Sergio soon finds himself bound to the bed and at the mercy of his friends!

The Gang Chronicles: Chapter 2 (Page 2)
by Richard
Series: The Gang Chronicles
Art by Hector Silva
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Morales and Low Key then continued their 4-handed massage of Sergio’s lower back and, as Morales continued to massage his lower back, Low Key went down to the foot of the bed and squirted more oil onto the backs of Sergio’s hairy thighs, calves and all over his tired, aching size 10 feet, and began massaging the backs of Sergio’s overworked thighs and calves and down to his tired and aching bare feet, massaging his bare soles and cracking his toes as Sergio ooo’ed and ahh’ed and kind of purred at how great all this felt.

It was when Low Key could not resist suddenly tickling Sergio’s bare feet that Sergio went apeshit in reaction, laughing, and giggling and writhing so violently that his actions caused the privacy towel to fly off of his bare ass revealing his hair-flecked bubble but that was almost white in contrast to the rest of Sergio’s deeply olive-skinned muscular body, as well as gave Low Key in particular a great view of Sergio’s hairy balls and sizeable-even-while-still-flaccid uncut cock which had been squashed against the bedspread but now had been raised off of it and dangling down with his flaccid cock and heavy balls swaying from side to side as Sergio reacted wildly to the brief foot tickling.

Morales and Low Key laughed out loud going “Hey Sergio who knew a big guy like you was TICKLISH like a girl!!!!! Hah- you even knocked the towel way off the bed!!!”

Sergio was kind of pissed about this but also embarrassed at his loss of manly control not to mention the fact that the towel was now history and he might look even worse if he demanded its return. Sergio decided to go along with the little prank in a “boys will be boys” kind of way.

“OK guys you had your little fun…now get back to the real massage…” suggested Sergio, maintaining his cool.

Now Morales and Low Key ramped things up a bit, Morales “accidentally” on purpose massaging “below” Sergio’s lower back to massage his hair-flecked bubble butt and using his elbows to massage his ass directly, the action separating the globes of Sergio’s to-die-for bubble butt and revealing his hairy crack and giving them both a peek at the stud’s hair-haloed virgin butthole. Meanwhile, Low Key had returned to a firm massage of Sergio’s feet, also massaging his way up to Sergio’s upper thighs where Morales’ and Low Key’s hands nearly met in their massage activity.

Low Key gestured up to Morales that Sergio’s formerly flaccid cock could not resist uncurling a bit, the pink mushroom head of Sergio’s manhood poking out and his manhood hardening with each of their now more erotic caresses so near to the stud’s most intimate and inviolate areas.

Morales then announced “OK, Sergio, now it’s time for you to roll over so we can finish the massage. I know those chest muscles must get a workout from your UPS deliveries…”

Sergio remained on his stomach, however, for obvious reasons, with Sergio going “NO! I mean that’s OK, the massage has been great- so if you’d just hand me over my shorts…”

“No, Sergio we INSIST! Low Key and I don’t do a half-assed job of a massage- we offered a full 4-handed body massage and that’s what we’re gonna give ya!” said Morales whereupon Morales and Low Key bodily forced Sergio to roll over onto his back, revealing Sergio’s proudly half-hard cock jutting up out of his profuse pubic bush, Sergio’s muscular, hairy chest and quarter-size nips on full view as well!

Sergio’s big hands immediately flew down in a useless attempt to cover his half-boner and his exposed genitals in general going “Wow, guys, I’m so embarrassed! I don’t know what happened! It just started to feel like-REALLY good- and….”

Morales and Low Key whistled and hooted at Sergio’s aroused state, but with Morales then going “Hey, Sergio- no worries! That can happen with massages-it means nothing. I mean we know you’re not gay or anything like that, but even when guys are doing the touching it can feel good too…”

“Well, yeah, thanks- yeah I’m 100% straight so don’t get the wrong idea! I must just be extra horny and will pound my girlfriend extra hard tonight!” boasted Sergio.

“Of course you will!” enthused Morales who went on to say “and I’m sure your boner will go down now while Low Key and I proceed- after all straight guys don’t react all THAT much to just a bit of massage…”

Before Sergio could protest without seeming to be in fear of them touching him anymore lest he get more aroused, Morales had already poured a good bit of the oil onto Sergio’s hairy chest and was rubbing it over and tweaking each of his quarter-sized hair-haloed nips which caused Sergio to emit a moan of pure lust as his nips erected into tiny points as they rose up from his hairy chest, the muscular stud never having experimented with such a thing, being of the usual straight guy belief that only a girl’s nips were sensitive. Meanwhile, Low Key’s firm hands were massaging Sergio’s feet and toes and up his hairy calves to the tops of his hairy thighs where his lithe fingertips managed to just brush the skin of the stud’s hairy balls and the crease between his hairy thighs and his genital area.

The net result was that Sergio had soon developed a full-fledged throbbing boner and was moaning and sighing despite himself. “Oh my God guys- I don’t know what is happening I’m so sorry -nothing like this has ever happened to me before- REALLY!!” lamented Sergio, mortified at his arousal at the hands of 2 other guys no less.

Morales then thought that they now had Sergio where they wanted him, revved up just so, so he went “You know, Sergio, when Low Key and I were cellmates in prison together, we came up with ways to help each other, you know, relieve our stresses-all over- if you know what I mean…”

But to the duo’s horror Sergio did not take to this well, going ‘You mean you fooled around with each other SEXUALLY?- and on purpose??” clearly aghast.

Left with no options, Morales tried to explain going “Well, yes sexually- but only helping each other out as we jerked ourselves offthat’s all. Nothing really ‘gay’ or anything like that! Anyway, you’d be surprised how guys can help get each other off and you’re clearly in need of blowing your wad, so why not let Low Key here show you what he did for me in prison?….”


Morales was royally pissed at this- it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way- it was Low Key’s chance to teach the fucker a thing or two and have fun all 3 getting off together and now the uptight tight-ass UPS driver wrecked everything!

Low Key caught on right away when Morales’ answer was to open the storage drawer under the bed and extract the bondage restraints he used on Angela and then Sanderson, Morales and Low Key teaming up to soon have the naked, fuming Sergio bound at his wrists and ankles on the bed in “X” fashion.

Morales then set up a video camera he sometimes used to record his fucking of Angela which pissed off Sergio even more.


The next thing Sergio knew he saw both Morales and Low Key quickly strip themselves naked as well, revealing that each was already sporting and must have been sporting for a long time, a huge erect uncut cock and had evidently been enjoying their so-called “massage” of Sergio’s hunky body.

Worse, both Morales and Low Key jumped on and lay on the bed naked on either side of and next to Sergio rubbing their boners against his hairy thighs as Morales and Low Key each proceeded to lick, suck and tweak one of Sergio’s hair-haloed nips making them rise up like little pink eraser points through his copious chest hair and causing him to abjectly moan, his own boner throbbing with desire as the duo also jointly jacked his dick while sucking his nips driving the horrified straight guy wild.

Then, to Sergio’s further horror, Low Key began sucking the studly naked UPS driver’s big uncut pinga while Morales continued to tweak the stud’s hair-haloed nips, as Sergio moaned and thrust his hips all the more, unconsciously urging Low Key on with his cock sucking.

Then Morales and Low Key took turns pressing their entire naked bodies against Sergio’s equally naked one, frottaging their 2 cocks together as their erect nips on their respective chests pressed together as well, Morales going first. Armed with the knowledge that the studly UPS driver was very ticklish, Morales also proceeded to reach up and delve his scrabbling fingers into each of Sergio’s hairy, sweaty pits, while Low Key down below was tickling each of Sergio’s bare feet and toes, causing Sergio to erupt in a series of high-pitched, girlish squeal and giggles and pleas to stop as Sergio’s body wildly gyrated in response, giving Morales the ride of his life as their bodies and cocks and balls slammed and pressed together, heightening each of their total sexual arousal. Morales even decided to try licking Sergio’ sweaty hairy pits or licking one pit sticking out his long, pink, probing, tickling taster, chewing and pulling on the dark, damp armpit hairs with his teeth, while scrabbling fingers tickled the other, driving him wild with ticklish arousal.

When Morales jumped off of Sergio, Low Key took his place, lying over the naked UPS driver and frottaging their cocks together as Low Key tickled and licked Sergio’s pits while Morales took over down below tickling Sergio’s ticklish feet and toes, Sergio now giving Low Key the ride of his life as the bound UPS driver bucked and squealed and giggled pleading for them to “STOPPPPP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! NOOOOO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

After Low Key finally relented and got off of Sergio, Morales then got the bright idea of actually managing to squeeze his own entire naked body under Sergio’s naked bod so that the naked Morales’ hard cock slid perfectly through Sergio’s sweaty, hairy asscrack, as Sergio lay bound on his back on the bed, with Morales now reaching up from where he lay under Sergio to tweak his nips, and tickle his pits while Low Key kept tickling the pink, crinkly soles of Sergio’s big bare feet, once again causing Sergio to do a crazy version of the lambada on top of Morales, squirming and writhing onto Morales’ cock, inadvertently grinding his tight, cute hair-flecked sweaty bubble butt and hairy crack right against Morales’ hard cock. Morales knew his friend would not go for being butt-fucked so was careful not to let that happen, but certainly enjoyed the ride, and judging by Sergio’s own hard cock which was fully erect and dripping, he was getting off on it all, too.

Low Key then again jumped naked over Sergio’s bound body so that while Morales reached up to tickle the bound studly UPS driver from below, Low Key reached down to tickle the bound Sergio’s pits, tweak his nips and frottage his own boner against that of the moaning, mewling and pleading Sergio who was going out of his mind with a mixture of lust and tickle distress.

After several minutes of this, Morales extricated himself from below Sergio and now lay side-by-side next to a naked, panting Sergio, and Low Key lay down side-by-side Sergio on his other side, Morales and Sergio reaching over to tweak, lick and suck Sergio’s erect nips while they both reached down to jack Sergio off with one hand each, as Sergio moaned and was clearly on the verge of climax. As Morales then licked and sucked and pinched Sergio’s hair-haloed nips, Low Key scrambled down to aggressively suck his big dick, whereupon Sergio screamed that he was “CUMMING!” with Low Key getting out of the way just in time to give Sergio a firm handjob, causing the bound, hunky UPS driver to erupt in volcanic bolts of highly-pressurized cum, blast after blast cascading up like fireworks and splattering down on his hairy chest as Morales continued to tweak and tease his sensitive nips, causing further volleys of fiery baby-makers to erupt from deep within the handsome straight stud’s hairy balls.

As Sergio began to recover some minutes later, Morales freed him from his bonds saying “sorry about that, dude, but you seemed to enjoy it in the end….” Whereupon a panting somewhat confused Sergio had to admit “wow, guys, that was really something! Shit, I’ve never cum like that in my life! But this will be our little secret, eh, guys?”

“Yeah, sure” lied Morales, who further said- “But now it’s your turn to help Low Key and me get off, OK? Don’t worry we won’t ask you to suck our cocks, but it would be cool if you helped us out by playing with our nips like we did with yours while we get off, too?”

Sergio felt it was least he could do, so while first Low Key jerked himself off, Sergio tweaked and pinched Low Key’s nips, looking down in awe as this caused Low Key to explode in huge arcs of red-hot cum, and then both Low Key and Sergio worked over Morales’ own nips as he jerked himself off, Morales shooting a huge load over his own hairy chest.

After a three-way shower Sergio got back into his sexy UPS uniform and left, saying to his two friends “Until next time then, bros…” as Morales and Low Key laughed and gave him a thumbs-up.


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