The Erotic Adventures of Hercules & the King of the Manazons – Page 7

Hercules endures his final tortures.

The Erotic Adventures of Hercules & the King of the Manazons - Page 7
by Cavelo
Series: Hercules & the King of the Manazons


Confronted again by the king, Hercules was puzzled by the look on the monarch’s face. It was as though the warrior king had almost resigned himself to Zeus’ son surviving his tests and fighting him for the symbol of his royalty … the loincloth of Hercules’ quest. But his twisted mind was not yet finished with these four intruders. They were all taken underground again to the king’s private cave dungeon. Hercules’ friends had rescued him out of love and now out of love Hercules was ordered to return the whipping they had given him or seal their castration. Forced to choose who would suffer first. Hercules watched helplessly as the mighty Telamon was bound between two upright posts. Knowing the consequences if he failed, Hercules laid heavily into the muscled back, sustained by the knowledge that he was protecting Telamon’s manhood in doing so.


Next the golden haired Peleus was tied to the crossbar on an upright post. The youngest of the three looked over his shoulder at his master with eyes filled with tears and love. Hercules watched the splendid young titan’s ass-cheeks bounce under the leather snake’s blows. Those same ass-checks had opened hungrily for Hercules’ throbbing manhood countless times during the long voyage to Cappadocia. Now he was forced to whip the man who had first accepted his manly love.


The king had mysteriously ordered the mighty Theseus’ whipping saved for last. Theseus was the most heavily muscled and endowed of the three. It was between Hercules and Theseus that the king had observed the closest camaraderie. Suspended between two columns, Theseus’ whipping was personally directed by the jealous king. He grabbed Theseus’ massive manhood and ordered Hercules to flog it or watch it be removed from his body. Theseus beseeched Hercules to do as the king demanded, but Hercules could only remember the feeling of Theseus’ enormous phallus plunging deep into him and filling his body with a passion he’d never known. Only when the king angrily drew his own knife to castrate Theseus did Hercules lash out spasmodically at the swollen cock. The intensifying strokes drove both men toward the sexual pinnacle. Hercules’ release was simultaneous with the explosion from Theseus’ raging, welted manhood. Their ecstasy was too great for them to notice that even the king had come to crashing orgasm during the frenzied lashing of Theseus’ still-begging phallus.


Hercules had survived ten of the twelve tortures he was honor-bound to endure. The king was more than ever convinced the gods were protecting their favorite bastard, but there was no turning back. The royal soothsayers had warned that the ominous black thunder clouds that shrouded Cappadocia were omens of doom for the king. But he decided that if they were, they would mean the end of Hercules as well. He would use this storm and all it’s fury for his final test of Hercules’ divine protection. After the whipping of his friends, the emotionally racked half-god was taken to the highest point on the island and there manacled to the horns of a great iron idol in the form of a bull. It was believed that the idol’s strength was derived from the gods’ lightning striking it repeatedly during storms. But as the storm’s fury raged and Zeus’ lightning bolts clashed all around him. Hercules remained safe. He shouted heart-felt thanks to his all-powerful father. With Hercules’ survival of this test, the Manazon king knew his own fate was sealed.


Knowing he was to lose his loincloth and throne. the maddened king could only think of the revenge he could extract from Hercules while he was still in his power. After the storm, Hercules was brought back from the mountain top to the palace. The king reasoned that the ultimate humiliation would he to hand Hercules’ great body over to his men. Though the mighty bastard had escaped impalement on the great bronze phallus of his eighth torture, the king would see if he could take impalement by the even hundred warriors that comprised his personal guard.


Hercules was spread-eagled and bound upside-down between two marble pillars in the great hall, his weight supported by his shoulders on the cool mosaic floor. He knew instantly what was about to happen. Mixed feelings of apprehension and animal hunger spread through his body. The sound of raucous laughter and armor dropping onto the mosaics filled the throne room. One hundred muscled and naked warriors lined up before Hercules according to rank clutching their swollen phalluses. Hercules was ready … for during the storm Zeus had made it clear that he was destined to survive. He resolved that no man among these warriors would ever forget the day they had had Hercules. As the king watched the rape orgy, he became aware of the lust and the jealousy that filled him. He was jealous of his own men! He had fallen in love with this mightiest of mortals … this half-god … this bastard lord.


The carnal assault on Hercules‘ manhole lasted the remainder of the day and all of the night. The great hall was filled with masculine exclamations and groans as the 100 men reached climax after climax. Sweating, his massive chest heaving, Hercules worked his body so that each man got his full measure. At the orgy’s end the weakened Hercules was brought before the pensive king. The Manazon leader looked upon Hercules with obvious affection and absently fondled his own manhood. He awarded Hercules a week’s rest, his slightest whim or desire his for the asking.


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    Will our hero face more tortures? Who knows? He has proven his powers and stamina by surviving the King of the Manazons attentions. Surely he will not be allowed to go free into the world and tell of his sufferings.

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