After being inundated with television ads for discounted prices, Fred Ryder contemplates purchasing a personal slave in this new series from Amalaric!

Zack 9-A: Chapter 1
by Amalaric
Series: Zack 9-A
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A hefty tax rebate coupled with the Bush administration’s $600.00 economic stimulus incentive put Fred Ryder in a fine mood. He made a comfortable living anyway, pulling in some decent dosh as a computer programmer and had a house in the suburbs half paid for and free (so far) from any fallout from the sup-prime lending crisis. Fred was canny with his money and avoided financial scams, high powered or otherwise, with several thousand tucked away in the bank and the will to drop some of it on those little luxuries that made life enjoyable. He contemplated taking a cruise- maybe up to Alaska or, better yet, around the Bahamas- but was dissuaded by a hair-brained idea born one night while watching an ad on the TV.

The local slave emporium, anxious to stimulate its own flagging profits, launched a public relations blitz of cut rate products and prime stock reductions that saturated the local airwaves. Fred was surprised, never having considered purchasing a slave before; careful with his hard earned cash, he hadn’t really seen any reason to do so…but the two minute commercial wedged in between bites of the local news show set his mind spinning along twin trajectories- one conscious, the other far more subtle and difficult to describe or acknowledge. On a practical level (and this was the way Fred justified his eventual decision to check out the dealership), the thought of owning a slave held some definite advantages. He was a couch potato at heart and wondered dreamily what it would be like to have a young buck at his disposal to do the work in the front and back gardens, keep the house clean, take care of his laundry, cook and serve meals, and wash the car on Saturday afternoons. Some quick mental calculations made things look financially attractive. With minimal overhead- just rudimentary room and board- no wages or any other excessive upkeep; the possibilities were intriguing. And then there was that other reason, less definable, that tickled the back of his mind (and tingled in his suddenly itchy groin) as he watched the parade of prime flesh flash tantalizingly on the television screen. Handsome young studs in a weltering variety of height, color, build or any number of other things, all clad in canvas trousers or blue jeans…and stripped to the waist in order to show potential customers their obvious muscular attributes. Fred was riveted and suddenly intrigued. Perhaps that cruise to the Bahamas could wait a while. He adjusted his trousers, suddenly tight at the crotch, and resolved to drop by the emporium first thing after work the next day.


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  1. 31118azti - March 29, 2019, 8:24 am

    Having a young male slave would be the ultimate!
    P.S. When do we have the next chapter on “The Little Piggies Went to The Market?”

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