Danny's job interview quickly takes a unexpected turn!

Danny O's Ordeal - Chapters 3 & 4
by steve mchalperin
Series: Danny O's Ordeal
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Chapter 3: Interview

Danny finished off the bottle of Jack Daniels to celebrate his new good fortune. He had a good night’s sleep, helped by the whiskey.

In the morning he decided to pick clothes that showed off his physical attributes to best advantage. After all, a security guard has to be strong and powerful. Big Mike was the best example. He started with a jock strap, a black one he liked. Then he picked his tightest jeans shorts, ones he had purposefully cut the legs shorter to show off his thighs. He was proud he had a good crotch bulge like Big Mike, and the tight cut showcased his lean ass cheeks. He then put on a T-shirt, but switched to a stretch athletic T so his upper arms and shoulders were bare and the fabric clung to his chest. Construction boots and a baseball cap completed the stud look. He smiled to himself in the mirror as his dick stirred. This time, however, he wasn’t going out to a bar.

Mr. Payner’s office was a budget operation in a rundown part of town. Danny climbed the dirty stairs to the second floor and knocked on the door labeled “Payner Security.” A deep voice told him to come in. The reception room was small and not very tidy. Another big guy like Mike sat behind a desk working on a stack of papers. There was a small computer screen and keyboard off to his right. He rose to greet Danny but instead of shaking hands, he offered an elbow pump, the new virus protocol.

“I’m Gerry, Mr. Payner’s office manager. Glad you could make it in today.”

“Why, thank you,” Danny replied, still smiling at the elbow bump. “Things have changed a bit, haven’t they?” he added.

“All to the better,” Gerry said. “We’re expanding like a wildfire and Mr. Payner is always on the lookout for new recruits. I can see you fit the bill,” he added, looking Danny up and down. “I’ll tell Mr. Payner you’re here,” he said, going over to a door in the far wall.

Payner shortly came out, smiling when he saw Danny’s sexy attire.

“Well, hello, boy,” he said cheerily. Danny had not fully realized Payner’s consistent use of boy when addressing him. He thought it a kind of compliment from an older man to a younger stud.

Another elbow bump and laughter all around.

“I’m glad you made it in. We’re all set for your interview. Let’s go into the meeting room,” he said, directing Danny to the front door. “It’s down the hall,” Payner explained. Danny and Gerry followed him out the door, down the dim corridor, and into the meeting room.

Danny was surprised to see three more very big guys waiting for them. They looked like clones of Big Mike. They had the tight dark blue uniform trousers that Mike had worn and which Gerry was wearing, but they were all shirtless. Danny looked from man to man. Any of them could have stepped from a muscle magazine: thick arms and shoulders, broad chests, and ridged abs. Two had chest fur, accenting their pecs, but the third guy looked like he shaved off his torso hair. They made no move to arm bump him, so Danny stood his spot.

Then he noticed that Gerry was stripping off his own shirt. Gerry nodded to him, implying he should do the same, so Danny flipped his T over his head. One of the muscle guys stepped forward and took it.

“You won’t be needing this for the rest of your interview,” Mr. Payner said.

“Yes, sir,” Danny dutifully replied. He felt OK around the muscle guys since he had a good build himself and liked to show it off.

Danny was surprised when he saw that the three new guys and Gerry all had some type of piercing in their nipples. Gerry had silver dumbbells. Two of the other guys had thick rings, and the fourth guy also had a set of dumbbells in his nips plus another one through his navel. The piercings looked good on their muscular builds. It wasn’t jewelry; it was hardware.

There were several folding chairs in the middle of the room, spaced apart, of course. Payner gestured they all should go there and sit down. After this, Payner started to explain what the interview was all about.

“We think you have a good future here, boy, as one of the guards on my team. Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself, your background, that kind of thing.”

Danny gave a brief description of his early childhood on a farm way outside the city, the hard work he did in the fields, even the harsh discipline his father used on him with belts and a willow switch. He joined the Army to get away from the old man and did well in basic training, advancing to corporal. His specialty was hand-to-hand combat stemming from his success in high school wrestling. He said he worked out hard in the gym and built himself up. He got a good job in the local tire plant when he left the service. Things were going good until the virus hit.

“I really need this job, sir,” he said to Mr. Payner. “And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get it.”

“Good, good, that’s good to hear, boy,” Payner replied, oddly rubbing his crotch as he spoke. Then he continued: “I think you’ll fit right in. There’s only one more test.”

“Sir?” Danny asked earnestly.

“Yes, this directly relates to the job. As you might know, our guards have to be strong and fit for hard duty. You’re one hundred percent in that respect. But the job also needs endurance and strong will power. You have to stay focused every minute. The slightest thing out of the ordinary could mean someone is trying to break into one of our client’s buildings and you have to be on your guard. I need to know you can do this. So, we have a test for that. It involves some physical pain, nothing you can’t handle I’m sure, but I need to know you have the will power to take it. OK by you?”

“Yes, sir!” Danny said with enthusiasm. “Whatever you want to do, sir, is OK by me. I really want to show you I’m up to the job.”

“Yes, that’s a very good attitude. OK, my guys here are the trainers in the company. They are also the testers. They’re going to take you to the testing room and get you ready. I’ll join you in a bit.”

Then Payner addressed his testing team: “OK, boys, take him down and get him ready.”

Everyone stood up, so Danny also got off his chair. Two of the big muscle guys grabbed him by the upper arms and escorted him out of the room. Danny didn’t see the lusty look on Payner’s face.


Chapter 4: Prep for Testing

Danny was taken down two flights of stairs to the basement of the building. It was warm there and he broke out in a mild sweat, as did the other guys. The basement corridor was dark, only two bulbs, one at each end. They stopped at a metal door which the third guy opened with effort. It must have been heavy; it creaked on the hinges. The cohort went inside and the man closed the door.

The room was small, cement walls, ceiling and floor. There was a single bulb hanging down on a cord right next to a metal column which extended from floor to ceiling. It looked like it was cemented in. The pole was maybe two inches thick and was partly rusted brown. In addition to the musty odor, there was a faint scent of man sweat, a touch of urine, and maybe fear? Does fear have a smell?

They moved Danny until his back was against the pole. Hands then pulled his hands up over his head and then behind the column. Danny heard and felt handcuffs being fastened around his wrists. They were quickly clicked in tight and the small chain between the cuffs was looped over some kind of peg in the back of the pole. This pulled his arms way up over his head and lifted his chest cage in the process.

He started to have some misgivings. This certainly seemed an odd setup for a job test. Then he saw the equipment hanging on the wall. There were boxing gloves of various weights, some thin leather gloves, four police nightsticks, a variety of wooden paddles and leather straps, along with other small items of leather or metal. He panicked when he saw all the equipment. There was only one use for these items: intense pain. Payner had said there was to be a test of will power, of his ability to concentrate and focus. And he did mention that some pain was involved, but Danny had no idea it would lead to this.

He immediately started to protest: “Look guys, I don’t think this is a good idea. I want to . . . ”

His protests were cut short when someone shoved a large rubber ball gag into his mouth and buckled it off tightly behind his head. The ball was big and filled his mouth. When they pulled it in behind his teeth it pushed down on his tongue. Everything he said was garbled beyond recognition. Now he was scared.

He tried to say: “OK, that’s it. Let me go!” but only a childish mumble came out and his protests were ignored anyway.

Then he was startled when a thick blindfold was buckled across his eyes, plunging him into darkness. He pulled violently against the cuffs stretching his arms out, but there was no possibility of release. All he did was hurt his wrists in the metal cuffs.

The bondage continued. A thick cord was wrapped around his head. One turn across the blindfold, another just under his nose, and a third around his neck. The cord was tightened, cementing his head to the pole. He thought that was the end, but it wasn’t. Hands took off his boots and socks and then pulled his jeans shorts down, followed by his jock strap.

Now he was naked and scared. He felt a chain being wrapped around his ankles, securing them to the pole. And then the total scary surprise: hands roughly wrapped a cord around the base of his dick and nut sack, pulled the cord in tight, and then pulled his junk back between his legs. He grunted from the mild pain as the cord was tied to the pole. He struggled again in a stupid attempt to escape. No way, Jose. Wrists, head, neck, ankles and junk. Escape was impossible and his fear meter went off scale. What in hell was going to happen?


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