had done many times, but this time for some unknown reason I clicked the button. My email opened up and I started to write an email about how I loved the website, had been a member for many years. How I fantasied about being in one of the videos, how I was famous and couldn’t let it be known I was into this, asking if it possible to be in his dungeon but for it not to be release. I included a picture of myself from the neck down, naked. If someone wanted to they could work out it was me from this picture but I was so horny and worked up about writing the email I didn’t care. I click on send and it was gone.

My horny fantasy world was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“You're needed on set”.

Fuck, looked down and noticed my cock was rock hard again, “Five minutes”.

I jumped up from the bed and pulled on my underwear and trousers. I opened the door trying my best to hide my erection but my assistant Tony was at eye level with my bulge and just stared.

“Tony! Eyes up here don’t look at what you can't touch” I joked.

His eyes shot up at mine he smiled, turned red, glanced down at my crotch, turned and just mumbled “I’ll see you on set” and rushed off.

I went back into the trailer, laughing to myself. You see Tony was 25 and my assistant of 5 years. He was cute, fit (well he takes advantage of my personal training sessions) and gay which being an assistant in Hollywood is no great surprise. I had often thought of making a move but never had the courage.

I put my t-shirt on and locked the trailer and wandered back to stage. Phone are not allowed on set by this director so that was locked in the trailer, I would have to wait until another break in filming before I could check my emails.

Fuck that was a long afternoon, all day in gym locker room scene surrounded by 10 cut gym guys walking in and out of a shower. We managed to nail the scenes in the end but it was now almost 7pm. The director had called cut for the day. We only had a few more days of shooting left before it was a wrap and I had already penciled time off in the diary. I needed it after 6 months on set 6 days week. I loved my work and I loved the money and fame that came with it but I also loved to get away. After each film is wrapped and before the next one starts everyone know I like to get away. No phone, no contact with anyone for at least a week. I booked a secluded cabin in the Rockies I had used before, its always booked under a different name but it's beautiful, it’s a mile from anyone and phone reception. It does have internet connection but people know I won't reply to emails in that week. I almost fall off the grid. I can relax, be naked by and in the lake, listen to music, play the guitar, read new scripts and be by myself.

As I opened the trailer my phone was flashing, I picked it up and opened my email, several scripts had been sent by my manager. A couple of big budget summer movies and some smaller independent stuff (the type of stuff award season is made for), some from my publicist confirming the travel arrangements for the publicly push for my next movie to be released, this had buzz about it already and I was really happy with the film having been sent a rough cut a few days before. Then my eyes jumped to the next message it was a reply from him the owner of the site.

My heart jumped a beat, my cock twitched. I clicked the lock on the door, pulled off my t-shirt and sat on the bed and read the email.

“Boy, I know who you are from that photo, I have admired your career and body for a long time. Don’t worry I offer a very discreet service for what you're looking for. You are not the first famous person I have had in my dungeon. I make money from my video’s, so I charge for this service but you get my guarantee it will never get made public and you get a fully cut video of your experience and all master copies so you can relive your fantasy.

I offer 3 different packages, bronze – 24 hours quick sharp and painful $15,000, silver - 48 hours longer harder and more painful $20,000 and Gold – 4 days no limits, no stopping anything goes $30,000. However note this once you arrive nothing you say and do will stop the experience.

If you are interested respond to this email with your availability and we will discuss payment and details.”

Fuck, my cock was bursting out of my trousers. I read the email again, and again and without really realizing I replied.

“Sir, thank you for the reply, the gold package Sir I am free for a week in 7 days time.”

I got a reply back in under a minute with payment details and confirmation that the dungeon was free in 7 days time, as soon as payment was received he would send details of the location and time to arrive. I logged onto my bank account and put the details in, the balance was somewhere around $10 million and this was just my day to day account. My last film had grossed over $700 million at the box office worldwide and my manager was very good at getting profit share on that so $30,000 was nothing and would be worth every bit of it to live this out. I click make payment and sent an email to say I had paid. I got a reply back almost right away confirming the date and location. It was in upstate New York so I could fly home to my New York apartment and drive to the location. No one would know and suspect anything as they knew I was going away after the shoot.

The final few days on set were tough both physically and mentally, we were filming fight scenes so my training had been ramped up. I was in the best shape I had ever been but my mind was elsewhere most of the time thinking about what would happen to me. We wrapped on the Friday, the wrap party was the Saturday night, I would blow off some steam (it turned out I blow off not just steam but my co-star in the hotel room but that’s a different story but just to say he was as fit as he comes across in the films), fly to New York Sunday and drive out Monday morning.

I arrive at my New York apartment on the Sunday afternoon, when I arrive the guard welcomed me and gave me some post, I flicked through it some letters and rubbish, not much comes here as most goes to my management company. In the file was a parcel. I got into the apartment and opened the package, inside was a separate box and a note.

“Boy, inside this box is the start of your experience, open it put it on and email me a photo, don’t hesitate boy this is what you have been dreaming off.”

Fuck how does he know my address here? I rip open the box and inside is a chastity device with a padlock and no key. My cock twitched. I didn’t think about it I took the parts and in front of the mirror stripped down and put the device on. I hesitated for a minute when I put the padlock on but before I knew it the click told me I was locked up. I looked at myself in the mirror, my hard cock pushing against the cage, my body looking cut. I had dropped to 9% body fat for this film and every muscle in me was showing. I suddenly thought I should of wanked off before putting this on but it was too late now. I took a photo of myself in the mirror and emailed it off. The reply came in a few minutes. It simple said “good boy”.

My mind raced for the rest of the day. I contacted Tony and confirmed I would not be contactable for the next week and I will call him when I am back. He wished me a good holiday and hung up. I tried to sleep but my caged cock did not want to go down. I watched a rough cut of the early scenes of the movie I had just finished and liked what I was watching. It wasn’t due out for another year but it looked good already. I managed to drop off to sleep about 3am and woke with a shock at the alarm it was set for 6am. I got out of bed and jumped in the shower. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get my erection to go down, it worked at last when running the shower on cold. Even soft my cock was 6 inches and thick and was a tight fit in the cage.

I dressed and as instructed in an earlier email wore old white tshirt, tracksuit bottom and no underwear. I packed a bag with my phone, wallet and clothes to come back in. I got the lift down to the garage, whilst in the lift I noticed my reflection in the mirror. My arms popped out of the shirt and my chest showed up nicely and the bulge in my tracksuit bottoms was very showy. As the door to the elevator opened a woman in her 30’s was stood there, she was looking at her phone, her eyes followed my body up she lingered over my bulge and carried on up. When she got to face she looked surprised and smiled. I just smiled back and walked past her to my car. I get that a lot and I am sure she will be telling her friends of her encounter.

I got in my car and started the engine, I looked at the time, it was 7:30 I was due to arrive at 10am, it was an 90 minute drive depending on traffic. I pulled out the garage, music on load and started my drive to darkness.

The traffic was light for once and I arrived 9am. I pulled up outside an nice looking house on the outskirts of the town, it looked like a normal house with iron gates through to the driveway. I’d pulled up on the opposite side of the road and scanned around a couple of cars had passed me but it looked quite and most importantly no press were around. Now that really would be a story. I pulled out my phone sent and email to Tony saying I was signing off. I checked a few other messages and Tony’s reply a few minutes later saying have a good time and let me know when you are back.

I was just about to switch the phone off when a message popped up from him. It simply said “I see you outside in your car, pull up to the gate and your experience will start.” He must have camera’s on the road, even though I couldn't see any. My heart was racing my cock was already pushing against the chastity device, this was my last chance to pull out. I could drive away get some bolt cutters and get this device off my cock and balls. “No” I shouted to myself, I had paid for this, I had thought about this for years, I wanted this, no I deserved this.

I started my car, put it into gear and pulled up to the gate. It didn’t open right away so I rolled down the window and pressed the button. A commanding voice came over the speaker.

“Pull in by the garage, enter the door and read the instruction on the floor, remember once you pull through these gates you can not stop what will happen to you.”

The gates opened, I drove through the gates pulled up by the garage. I checked my phone one last time and turned it off. I got out the car, grabbed my bag and stepped out. The drive gates and closed. This was it no turning back now. I opened the door and in front of me was a plain looking garage a single door was in front of me. As well as a mirror on the wall opposite. The door I had just entered, click shut I looked round and noticed it had a keypad entry on it so no way of getting out now. On the floor was a envelope. I picked it up ripped it open and read the note inside.

“Strip, kneel, wait” was all it said. I put my bag down, pulled off my trainers, socks and t-shirt. I stopped for a moment Looking in the mirror, I looked at my body, the hours of personal training had really paid off. My body was slim but muscular, my chest was chiseled, covered in hair and large nipples. My stomach was showing an 8 pack now and the V was very pronounced, my treasure trail covered most my lower stomach and went down under my trousers. My arms were bulging as well, I can see why men what a body like mine. I took my trousers down and looked at the chastity device my cock was pushing its hardest at it but it was not giving, it was locked in for who knows how long. I put my clothes and bag in a neat pile and kneeled on the concrete floor. I put my hands behind my back and waited.

It felt like a long time but was most likely only a few minutes but I heard the door behind me open. I heard footsteps come up behind me, nothing was said and no instructions so I just stayed where I was. Suddenly I felt handcuffs being put on my wrists, they were turned parm out and the cuffs were put on tight, very tight. The person putting on the cuffs, stood close beind me and pushed my head back into his crotch, I could feel his cock on the back of my head, he put a dirty looking jock strap in front of my face and brought it up to my face, I breathed in and could smell the musty smell of sweat, cock and piss, I breathed deeper inhaling the smell.

“I knew you would like these, open your mouth” he said.

It was the same voice as at the gate and the same voice you hear on the videos, in fact I knew who this was it was the main star of the videos, this was guy who did the abuse and torture. I opened my mouth and he stuffed the jock strap in, pushing every last bit in my mouth, he took some duck tape and wrapped it around my mouth and head several times. I had no way of getting this jock strap out and I could no not make a sound.

He leaned in and said in my ear “I have been wearing this for the last week, working out, making videos, and wanking into it, enjoy the taste.”

The taste was pungent but my cock was rock hard in its cage and the taste and smell got me more horny. Suddenly my world was plunged into darkness as a black out hood was pulled over my head.

I was yanked up by my cuffed arms which were pulled high and hard up my back causing my body to lean forward. I was pushed harshly I heard a door open, it must of been the only other door in the garage. I was pushed/marched/ forced what seemed like a corridor and through another door. I was then stopped turned round and the cuffs were tied to something in the floor as tight as they could be without forcing me to arch back.

A deep voice boomed out “Take the hood off the prisoner!”

My eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the scene in front me, I bright stage light was in front of me, with a professional looking camera in front of that, the voice was come from behind the light, I turned my head to see what was around me. I could see the guy who had cuffed and gagged me, he was wearing gym shorts and vest, his arms bulging.

“Eyes forward prisoner” the deep voice guy from behind the light shouted.

“Prisoner 34527 you have been found guilty of possession of banned drugs with the intent to sell. You punishment was 4 years in state prison, however you have agreed to reduce that sentence to 12 months by submitting to an intense 4 day rehabilitation programme. This programme is to be carried out now, you have waived all rights to stop this treatment. Nod your head if this correct.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“This programme is designed to rehabilitate through torture, as a result a specific programme has been designed for you, this will include by is not limited to the following, you will be tied to a rack, for 12 hours, where you will be whipped, pegged and waxed, you will be hung by your feet where you will be flogged, you will be tied up overnight in painful and inescapable position, you will be placed on a cross for a minimum of 8 hours, you will be hung by your hands and you will be subjected to anything else we your guards and Masters deem fit. You will address me as Master and your guard as Sir. Any breaking of rules will be meet with hard punishment and prolonged stay in this facility.

Guard untie his cuffed hands and prepare for the first section of his punishment.”

My mind was racing these were all the things I had jerked off to whilst watching his videos, I always wondered how real they were and I was about to find out. My cock we pushing hard against its cage when the guard untied the rope attaching my cuffs to the floor and put the hood back on. I was forced to turn round and walk.

The guard whispered in my ear “I am looking forward to torturing you, the Hollywood Star, we have everything planned and as this video will never be public we don’t have to hold back. My Master is going out tonight and has told me to keep you busy and I have something very special planned for you boy!”

My heart was beating at this what did they mean they don't have to hold back, was i beginning to regret my cock ruling my head.

I heard a door open and was lead into another room, I was stopped and pushed back against something made of wood.

“On the table prisoner, and slide back” said Master. “Guard attach the leg cuffs”

My ankles were pulled to the corner of the table and strapped in leather cuffs tightly, they were then connected to the corners with hooks I already had no movement in them and knew it would get worse.

“Remove the cuffs guard, prisoner lie back on the table”

The cuffs were removed and I leaned back, the table had a cover but it was still hard and ruff, before I knew it my right hand was pulled above my head and a leather cuff was attached and clicked into the top corner of the table, the same was done to my left hand, I was now tied spread eagle on the tablet which I knew had a winch on me that would pull me to breaking point.

“Remove the prisoners hood guard.”

“Yes Sir” replied the guard.

The hood was taken off and I look round I was indeed on the dungeon I had seen many times in the videos, 3 cameras were positioned around the table on moveable tripods, one at the feet end of the table and one at the side of the table and one towards the my right shoulder. I looked up and noticed a camera attached to the ceiling looking straight down, I also noticed a clock right above my head with 12 hours showing. I brought my head up and looked at my body on the table my caged cock was bulging again, my stomach was sunk in showing off my abs to perfection and my legs were tight.

“Prisoner 34527, the first step of your rehabilitation will begin now, that timer above your head has been set for 12 hours, this is the minimum time you will spend on this table, Guard start the timer”
I looked up and the clock moved to 11:59:58. A screen flicked on above me and showing back at me was my body tied to the table.

“Prisoner, we have found that seeing your body being tortured re-enforces the rehabilitation. You will get to see the punishment your crimes are coursing your body, the Guard has been trained by me in torture and he will be following my orders to the letter. Guard begin.”


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