When a pair of Mormon missionaries visit Morales & Low Key, things get a little.....well you know Richard! Another hot chapter from this series!

The Gang Chronicles: Chapter 4 (Page 1)
by Richard
Series: The Gang Chronicles
Art by Hector Silva
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Chapter Four: Who Converted Whom? Gangbangers Morales and “Low Key” Have a Visit From Two Mormon Missionaries

Some weeks later, while Morales and Low Key were busy watching straight porn, drinking beer, and getting horned up as they watched, and the duo was about to have one of their mutual jerkoff and nip play sessions, they were annoyed when there was another loud knock on Morales’ door, not long after Morales had shooed away an annoying ginger-haired young squeaky-clean Mormon white guy holding his Book Of Mormon and trying to convert Morales and Low Key, of all people!

Morales angrily went to the door again and there on his doorstep this time were two friggin’ Mormon dudes dressed in black chinos with white dress shirts bearing their Mormon nameplates and sporting black neckties, the young ginger one again but also accompanied by an older dark-haired one, both with their eager, straight-laced, squeaky clean faces expectant of welcome.

Before Morales could shoo them off again, the older one starting speaking, not letting Morales get a word in edgewise, going “Good Afternoon, sir! We’re sorry to bother you again as I understand that my young colleague here, Elder Spencer was here not long ago, but I just wanted to emphasize how vitally important it is for you just to give us a bit of your time since we are on a mission to welcome as many new members into our Church Of The Latter Day Saints as possible! Most importantly, our Church provides us with a quota of sorts that we are obliged to reach as part of ongoing missionary efforts, so we would greatly appreciate it if you would give Elder Spencer here another chance and allow young Elder Spencer here to discuss the Book Of Mormon with you and hopefully sign you up as a Church member so you will be saved! I am on my own rounds in the neighborhood but I wanted you to know that I am young Elder Spencer’s (men 20 or older were each referred to as “Elders” in the Church, he explained to Morales) and that as Elder Spencer’s mentor and chaperone on our mission and as an older married member of the Church who has been assigned to watch over him as he learns the ropes as it were, that you will be in good hands with young Elder Spencer here. Can we count on your help?”

Before Morales could snarl a “No way!” the annoying duo had entered the house on their own accord, and the older one had seated the young ginger one on Morales’ couch!

Morales was finally able to say “Look-like I said before we’re not interested…” but just at that moment Low Key entered the living room from the bedroom to see what was going on, and the older Mormon seized on this as an excellent further opportunity for young Elder Spencer to speak to both of them- two for the price of one, as it were!

Undeterred, the older Mormon about 6’ 1” and about 30, introduced himself briefly as Elder Beckett and indicated to Morales and Low Key that he was both the 20-year-old Elder Spencer’s mentor and chaperone on their mission as well as his local church branch’s athletic coach and that he had been quite successful in both coaching his younger male charges in athletic pursuits but also in incorporating the strict moral code of their Church…” (Elder Beckett kind of gave a semi-disapproving but hopeful “once over” look at Morales and Low Key’s sloppy attire of tank top tee shirts exposing their bare, muscular arms, hairy armpits and numerous tattoos as he said this about the “strict moral code” [as if to say that the squeaky clean and virginal unmarried Elder Spencer might have his work cut out for him with these two], going on to say) “and in training the younger ones how to spread the faith.” Morales noted that on closer inspection the older one, Elder Beckett was quite muscular but this was not readily apparent on a cursory inspection given the conservative outfit he was wearing. The older Mormon further related how young Elder Spencer had benefitted greatly from the athletic program and that the younger Mormon had recently blossomed into a quite good athlete whose body was developing under his athletic tutelage and had become a confident member of their Church

The older Mormon, Elder Beckett, then abruptly left, leaving young Elder Spencer sitting on Morales’ couch, Elder Beckett explaining that he needed to continue to make his own “rounds” as part of the Church’s quota and would return to the Morales’ block after he made those rounds, but that that would probably be after Elder Spencer had completed his “mission” with Morales and Low Key, so that he would meet up with young Elder Spencer at the end of the day, several hours hence. So, he left the Morales’ house with a thumbs-up pep booster to young Elder Spencer and made his own escape before Morales could further protest.

Before joining Elder Spencer, the young ginger-haired Mormon, on the couch, Morales and Low Key had briefly conferred about what to do with him, either get rid of him or maybe try to introduce him to the pleasures of the secular world away from his religious cloister, and decided on the latter.

To begin with, Morales and Low Key sat on either side of young Elder Spencer, their naked, muscular, tattooed arms around the youth’s shoulders, sitting very close together with him on the couch, each sipping their bottle of beer, Morales going “So, Elder Spencer, tell us about this Book Of Mormon…”

Elder Spencer seemed a bit perplexed by the Latino duo’s proximity and physical embrace of him, but dutifully droned on about the Book Of Mormon and the religion’s teachings and how the duo should join up.

Morales and Low Key egged him on for more details and while chaste Elder Spencer droned on about the details of joining up, each of the “bad boy” Latinos managed to caress Elder Spencer’s shoulders, and “accidentally” land both of their hands near his black-suit-panted crotch, and nudge his sides from time to time as he droned on.

Elder Spencer than launched into the Church’s strict moral code and was forced to try to subtly encourage Morales and Low Key to “try to dress more conservatively in the future as Mormons- that Mormons viewed appearing in just undershirts or with bare arms exposed as the two currently were clad was considered too ‘provocative’ and could even lead to, for instance, young ladies and young men of the Faith losing sight of their moral commitments to remain virgins until Holy Matrimony in the Church, and that these strict moral dress requirements applied to young men and young women equally.”

Morales then went “does that mean that you find Low Key’s and my er, attire, as it were, to be ‘provocative’ to you, too?” to which Elder Spencer blushed a deep pink and responded “well, no, not, er, exactly, it just is that, as Mormons, we are not accustomed to other men, well, appearing in just undershirts or with their bare arms exposed in public as both of yours are now, displaying their male musculature to the world, nor do we encourage tattoos…” (at this Elder Spencer pivoted his face to look at Morales for emphasis, causing his innocent face to take on a startled look as his face nearly collided with Morales’ own exposed, hairy, sweaty armpit inches away from his chaste nose and could not help but sniff its hyper-masculine odor as the exotic and fit young Latino stud, so different and yet so intriguing, sat so uncomfortably close to him as did Low Key, so close he could feel both of their body heat, both of the exotic duo continuing to remain with their strong, muscular arms around him, and their jean-clad muscular thighs pressing firmly against Elder Spencer’s chaste black chinos), “…in that it could lead to young women forgetting their morals, and, well, perhaps being encouraged to engage in, er, intimacy, outside of Holy Matrimony and losing their sacred virginity prematurely, virginity that both young women and young men are meant to save for their wedding nights.”

As the duo continued to sit side-by-side next to Elder Spencer in the middle of the couch, they continued to sip their beer bottles and deliberately make Elder Spencer uncomfortable by caressing Elder Spencer’s shoulders through his pristine white long-sleeved dress shirt, grasping his surprisingly firm young biceps underneath his dress shirt developed by his athletic pursuits, and “accidentally” landing both of their hands near his black-suit-panted crotch, and nudging his sides as he droned on. Low Key then piped up with- “then you mean that you personally have never had any sort of sex with anyone, that you are still a virgin at age 20??”, Low Key flabbergasted that it could be true.

Elder Spencer proudly confirmed that, yes, he had made a sacred vow to save himself for marriage, as all good Mormons did, and that, er, no, he had avoided being “intimate” with anyone until marriage, the chaste Elder Spencer clearly avoiding the term “sex” at all costs.

Low Key then continued, amazed “then what about a guy’s sexual needs- I mean a guy has gotta get off sexually somehow…”

Elder Spencer shuddered a bit at the further reference to the terms “sexually” and “getting off,” but managed to say that “er, Nature takes care of any such needs in the meantime in the form of, er, involuntary nocturnal emissions that may unfortunately occur from time to time no matter how one may try to sublimate them by vigorous athletic pursuits conducted by our mentors and superiors, when any such, er, unfortunate urges may nevertheless build up in one’s body …” and tried to steer the conversation back to the Book Of Mormon and conversion to the Faith.

At a silent gesture exchanged between Morales and Low Key unseen by Elder Spencer, the Latino duo silently inferred that it was time to initiate this young fellow into the ways of the “real world,” things that would not necessarily make him lose his “virginity” in the Mormon sense, as far as they could tell anyway, but at least to get the poor guy’s rocks off other than by “nocturnal emissions.”

Morales then inquired of Elder Spencer “so does Elder Beckett, as your mentor and superior and athletic coach help train you somehow so you can ‘sublimate’ any, er, energy, in that regard, by exercise or engaging in ‘athletic pursuits’ as you say?”

“Oh yes, sir! Elder Beckett is indeed my mentor and superior in the Church, and, as my athletic coach, he has been very helpful to me in developing my body both physically and spiritually, and has been very helpful in devising strategies that are intended to help us younger, as yet unmarried men, cope with any stresses such as sublimating any ‘impure thoughts’ all through vigorous manly exercise,” replied Elder Spencer.

“Then you must admire Elder Beckett very much. I noticed he has a very athletic build. What sort of ‘athletic pursuits’ has he assisted you with?” queried Morales.

“Well, yes, of course, I admire Elder Beckett very much, and strive to emulate him so I can be more like him as I grow older and marry myself and help to mentor other young men. He very cleverly introduced me and some of the other young Mormons to the manly pursuit of wrestling matches. Of course, these were conducted in the basement rec room at Elder Beckett’s home and his wife and daughters were strictly excluded from the room while we practiced, in that our athletic pursuits in wrestling required not only ourselves but even Elder Beckett himself as our coach to embarrassingly remove our conservative outer wear and right down to just our ‘sacred Mormon undergarments’ a state which would be highly inappropriate for impressionable young females to witness. As it was, it was a bit uncomfortable for myself and the other young men, not to mention Elder Beckett, to appear in front of each other in only our sacred undergarments..”

“What are these ‘sacred undergarments’? inquired Low Key.

“Oh, ‘sacred undergarments’ resemble a white t-shirt tucked into long white shorts and are meant to be worn underneath one's clothes at all times,” explained Elder Spencer, mistakenly enthused that his prospects were so inquisitive and receptive of Mormon ways.

“But don’t wrestlers usually wear form-fitting wrestling singlets in wrestling matches? queried Morales.

“Yes, but the Church does not approve of such garments which are very form fitting. Elder Beckett was shocked to reveal to us that those sort of garments often clearly inappropriately outline the male genitalia, practically as if the wrestler were entirely disrobed and in a State of Nature, a view only appropriate to be shared with one’s marital spouse, and even then not recommended so as to shock her womanly modesty.” replied Elder Spencer.

Morales and Low Key then set about feeling and admiring Elder Spencer’s biceps even more through his conservative white dress shirt, as they continued to sip their beer, Morales going “yes, Low Key, just feel how young Elder Spencer’s biceps have developed from all this wrestling!” as Elder Spencer again flushed a deep pink in a mixture of embarrassment and pride as Elder Spencer acknowledged that this was indeed true, and all thanks to Elder Beckett.

Low Key then asked “but what happens when you guys actually wrestle? Don’t the ‘sacred undergarments’ get in the way of going at it?”

Elder Spencer again blushed as he recounted “Well, yes they do at times. And some of the other young men have been known to get a bit too aggressive in their wrestling causing their hands to inadvertently even tear at the fabric in places. Coach, er, Elder Beckett had to even find a towel to throw over one young man when his lower undergarment was accidentally torn off completely in the midst of a particularly heated match, which caused the poor young man’s genitalia to be exposed to our shocked eyes, especially when we all saw, even Elder Beckett, that that wrestler had somehow experienced an, er, erection that was revealed by his sudden and unexpected divestiture of his sacred garment. That match was then forfeited by the embarrassed young man.” Elder Spencer recalled, now a bit embarrassed he had given such details.

“That was when Elder Beckett explained to us that just like ‘nocturnal emissions’ the same ‘Satanic Forces’ can build up in young men at times and that occasionally, no matter how vigorously they engaged in athletic pursuits intended to divert attention from those forces, that sometimes, if young men were not careful, they emerged regardless, such that we must always be aware of that and try to exorcise those evil Satanic Forces.Elder Beckett then kindly made us aware that he offered private prayer sessions to any of us who felt that the Satanic Forces might have invaded our strong young bodies and to perform exorcism rites with us to banish them from our bodies,” went on Elder Spencer, intending to impress his audience with all nuances of the Mormon faith as it had been explained to young Elder Spencer.

To Elder Spencer’s surprise, both Morales and Low Key seemed interested to know more about Elder Beckett’s “private prayer services/exorcism rites”. Elder Spencer took this to mean he was finally connecting better with these two, who, in Elder Spencer’s opinion, looked like they could use to improve their morals and enter into the Mormon faith- two more sign-ups on the way if he kept their interest up! So, all the more reason to give them more of the details they wanted. This was going well!

Hoping to hold their interest, Elder Spencer went on to say that “Well, Elder Beckett had sworn the young men who had taken part in any of his private one-on-one prayer session/exorcism rites, as Elder Spencer had on one significant occasion so far, not to reveal the practice to outsiders since it was ‘experimental’ and ‘cutting edge’ use of Mormon spirituality, but that he had achieved ‘amazing results’ and had ‘many satisfied young men’ who had successfully banished their ‘Satanic Demons’ at least until another session might prove necessary.”

Morales, who could truthfully say he and Low Key were both often “possessed by Satanic Desires” on a regular basis, urged Elder Spencer to reveal as much as he could about “what took place during the private one-on-one prayer session/exorcism rites Elder Spencer had had on one occasion so far.”

“Well, I really shouldn’t, but I noticed during one of the wrestling sessions, in fact it was while Elder Beckett was demonstrating a wrestling hold on me in front of the wrestling class while we were both only clad in our sacred undergarments, that, for some unknown reason I felt that my body must be being possessed by the very Satanic Forces Elder Beckett had himself so sagely warned us about! This happened when my mentor and superior Mormon, whom I admired very much as a fine upstanding family man who had already sired several young children from the fruit of his loins, held me particularly close in a wrestling hold. It was then that I realized that the very same Satanic Forces were at play with me that I experienced when I would awake from an improper dream and just before I realized that I had suffered a nocturnal emission despite my chaste lifestyle, wasting Holy Seed which was only properly meant for procreation purposes. That is, I distinctly felt a tingling and a wave of what had to have been Satanic-Inspired excitement in my own loins at that moment, and I believed that the same Satanic Forces must have even been at play with Elder Beckett, despite his pre-eminent moral authority and power over them, in that I felt some sort of response from his loins as well as the crotch areas of our sacred garments had unfortunately become pressed together due to this new wrestling hold being demonstrated. After class, I immediately privately consulted Elder Beckett to schedule a private one-on-one prayer session/exorcism rite and even hazarded to mention that I believed that the very same Satanic Forces were also perhaps attempting to even invade his own body. Elder Beckett demonstrated his immediate intention to schedule such a session right after the rest of the class filed out of the rec room, sharing that he, too, had noticed the Satanic Forces at play and that they had indeed been attempting to invade his morally pure body as well, that it was shocking and that we both needed to take on the dastardly Satanic Forces at the earliest opportunity.”

“But then what happened?” queried Low Key.

“Well, I shouldn’t go into too much detail of a secret and experimental Mormon practice, but just to impress on you how forwardthinking Mormonism actually is, I will, at least enough to advise you that the rite was very successful indeed, that we successfully exorcised the demons from our bodies!”

“But how did Elder Beckett accomplish such a feat? inquired Morales.

“Well, after we were alone and Elder Beckett had locked the rec room door lest the Satanic Forces try to invade the rest of his house, Elder Beckett then explained that these purifying exorcism rites unfortunately did require the participants to reduce themselves to a ‘State Of Nature” in as pure of a state as the day we were born as innocent babes as part of the ‘cleansing ritual’ we needed to perform on each other pursuant to his tutelage. Naturally, I was shocked since we were already only clad in our sacred undergarments as it was, and now it seemed we needed to divest ourselves of those so that we were both in a ‘State Of Nature’ in as pure of a state as the day we were born as innocent babes! After I removed my sacred undergarments (something I , of course, had never before done in front of another adult except for the family doctor), to my amazement Elder Beckett then removed his own sacred undergarments as well, something that must have embarrassed him as much or maybe more than it did me, given his being my mentor and senior and an upstanding family man, a pillar of the community standing there naked before me. Worse, I felt that the same Satanic Forces had again tried to invade my body as I beheld Elder Beckett in a State Of Nature, his tall, muscular body facing mine, his darkly hairy hirsuteness making him seem even more powerful and manly to behold, leaving me in awe of his pure and ideal masculinity so near to me, my gaze unable to avert my eyes from Elder Beckett’s manhood and exposed testicles under a thatch of his pubic hair, from which the fruit of his loins had summoned so many more young Mormons into the world. We both seemed to still be experiencing those Satanic Forces because both my own member and that of Elder Beckett had conspired to fill with blood and become firmer as we faced each other, as, er, unclothed as the days we were born, totally inexplicable unless Satanic Forces were present, since we were both men and not in the presence of any female stimuli.”

“Wow, so how did Elder Beckett ‘exorcise’ the Satanic Demons that had temporarily possessed you both? inquired Low Key.

“As usual, Elder Beckett was masterful in casting the Satanic Demons aside! You both must consider this as a huge benefit that comes with your conversion to the Mormon faith! It was then that, as he had mentioned, he proceeded to chant some ancient Mormon incantations that I, as a mere initiate, did not understand since it was in a dialect I did not comprehend. Then, Elder Beckett proceeded with the ‘cleansing ritual’ he had mentioned, explaining that we each needed to apply the sacred oils all over each other’s er, temporarily unclothed bodies, er, while in a ‘State Of Nature’ to be exact, rather than applying it to our own bodies, despite the unpleasantness of being obliged to touch the person of another, er, unclothed man. So, once the incantation was finished, we both proceeded to vigorously apply the sacred oils all over each of our, er, unclothed bodies, and, as Elder Beckett had so correctly predicted, sure enough, the Satanic Forces were clearly still at work because these preventive actions in fact caused each of our private members to become even more engorged and unaccountably excited, clear proof of Satan’s wicked ways, just as Elder Beckett had so amazingly predicted! Since Satan still seemed to be taunting us, Elder Beckett announced that we had to ‘wrestle the Satanic Demons out of each other until the Demon Seed (unlike the Holy Seed used for procreation) had been ‘exorcised’ from our bodies,’ and, like a miracle, after we engaged in a very vigorous, er, unclothed wrestling match against Satan, sliding our oiled-up members against each other’s, like a miracle, we both simultaneously achieved a ‘nocturnal-like emission’ the intensity of which neither of us had ever experienced before as we miraculously each ejected a huge quantity of Demon Seed against the other! Miraculously, Elder Beckett’s actions left us both panting for air and at peace, free of Satanic Demons. After we recovered from our successful bout against Satan, Elder Beckett carefully reminded me that Satan was likely to try to inhabit our bodies in the future, but that he always remained ready, willing and able to assist me in freeing myself from Satan’s evil, Satanic Ways! Then, after we showered each other off, washing away all traces of the Demon Seed that had temporarily inhabited our chaste bodies, I returned home to my parents’ abode, in a true state of grace.”

“Wow, Elder Beckett sounds like an amazing dude! Why, you know, Elder Spencer, I think Low Key and I have had some experience ourselves with being possessed by Satan’s ‘Satanic Desires’! But you know what? Low Key and I have also found a way to deal with them that does not require Divine Intervention of the sort that Elder Beckett espouses…” replied Morales.

“Er, what do you mean, Mr. Morales? Any sort of intervention not sanctioned by the Mormon Church surely would be ineffective, I can assure you!” countered Elder Spencer, a little confused by all of this.

In the midst of this conversation, Morales managed to “accidentally” spill the remainder of his beer bottle all down Elder Spencer’s dress shirt and over his crotch area!

Morales apologized profusely as Elder Spencer stood up, his dress shirt and front of his black chinos stained with the forbidden alcoholic beverage.

Morales went “I’m so sorry, Elder Spencer, I don’t know what happened it just slipped…here, let Low Key and me help you out of your shirt and pants and we’ll soak them with detergent or something and let them dry…” and before Elder Spencer could oppose the idea, and being conflicted with the idea of allowing forbidden alcohol to stain his clothes, really felt he had no choice but to allow Morales and Low Key to divest him of his dress shirt and then his pants leaving him in only his “Sacred Undergarments” a white nylon v-necked t-shirt tucked into long white nylon shorts.

As if on cue, Low Key then piped up with “but, look Morales, the beer soaked right through Elder Spencer’s (you guys call ‘em ‘Sacred Undergarments’, right?)

Elder Spencer, happy that Low Key had paid attention and taking that as a further sign of the potential for his conversion had to reply “Yes, sir, that is their proper name, and, yes, it is sacrilege to have them stained by Demon Alcohol!”

Low Key, pretending to be an incipient convert, therefore exclaimed to Morales “then Morales this means we MUST also remove, cleanse and dry Elder Spencer’s ‘Sacred Undergarments’ lest they, too, be stained by, er ‘Demon Alcohol’!” whereupon a confused and conflicted Elder Spencer had no choice but to allow Morales and Low Key to suddenly divest him of his stained “Sacred Undergarments” altogether, leaving Elder Spencer suddenly bareass naked before them, his very pale, naked body exposed, including his ginger-haired armpits, his bare chest with a few ginger hairs distributed over his upper chest and around his pink, rosy nips and his somewhat trimmed ginger pubic bush, flaccid cut penis and hanging ginger-haired balls, and wiry ginger-haired legs, his body also being far more muscular than his conservative clothes had revealed.



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