The Musketeers fall under the control of the sadistic De Sade in this classic series by artist Cavelo.

De Sade and the Musketeers - Page 3
by Cavelo
Series: De Sade and the Musketeers


Mid-voyage on a becalmed and foggy night, De Sade’s ship is surprise attached by a pirate baggala. Out of a sound sleep, De Sade rushed to the deck only to be captured immediately. 


Force-shackled, an infuriated De Sade was brought before the pirate Vulkafta. A fellow sadist, Vulkafta’s appetite for sexual atrocities was legendary on the high seas. 


Recognizing his captive and knowing his reputation, Vulkafta delighted in forcing De Sade to assume the submissive role – ordering him to suck his raging pirate cock.


Pretending to submit, De Sade instead crushes Vulkafta’s balls in a desperate attempt to overpower the pirate and force him to surrender the baggala. 


Vulkafta’s cries brought his guards, and an outnumbered De Sade was seized up for a stern punishment by his own men. Unshackled, De Sade was hauled on deck. 


Also brought on deck from the baggala’s stinking hold, Aramis, Porthos, and Athos accepted their orders enthusiastically and spread-eagled De Sade to take the whip. 


During the lashing, De Sade’s only sounds were animal growls and promises of a painful revenge on his muscular tormentors. 


Released and brought again before Vulkafta, a whipped and broken De Sade did his bidding and fell to sucking gratefully on the pirate captain’s engorged cock. 


When Vulkafta grew tired of his tamed captive, the pirate shared his spoils by handing De Sade over to his villainous crew for the remainder of the voyage.


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  1. scotts60143 - July 14, 2018, 7:43 pm

    Very much enjoy any work by Cavelo, and this one is no exception. His artwork combined with the story is always fuel for the imagination!! I always enjoy a role reversal story, and picturing the Marquis de Sade as a submissive slave is a very interesting idea!! Love the way he ended up in the hands of a randy crew!! That could be another story in itself!!

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