Low Key & Morales take on a corrupt & horny pair of probation officers in Chapter 3 of "The Gang Chronicles". Art by Hector Silva.

The Gang Chronicles: Chapter 3 (Page 1)
by Richard
Series: The Gang Chronicles
Art by Hector Silva
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Chapter Three: Gang Banger “Low Key” Visited By Corrupt Probation Officers

Some weeks later, Low Key was “chilling” at the Morales’ place. Angela was out at her workplace and Morales himself had taken off across town to look at a pick-up truck he might be interested in buying now that Sanderson had so conveniently cleared his credit, so Low Key had the place to himself.

While Low Key was watching one of his favorite cartoons on Morales’ big TV and laughing his ass off as Tweety Bird outwitted the villain yet again, there was a loud banging on the front door. Since it wasn’t his place and Low Key never found loud banging on a door to be a good sign, Low Key ignored it, but when it became even louder and Low Key feared that Morales’ neighbors might call the cops or something, Low Key decided to answer the door.

To Low Key’s shock, somehow his goddamned uniformed Probation Officer Marco Herrera and another uniformed Probation Officer, a white guy with a buzzcut butch haircut Low Key had never seen before were standing there in the doorway and forced their way in. At 6’ 2” Probation Officer Herrera, 32, and the white officer at 6’1” towered over the 5’ 7” Low Key, clad as usual in his trademark white wife beater tank top tee shirt and jeans.

The white officer even pulled his fucking gun and made a run through the entire house (not that it was all that big) and declared “ The place is clear, Officer Herrera, sir!”.

Uniformed Probation Officer Marco Herrera then briefly introduced his partner as newly commissioned Probation Officer Logan McNamara, Herrera volunteering that 25-year-old Probation Officer Logan McNamara had formerly been a dreaded prison guard in the State’s prison system (a “type” Low Key was all too familiar with) and that he would be “assisting me today.”

Uniformed Probation Officer McNamara sneered condescendingly down at the much shorter Low Key, going “Yeah, we prison guards know how to deal with fuckin’ lawbreakers like you, Pee-dro!” Probation Officer McNamara clearly was further pissed when Low Key replied “The name’s not Pee-dro, sir, it’s Low Key…” The by-the-book dirty-blond haired crew-cutted Probation Officer McNamara looked down at his paperwork to note that “that’s just one of your fuckin’ aliases, asshole, your legal- er probably illegal wetback, name is Luis Valdez and we’re here to discuss your violation of your probation.”

Uniformed Probation Officer Marco Herrera then chimed in that “Look, Low Key, we’ve got surveillance video of you assisting a gang that burglarized a store a week ago about a mile from here. We traced your whereabouts to this location as it is known to be one of the locations you frequent. This is a serious violation of your probation. It means you will have to go back to jail. As your Probation Officer I have some leeway, but this is too serious, I can’t see how you could avoid going back to jail..” Low Key had had a fairly good relationship with Officer Herrera in the past but Low Key knew that he was sort of a “Tio Taco” or Latino “Uncle Tom”- brown on the outside but white on the inside and kind of looked down on his own race. Although he was acting comparatively respectful and reasonably so far today, Low Key knew that deep down Officer Herrera was not to be trusted and could be a fuckin’ asshole himself when he wanted to, and if it was to his benefit.

Just the same, Low Key had to admit that the studly older uniformed officer was a darkly handsome Latino (he resembled gay porn actor Marcus Ruhl had Low Key ever watched gay porn), and his occasional arrogance combined with his substantial muscularity made it clear why he commanded respect and awe from those he dealt with, including Low Key, at least to some extent. Low Key sometimes wondered what Herrera was like in the sack, picturing him probably plowing his wife nightly.

“No. man, please- anything but going back to jail! I was just helping some friends is all- I didn’t take anything! C’mon, man!” pleaded Low Key.

“Hah! A likely story, asshole! ‘Just helping a friend’- give me a fuckin’ break! We got it on video, man. This loser wetback’s gotta go back to the big house. Which reminds me, Officer Herrera, given this felon’s record, don’t you think we should subject the individual to a strip search, sir? With his record, the miscreant could be hiding weapons on his unwashed person, have drugs up his stinky ass, anything- you never know with these fuckers!” sneered Officer McNamara as he made his pointed suggestion to Officer Herrera. “And, sir, as I am sure you are well aware, our fine Republican governor has recently amended our Department’s policies in this regard for increased law and order!”

“Well, Officer McNamara, I have found Low Key to be quite forthcoming and above board in my previous encounters with him, but as you say, our policies have been forced to change per the Governor’s order. So, if you will, as a former prison guard, please do the honors…”

“What, Officer Herrera, sir? This never happened before- I’ve got no shit on me! This, er, officer is only doing it for his own fuckin’ fun!” pleaded Low Key.

“Just the same, Low Key, please comply..” replied Officer Herrera as Officer McNamara smirked at Low Key in victory. Low Key thought to himself that this by-the-book conservative newbie would probably gladly report Officer Herrera’s non-compliance with the new Governor’s order to gain Brownie points and a promotion if Officer Herrera failed to have the parolee strip per the new orders.

Left with no choice, Low Key doffed his white cotton wife beater tee shirt whereupon Officer McNamara perused his wiry smooth skinned body ticking off that Low Key’s identifying gang tattoos and the one of his name over his left chest were indeed where the paperwork indicated they should be, ticking off boxes on a form. He then had Low Key raise his arms over his head, Officer McNamara making a stagy jump back from Low Key going “Whew! Don’t you gangbangers ever shower? Whew!” as Low Key sneered back at the officious fucker.

At a downward gesture from Officer McNamara, Low Key then doffed his jeans, shoes and socks leaving him standing naked but for a pair of baggy white prison-issue boxer shorts.

A smirking Officer McNamara then remarked to Officer Herrera “Look! the fucker’s still wearing his prison-issue shorts from his last incarceration! Looks like he’s ready to go back!” before another arrogant downward gesture by the young by-the-book officer indicated that Low Key had to lose those, too.

Officer McNamara openly smirked again as Low Key now stood naked before them, his large flaccid uncut cock hanging below a profuse jetblack pubic bush and his bare smooth ass exposed as well, its skin only a shade lighter than the rest of his swarthy, tattooed body.

“I guess we’ll defer the customary cavity search for this officer’s own hygienic safety, but fuckin’ turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks to make sure there is no contraband evident in your rectum…” ordered McNamara, smirking again as Low Key bent over and humiliatingly spread his hole open to the officers’ view, as Officer McNamara openly laughed at his submissive position, Low Key wishing he could just fart right in this smug officer’s face.

Having duly stripped and humiliated himself, Low Key decided he would probably have to humiliate himself further, but anything to avoid being sent back to jail. Taking a chance, Low Key noted to the 2 officers- “Look- I’ll do anything and I mean anything to not go back to jail, guys! I’ll fucking grovel, whatever you want, just please don’t send me back to jail! I’ll fucking degrade myself for you- I’ll even fuckin’ suck your cocks whatever you want, please sirs!” begged Low Key.

Officer Herrera replied “That won’t be necessary, Low Key, and totally against regulations so that is not an option…”

Officer McNamara, however, surprisingly, given his otherwise by-the-book demeanor laughed openly and said “Not so fast, Officer, with all due respect, of course, sir. If the miscreant is willing to totally demean himself by performing such a degrading act, while of course blindfolded to respect and honor the privacy of us law enforcement officers, I believe we should at least consider his offer and, depending on the extent of his performance to our specifications, either recommend a reduction of additional time served or overlook this one probation violation and not recommend any additional jail time.”

When Officer Herrera looked taken aback, Officer McNamara surreptitiously winked at him in a knowing officer-to-officer way, and nodded his head backward in a gesture that seemed to state that he wanted to confer with Officer Herrera privately out of Low Key’s hearing range.

Unheard by Low Key, Officer McNamara whispered at a distance in Officer Herrera’s ear that “Look, Officer Herrera, sir, I have no intention of actually following through on the ridiculous promises I made- of course we’ll send the asshole back to prison anyway after we degrade him further no matter what he does, but we might as well have some fun here at the asshole’s expense. Imagine how degrading it would be for another straight guy like ourselves to actually suck another dude’s cock!? Fuckin’ priceless in the humiliation department! Of course, we’ll blindfold the asshole to protect our own privacy. And imagine the look on the loser’s face when he finds out that even after he does that, that he’s still gonna go to fuckin’ jail! Priceless!”

The ordinarily staid Officer Herrera cracked a knowing smile at this proposition as he considered it. It might be a bit of a joke and not a bad way to establish a better working relationship with the otherwise by-the-book Officer McNamara, who he was having a hard time getting used to, and, even though he was Officer McNamara’s senior officer, it always paid to establish a rapport with an assigned partner. Further, Officer Herrera reasoned that he had nothing to fear of the officious Officer McNamara somehow reporting their gross violation of policy since he was not only himself participating in it but even proposed it himself. And no one would believe Low Key, a long-term convicted felon, even in the highly unlikely event that he would even try to report the abuse. So Officer Herrera replied “Sure, why not?”

Uniformed Officer Herrera therefore approached Low Key with Officer McNamara going “After conferring with Officer McNamara, I have agreed to the resolution of this matter graciously offered by this fine young officer of our Department. You have him to thank for his generous offer. Now, as Officer McNamara discussed, it will be necessary for you to be blindfolded to preserve our own privacy, since it would be unseemly for a felon such as yourself to encounter esteemed officers of the law such as ourselves when we are not, er, fully covered as it were. This is also for security reasons given that we are bearing firearms that could otherwise be used against us, and which we will safely store to protect everyone’s safety.

Officer Herrera then proceeded to use Low Key’s own discarded wife beater tank top tee shirt to use as a blindfold, carefully wadding a sufficient amount of the material to obscure Low Key’s vision and using the tee shirt’s straps to secure it firmly around his head.

At a motion from Officer Herrera, both Officer Herrera and Officer McNamara extracted their firearms from their leather holsters from their gun belts and stored them on an end table a few feet behind them which were still reachable by the officers but not by the already blindfolded Low Key who therefore could not see this action anyway.

Officer McNamara then said “As the senior officer, Officer Herrera shall go first…” and at a gesture from Officer McNamara, Officer Herrera loudly unzipped his uniform pants and hauled out his impressively sized even while still flaccid uncut Latino manhood, a few stands of jet black pubic hair visible in the gap where his penis had been extracted, the officers exchanging bemused glances at what was about to happen, how Low Key was going to totally degrade himself by sucking another man’s cock and all for nothing!

Officer Herrera then grabbed Low Key’s head and shoved it on top of his manhood where Low Key began (surprisingly to the officers) expertly sucking on it as the senior officer began thrusting his hips to drive his lengthening cock down Low Key’s throat, Low Key actually thrilled (and a bit embarrassed by the fact that his own cock was traitorously lengthening and thickening below) at the prospect of having a chance to go down on the handsome, authoritative law officer whom he admired, loving how the officer’s big pinga lengthened and thickened itself under Low Key’s skilled cocksucking learned from servicing Morales in prison.

Officer Herrera then got even more into it, amazed at how good it felt and how this felon actually was a way better cocksucker than either his wife, former girlfriends or prostitutes he had encountered, Herrera now letting his uniform pants be fully opened, shoving his boxer briefs down under his hairy balls so that his balls now hung out of his uniform pants, Officer McNamara using his own hand to shove Low Key onto his partner’s cock and balls. Officer Herrera shouted to Low Key to “Keep goin, man!’” “Work it!” “You like that, huh?” “C’mon suck my cock, lick my balls, puto!” as he pumped his hips wildly to shove them down Low Key’s sucking throat, so much so that his uniform pants gave way and dropped down to mid-thigh range, exposing his muscular, hairy thighs as he pistoned away into Low Key’s throat, his boxer briefs at kind of “half-mast” so that at least his ass remained (mostly) covered not that Low Key could see anything anyway. Moreover, Herrera felt he had nothing to be ashamed of in the manhood department and didn’t mind fellow Officer McNamara witnessing that or what a good cocksman he was, which was sure only to garner further respect and admiration for his studly, muscular partner.

Again wanting to foster a growing camaraderie with Officer McNamara who had so far been left out, Officer Herrera announced to the blindfolded Low Key that he should “Now go over and do the same for young Officer McNamara, you know you want to thank him for his generous offer” as Officer Herrera gestured for Officer McNamara to unzip his own uniform pants and haul out his own manhood which he did, the sound of his zipper followed by McNamara hauling out his own sizeable ( if not nearly as large as Herrera’s) cut manmeat, pale white with a pink mushroom head in contrast to Herrera’s own dark brown uncut cunt-tamer.

Low Key did as instructed finding and going down on Officer McNamara, a little gasp and moan emanating from the officer’s lips as Low Key again showed surprising cocksucking skills neither officer had experienced before. It was all Low Key could do to will his own big uncut cock to not get more than half-hard, not wanting to demonstrate how excited he was to have these two law enforcement officers more or less at his mercy so to speak even though they were ostensibly “calling the shots,” Low Key was their ticket to sexual release which gave him his own sort of sexual power over them as well.

As he sucked Officer McNamara, Low Key craftily (especially since he was blindfolded) sort of “pulled” Officer McNamara’s manhood in the direction of where Low Key thought Officer Herrera’s was, the two law enforcement officers shocked but also amazed when Low Key managed to maneuver the two officers close enough to each other so that he could first go back and forth from one officer’s cock to the other sucking them off and then to their total amazement, taking both of their hard cocks in his mouth at the same time so that Low Key’s mouth was stretched to the max as he double-sucked both officers. Officer Herrera marveled out loud “Jeesh, this felon really wants to stay out of prison!” and “Yeah, you fuckin’ perve go for it- choke on two officers’ cocks at the same time! Show us how much ya wanna stay out of prison!” the two officers amazed at how exciting it was to feel the other officer’s hard cock sliding right against his own, both officers going a bit weak in the knees at the feeling, the officers grabbing each other around their respective broad, muscular uniform-shirted shoulders to balance themselves and share amazed and slightly guilty glances at each other at the taboo pleasure they were simultaneously experiencing, but without stopping Low Key from the double sucking since it felt so weirdly but amazingly good.

The two officers’ mild concern at their actually enjoying the double sucking was alleviated when Low Key returned to sucking them one-byone, but Officer Herrera in particular seemed to be nearing orgasm, especially when the senior officer felt Low Key’s talented hands reaching up under Officer Herrera’s uniform shirt and the regulation white crew neck tee shirt each officer wore under it, Low Key’s talented fingers finding each of the senior officer’s sensitive nipples the officer gasping and moaning as Low Key expertly tweaked and even pinched his nips while sucking his cock. Officer Herrera found himself quickly unbuttoning the front of his uniform shirt to part it open and then pulled up his regulation white crew neck tee shirt to tuck it under his broad, muscular shoulders so that Officer Herrera’s muscular, darkly oliveskinned smooth chest was now completely exposed, and Low Key easily continued to make direct contact with the officer’s sensitive nips with his talented, experienced fingers, the officer’s nips being encircled by just a few hairs unlike the rest of his smooth chest, the officer’s nips rising to eraser-point firmness as he continued to moan and mewl in excitement while Low Key was still sucking his cock. Herrera even excitedly called out “Don’t stop!” More!” “Yeahh, lick that foreskin, yeahhh!” Officer McNamara found himself masturbating like a school boy as he watched (well Low Key was blindfolded he reasoned), impressed by this show of his fellow officer’s studly body as the dumbass felon continued to lavishly service him, the “dumbshit beaner” clueless that he was going at it with gusto for nothing!

Low Key then turned back to sucking Officer McNamara’s pecker as well, the officer careful to drop his masturbating hand before Low Key realized he had been shamelessly pleasuring himself in the meantime, Officer McNamara following suit as to Officer Herrera, the young officer pumping his hips so wildly to shove his cock down Low Key’s sucking throat, that his uniform pants also gave way and dropped down to mid-thigh range, exposing his muscular, hairy thighs as he pistoned away into Low Key’s throat, the young officer throwing caution to the wind and yanking his interfering boxer briefs down to mid-thigh level as well, completely exposing his genitals to view under their thatch of dirty-blond pubic hair (had Low Key not been blindfolded), the officer unaware that Officer Herrera was also entertained by the fact that the young officer’s careless action had also exposed his thrusting white bubble butt which was in marked contrast to the light suntan he appeared to have on the rest of his body split by a fine line of more dirty blond hair in its crack as the officer pistoned away into Low Key’s throat, his muscular white bubble butt asscheeks separating a bit and briefly exposing his virgin hole as he did so, as well as unwittingly sexily dimpling his cheeks and bouncing and wiggling their ample flesh a bit as he continued to piston his manhood down Low Key’s throat.

Officer McNamara was similarly amazed when, just as Low Key had managed to do to Officer Herrera, Low Key’s talented hands reached up under Officer McNamara’s uniform shirt and the regulation white crew neck tee shirt each officer wore under it, Low Key’s talented fingers finding each of the young officer’s sensitive nipples, the officer gasping and moaning as Low Key expertly tweaked and even pinched his nips while sucking his cock. Just as Officer Herrera had done, McNamara also unbuttoned the front of his uniform shirt to part it open and then pulled up his regulation white crew neck tee shirt to tuck it under his broad, muscular shoulders so that Officer McNamara’s muscular, lightly suntanned chest with its fan of dirty-blond chest hair over its upper portion was now completely exposed, and Low Key easily now made direct contact with the officer’s hair-haloed sensitive nips the rosy pink nips on the “white boy’s” chest erecting and causing further gasps of pleasure to escape from the aroused officer’s lips, as his head lolled back in total arousal.

It was at this point that Morales unexpectedly returned home early from his pick-up truck shopping since he was unable to come to terms with the seller. Not sure whether Low Key might have hooked up with one of the chick members of his gang as he sometimes did when he had the place to himself, Morales did not just burst into the house as usual, but rather happened to glance into a window near the front door whose shade was only partly down. To his amazement, he took in the tableau of Low Key (it took Morales a second to identify him since Low Key’s face was obscured by his wife beater tee shirt blindfold), sucking some young white cop’s cock whose bare! white ass was opening and shutting as he drove his cop pecker down Low Key’s throat (they were probation cops by the uniform shirts he saw on the cops’ backs though it appeared the cops had opened the fronts of their uniform shirts), with another older Latino cop with a boner also apparently having been serviced by poor Low Key. Morales also noted that the cops’ guns were just lying on an end table a few feet behind the cops, so that they were essentially presently unarmed if surprised.

Morales therefore tiptoed his way to the back door where he quietly let himself in, crossing over to the living room like a cat and grabbing the officers’ guns, pointing one at the older cop’s back as he “ordered” “FREEZE YOU FUCKERS OR I’LL SHOOT!!!”


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