The Musketeers fall under the control of the sadistic De Sade in this classic series by artist Cavelo.

De Sade and the Musketeers - Conclusion
by Cavelo
Series: De Sade and the Musketeers


Sold into slavery by Vulkafta, De Sade was quickly recognized by one of Fazzi’s captains and freed. De Sade was quick to re-establish mastership of D’Artagnan and the musketeers.


A giant Nubian from the auctions and added to Fazzi’s slave caravan attempted escape. His recapture was swift. His punishment harsh. And his fate was to be given to the guards.


To establish ownership and further punish and humiliate the musketeers, De Sade personally branded each of them with Fazzi’s crest.


De Sade had ordered the spectacular Aramis singled out first for branding. His struggles were futile against Fazzi’s guards and he was marked for life as the sheik’s property.


Finally at Fazzi’s desert palace a very pleased sheik made De Sade honorary keeper of his harem. The guards were dismissed as De Sade assumed personal control of the slaves to prepare for Fazzi’s first evening of specialized entertainment.


Fazzi’s obsession, the magnificent Aramis, was De Sade’s first choice to suffer for the sheik’s perverted appetite.


Suddenly as De Sade and Fazzi were engrossed in the sufferings of Aramis, an Escaped D’Artagnan burst into the sheik’s private chamber and with the aid of mutinous slave guards made startled prisoners of Fazzi and De Sade.


Now with new control of the palace and guards, Fazzi and De Sade were publicly humiliated and tortured before the entire court by a jubilant D’Artagnan and the freed musketeers.


As tough as they were cruel, Fazzi and De Sade almost seemed to enjoy their punishment before they too were branded and sold to a caravan of oriental slavers.


After endless suffering, hardship and forced separation, Aramis and D’Artagnan committed themselves to the newfound relationship and began together the long journey back to France with Porthos and Athos.


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  1. scotts60143 - July 16, 2018, 8:17 pm

    Great ending! Such a well written twist on two famous stories! Hard to picture the 3 Musketeer’s in this situation, but even harder to imagine the Marquis de Sade branded and sold to Oriental slavers!! Talk about role reversal…it was great. Thanks for a great story, and of course the awesome drawings to go with it!! Especially love that pic of de Sade and Fazzi with their junk tied together! That is creative!!!

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