An unemployed jock suffers through a painful ordeal when he applies for a job as a security guard with a very unorthodox company in this new series from steve mchalperin!

Danny O's Ordeal - Chapters 1 & 2
by steve mchalperin
Series: Danny O's Ordeal
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Chapter 1: A Door Opens

Danny O’Clemson was down on his luck. He thought he had a good job at the tire plant until the virus hit and everything shut down. Now he was out of work, almost out of money, and plumb out of options. At twenty-four, he was a fine physical specimen. Hours in the gym in school had muscled him up, honed his body. He liked to wear tight clothing to show off his physique and it was not uncommon for him to get wolf whistles from women --and men -- when he went out on the town. He also liked to bar crawl on the weekends he wasn’t working. He preferred leather and cowboy bars, and liked to dress as a construction worker, tight shorts, athletic T, and heavy boots. Danny avoided fluff and twinks. He had been picked up a few times, worked over as a bottom, and liked it. Still, he hadn’t met “the One.”

Over the years since school, Danny had kept in touch with a few of his former wrestling buddies. They formed a club of sorts, getting together twice a month for some grappling. Some pervert of a gym owner allowed them wrestling time after hours in his gym. The “rent” was allowing him to watch their bouts. He furnished all six with special singlets cut so low in front the hem was millimeters above the base of their dicks. The backs were reduced to thong strings. When they got the inevitable hardons from wrestling, the skimpy garments were a total turn-on for the wearers and the watcher. Sometimes he asked them to oil-wrestle naked which, again, everyone enjoyed. Then there was always the grab-assing in the showers afterwards, which he also watched.

It was late one Tuesday night, when his buddies had just left, that the pervy gym owner, a Mr. Payner, stopped Danny on his way out.

“Good wrestling, boy,” he said, sidling up to the young man.

“Yeah, we enjoyed it, too, sir,” Danny replied. “Thanks for letting us use the gym.” None of his buddies objected to Payner’s voyeurism. It was the “rent” afterall, and a lot of wrestlers are exhibitiionists at heart anyway, parading around in those tight singlets, boners and balls in evidence.

“No problem,” Mr. Payner replied. Then he continued: “Did I hear you talking about losing your job? I thought you said something like that.”

“Well, yes, sir, that’s right. I was laid off with everyone else when the tire plant closed down. This fuckin’ virus has turned everything upside down.”

“Certainly has,” Payner agreed. “But, there is that old saying: when one door closes another one opens.”

“Yes, sir,” Danny nodded. “I’ve heard that, too, but I don’t see any open doors in my future. At least not right now.”

“Things are not that bleak, boy,” Payner said earnestly.

Danny thought he saw a crack of light coming from an open door. “What do you mean, sir?” he asked.

“I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but when y’all leave and I close up the gym, one of my security guards shows up for his night shift.”

“Yes, sir, I have noticed that. Big guy, as I recall,” Danny answered. “I don’t think I’d like to tangle with him!” he added, grinning a bit.

“That’s right, he is a big guy,” Payner grinned back. “And he’s well trained to take care of the place when we’re not here.” Then he continued: “He works for me, Danny. I also own a small security company in town. Business has been good, even with the quarantine. Lots of businesses have been temporarily shut down – at least we hope it’s temporary – and there’s an increased need for security guards to make sure nothing bad happens. I mean, this neighborhood does have a fairly high crime rate even in normal times. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Sir?” Danny asked in question. Maybe the door opened another inch.

“Yes, I’d like to hire you on as a guard in my company. I just got two new inquiries and, frankly, I need more bodies on my team. You’re certainly fit and I can see from your wrestling that you can take care of yourself. That’s what I’m looking for. Interested?” he asked at the end.

“Yes, sir!” Danny replied. A job, a real job. That meant money, money for rent, food, booze, whatever. And just in time. His rent was due in a week and there was only a half bottle of Jack and two beers left. “So, sir, what do I have to do to get the job?” he asked eagerly.

“Very easy, boy,” Payner replied. “There’s a few tests my trainers will put you through, just to make sure you have the right stuff for the job. I’m sure you’ll do well. After that, the job’s yours.” He stopped for a minute to let the offer sink in, then added: “And I pay very well, too.”

“Wow, sir!” Danny said in stark innocence. “I can’t believe this is happening!”

“Believe it, boy,” Payner said happily. He took his wallet out of a back pocket and withdrew a business card. “Here, report to this address tomorrow at noon. I’ll have my trainers there and we can start the evaluation. And here’s something to tide you over,” he added.

Danny took the card and the money. It was a C note. Then he pumped Payner’s hand, despite the virus protocols. “Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.”

At that moment Payner’s security guard showed up.


Chapter 2: Big Mike

Payner introduced the guard. “Danny, this is Big Mike. He’s one of my best!”

Mike extended his hand, which was more like a paw, and crushed Danny’s hand in a fierce handshake. “Nice to meet you,” was all he said.

The guy was indeed big, tall and muscular. The dark blue uniform blouse contoured his chest like spray paint. His pecs were straining the fabric apart against the buttons. Dark chest hair stuck out the small openings. Then the shirt narrowed down to a tight waist. You could almost see the guy’s ab ridges. His pants weren’t any looser. Big Mike had a bulging crotch and tree-trunk thighs.

Payner turned to the guard: “So, Michael, what do you think of Danny here. Is he going to make it?”

Big Mike looked over at Danny and then surprised him: “Take off your shirt. Let me see what you got,” the guard ordered.

Danny quickly flipped his T shirt over his head, tensed his abs, and thrust his chest out best he could.

“Give me a double bicep curl,” Big Mike ordered. “Crank it in hard and hold it,” he added.

Danny complied directly. The guard then circled around Danny, prodding his muscles with his stiffened fingers. He spent a lot of time probing Danny’s abs, which Danny tensed as hard as he could.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Payner,” he eventually said. “He’s a good candidate alright. He’s got solid abs, sir, I can tell you that. We just need to see what he can take.”

“That is exactly what I thought,” Payner replied.

The import of Big Mike’s last comment was lost on Danny because he was distracted when he noticed the guard’s gun, holstered on his right hip. Danny wasn’t aware the gym guards were armed. Mr. Payner noticed Danny’s surprise.

“Yes, all my men carry. They have the proper licenses and they’ve been put through a thorough gun safety and use program. You will, too,” he added.

Danny couldn’t believe his luck. The new door was indeed now wide open: a job, real money, and a gun. He couldn’t wait to tell his buddies.

Payner broke the reverie. “OK, then, we’ll see you tomorrow, Danny. Just wear shorts and a T shirt, nothing elaborate. It’s not an office job – not that there are many office jobs anymore.”

“Again, thank you, sir. I won’t let you down,” Danny said as Payner escorted him out of the gym. “Nice to meet you, Mike,” Danny called behind him as they left. Big Mike just nodded his reply.


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