Breaking news from the Roman Empire.....

by Cavelo

ROME, 22 July 67 CE --Investigating authorities have declared that Imperial secret police are torturing suspects with severe methods during the final years of Emperor Nero's reign.

More than thirty people, all linked to the imperial house have been arrested and questioned about a plot against the Emperor in 65 CE. An atmosphere of fear and suspicion has pervaded the whole of Rome. Informers everywhere are being questions -- in brothels, in taverns and in public lavatories.

Tigellinus, former head of the Imperial secret police, has been accused of dragging off opponents for interrogation and secret trial. Anyone linked in any way to the imperial house has been in particular danger. All the police have been from the Imperial Sedition Unit which Tigellinus headed. These were accused of taking suspects to secret locations and interrogating them with methods apparently unknown in the capitol since the era of Emperor Caligula. The trials have been held in Rome, the rest of Italy and the provinces have been largely unaffected. The Imperial army has kept order and been in full control during this time.

Toward the end of Nero's reign discontent has been everywhere as the Emperor sensed plotting all around him. Nero discovered a confused plot to overthrow him and to replace him with Calpumius Piso, who had a distant claim to the Principate. During an obscure period in 65 CE, there were numerous arrests: aristocrats, couriers, 'Republican' philosophers, poets -- all either "disappeared" or banished and their property confiscated. By the end of his reign Nero became the last person who could genuinely be called "Caesar" as a family name. Since then it will be solely an indication of rank and prestige.

Investigation continues regarding the aggressive tactics employed by the government.


  1. 31118azti - February 14, 2019, 9:43 pm

    Great art work!

  2. Chrisus - April 13, 2019, 7:37 pm

    I enjoyed this post! The artwork complements the descriptive text beautifully. I love anything with a “swords and sandals” theme and I have sometimes used it in my own writing.

    And I have always found Nero interesting. This post reminds me of a recent exchange I had with a friend in Rome – I will refer to him as “K” – who is, without doubt, the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Roman history.

    We discussed Nero’s Roman-Parthian War and the crushing defeat of the Romans at the Battle
    of Rhandeia when the defeated Roman legions suffered the ignominy of passing under the Parthian yoke and enslavement.

    This suggests a great sword and sandal story!

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