The Erotic Adventures of Hercules & the King of the Manazons – Page 6

Nipple torture, impalement and a pit of serpents await poor Hercules next....

The Erotic Adventures of Hercules & the King of the Manazons - Page 6
by Cavelo
Series: Hercules & the King of the Manazons


The king was beside himself with anxiety when the morning light revealed that Hercules still lived, but equally strong was the overpowering sexual desire that rose in him for his muscular prisoner. The anxious monarch ordered Hercules brought to his private cave-like torture chamber beneath his sleeping quarters. He could no longer resist his need to tease and toy with this half-god. He intended to test the giant in all his parts and learn personally of Hercules’ strengths and weaknesses. When the guards dragged Hercules into the dungeon, he was amazed at the array of torture devices the king had assembled. So he was curious when he was simply bound to a crude wooden ladder.


Late that night the drunken, sexually aroused king entered the torch-lit chamber and staggered to his captive. With strong, sensual hands he felt and massaged every bulging muscle on Hercules’ body while stroking his own rampant manhood. Then he pulled and stretched Hercules’ erect nipples and tightly bound short lengths of hemp around them. As he bit and chewed and sucked the protruding teats, he saw that Hercules’ excitement matched his own. Then with Obvious sadistic pleasure the king touched flame to the hemp ends that dangled from Hercules’ engorged nipples. When the burning hemp finally reached the demi-god’s swollen teats, the incendiary sensation sent jolts of pain and pleasure flashing through his body. As the drunken king watched with glittering, lust-filled eyes, the hemp knots burned themselves out. He frantically pumped himself to a shuddering climax and slumped unconscious at Hercules’ feet where he slept the remainder of the night.


At sunrise the guards entered the dungeon and carefully carried their king to his quarters to be bathed and fed. Over his morning meal the king seriously pondered Hercules’ next torture. Recalling the excitement of the previous night, he decided on a sexual death for the seemingly indestructible son of Zeus. Before the sun was high. Hercules was brought to the throne room where the full court had been assembled. Hundreds of handsome young Manazon warriors watched with unabashed interest as a huge bronze phallus was carried into view. Tightly bound again. Hercules recoiled at the thought of what the depraved king had conjured for his eighth torture, but his manhood uncontrollably reared to its full height.


Hercules’ worst fears were confirmed when he was hoisted high above the throne room floor, his massive legs forced apart and his body guided directly over the gleaming phallus. He knew he could not possibly accommodate the huge implement on which he was about to be impaled. His mind flashed back to passionate nights shared with Theseus, Telamon and Peleus when all three of his endowed friends took turns ramming their marble-like erections into his hungry man-hole, sometimes two at a time. But not this! Slowly the guards lowered his trembling body onto the great phallus head. Hercules desperately sucked in air and willed every muscle in his body to relax totally. Slowly, inch by painful inch, the bronze began to disappear up into his heavily perspiring body. When, mercifully, Hercules lost consciousness, the warrior assemblage felt a rush of admiration and respect for this titan who had endured so much with such dignity. As one, they surged forward and signaled their demand for his release with a unanimous thumbs-up gesture. The reluctant king had no choice but to cut short the torture and have Hercules safely removed from his impalement.


Angrily frustrated, but feeling the emotional bond evolving for this man who might steal his throne, the king locked himself in his chambers to again plot Hercules’ necessary death. The following day he personally escorted Hercules to a pit of poisonous serpents. Honor bound Hercules allowed his right arm to be tied securely behind him. The king himself wound and tied heavy rope around his left wrist and watched as Hercules was lowered by that one arm into the snake pit within striking range of the deadly vipers. Ordering the guards away from the pit, the king longingly took one last look at his splendid, dangerous bastard prisoner before he left him to die in solitary dignity.


Hercules felt lost and abandoned by the gods and friends alike. This hideous pit of serpents would surely spell his death. Then, miraculously, he heard the voices of his three companions calling his name in search of him. Gratefully, Hercules shouted out from his death pit and soon Theseus, Telamon and Peleus were hauling him up from the fangs of final oblivion. Once freed the muscular giants laughed with relief and embraced one another not noticing the ring of Manazonian archers forming around them. Theseus, Telamon and Peleus had escaped their cells to rescue their friend, but now all four were at the mercy of the diabolical Manazon king.


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