Morales takes on a rival gang leader in the Richard's hot conclusion to "The Gang Chronicles"!!

The Gang Chronicles: Conclusion (Page 1)
by Richard
Series: The Gang Chronicles
Art by Hector Silva
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Chapter Five: Gangbanger Morales’ Rumble With Armenian Mafioso Harout Vardanyan

Weeks later, Morales and his gang had had a “rumble” with members of an Armenian Mafia rival gang that was competing for territory, that gang being led by its studly 30-year-old Armenian Mafioso leader, Harout Vardanyan.

Morales had negotiated a “truce” of sorts between the two rival gangs, hoping to come to terms with Vardanyan by meeting with him personally at the Morales home to discuss how to share the territory without getting in each other’s way, and/or to convince Harout that his gang needed to clear out of Morales’ gang’s territory.

At the sound of a loud European-sounding horn Morales looked out of his window to see Harout Vardanyan pulling up across the street in his brand new black Bentley Continental, a token of his gang’s success in the many “rackets” Harout successfully ran. Morales had to admit the guy knew what he was doing financially and seemed to have plenty of cash.

Harout soon arrived at the door and was let in by Morales, Angela having been sent away for the day in case anything bad went down during their meeting.

The Armenian Mafioso had an almost bull-like, commanding presence that exuded raw, powerful masculinity with its undercurrent of unspoken threats and underworld menace. He was wearing expensively tailored grey slacks and a form-fitting maroon Dolce & Gabbana (Harout later name-dropped the designer name to show off to Morales who could care less) dress shirt he was practically bursting out of due to the expansiveness of the upper portion of his muscular chest, his shirt partly unbuttoned to reveal the muscularity of his deeply tanned, slightly hairy but carefully manscaped/trimmed just so barrel chest which also exuded an expensive cologne scent.

Morales was a bit envious of the raw total animal magnetism the 6’ 3” tall Harout had for the ladies, a simple but sexy and not “chunky” gold chain around his neck, a very “rico suave” type Armenian who was almost “metrosexual” by gang standards, with his designer-cut dark hair with a tiny bit of some kind of expensive cologne-scented gel in it to keep it just so and make it shine, and his manicured clear-polished fingernails establishing that he was a man of wealth and sophistication, now accustomed to the better things in life. The expensive material of Harout’s designer maroon shirt further clung to the outlines of his two pointed nips, the sum total of his being of the type that girls loved including the Latinas. Morales had to admit that Harout was quite handsome and fully capable of using his looks to his advantage to seduce women and make men jealous of his suave charm and success.

When his “audience” with Harout was underway, Harout made it clear that in order for him to make an effort for his Armenian gang to share the territory without their two gangs getting in each other’s way, that he expected Morales to “show proper respect” to Harout so as to make it clear to him that Morales was sincere about doing just that.

As he spoke, Harout had asked Morales if he had noticed Harout’s new black Bentley Continental he had driven up in (Morales and the entire neighborhood had of course noticed it, what with Harout honking its loud European horn as he approached) which Morales not only acknowledged but enthused about, Harout mentioning/bragging that he gave his right foot quite a workout seeing what his ‘baby” could do on the way over.

Morales decided to put on a fake front of acting very “respectful” of Harout, even a little submissive to butter him up, that he looked forward to their combining their efforts to reach their mutual goals without getting in each other’s way, that he wanted to consider Harout a “brother” in crime so to speak.

To Harout’s surprise, this included Morales offering to show his supposed “respect” for Harout by remarking- “to show what a ‘brother’ I want you to consider me to be, and to show my deep respect for you and your, er, Organization, and since you indicated you overworked your foot driving over here, would it be ok for me to give you a ‘welcome foot rub’ to welcome you to my home, as we discuss the details?”

“A foot massage, eh? Well, it’s true it’s been almost a week since my last mani/pedi at the designer/wellness spa I have a standing appointment at for my haircuts and mani/pedis and where they always provide a foot massage as well, so I guess it’s about time for another, so yeah, why not?”

As the two discussed the possible “truce” details, Harout looked on, suitably bemused, as his gang rival was reduced to kneeling on the floor below him as he sat on Morales’ not-so-fancy couch, Morales removing Harout’s Bruno Magli highly-polished loafers leaving his feet clad in black designer silk socks, Morales remarking “Wow, Harout, man, even your feet are so fuckin’ well-cared for- damn they only smell of fine leather, even a trace of that expensive cologne you always wear.”

Harout just chuckled at acknowledging that fact, as Morales began to massage both of his size 12 feet through the thin expensive silk material of his high-end designer socks, Morales expertly “cracking” his toes relieving all foot tension as Harout rambled on discussing details of their proposed gang collaboration.

As they continued discussing same, Morales then took the liberty of removing Harout’s expensive socks altogether, exposing the pink, crinkly soles of his impeccably-maintained large feet which indeed had recently had a meticulous clear-nail-polished pedicure and had been buffed to perfect smoothness, all of the normal rough edges normally present on working class people’s feet removed, even the tiny hairs over his toes had been professionally “manscaped” as part of the pedicure.

Harout had now expansively stretched like a cat with his big, powerful, but meticulously manicured hands behind his handsome head as he watched Morales service his clear-polish-pedicured feet, Harout going “Yeah the rackets pay well, mi amigo, better than your cheap-ass Latino gang! I mean look at how you dress, man- so fuckin’ low class! Your fuckin’ prison-issue baggy shorts waistband shows above your jeans, man, I mean, c’mon, how fuckin’ poor-ass lookin’ can ya get? Me, I got my latest babe’s favorite pair of black Emporio Armani boxer briefs on (out of sight under my slacks like they should be- only to be seen by my babe of the moment) holdin’ up my junk which I can tell ya is quite a package to deal with, so only the best will do to hold ’em uphah- no fuckin prison-issue boxers for me! Unlike you, I know how to keep my cute butch ass outta prison even though the District Attorneys keep trying to scare me by saying the cons would love to get at my cute bubble butt and bodily just “gang up on me and grab it and shove their cocks right up my tight, virgin ass in the prison showers”- the DAs actually keep saying that- as if!- but I got the best lawyers in town in my corner, piece of cake- I always get off!” bragged Harout as Morales kept on with his foot massage and Harout sighed and purred like the cat who caught the canary as Morales again cracked Harout’s toes, loving how his gang rival was practically acting as his servant already- it was pretty clear who held the cards in this little negotiation!

Morales was not too pleased with Harout’s bragging nor of his snobby criticism of his clothes or for being so dumb as to end up in jail a lot, so Morales took the liberty of kind of a brief tickle motion with his fingers on the stud’s pink, crinkly soles as opposed to the smooth strokes he had been providing previously, and to Morales’ surprise and delight Harout jumped in shock like he’d been jolted by electricity at the tickling of his overly-pampered bare tootsies, as he went “Awk, whoo, no man, stop that- it hahaha tickles!” and jerked so spasmodically and wildly flailed his tailored designer grey slacks around so much in distress Morales almost wished the surprise might have caused the oh-so-carefully put-together overly primping perfectionist Mafioso to actually cut a nice loud smelly fart in helpless reaction right in his fancy pants and his fuckin’ Emporio Armani boxer briefs that his “babe” likes so much, or something like that to knock the egotistical bastard off his high-horse superiority complex, but no such luck on that score. But Morales was pleased that he had already found one secret weakness his oh-so-perfect rival had- the dude was mega ticklish and if he’s ticklish on his feet, he was probably ticklish everywhere!

Morales then insisted that the two drink a toast to their proposed gang “truce” while they finished working out the details of a collaboration, so Morales disappeared for a minute or so only to return with 2 whiskey shot glasses, Morales clicking his own shot glass against that of Harout’s as they each tossed them back and downed the strong liquor- “To our health!” yelled Morales after he did so.

Just as Morales had craftily planned, a few minutes later he noticed Harout beginning to slur his words and get a kind of amusingly spacey and daffy look on his handsome face as the drugs he placed in Harout’s shot glass began to take effect.

Harout’s final semi-discernable words, such as they were, before he was “out” were “and thenh whenth tha gang ahhh you know…” before his handsome head lolled forward and he was already getting semiunconscious at best, like a rag doll.

Morales knew he only had limited time to “set up” the festivities he had planned, but couldn’t resist taking a kind of “inventory” of just how well put together the dapper, pampered sophisticate Harout Vardanyan actually was. Morales further set up his trusty video camera to record this part of the proceedings.

As Harout sort of “napped” on the couch, Morales went and sat right beside him ,placing one arm across one of Harout’s broad, muscular shoulders, hoping that since the upper portion of Morales’ tattooed body was only clad in its trademark white cotton wife beater tank top tee shirt, that Harout’s refined nostrils might be offended by a whiff of Morales’ hairy, sweaty armpit as it reposed near enough to Vardanyan’s nose to give him a whiff.

Morales then proceeded to unbutton the rest of the buttons on Harout’s sexy, form-fitting maroon Dolce & Gabbana dress shirt opening it completely to reveal his deeply tanned, muscular chest, again its otherwise hairy-ness carefully and meticulously “manscaped” to make it clear that his chest was manly and hairy but without letting things get too “out of hand” hairy-ness-wise, his trimmed chest hair also encircling both of his quarter-sized nips that rose to attention from their exposure to the cooler air of the room. Morales could not resist tweaking and pinching Harout’s both of his manly nips in turn and then at the same time, the sleeping giant emitting sexy moans each time and arching his back a bit to give Morales more access to his magnificent barrel chest and its crowning glories, a big smile on Harout’s face as Morales toyed with his quarter-sized man-nips which now stood at attention. His manly body further emanated wafts of deliciously-scented manly cologne as his chest gently rose and fell in his slumber. Morales then removed Harout’s form-fitting maroon Dolce & Gabbana dress shirt altogether and placed it to one side, Morales now sort of “draping” his amazingly muscular deeply tanned arms over the back of the couch to sort of support himself as he slumped, slumbering on the couch, thereby exposing the depths of his cologne-scented hairy armpits, the armpit hairs exposed indicating that Harout had neglected to “manscape” much under his massive arms lately which Morales thought sensible- that it was crazy to do any “manscaping.”

Morales then undid Harout’s alligator belt, unhitched his tailored grey slacks and unzipped them, then, with a bit of difficulty, managed to drag them down and then off of his muscular legs, exposing his deeply tan muscular thighs and calves, which were surprisingly kept hairy, also apparently in their natural state having escaped the attention of Harout’s day spa personnel, hopefully at his own request- apparently the staff thankfully only attended to and slightly “over-shorn” the upper portion of Harout’s hunky body, but there was still more “Harout geography” (most likely the best parts!) to peruse before that could be determined for sure.

Morales then had fun just gazing at Harout slumbering there, now clad in just the black Emporio Armani boxer briefs that his latest “babe” favored. Well, it was now time for the final unveiling!

Morales then gingerly tugged down the expensive designer briefs revealing that Harout had a kind of “Speedo tanline” as if he had sunbathed (and probably had!) in just a sexy Speedo swimsuit either by a pool or in a tanning bed? since the small portion covered by that type of garment would explain his perfectly defined tanline of that size, a small portion of his mid-section quite white in contrast to the rest of his hunky, deeply tanned body.

Most importantly, Morales was right- there was no manscaping “down there” at all, Harout’s jet-black pubic bush and balls having a fairly profuse amount of body hair, his huge uncut cock on display as well. Again, Morales could not resist tugging on Harout’s manhood the full culmination of how Morales now “owned” Harout’s sexy body, the sensitivity and desire reflected in his big cock, enhanced as it was by the drug and sex cocktail Harout had consumed, sprang to immediate attention and caused the slumbering Harout to emit more sexy moans, gasps and mewls. Morales then had fun (once he flipped Harout over to one side with a bit of difficulty) inspecting the out-of-it Lothario’s white but dark hair-flecked ass with its asscrack canyon lined with dark fur, he confirmed, and the video recorded, that Harout’s “private parts” had intact body hair as nature intended.

Morales’ intention was to eventually get Harout dragged over to the bedroom before the drugs wore off too much, Harout already beginning to get hazily but more semi-conscious as time passed. Morales took this opportunity to strip himself out of his own jeans and wife beater tank top tee shirt so that Morales was now totally naked as well.

As Morales struggled to get Harout up off the couch, Morales was particularly pleased that his idea of mixing not only a strong sedative into the shot glass but also a taste-free mixture of Spanish fly mixed with a bit of Viagra was going as planned, and that this was also taking effect. That is, as Morales stood up and Harout was dragging himself up somewhat on his own accord, their faces were about on a par- close to each other given that Harout was still slumping a bit despite his taller stature when awake and fully standing. Harout then began making kissing sounds at Morales, Harout’s vision apparently quite hazy as to what or whom he was looking at. Harout was smacking his lips and aiming for Morales’ own lips, such that given the combined weights Morales was contending with to hold up as they tried to cross the room, Morales was not really in a position to refuse Harout’s amusing advances. Further, the prospect of doing so was not all that unpalatable to Morales who, as we know, had fooled around a bit with other guys but never had considered kissing another man, but given the movie-starhandsome-ness of the subject, Morales had no real choice but to give in.Morales was a bit shocked as Harout’s lips and tongue! began seeking Morales’ own and Morales found himself locking lips and then his tongue with Harout, with Harout slurring “com to papa, b-babe!” as the blurry-eyed and horny Harout apparently mistook Morales for one of his female “babes” despite the fact that Morales was sporting a goatee, but what the hell….

As Morales worked them closer to the bedroom, their two exposed and hard cocks pressed together as well, and then into the bedroom, the two of them were still passionately kissing despite their usual prior inhibitions in that regard, when Morales finally transported Harout to the bedroom.

After he transferred the video camera to continue to record the action, Morales first placed Harout down on his back on the bed, still a bit outof-it but yearning for more physical contact, whereupon Morales again tweaked and rubbed his hands and lithe fingers over Harout’s “slightly manscaped-but still-basically-hairy” chest and nips, causing Harout to moan and beg for “More! More!” and then delicately traced his fingers up to, and rubbed one thumb over Harout’s handsome face and lips, Morales plunging his thumb into Harout’s receptive mouth which Harout, in his horny and sexed-up state, freely and eagerly sucked on and “went down on” his thumb for about a minute and moaned and mewled with excitement as he sucked Morales’ thumb, apparently mesmerized by this oral fixation. Morales noted that Harout’s uncut cock was still rock hard down below. Morales then withdrew his spitslick thumb from Harout’s sucking mouth, using Harout’s own sex spit he had suffused Morales’ thumb with to circle Morales’ thumb around Harout’s sexy lips as Harout moaned and kissed it and sighed even more, before Morales traced his own thumb, liberally coated now with the horned-up Harout’s own spit, first over the jawline of Harout’s handsome “clean-shaven but with just enough of a sexy beardline” face and then trailed it down over Harout’s chest as Harout moaned with lust, to Harout’s “manly-if-slightly manscaped nips” as Harout abjectly moaned and his huge uncut cock down below pulsed and hardened even more.


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