A straight construction worker regrets accepting a bondage wager for extra cash as he suffers through an intense tickling, foot torture and cum control session.
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Working Hard for the Money
by Unknown

Part I - Bondage

The room was dimly lit, the flickering orange/red light of burning torches set into each of the four walls were the sole sources of illumination. Todd's arms and back ached like hell. He was alone in the room, waiting, dreading. The firelight caressed his body. It played along the sinewy muscle of his strong arms as he twisted them around as much as he could to alleviate the strain in his wrists.

He was bound to a peculiar heavy wooden chair that had been securely bolted to the floor of the basement room. Todd's waist, just above his crotch, had been tightly fixed to the back of the chair with a thick leather strap buckled just above the base of his semi-erect cock. His thighs had each been secured just above the knees at the edge of the chair's seat with two smaller straps that had been fixed there. Instead of his legs being bent at the knees with his feet planted on the floor, they were straight out in front of him, ankles locked tightly into a heavy set of wooden stocks painted black and bolted to the floor in front of the chair. The setup held his feet out about 2 feet above the floor, the unprotected bare soles facing out and completely exposed.

He looked down at his big bare feet protruding from the other side of the stocks and shivered with dread. His poor sensitive soles felt absolutely helpless locked up as they were, out of his reach. He would be unable to protect them in any way once his torturer returned to begin his ordeal. That sadistic fucker had even taken the time to pull each of his toes back individually and had tied them each off to one of ten hooks along the top of the stocks. Added to his overall rigid bondage, the coup de grace had been to stretch, spread apart and totally immobilize each of his toes using several black shoestrings. He tested the bondage, futilely attempting to wiggle his toes for the umpteenth time, to at least alleviate the uncomfortable stretch a bit, but it was hopeless. He was as good as paralyzed...except all of his nerves still worked! He swallowed hard, the idea suddenly filled him with a black horror.

Todd's feet were not only immovable, but the toe bondage forced his feet into a painful backward-flexed position. His soles were pulled taut, preventing him even the small mercy of being able to crinkle them to minimize the surface area available to a tormentor. Further increasing his sense of vulnerability, Todd's arms were pulled cruelly up above his head, leather straps around each wrist were attached to tautly stretched ropes that in turn were fed through to a pulley. The winch anchored to the far wall and attached to the pulley by the ropes had been ratcheted well past the point that comfort would allow. The stress on his arms was evident in his posture; he was bolt upright in the chair, the muscles in his arms constantly flexing in an effort to relieve the strain.

He took shallow breaths because the tension in his bound body was too much to breathe deeply. A wide padded brace was fixed to the chair's back, and it was forcing Todd's back away from the chair. With his legs, arms, and waist bound the way they were, Todd was held rigid with his chest forced painfully forward, bowing his spine backward and making him feel exquisitely vulnerable. The flesh over his torso was pulled tight enough to outline his quivering ribcage, and his small brown nipples, hard and forcibly thrust forward, were utterly defenseless.

The room was not yet overly warm, but Todd was sweating profusely anyway. The strain of the tight bondage was incredible. Just being bound this way was a torture in itself! The firelight reflected off the beads of perspiration that covered his body, making his naked, tortured form literally shimmer in the darkness. Looking closely, one could see that almost every muscle in his body was constantly twitching, flexing, straining against the bondage even though he couldn't even effect the slightest movement.

He turned his head to the side (practically the only movement he was free to make) and looked to the small table at his left, at the two stacks of money. One stack of 5 twenties and one stack of 5 crisp 100 dollar bills. Each time he felt as if it was going to be too much for him, more than he could endure, he looked at those stacks of money and steeled himself for what was to come. He closed his eyes, trying to block out his increasing discomfort, and reviewed the strange events of the evening that had resulted in this hellish predicament.

Part II - A Generous Offer

It was the second to last day of Shane's two week vacation from work. It had been so hectic the past three months that when he took the vacation time he'd decided to spend it unwinding at home instead of taking a trip, even though business had been very good lately and his wallet was more than full. He'd caught up on his reading, spent some time cooking, got a lot of much needed exercise, and sexually tantalized himself by sitting for hours at a time at the large window in the den watching the crew of seven beautiful construction studs at work on the new house across the street.

One in particular had caught his eye. On morning jogs around the neighborhood, his eavesdropping provided him with the young stud's name. Todd. He was absolute physical perfection. He always worked in the heat of the day without a shirt. His handsome face was stunning; a square jaw, striking bone structure, large mischievous liquid-brown eyes that literally twinkled when he horsed around with his co-workers. The ever-present sparse stubble on his chin emphasized his masculine boyishness and matched the hair on his head which was short and dark. His body was strong and brown from the sun, sinewy without being bulky, and it gave the impression of being primarily athletic and always moist with a fresh sheen of sweat. He usually wore baggy khaki shorts that stopped at his knees, showing off sculptured calves that made Shane's mouth water. But what interested Shane the most were the stud's large feet. Everyday he wore an old beat-up pair of blue and white cross-trainers.

Shane spent hours watching him from the window in his den, imagining what his feet looked like bare, fantasizing about being able to slip the stud's shoes off, caressing his hot sweaty cotton-socked feet, and then slowly peeling off the white socks and licking, smelling...tickling...his tender toes and soles. Just watching Todd working hard, sweating in the heat while he wore those incredibly sexy sneakers, would make him hard as a rock. On one occasion Todd had gotten a pebble or something inside his shoe and sat down in plain view of Shane's window to fix it. Shane watched transfixed as he untied his left shoe and slipped it off of his big foot. The dirty sole of his sweaty sock faced Shane's direction, adhering to the contours of his foot as Todd shook the stone out of the shoe. Then he reached down and began to rub his socked foot and Shane couldn't help but reach down and stroke his own hard cock. He reached into his shorts and pulled it out, stroking slowly at first, then faster and faster as he watched the young stud massage his foot. It only took a few earnest strokes to bring himself off and then he slumped over his desk, his semen filling the cupped palm of his hand, as Todd was putting the shoe back on and then returned to work. "Ahh...sweet boy...you don't even know what you're doing to me!", Shane sighed as Todd climbed back up onto the roof of the house, clueless to the orgasm he'd just inspired across the street.

One day, as he jogged past the house, Shane overheard the guys talking about the next day being their last. The job was almost finished! It suddenly dawned on Shane that one day this guy he'd been obsessing over would be gone. He'd spent so many hours spying on the young god that he'd begun to feel he'd always be there to look at, but soon Todd would be disappearing from his life altogether and he hadn't even spoken two words to him! He'd always assumed that one day he'd figure out some way to get a better view of those feet, but so far had come up with no suitable ruses.

On the last day of construction, Shane watched Todd helping the other guys clean up. He sat in his den drinking wine and trying to memorize every movement of Todd's lithe body. He wanted to be able to remember each flexing muscle, every expression that crossed his beautiful face, and especially every detail about his old worn sneakers and the mystery of the feet inside them. He tried desperately to record all of these details for future jack-off sessions. He even pulled out his camera and fired off a couple shots of Todd as he struggled to load a pallet of surplus bricks onto the bed of a truck. He wished he could just snap his fingers and have Todd bound in his basement dungeon as his helpless tickle-toy. He'd had many hot guys helpless in his dungeon before, but none at the caliber of this dude. He was a wet dream walking...but how sensitive was he, Shane wondered? Was Todd even ticklish?! He HAD to be, Shane decided, he just looked like the kind of guy that would be way too ticklish for his own good.

It was after his fifth glass of wine that Shane decided on a course of action. He needed at least some kind of souvenir to remember Todd by...he wanted those shoes! The wine had lowered his inhibitions considerably. He began to rationalize, spying on Todd as the afternoon sun began to set. Today was his last day, he'd never see the stud again, so...did it really matter if he embarrassed himself in front of him? He downed one more glass of wine, retrieved an envelope from his bedroom closet in which he kept a hefty hunk of emergency spending cash, and pulled 5 twenties from it. Moving back into the den, Shane was happy to find that the other guys had already left the job site and it was only Todd who remained, taking care of a few last minute details apparently.

He grabbed a new bottle of wine and some glasses, took a deep breath at the front door, and then walked out into the warm afternoon. More than a little intoxicated, he talked to himself as he crossed the street, "100 dollars...sure, 100 should be enough to buy an old pair of shoes and socks...surely that's a generous offer...surely...". He chuckled to himself, not quite believing what he was about to do.

Part III - Negotiations

Todd loaded the last palette of extra bricks onto the flatbed and then collapsed in a sweaty heap on the end of the truck's bed. His muscles screamed at him, complaining that they'd been over-worked today and he made a mental note to pick up a tube of sports rub on the way home because he knew he'd be sore tomorrow. As he lay there catching his breath he heard footsteps and looked up to see a man walking towards him, silhouetted by the setting sun.

"Hello there."

"Hi", Todd hadn't expected a visitor. He waited a bit for the stranger to say more, but he only stared, "and you are...?"

"My name's Shane. I live in the neighborhood."

"Oh yeah...yeah, I've seen you jogging, I think. You run everyday, don't you?", A look of friendly recognition crossed Todd's handsome face, "You like keeping in shape, huh? Me too."

"Uh..heh, heh... yeah, I can tell", his gaze traveled down the dripping marble-hard torso reclining on the truck bed before him, the wine buzz provoking Shane to speak more candidly than he usually did with strangers, " 'Todd'... isn't it?"

Todd was obviously confused, moving from his reclined position to sitting upright he asked, "How do you know my name?"

"I won't lie to you, no reason to. On one of my jogs I overheard one of your buddies call you by name. I've been watching you a bit, Todd. You are very...uh...noticeable, to put it lightly", he chuckled a bit, the wine making him brave as well as candid.

Todd was visibly nervous, but he didn't seem offended. Shane noted that as a good sign. In fact, he seemed flattered and embarrassed as well as legitimately surprised. "Oh?", was all he said, and his eyes twinkled and cast awkwardly across the ground for something to settle on.

Shane glanced down too, gesturing with the bottle of wine, "Nice shoes."

A broad grin spread across Todd's face then, "Now, I KNOW you're shining me on, man...these sneaks are busted!" He lifted one leg and pried open a burgeoning hole along the side of the shoe where the canvas of the upper had pulled away from the rubber sole, exposing the arch of a white-socked foot inside, "See?"

Shane saw indeed, and his cock responded with a subtle lengthening and thickening, "They look great to me...some wine?"

Todd's face lit up, "Man...you are an angel from heaven above! Ha haa! Today beat the shit outta me!! The other guys thought it would be funny leaving me here to load up all these fuckin' bricks by myself while they went off to the bar, just cuz I'm the newest one on the job...I need a drink like you wouldn't believe!!". Shane was opening the bottle before Todd had finished the sentence.

After a couple more glasses of wine and some small talk with Todd, Shane was feeling even braver. He decided just to come out with it, "Listen...I said I've been watching you and it's true.", Todd's growing ease gave way to nervousness again, "I find you to be a VERY attractive man. I like men, I won't beat around the bush...but I'm not propositioning you for sex either, I know you're probably straight as an arrow." Shane chuckled self-consciously here and felt that Todd seemed flattered again, and less nervous. He swallowed hard and went on, "Now this is the part that's going to sound really strange...", he hesitated a moment and then let the words rush out, "Uh...heh, heh...well...I know your last day is today, I'll probably never see you again...and...well...I like feet...I like feet a LOT, and...I like you...and so...well, heh heh...I just wondered if you'd let me buy your shoes and socks?" Shane held his breath and waited for a response.

Todd laughed out loud, his cheeks flushed with the effects of the wine, "Ah ha ha...you're kidding me!! Are you serious?!". he seemed shocked and amused at once.

"I am completely serious. I will give you 100 dollars for your socks and shoes."

"These shoes?!", Todd seemed incredulous looking down at his old Adidas, flexing his sweaty toes inside.

Shane nodded, locking his eyes with Todd's. "SWEET!", Todd suddenly exclaimed, beaming like an excited little boy, "You can have 'em! They stink anyway, and I can buy much better ones for 50 bucks!", a devilish grin crossed his face, "You like feet then, huh? I've heard of that...'foot fetish', right? Never met someone into that. I've known a few gay guys, though", that devilish grin again and then he asked, "How much would you give me to play with my feet?"

Shane felt a surge in his groin. Now he was the one taken aback, "Uh...I, uh...heh, heh...well, how does 50 sound?"

"Are you kidding?!", Todd had gone from being semi-freaked to being a negotiation-savvy businessman, "100 dollars for my smelly old shoes and socks, and only 50 for my actual feet?!! That doesn't seem right does it? My feet are really ticklish...playing around with em's not gonna be any kinda picnic for me ya' know!" He flashed his eyes again, it was almost as if he knew what Shane was thinking.

That electric surge of lust coursed through Shane's loins at Todd's last words and he jumped at this perfect 'in' he'd been waiting for, "Well...what I'd REALLY like to do is a little more than just play with your feet, actually."

Todd's face turned suddenly stony and Shane feared he'd lost him, "Look man, you were right the first time. I'm straight, okay? And I'm not into selling sex...got it?"

"No, no...really, you've got it wrong. That's not what I want."

"What then?", Todd was sizing Shane up a bit now. He didn't really go for guys, it was true, but he also couldn't deny that Shane was an exceptionally good-looking man either. He seemed to be about ten years his senior...34? 35? Dark complexion, nice clean-shaven face, and in good shape. He was beginning to think that a blow-job, at the right price, might not necessarily be outside his boundaries. But then Shane's answer startled him...

"I want to tie you up so you can't move and then tickle, tease and torment you for 3 hours!" Shane held his breath again. Would Todd now get into the truck and speed away without another word?! Or worse, would he get angry and start a fight?

"DAMN! you really have some STRANGE hobbies, man!", he shook his head, laughing in good humor, "And how much does THAT pay?!" Another killer grin.

Shane exhaled, glad the boy hadn't bolted, "Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a little wager..."

Todd raised his brow, his watery brown eyes seeming even more beautiful wide open, "Yeah, I'm listening...go on...what sort of 'wager' do you have in mind?"

"How about this...", Shane had gone a lot further with this than he'd originally planned to and saw no reason to hold back now, "...This 100 dollars is yours", he pulled out the wad of twenties for Todd to see and his eyes widened a bit more, "I've bought your shoes and socks with it, right?", Todd nodded his agreement, "Well then, I'll bet you another 500 that you won't last 3 hours once I tie you up and start your 'treatment' ", a comically evil grin spread over Shane's face.

Todd seemed unsure, "I don't think I understand?"

Shane put it as simply as he could, "You'll strip to your underwear and I'll tie you up so you can't move. I won't lie, it'll be pretty uncomfortable. Then I'll tickle you, tease you, and torment you for 3 hours. You can give up anytime you want and I'll release you. If you hold out for the whole 3 hours and endure everything I dish out, then you get the entire 600 dollars, the 500 plus the 100 for your shoes. but...", Shane grinned here, "...if you give up, you get nothing at all. Your shoes and socks are mine no matter what, though. Agreed?"

Todd still seemed unsure, "Well...what exactly do you mean by 'torment'?"

Shane chuckled, "Now, now...I don't want to spoil any surprises, but I assure you that you will not be permanently harmed or damaged in any way. No blood, no cuts, burns or bruises. You will be left with no marks at all and will go home just as beautiful and unblemished as you are right now. Although there will be pain, my tortures aren't savage...besides you can wimp-out any time you want."

"And how do I know you won't rape me, kill me...or both...once you have me tied up?"

Shane already had his answer ready, "Do you have email?", Todd nodded, "Good. I'll just scan my driver's license then and send it to your email address with the message 'TODD IS WITH ME'. If anything happens to you I'll be in jail within minutes, your computer will be the first thing they check.", Shane crossed his fingers and waited for the answer.

"600 dollars, huh?", Todd seemed to be salivating, "Okay...I'll do it, but you gotta release me as soon as I say to ... IF by some miracle you can get me to give in, that is."

Shane nodded eagerly.

"Now...", Todd looked down at his beat up Adidas again and jumped off the back of the truck, his sculptured body looking like a veritable amusement park to Shane as he imagined the imminent torments he'd soon be inflicting on the poor boy, "So...where do I give you your 'new' shoes...", Todd laughed, reaching down to unlace his filthy sneakers, "...here?"

"No, no...just come on over to my house and we can take care of the details there."

"Yes, SIR!", Todd brought his hand up in a curt salute as his sinewy body snapped to attention, his full, sexy lips curling into a smirk that literally melted Shane's heart. He turned away from Todd then, nonchalantly adjusting his now raging hard-on, and walked back across the street to his home with the sex god he'd been lusting over for so long in tow behind him.

Part IV - The Chair

Todd followed Shane into his home. With evening approaching and only a few lamps on inside, the interior was quite dark, but Todd could tell the home was sumptuously appointed. Heavy antique furniture adorned every room, and the rooms themselves were spacious and high-ceilinged.

First, Shane brought Todd into the study where he quickly scanned his own driver's license and attached it to an email stating simply that Todd was with him and then the message was sent, "There, now...feel safe?"

"Kinda'", the boyish grin and the playful twinkle in Todd's eyes just about killed Shane on the spot.

"On with the show then...", Shane replied eagerly when he found his voice, "...come with me."

As he followed Shane from room to room Todd marveled at the amount of money the house must be worth. He quickly began to feel a lot better about the situation. Who knows...maybe there was much more than 600 bucks to be made here! As they entered a cavernous den Todd made his way over to an overstuffed red velvet couch parked in front of the largest and most ornate fireplace he had ever seen in his life. A fire blazed in its belly despite it being a relatively warm evening. Todd collapsed heavily onto the sofa, staring into the roaring flames. The red-orange light flickered enticingly over his hard muscular torso, danced across his handsome face, and shimmered provocatively in those deeply sensual eyes.

"Wow! That is some kinda fireplace!!", Todd was obviously impressed, "Great house all around, man! Really cool!"

"Thanks", Shane responded absently, completely transfixed by the sight of this gorgeous young stud, a straight guy he'd lusted after from a distance for weeks, basking languidly in front of a fire in his own home. In the silence, with the flames crackling occasionally to punctuate the stillness, the moment seemed unnervingly intimate.

"So...", Todd suddenly drew his gaze out of the fire as he broke the awkward silence and leaned back against the arm of the couch, lacing his fingers behind his head, offering an unobstructed view of his lightly hairy armpits. They were still damp with perspiration that glinted in the warm light of the flames, the tendons and corded muscle of his deep pits flexing slightly under his smooth bronze skin each time he moved. Shane felt his cock stir slightly in his pants as he imagined relentlessly tickling those glistening pits with his tongue and fingertips as Todd continued, "...do you want to tie me up here on the sofa...by the fire?"

Shane chuckled at that, his mounting lust making him even bolder, "I'm sorry, but this room is for guests only. You are my prisoner, Todd...I'm afraid YOUR place is downstairs in the dungeon."

"The DUNGEON?!", Todd swallowed hard, "You have a dungeon here?!!"

"Dungeon...TORTURE-CHAMBER...however you want to refer to it is fine", the look on Todd's face was absolutely priceless, "Don't worry, tuff-guy, you'll live through this. Just suck it up and you'll be just fine. Are you ready?"

Todd's nervousness was unmistakable, but also irresistibly attractive to Shane. He nodded slowly, "Uh...heh...I...uh...I guess so."

Shane reached out for Todd's hand and ushered him off of the couch and over to a featureless wooden door in a far corner of the room. Pulling a small silver key from his pocket, Shane unlocked the door and pushed it open. The hinges creaked ominously as the door swung slowly open to reveal a crude stone staircase leading down into darkness. Shane motioned him forward and Todd reluctantly began to descend into the abyss.

The light from the open door above could barely reach down to the lower steps. Todd cautiously navigated the last of the stairs until he stood in darkness on the cellar floor, "Hey man...I can't see a damn thing down here!"

"Don't worry, just stand right there for a sec and I'll fix that right up", Shane's voice came from right behind Todd, and then the sound of footsteps as he walked off into one of the darkened corners of the room.

A match was struck and suddenly a torch in a black iron sconce blazed into life. There was a sconce bolted to the wall in each of the four corners of the large basement room. Shane moved from one to the other, adding to the intensity of the flickering orange firelight as he lit each torch in turn until the cellar came alive with a hellish glow. Todd's eyes grew wide in surprise as he took in the details of the space surrounding him.

The room was large, but not as spacious or high-ceilinged as the rooms above. The decor was markedly different, too. Instead of the Early American antique look of the rest of the house, the basement was pure Spanish Inquisition. The walls and floor were both fashioned with large grey boulders and mortar. A black iron cabinet hosting several wooden drawers was against one wall and the four torches in the iron wall sconces were the sole illumination. Besides these features, the cell was fairly bare except for three unusual pieces. Todd's blood ran a little colder in his veins as the sinister looking furniture was gradually revealed during the lighting of the torches.

In the center of the room was a frightening contraption that could only be described as a cage in the shape of a person. It was constructed from several bands of iron and seemed to be designed to hold and confine the entire form of an adult man. The bands of metal were shaped and bolted together to allow for the torso and each extremity. There was even a caged area for the head with metal bands that would obviously restrain it effectively and yet also allow access to the mouth, the ears, and the nose. A metal visor was bolted to the top of the headpiece on a hinge, presumably so that it could be lowered and used as a blindfold. Each of the "sleeves" for the arms were raised straight up on either side of the head; the legs were slightly apart and in a standing position. There was a large metal framework solidly bolted to the stone floor, and the entire cage was suspended from a metal rod that ran through this frame from one side to the other. There was a handle on the side of the apparatus which could obviously be used to tilt the cage within the framework anywhere from upright to a horizontal, or even a completely inverted position. Curiously, there appeared to be hand grips bolted to the stationary support on either side of the cage at about shoulder height.

To the left of the cage was another unusual piece. This one closely resembled a carpenter's sawhorse, but much better crafted, and outfitted with a few extra features. Two large triangles constructed of heavy carved wood stained a dark brown color supported a single plank horizontally between them about two and a half feet above the floor. Instead of the plank being positioned so that the flat side faced up as in a traditional sawhorse, this plank was held so that the slender edge of the board was upright, and affixed to the leading edge was a metal wedge that came to a point along the top and traveled the length of the plank from one end to the other. The two triangular supports were bolted into place, along with iron rings, to the floor below. On either side of the supported plank with about three feet of cold stone floor between them, the iron rings were attached to square metal plates set in the ground and had ropes tied to them.

On one end was a small winch attached to the top of the support triangle. A length of rope spooled around the drum of the winch ended in a small metal ring. On the other end of the sawhorse, attached to an eye-bolt securely screwed into the wood at the top of the other triangle, was a pair of leather cuffs. In addition to this, the horizontal plank between the two supports seemed able to be raised or lowered through the utilization of a crank at the side. With unfocused dread Todd noticed that a black electrical cord, originating from the underside of the sawhorse-type device, was plugged into an outlet in the wall behind it. The need of the apparatus for power was unclear, but very worrisome.

The final item in the basement chamber sat squarely on the opposite side of the human cage. The heavy oak chair, stained dark brown, was bolted to the floor there. The chair was outfitted at key points with several black leather straps that could be closed and tightened via shiny brass buckles. The stocks, with ten hooks screwed in along the top of its upper half, were bolted solidly to the floor directly in front of the chair. Todd noticed that a padded brace was fixed to the back support of the chair. A pair of leather cuffs dangled above the seat from a length of rope that was fed over a pulley in the ceiling and then on through to a winch bolted to the wall nearest the contraption. A small table sat innocently between the chair and the cage, a single candleholder hosting an unlit tapered candle atop its surface.

Todd fought to keep the fear out of his voice when he spoke, "FUCK, man!! You are REALLY into this shit, aren't you?!! How much did all this stuff cost you?!"

"Quite a pretty penny, I can assure you! Every piece was custom built to my own specifications...and that doesn't come cheap, my friend", as Shane spoke he moved from one menacing apparatus to the next, caressing each with a sadistic appreciation, eventually winding up at the bondage chair, "Now strip down to your shorts and socks, boy! No more stalling!"

Todd obeyed the command immediately and Shane's lust began to mount as he watched the sexy young construction worker undress. Already bare-chested, he lifted one foot at a time and pulled off each sneaker to reveal feet encased in sweat-drenched white socks. Then the shorts came down, exposing leanly muscled thighs lightly covered with wispy black hairs and a generous package barely contained by the thin cotton of a tight pair of white briefs. He kicked away the shorts and stood there silently with his hands clasped behind his back, waiting for what would come next. Still a little sweaty from a long afternoon of hard work, Todd's sinewy body gleamed in the firelight. Absolute physical perfection! Shane let him stand there for a bit in his socks and underwear just to watch his nervous discomfort grow. A red flush came to his cheeks as he felt Shane's eyes inspecting his body. Embarrassed, Todd cast his eyes down to the floor and began self-consciously flexing his toes as he waited with increasing apprehension. That small movement drove Shane nuts and his mind raced with vivid possibilities of what Todd's feet would look like bare.

Shane still stood next to the chair and reached down to pat the seat, "I think we'll start with this one. Please come over here, Todd, and take a load off those big feet of yours".

A wicked smile spread across Shane's face as Todd reluctantly made his way over to the chair and sat down heavily. Within minutes Todd was buckled tightly into the seat. Then his ankles were locked soundly into the solidly constructed set of stocks. His arms were raised up and buckled into the dangling cuffs. Then Shane moved to the crank on the wall and tightened the winch, drawing out the slack in the rope attached to Todd's wrists. His arms were pulled higher and tighter with each notch, and with his waist buckled firmly to the chair, his ass could not come off the seat and he felt the tension in his arms gradually increase well beyond the reasonable limits of comfort. He sucked air through his clenched teeth as his spine was pulled insistently straighter and more upright, his torso forcibly lengthened. By the time Shane felt that Todd was stretched-out tightly enough his lightly hairy armpits were tautly spread wide open, enticing Shane with their utter vulnerability...but he still wasn't quite ready to start just yet.

Moving behind Todd's bound form, Shane began to turn another small crank on the back of the chair. With each turn of the crank, the padded brace behind Todd's back was pushed further and further away from the backrest, forcing his already stretched torso forward.

Todd groaned out load as the pain in his stressed arms increased even more, "OWW ... FUCK!! That's tight enough man!! SHIT!", but Shane continued cranking out the brace until it was fully extended. Each creak of the mechanism as it engaged another notch was loud in the silence of the basement, and each creak was coupled with a soft gasp of pain.

By the time Shane was finished, Todd's torso was painfully bowed backward between his bound wrists and waist, offering his tender nipples, excruciatingly taut pits, and clearly evident ribs to whatever torments Shane chose to inflict on them. The boy was very uncomfortable, that was clear. His breathing had changed a bit and he was biting his lower lip, but he managed a nervous little laugh as Shane moved around to the front of the stocks.

And there they were...the feet Shane had been fantasizing about for weeks! They protruded from the stocks, isolated against a background of dark wood, forced to offer themselves to any whims Shane might have. He felt intoxicated with a sense of power, and intensely stimulated by the poor stud's utter powerlessness in contrast. Helpless and completely at his mercy at long last, the sight of the white-socked soles caused his cock to twitch in his pants. The material of Todd's socks was molded to the shape of his soles with sweat from a long day of hard work. Each plump toe was outlined under the wet socks. The damp material hugged the rounded balls of his feet, tightly stretched over each arch, and the contour of each wide heel was evident through the fabric as well. Todd's toes flexed in his discomfort then, and Shane could wait no longer. He grabbed the top of both socks and slowly peeled them off of the big sexy feet staring him in the face. He held one of the socks up to his face, inhaling the strong masculine scent of Todd's sweaty foot as he appraised the newly bared soles trapped in front of him. They were large, seemed very strong, and were perfectly shaped. Thick toes, a high sloping arch, fleshy balls, and wide sturdy heels. The skin of his soles was pinkish, immaculately smooth and blemish free. He obviously took the time to keep his feet in good condition, each nail clean and perfectly manicured. The absolute lack of callouses suggested that they were probably exquisitely sensitive. Shane was momentarily transfixed by their masculine perfection.

He quickly snapped out of his daze and began to tie a black shoelace around the base of each toe. Then each string was run through one of the hooks along the top of the stocks, pulled tight to stretch the soles taut, and then tied off to the hooks in order to immobilize Todd's poor feet completely. Once the toe-bondage was complete, Todd began to try and flex them to no avail. He sighed loudly, realizing suddenly that he couldn't budge a single part of his body except for his head and the fingers of his hands suspended way above his head, and then he laughed nervously again in obvious dread of what was in store for him. He looked unbelievably sexy to Shane then, a hot young stud completely bound in such a vulnerable position and helpless to protect himself in any way! An expression of mounting panic was just beginning to appear in those heartbreakingly handsome features. This truly WAS a wet dream come to life!!

"So...", Shane beamed cruelly up into Todd's beautiful, worried face, "...are your feet really as ticklish as you mentioned earlier?"

"Uhhh...heh, heh...well, I...uh...NO COMMENT!!", Todd finally blurted out, but the expression on his face, and the useless flexing of the muscles under the flesh of his pinioned soles told Shane everything he needed to know.

"Ah, okay....I see I'll just have to find out for myself then, right?"

No answer.

Shane smiled at his captive, a beautiful young jock in painfully rigid bondage, and then turned away and walked over to where the discarded cargo shorts and beat up Adidas lay on the floor. He picked up both shoes and pressed the opening of one against his face and inhaled deeply. The sneaker was still warm and moist inside from cradling Todd's big sweaty foot the entire day. The smell was strong....warm moist leather, Todd's fresh sweat, dirty canvas and rubber...an amalgam of scents Shane found intensely erotic.

"Mmmmmm...delicious!", his eyes met Todd's over the heel of the shoe.

"You...are...a...freak...Man!", Todd chuckled good-humoredly, even though his words were halting due to his increasing physical discomfort.

Grinning mischievously, Shane removed the shoe from his face, moved over to the small table to Todd's left and dropped the pair of worn athletic shoes onto it. He retrieved Todd's sweat-damp socks and stuffed one down inside each sneaker. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out the 5 twenties. He placed them in a neat stack on the table next to Todd's shoes.

"Okay, buddy...that's your wager right there. The 100 you made by selling me your shoes. Now here's mine...", Shane reached into his other pocket and pulled out 5 hundred dollar bills he'd retrieved earlier from his bedroom closet on the way through the house, and placed them in a neat stack beside the twenties.

Todd's eyes widened as they followed the fist of hundreds to the tabletop, and a smile spread across his face despite his uncomfortable position.

"You let me do whatever I want to you for 3 hours without wimping out, 1 hour in each of these three contraptions you see here, and you get it all. If not...if I can make you give up before three hours runs its course, you get nothing. Understood?"

Todd nodded.

"Good.", as his eyes settled on the sloping mound under the smooth white material of Todd's briefs, Shane's growing lust urged him to press his luck and try to take this situation a few steps further, "Would you like to add 400 more to the pot, Todd? Make it an even thousand?"

Todd only had to think a second and then nodded eagerly at the tempting prospect.

"If you let me cut those underwear off of you so I can see your cock while I torture you, I'll add 400 more dollars to my end of the wager. 600 plus 400; if you win you get a cool grand. What do you say to that, tuff-guy?"

Todd rolled the idea over in his mind for a few seconds, then averted his gaze to the ground, an embarrassed smile and flushed cheeks belied his modesty despite his perfect body. He nodded in agreement, unable to look Shane directly in the eyes.

Ah yes...money DOES indeed make the world go round, Shane mused to himself as he turned on his heels and headed to the iron cabinet, pulling a pair of shears from one of the top drawers. He returned to Todd's bound form and gently slipped the blade of the scissors under the waistband of his briefs as Todd watched intently, wincing at the nearness of such a sharp tool so near his defenseless private parts. The cold metal grazed Todd's penis under the material and it responded with a slight thickening. Three snips of the scissors and the fabric was split cleanly in half, falling away to the sides, revealing a beautiful not-quite-flaccid cock, circumcised and surrounded by a tangle of silky black pubic hair.

"VERY nice...", Shane cooed his approval, causing Todd's blush to deepen even more. Shane's instinct was to lean forward and envelop the boy's cock in his mouth, to bring him to a full erection before beginning his torments, as was his usual tactic. But he'd given his word...he would not take sexual liberties with the boy...not unless he BEGGED for it, that is...heh, heh.

"You wait here, buddy, I need to go and get the other 400 bucks and a timer", the cruel smirk spread across Shane's face again, "You won't GO anywhere, will you? heh heh"

Todd just shook his head slowly from side to side between his taut arms, chuckling nervously again, "You ass!"

Bolting like a boy getting ready for a trip to the circus, Shane bounded up the stairs two at a time leaving Todd in his rigid bondage to wait at the bottom of the cellar, pondering his approaching fate in silence.

Part V - The Ordeal Begins

...And that's how Todd wound up in such a desperate predicament. This would perhaps turn out to be the single strangest day in his entire life! When he woke up in the morning he could never have guessed that he'd end up like this by sundown. He tested the bonds periodically and could only come to the same conclusion each time...there was no way he was getting out of this until someone let him out. He was a strong guy, but his strength was no match for a setup like this. The room was so quiet he could hear the creaking of the leather straps every time he flexed a muscle. They creaked, but they were sound. It was obvious they would never give, no matter how much he pulled at them.

Todd craned his neck around to glance over at the stairs that led to the door above. He began to wonder how long Shane was going to make him wait before getting started. This was probably part of the sadistic fuck's plan...to keep him in suspense, to let him twist in the wind, to give him ample time to really think about what was about to happen to him. God, this was maddening! He almost wished that the tortures would just start so that the ordeal would be over with all the sooner.

Shane had only gone upstairs a few minutes ago, but it seemed like much longer. The strained, awkward position Todd was bound in was quickly becoming an aching agony, and alone in the silence of the cellar-dungeon it was the only thing he could focus on. He continued to tremble under the excruciating tension imposed on every millimeter of his naked body. The leather straps cut cruelly into his abs and thighs, bit into his wrists at the end of each hyper-extended arm. As the heat from the torches gradually accumulated, the sweat began to literally pour from Todd's tortured form. His hair was wet with it, it coursed down his brow and cheeks, dripped from the end of his nose onto his bared cock and balls below. Rivers of sweat trickled over his chest, it dripped from under his arms, it streamed down his ribcage, tickling his sides, to pool around him on the seat of the chair, drenching the white cotton rag under him that had previously been his underwear. He rolled his eyes and groaned out load, shifting around as much as possible in his unforgiving bonds...then the door creaked open and Shane's form was silhouetted in the rectangle of light at the top of the steps. Todd faced forward again and shuddered at the sound of footsteps descending the staircase.

He held his breath as Shane walked up behind him and stopped, the heat from his body letting Todd know he stood very close without him having to look around. Shane's hand appeared from behind and waved 4 more hundred dollar bills under Todd's nose and then placed them on the table atop the existing stack. Then the other hand snaked around in front of him holding a timer so he could see it. The timer was set for 1 hour, the start button was pressed and then it was set on the table as well, loudly ticking off endless seconds into the firelit stillness of the dungeon. tick...tick...tick...

Todd's sense of panic grew as he saw Shane's hands emerge again on either side of him from behind, empty this time, but with fingers flexed. They hovered there motionless, just millimeters from the surface of his skin as Shane leaned forward to whisper into his ear, "Have you ever been tied-up and tickled before?"

"Uhhhh...ha ha...well, no...but I used to have tickle-wrestling matches with my brother when I was a boy...stuff like that."

Shane moved his head to Todd's other side, whispering with sinister relish into the opposite ear this time, "So...you have absolutely no idea what it feels like to be tickled and tickled and tickled without a hint of mercy while you're all stretched out, unable to so much as budge a muscle to avoid it?"

"N-nah, man...That's n-never ha-happened to me before", Todd's voice caught in his throat, betraying the fear that was building up inside him.

"Ahh...good, good...I'm glad to hear that. I love tickle-torturing guys who have no idea what to expect. You are not going to believe what a ride you're about to take, my boy!", Todd couldn't see his face, but he could tell Shane was smiling cruelly as he spoke, "Are you ready for this, tuff-guy?"

"N-no, I don't think so...", Todd's voice seemed slightly higher pitched, a sure sign of growing panic, "...n-not quite yet." He swallowed hard.

Shane's hands still hovered over each side of Todd's trembling ribcage, not quite touching the smooth, sweating flesh. He began wiggling his fingers threateningly and whispered into Todd's ear again, "Don't you wish there was something you could do to stop this? Something you could say to make me change my mind? Isn't it maddening to know that what is about to happen to you is completely out of your control?"

Shane's warm breath tickled his ear, but it was nothing compared to the sensations Todd experienced next. Without waiting for Todd's answer, Shane dug the fingertips of both hands in halfway up his exposed ribcage on either side and initiated a sudden and violent tickle attack. A painful blast of adrenaline flooded Todd's entire body like a high voltage electrical charge. Every single muscle contracted in a desperate, involuntary effort to draw himself into a fetal ball and protect his horribly exposed torso, but the straps held firm, keeping him stretched-out and hopelessly vulnerable under Shane's brutal onslaught.

The first sound Todd emitted was a loud yelp of shock and pain immediately followed by a flood of helpless agonized laughter:

"YEOWWW!! AHH! AAHHhh...Haah...Ha...Ha...Haaaaargh...Hahahaaaaaaa...!!!"

His deep, manic cackling shattered the silence of the chamber, echoing off the stone walls to imbue the room with a strong atmosphere of erotic panic. As Shane's fingers continued to lethally prod up and down his ribs on both sides at once, periodically zeroing in on the spaces between them and vibrating his fingertips there without mercy, Todd's face became redder and redder in response to the terrible sensations that engulfed him totally. His eyes were wild and he could barely catch his breath between blinding attacks of tortured laughter.

Without even slowing his assault, Shane was at his ear again, "How does that feel, Todd?! Do you like that? HUH?! Do ya' like that, tuff-guy?!! ANSWER ME!!!"

There was no way Todd could have vocalized a response; he could only blubber incoherently, gasping and shrieking like a man possessed. He had known it would be bad, but the reality of the inescapable sensations that wracked his body was almost more than the poor boy could comprehend. His body convulsed pitifully in its unforgiving bonds as the tickling continued unabated, crowding his throat with anguished laughs that prevented him from thinking clearly, much less speaking intelligibly.

Todd had known that he was ticklish. This had not come as a surprise to him. There had been several instances in his past that had made him well aware of this unfortunate fact.

As a boy, his brother had often wrestled him to the ground and tickled him silly, but he had always been able to wriggle out of his clutches within a few minutes, and perhaps even launch his own tickle attack in retribution. Even in the midst of his brother's most merciless assaults though, Todd could always curl into a ball, tucking his arms and legs against his torso to limit the most tempting targets his brother might aim for.

By contrast, the bondage Shane had placed him in was so restrictive, and had him stretched-out and splayed so wide-open that there was no way he could protect any part of himself from Shane's relentless attentions. His hopeless vulnerability in the face of such an intense tickling onslaught was absolutely maddening!

Then there was that guy he had roomed with in school. Years before he'd gotten involved in construction full time, Todd had tried college for a while. Fresh out of high school he'd left home to board in the dorm of a university in a nearby city. His playful roommate, a good-looking soccer player named Cale, had an annoying habit of rudely waking him whenever he overslept by savagely tickling both soles of his feet. Todd would come awake with a sudden scream, clutching at the sheets, springing immediately to an upright seated position, and pulling his bare feet away from the end of the bed and Cale's wiggling fingertips. Upon focusing his light-smarting eyes, he was greeted by Cale's mischievous grin each time.

"DAMN! I'm sure glad I'm not THAT ticklish!!", a cruelly amused statement followed by Cale's boyish laughter at Todd's expense.

But that was nothing compared to what Shane did to him, either. Cale's attacks were brief and purposeful; even though they produced that same painful shock to his system and jangled his nerves, they were momentary, their effects fading soon after the "wake-up" tickle had ceased. Shane, on the other hand, not only seemed as if he had no intention of stopping regardless of Todd's reactions, he showed no signs of even slowing down enough to let him catch his breath. Todd thrashed his head from side to side, gasping wildly as Shane's dancing fingers continued to take full advantage of his horrible weakness, erratically raking up and down his defenselessly exposed torso non-stop.

There was also a girl Todd had dated about a year before. She had really gotten off on having him strip naked and lie on his back, legs apart and hands clasped behind his head while she teased him to distraction with a peacock feather. She enjoyed coaxing his erection to the point where it was throbbing with an urgent need before straddling him and impaling herself on its rigid, trembling shaft. Given his sensitivity this was slightly difficult for Todd to endure, but with such gentle strokes from such a delicate tool the erotic sensations heavily out-weighed the torment factor. As the tip of the feather traveled from his lips, to his armpits, his nipples, his navel, balls and cock, his body trembled more in pleasure than in ticklish agony; the breathy gasps were products of exquisite bliss rather than unendurable torture.

By contrast, Shane's technique was anything but gentle. His strong fingers attacked Todd's armpits and ribcage with a relentless ferocity. The more Todd reacted to the torture, the more merciless Shane became. Eventually Todd's laughter was indistinguishable from his screams, and then the laughter and screams actually became silent in the terrible intensity of the moment. At that apex of sensation, Todd's contorted face expressed anguish without a sound coming from his wide-open mouth except for the occasional loud gasps when he managed to draw huge gulps of air deep into his tormented lungs. His face was flushed red, his body slick with sweat, and the straining tendons in his neck stood out in sharp relief as he suffered in ultra-ticklish agony. His eyes were frantic, and tears of frustration and pain coursed down his hot cheeks. Todd had known that he was ticklish and he knew the challenge was going to be a difficult one, but he was not at all prepared for the ruthless intensity of the hellish ordeal he then realized Shane was planning to put him through. Until then he had no idea what a real torture tickling could be...and Shane was obviously a master at his craft!

After 20 solid minutes of the harrowing torture, Shane's fingers finally relented and withdrew. Todd's head immediately fell forward; sweat dripped from strands of wet hair hanging over his forehead as his chest frantically heaved, hungrily sucking up the oxygen in the dungeon's warm air. The flickering firelight danced across the surface of his slick skin, outlining each miserably sore muscle in his body.

"AWW FUCK!! ... SH-SHIT! ... (pant, pant) ... that fucking SUCKED!!! ... (gasp) ... I'm s-sorry man, I-I don't th-think I can do this afterall...Fuck!...(pant, gasp)"

Shane picked up both stacks of bills and moved to one side of the chair. He waved the thousand dollars in cash under Todd's nose, a droplet of sweat falling on the twenty at the top of the stack with a soft splat, "Are you SURE, tuff-guy? This is an AWFUL lot of money to pass up just because you happen to be a little ticklish, don't you think?"

Todd's eyes became the size of saucers as his greedy gaze locked onto the huge wad of bills. A stony look of determination settled on his handsome face and he firmly set his jaw as if steeling himself for the worst, "Nah man, I won't quit...I can DO this...I KNOW it!!!" Then he took a deep breath and clenched his teeth again, closing his eyes and tilting his head back between his upraised arms, "Do your worst."

"Good boy!", Shane was very happy to find Todd so easy to manipulate. He knew then that he'd be able to keep him on the verge of insanity for as long as it pleased him.

Shane was behind him again in an instant. His arms snaked around Todd's sides and hovered over his hips. He licked the salty moisture from the back of Todd's neck and grabbed hold of both his hips simultaneously. He began to mercilessly knead the hip bones under his strong fingers and Todd practically jumped out of his skin! He trailed his lips from the nape of Todd's neck to his ear and began nibbling lightly on the earlobe at the same time. The two hot spots, hips and ears tormented in unison, annihilated him. Todd screamed in the soundproof dungeon, begging Shane to focus his attentions elsewhere, laughing like a man possessed, howling pitifully like a wounded wolf.

"No! NO!! NOOO ... Noooooooooooooooo ...!!! Not there...NOT THERE PLEEEEZE...PLEE-HEE-HEEEZE ... AAAHH AH AHA HA Ha Haaaaaaa...!"

Then it stopped. Todd opened his tearing eyes to find Shane's hands gone from his hips; Shane's lips had moved away from his sensitive ear. But Todd had only a second to catch his breath before Shane's hands reappeared, this time holding a stiff red feather in each ... and the begging began in earnest:

"C'mon man...that's enough, huh? Don't you think I've earned the money yet? PLEASE don't do this to me anymore, man!? C'mon...that's long enough, huh?"

Shane smiled coldly, "It's only been 25 minutes, tuff-guy. I'll stop anytime you want...but if I do, you don't get the money. Now...what's your decision, Todd?! Hurry up...time's a wasting!"

The tips of the feathers hovered over each of his tender nipples, vulnerable on his bare chest with his trembling torso forced painfully forward by the back brace, "Just do it!", and he drew in a deep breath, held it, and clenched his teeth in preparation.

The feathers came closer and closer to the tips of his brown nipples as he looked down at them helplessly. Todd's eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets by the time the feathers made contact. When they finally did, his chest expanded in response, he gasped loudly and then more tormented laughter spilled involuntarily from his sexy lips. His nipples became hard as diamonds while the feathers teased them without compassion. Then Shane moved one feather down to his navel while the other continued tickling his nipples, moving back and forth between them, and Todd went absolutely nuts, bucking against his restraints like a man in the throes of a violent seizure. The tip of the feather dipped deeply into his navel, and then spiraled just around the outside edge...

"OH GOD OH GOD OHGODOHGOD...OOOHHHH HA HA HAAAAHH GAH-HA-HAAAA-HAAD!!!", Todd had suddenly become religious.

Shane moved both feathers up to Todd's sweaty, stretched-out pits then. He trailed the tips cruelly through the fine, matted hair, teasing the deep hyper-ticklish recesses of both armpits simultaneously...and Todd lost it again...


Shane dropped both feathers then, and Todd heard that sinister voice in his ear again, "Very well...I'll stop tickling your poor pits if that's what you want, Todd. I think it's about time to get started on those FEET anyway, don't you think? You've only got 30 minutes left in this chair and we shouldn't waste it."

Todd was stunned. He'd forgotten about his feet during the mind-numbing punishment of his torso. He glanced down at his helpless feet locked in the stocks, each toe tied in place, each sole stretched tautly to its limit. The bottoms of his feet began to tingle in dread and he could barely find his voice to plead pathetically, "No, man...please, man...not (gulp) my feet...not the feet...ANYWHERE but my feet, please...c'mon, man...be a pal...PLEEEZE?!"

His wonderful response assured Shane that this was going to be every bit as much fun as he had imagined. He moved from behind Todd's heaving form to sit on the floor in front of his big bare feet trapped in the stocks so helplessly.

Part VI - Foot Feast

Shane sat comfortably on a pillow positioned on the stone floor of the dungeon so that he was mere inches from Todd's hopelessly trapped feet. Leaning forward, he moved his face close enough to the stocks to feel the heat coming off of Todd's wide, bare soles. He inhaled deeply, smiling with his eyes closed and sighing in satisfaction:

"MMMmmm...I LOVE the way your feet smell, Todd! Absolutely delicious!!"

"You... (pant) ... LIKE the way my feet smell?!! (pant, pant) ... Ha, ha, ha...", Todd tried to sound casual, but the ache in his over-stretched body and the post-tickle exhaustion showed in his face, "...that's really odd cuz my roommate complains about the smell every time I come home from work and take off my shoes! Ha, ha ...(gasp)...ha!"

"Well then...your roommate obviously doesn't know a great pair of feet when he smells them!", Shane chuckled as he buried his nose in Todd's bound toes, the hot moist flesh feeling wonderful as it pressed up against his eager face. Inhaling deeply at the spot between the big and second toes of Todd's left foot, he was overcome by the powerfully erotic scent and he could feel the pre-cum begin to ooze out of his own hard cock inside his underwear. He almost couldn't believe this was happening! He'd been lusting over this perfect stud for SO long...and now here he was: helpless and completely at his mercy. The big bare feet that he'd only dared hope to view hours before were now bound and displayed for his every pleasure. In their restrictive bondage, Shane found the smooth soles, high arches, and thick, perfectly shaped toes to be indescribably beautiful! He inhaled again, the sexy sweaty smell making his cock grow impossibly harder.

"You think they smell now!! Ha, ha, ha...you should smell them after a basketball game!!", Shane looked up to see Todd's handsome face grinning down at him as he took his time sniffing every square inch of his bare soles and toes.

"You play basketball, then?", Shane was intrigued, imagining the bare feet in front of him sweating inside sneakers and sweatsocks as Todd ran up and down the court, getting more and more drenched in perspiration as the game wore on.

"Oh yeah...I'm on a city league team. We play once a week and practice twice a week. Afterwards my socks are always sopping wet, like I soaked 'em in water ... REALLY smelly water! Ha , ha! After a game its easy to get the living-room in the apartment all to myself...all I gotta do is kick off my sneaks and prop my feet up on the couch. My roomie is outta there in a flash!! Ha, ha, ha..."

Todd seemed as if he'd recovered nicely during his short break; he seemed to have finally caught his breath and his sense of humor had returned. The description he'd offered of his feet after a basketball game had excited Shane enormously, and he couldn't help leaning forward again to actually lick the boy's bound toes this time. He parted his lips and let his warm tongue snake out to explore the tender flesh on the bottoms of the poor boy's sexy feet. He sucked each plump toe into his mouth one at a time, like tender little grapes. They were salty and delicious...nothing in the world could have tasted better! He slobbered over Todd's toes, greedily running his wet tongue over them all, forcing it between each set of toes and running it along the meaty balls of his feet.

Glancing up momentarily, Shane couldn't help noticing that Todd's bared cock had gotten harder. It was more than just mildly engorged as it had been previously; he was well on his way to a full erection and probably didn't even realize it yet. His eyes were closed, his head was tilted slightly back between his arms, and a faint smile played fleetingly across his full lips. It was obvious that Todd was enjoying the attention Shane was giving his feet despite himself, so he redoubled his efforts, voraciously devouring his toes, licking up and down the hot flesh of his tautly stretched arches, and swabbing his tender heels with a warm, wet tongue. Todd moaned softly in pleasure, his cock became more rigid ... and Shane smiled to himself as he continued feasting on the young construction worker's bare feet, intent on bringing the boy up to full mast.

Only a few minutes had passed by the time Shane began to feel as if Todd had enjoyed himself quite enough for a while and decided to bring his teeth into play. He substituted licking Todd's salty toes for nibbling insistently on them. He started at the tasty big toe on his left foot, gnawing at the sensitive pad with cruel abandon. Although the sensation was utterly intolerable there was nothing Todd could do to avoid it; the shoestring held firm, keeping his toe in place regardless of the abuse inflicted upon it. As soon as Shane started using his teeth Todd's head shot straight up, his eyes snapped wide open, and a pained grimace colored his deadly attractive face, taking precedence over the blissed-out expression inspired by the previously gentle toe sucking and licking. At the first contact of tooth against tender flesh, a flood of frantic protests immediately spilled from Todd's open mouth:


Shane lifted his face up from Todd's saliva slicked toes and asked with exaggerated innocence, "What's the matter, Todd? It seemed like you were liking this."

Todd rolled his eyes and groaned, "The licking I liked ... a little ... (gasp) ... kinda ... (pant) ... but I can't STAND the teeth, man!!"

Shane grinned wickedly and nodded in the direction of Todd's now fully erect cock jutting up from between his restrained legs, "Looks like you liked it a LOT more than a little...heh, heh."

Todd blushed deeply again as his eyes cast bashfully around the basement, unable to look directly into Shane's face, "I ... uh ... heh, heh ... well, I ... I don't know how ... uh ... why ... THAT happened! Heh, heh ...". He closed his eyes tightly, his brow a bit furrowed, as if he was focusing all of his concentration on willing his erection to subside. It didn't work.

Shane began lightly running the fingertips of each hand very slowly up and down the exquisitely sensitive soles of Todd's trapped feet. Less severe than the voracious gnawing but no less maddening, the extremely delicate tickling of his unprotected soles had his lips trembling immediately. Shane could feel the muscles under the smooth, taut arches twitching uselessly as they tried in vain to escape his tormenting fingertips. Todd bit his succulent lower lip to hold back the building laughter.

"I think I know why you're getting hard, Todd", Shane's fingers continued their tantalizing stroll around the severely restrained soles in front of him, speeding up just a little. Todd bit his lip harder and sucked in air through his clenched teeth.

"Wh-why?", he still couldn't look at Shane. His eyes remained shut in concentration as involuntary ticks flitted across his face each time Shane's fingertips traversed a particularly sensitive spot on the bottoms of his feet.

"You're getting hard because ... ", Shane enjoyed teasing the poor boy so much he almost felt guilty, " ... because despite how much you hate this, despite how much you're praying for this torture to end, despite the unspeakable torment you're enduring right now ... somewhere deep inside you is a masochistic little boy who finds this to be the most mind-numbingly erotic thing that has ever happened to him. There is a part of you that is extremely aroused by being made helpless and subjected to another man's sadistic pleasures! Isn't that right, Todd?! RIGHT!?! Answer me, tuff-guy...NOW!!" Shane gave up the gentle teasing for a no-holds-barred torture technique: scraping cruelly, rapidly, and unpredictably across the surface of Todd's soles as they began to vibrate in unmitigated ticklish agony.


Shane began moving his fingertips even faster along Todd's bare soles. He raked mercilessly with his fingernails along the tender arches, moving up to the unbearably sensitive area under his bound toes, and Todd went absolutely ape shit, yanking frantically at his bonds and howling like a banshee. Shane continued the merciless tickling until there were only 10 minutes left on the clock. When his fingers finally moved away from the warm, twitching flesh on the bottoms of those big masculine feet, Todd's agonized laughter and unintelligible sputtering ceased and his head fell forward again in total exhaustion. Sweat dripped even more copiously from every pore in his beautiful body as his perfectly sculptured torso heaved, breathing as hard as if he'd just run a marathon.

Todd's deep, tortured breaths echoed eerily into the sudden stillness of the dungeon as Shane stood up and walked over to the table next to Todd's oblivious bound form. He smiled maliciously to himself as he pulled the tapered candle from its holder and moved back to Todd's vulnerable feet still locked soundly in the stocks. He was already sitting at the stretched soles again before Todd, still trying to compose himself with head bowed and eyes closed, ever looked up. The sound of a striking match brought Todd back to the moment. He lifted his face, his eyes widened, and he shook his head slightly from side to side in mounting fear as he watched Shane hold the lit match to the wick of the candle.

When the candle ignited, the warm glow spread across Shane's cruelly leering face as he asked in that sinister whisper, "Has anyone ever given you a hot foot, Todd?"

"N-n-no...uh uh...n-never."

"Good...heh, heh...good, I'm glad to hear that. My version will make all the more of an impression then, eh? Heh, heh. Ready for this, tuff-guy?", Shane's voice dripped with sadistic pleasure as Todd's toes tried like hell to flex in their rigid bonds.

"Oh, man!! C'mon, man...NO! C'mon?!?", Todd sounded desperate.

"Do you want the money or not, Todd?"

"Uh...heh...yeah...", he was briefly hesitant, "...y-yes...YES, I want the money!"

"Then...SHUT UP!", Shane laughed at Todd's predicament and surprised him by suddenly tilting the candle over his immobilized left foot and dripping a drop of sizzling hot wax down between his big and second toes. It stung intensely and Todd let out a loud yelp in response to the unexpected pain.

"YEOWWW!!! Man!! You are such a fucking ... DICK!", he shrieked without thinking.

Shane felt that the disrespectful cursing warranted punishment, so his conscience was clear as he let drop after seething drop of hot wax rain down on Todd's defenseless soles. Droplets of scalding wax splattered over his feet one drop at a time; each one eliciting a louder gasp of pain than the previous one as it made contact with the sensitive skin. Like pin pricks from white hot needles, Todd could feel the exact spot each drop fell. He pulled violently at his tight restraints, jerked his head back and forth, winced and screamed in pain, but Shane continued the torture until his soles were completely encased in dried wax. When there was no surface area left available to torment on Todd's poor soles, Shane blew the candle out and set it aside. He smiled to himself as he noticed that Todd's cock wasn't merely hard anymore ... it was lightly bobbing in mid-air in time with his accelerated heartbeat. It was clear that the more intense the torture became, the more excited Todd got ... whether he wanted to admit it or not.

"JEEEZE...that sucked, man! You are fucking EVIL, dude!! How'd you get that way?", Todd laughed a little as he shook sweat out of his eyes and tried to catch his breath.

"I really don't know, Todd...I guess I was just born with a mean streak a mile wide", Shane chuckled, glad to see his victim wasn't legitimately angry, "Ready to see how we're going to get all this nasty wax off of your beautiful feet now?"

"C'mon, man ... please?", Todd knew whatever the method was, it wouldn't be fun. He glanced hopefully at the clock, "I only have 5 minutes left in this chair...just leave it, huh?"

"5 minutes is all I'll need, tuff-guy", and Shane walked over to the cabinet and was back at Todd's feet in a flash, brandishing a shiny silver fork on his return.


Shane ignored Todd's protest and went to work immediately, using the pointed tines of the fork to scrape away the layer of brittle wax covering his soles. If Todd thought his feet were ticklish before, after the tenderizing effect of the hot wax treatment the bottoms of his feet were now way off the scale of sensitivity! He had no idea that his nerve endings were even capable of such intense sensations!! His laughter was mixed with wild uninhibited shrieking that careened off the cellar walls, treating Shane's ears to a sound sweeter than the music of the sirens. The sharp tines of the fork scraped mercilessly through the wax, flaking it off in chunks and raking intolerably across the hyper-sensitized skin beneath. When the timer finally sounded, poor Todd was a total wreck, his voice hoarse from screaming and laughing, every muscle in his body on fire from the prolonged, fitful strain. He sighed loudly in relief at the sound of the buzzer.

"Alright, tuff-guy ... ", Shane's taunting voice penetrated the fog of Todd's gradually dissipating misery, " ... that's the end of part one. Ready to get set up in the cage for part two?" The look of terror that clouded Todd's face sent an erotic current directly into Shane's crotch and his cock twitched in the face of the poor boy's renewed fear.

Part VII - The Cage

First Shane used the scissors to cut each of the shoelaces, finally releasing Todd's tormented toes from their wretchedly awkward bondage. He flexed them languidly with his bare feet still protruding through the holes in the stocks as he sighed loudly in sweet relief. The sight of his ten wriggling toes held Shane transfixed for a moment, and then he unlatched the stocks to free Todd's ankles. Next he unbuckled the straps that were cutting cruelly into the flesh of Todd's waist and thighs. Then Shane moved to the ratchet crank on the wall and slowly, notch by merciful notch, loosened the tension in his fitfully aching arms and then reached up to unbuckle the cuffs from around his sore wrists. Todd's hands immediately dropped to his crotch to modestly cover his now unmistakably rigid member. He leaned forward to escape the cruel pressure of the padded back brace. He stood up with a deep, drawn-out groan and with one cupped palm barely containing his swollen genitalia, he rubbed his smarting lower back with the other hand. He seemed to be in a kind of ecstasy after being newly freed from the painful embrace of the chair; eyes closed with a faint smile on his lips as he arched his back and groaned while digging into his lumbar region with strong kneading fingers. Shane gave Todd time to work some of the kinks out of his abused body; after all, he was the one responsible for keeping the poor boy bent and twisted like a human pretzel for an entire hour.

After a few minutes of watching Todd massage the tortured muscles of his glistening body, Shane walked over to the cage suspended in the iron frame. He rotated it into a horizontal position and locked it in place with a loud clanking sound that reverberated in the stillness of the firelit torture-chamber. Then he unlatched several clasps along the edge and swung open the front piece of the body-shaped iron cage on its hinges. The man-sized cavity seemed as if it waited eagerly for Todd's luscious form to fill it.

"Okay Todd, no more stalling! Get over here NOW...you can 'rest' in here. Heh, heh", Shane gestured to the cruel looking contraption, that sadistic grin spreading over his handsome face yet again.

"Oh...fuck, man...C'MON! I don't think I can take anymore of this shit, dude! This is MUCH worse than I bargained for!", despite his poorly concealed erection bulging through his fingers, Todd seemed utterly distressed at the thought of the torture continuing any longer, "Uhh...how 'bout this: You just give me a third of the money instead, and we'll call it done ... that's fair, huh? How about that, dude? Huh? Cool?"

Shane ran his hand along the edge of the cage hanging waist high from the supports and shook his head slowly from side to side, smiling evilly, "Sorry, Todd ... a deal's a deal. You finish the 3 hours or you get nothing. Make up your mind."

Todd's hopeful face fell and he shuffled across the cold stone floor on his tenderized bare feet to stand alongside the dreaded cage. "Well ... how am I supposed to get in there?", he reluctantly asked.

The vulnerable puppy-dog look in Todd's eyes, a look obviously meant to inspire pity, merely stimulated in Shane an even stronger desire to see him suffer. He moved the small table in the room up next to the cage and instructed Todd to climb on top and then step into the open cage from there.

As Todd stepped gingerly in, he noticed three somewhat blunt metal spikes fixed to each of the iron foot supports at the end of each leg extension. He hadn't noticed these before and they worried him, but he was able to lie back in the cage so that his soles were hardly in contact with them at all. Two barely grazed each side of the fleshy balls of each foot and one was positioned under each heel; the foot supports stopped short of his toes which protruded outside the cage altogether. No big deal; since he was lying on his back his feet bore no weight, so the spikes presented no threat. He decided they were there just for effect and he relaxed a bit, his body cradled by the contours of the iron bands.

"Arms up! Straight up into the arm compartments!", Shane barked, and Todd obeyed, raising each arm upright alongside his head and letting them rest in the extensions rising up on either side. His tender armpits began to feel like hapless targets once again.

"Heh, heh, heh ... If you thought the bondage in that chair was severe, tuff-guy, you won't BELIEVE what this is going to be like! Get ready for hell, my friend ...", smiling with a cruel anticipation, Shane slowly swung the top of the cage closed. It creaked ominously on its hinges as it came banging down over the front of Todd's supine form. Shane locked each of the latches, securing him inside the sturdy body-shaped enclosure. A more claustrophobic man would have lost it at that point, but Todd remained reasonably calm, concentrating on relaxation breathing with eyelids closed to stave off his growing panic. Alas, poor Todd's bondage was far from complete.

While he continued his breathing exercise, Shane retrieved a wrench from the cabinet and then returned to the stud's caged body. He immediately put the wrench to work tightening the bolts that held the metal bands of the cage together. He began at Todd's feet, working up both legs to his waist. As each bolt was tightened in turn, the already fairly snug bands of metal began to constrict the boy's body even more.

"JEEEZE, MAN ... how fucking sadistic can you be?!!", Todd's eyes had snapped open at the first sensation of the metal bands closing tighter around his feet, pushing the soles down more firmly against the iron spikes. It didn't exactly hurt, but the blunt spikes were now much more noticeably pressing into the bottoms of his feet, into the fleshy balls and heels. His breathing exercise completely forgotten, Todd's alarm was increasing rapidly as Shane worked his way up to his torso, contracting the metal bands enough to completely paralyze his legs as he went, "No man, C'MON ... this is too much!!"

Shane just smiled coldly and went to work on Todd's torso, cruelly compressing his chest under the shrinking metal bands. When it became difficult to tighten the bands any further, Shane firmly instructed Todd to exhale and empty his lungs of air. And then the bands around his chest were tightened just a little more. Todd felt his breathing severely constricted then, and an expression of full-blown panic blossomed in his face as an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia took over his brain. He began to hyperventilate mildly, rapidly taking very shallow breaths now that deep ones were impossible.

"NO ... No no no-no-nooooo ... I can't do this, I can't do this!!! Let me out of this fucking thing! LET ME OUT ... NOW!!!"

Shane stopped the preparations, looked down into Todd's distressed face, waited patiently for the boy's breathing to normalize, and then asked calmly, "Do you REALLY want to quit, Todd? Are you REALLY ready to give up all that money?"

Even though Todd took the time to mull it over, Shane was sure of what the response would be, "Ummm ... uh, w-well ... ah, shit!! No. No, I guess I'm not quitting. I'll go on ... but, PLEEZE cut me some slack, dude ... huh?"

Shane continued just as calmly as he'd started, "Good ... I'm glad you're sticking it out ... and NO, I will not take it easy on you. This is a bet, tuff-guy ... no mercy will be shown! And one more thing ...", he adopted a no-nonsense tone, "... I am sick of stopping every time you start whining just to make sure you're not really ready to seriously give up. I understand it's hard not to beg me to stop when it gets really bad. Believe it or not, I understand how you feel ... like you're about to crawl out of your skin, like you're ready to do anything in the world just to make it stop even for a second ... but I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of! From now on I will NOT stop every time you scream for me to, just so you can snag yourself another break and then decide you really want to keep going after all. And I understand how easy words like 'stop', 'don't', and 'let me go' can slip through your lips at moments of incredible stress ... (besides, I LOVE hearing you beg like that anyway) ... so I have a better plan. From now on I will not stop unless I hear you scream 'I DON'T WANT THE MONEY' three times in a row ... and when you do, it's final. You lose; no back tracking! Get it, Todd? I am very, very serious about this. That is the ONLY thing that will make me stop from here on out, and when I do there is no turning back. Dem's da breaks, tuff-guy. You can scream and beg all you like, but when you really want to quit for good you will yell 'I DON'T WANT THE MONEY' three times!', and that will be IT!! Now ... DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

Poor Todd could only nod solemnly. It was perfectly, terribly clear; the torture would be entering an even more intense phase, and if he wanted the thousand bucks he had no choice but to agree to the revised terms. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, expanding his lungs as much as he could to fuel himself with oxygen for the ordeal that lay ahead as Shane went back to work adjusting the shrinking cage around his utterly helpless body.

Once Todd's chest was sufficiently compressed, Shane began to work on his arms. When each iron band up to his wrists had been tightened as much as possible Todd's armpits felt more exposed than they ever had before in his entire life. Stretched open to their limits, the wispy hairs saturated with sweat, they felt like sitting ducks hopelessly trapped on either side of his caged face. Unprotected and totally immovable, they were simply exquisitely tender targets for Shane's cruel violations.

With his head enclosed in metal bands and his arms immobilized so completely, Todd could only glance worriedly out of the corners of his eyes at his helpless underarms from inside the cage, feeling as if, despite how near they were, they may just as well have been miles away for all the protection he could provide them. He could smell his own musk emanating from the moist pits framing his face, he could see the glimmering sheen of perspiration accenting the taut flesh under each arm, but he could do nothing to prevent anything that would happen to them in the next hour. He was absolutely powerless to do anything but suffer ... and for some reason the thought caused a stirring in his groin. He was getting even harder, and there was nothing he could do about that either!

As Shane began to close the bands around Todd's head, making sure that he had no space left inside to allow any movement at all from side to side, the panic really began to show in his handsome face. He was forced to face straight ahead which seemed to increase his sense of helplessness ten fold. Then to his utter horror Shane began to adjust the metal bands encircling Todd's muscular neck, but instead of constricting these bands the effect was to lengthen them vertically, stretching his neck upward, lifting his jaw and pushing it shut. His head was totally trapped within the confines of the cage and he could only open his mouth very slightly over forcibly clenched teeth.

Todd's body was more fully and completely restrained and contained than it ever had been before in all of his previous experience, or ever would be again ... he hoped. His toes and fingers could wiggle and that was all. Every other part of his form was held splayed and absolutely motionless in the rigid embrace of the tight iron bands. He could feel the confining pressure evenly throughout his entire body, from his feet all the way up to his wrists. He was trapped. Totally trapped. And the sadistic gleam in Shane's eyes as his gaze traveled hungrily up and down Todd's pinioned limbs, his caged head and torso, made his lack of control over the situation all the more acute. The overwhelming sensation of ultimate helplessness was beyond maddening! Todd felt as if his eyes were staring out from a body that was no longer his own; a body that was no longer under his control at all, except for his breathing which had been reduced to shallow, constricted inhalations by the iron bands tightly encircling his chest.

"I can't move! I can't move ... AT ALL!!", his brain screamed inside his skull no matter how much he willed its silence. Panic was taking over his thoughts, destroying the calm facade he was so desperately trying to keep intact.

He wanted to quit. He wanted to yell out those five words that would make it all stop, that would exempt him from the impending hell that awaited him: I DON'T WANT THE MONEY. That was all he had to say and the ordeal would be over as quickly as it had begun. Five simple words that would put an end to this litany of torments, five words that would bring the sweet bliss of release to his aching, tortured body ... five words that would mean passing on the opportunity to take home a thousand bucks for a mere 3 hours of his time! What was he thinking? He needed that money too much! Todd mustered his resolve, adopted a stiff upper lip, and vowed to himself to make it through.

The bondage finally complete, Shane stepped back to observe his handsome young captive then. It was as if he'd suddenly been engulfed in an incredibly erotic dream of epic proportions. The sexy young construction stud lay stretched-out before him, his powerful, muscular body trapped in a tight cocoon of unforgiving metal. His lean, moist flesh bulged slightly into the gaps between the bands with key areas of his form left exposed for Shane's cruel explorations. Todd's armpits were held open and waiting, his toes flexed occasionally outside the cage, his rigid, swollen cock protruded through the space between the bands that encircled his waist and those just below that imprisoned his muscular thighs. Sweat oozed from his pores and dripped over the metal bands in places, making it seem as if the moisture was literally being squeezed from his body like juice out of a ripe piece of fruit. Shane's hand fell to his crotch and gave his own hard cock a firm squeeze through the denim, his sadistic grin growing as his eyes took in the delicious sight.

Then he reached out and pushed the solid metal visor attached to the head compartment of the cage down into place over Todd's eyes. As the blindfold effectively cut off his vision, Todd groaned in the knowledge that whatever happened next would come as a very unpleasant surprise. Next he heard the timer being set and started. The familiar loud ticking caused every muscle in his body to contract in trepidation.

Shane pinched one of Todd's nipples then, letting his arm brush against the tip of his jutting cock as he did, as if by accident. He noted the way the erection twitched when he made that slight contact. It pulsed twice, straining futilely up into the air, a drop of precum forming at its tip and dribbling thickly down the tumescent shaft. A soft groan/whimper escaped from between Todd's clenched teeth and Shane knew then that he had the poor boy exactly where he wanted him: alive with lust and immersed in a sea of erotic torment.

He twisted Todd's other nipple hard and the boy's penis twitched again, this time without the aid of any additional stimulation. He gasped out loud as his cock began to drip even more. It bobbed in space, jutting urgently outside the confines of the cage, practically begging for contact of some kind ... ANY kind.

Shane squeezed the tender nipple harder between his thumb and forefinger as he leaned forward to whisper into Todd's ear, "You like this ... don't you? ADMIT IT!"

Todd clenched his jaws defiantly and did his best to remain stoically silent, but his lips trembled slightly, belying his growing involuntary arousal.

"Your cock is SO hard right now, Todd. The damn thing is dripping like a leaky faucet!", the sadistic teasing was making Shane's own hardened penis throb inside his pants, "You want me to touch it ... don't you, Todd?"

He waited patiently for an answer. Seconds passed as the timer ticked loudly into the stillness. Finally, defeated, Todd nodded his head almost imperceptibly in its cruel restraints. Then his lips moved over forcibly clenched teeth, "Y-yes ... touch it. Touch it ... pl-please?" It was barely a whisper.

The poor boy seemed so desperate and he asked so nicely that Shane's cold heart was almost moved. Almost. He reached out and grabbed Todd's stiff penis and stroked firmly, slowly, up and down its trembling length. Todd exhaled loudly at the exquisite sensation, groaning in sublime ecstasy. His entire body became absolutely rigid with tension as he was edged inexorably closer to the precipice of orgasm. Shane pumped the slippery cock 10 to 12 times, pumped it until it was obvious that one more stroke would bring the boy off ... and then he let it go, watching it bob in the air with need, glazed with a thick coating of precum as it glistened in the torch light, aching and unfulfilled.

Todd groaned loudly in frustration that bordered on agony. His sweat-slicked abs strained mightily to buck his hips and fuck the air, but the iron bands allowed him not even the slightest movement.

"Oh god ... oh god ... please ...", he breathed between clenched teeth, "Don't stop! PLEASE don't stop!! I'm s-so fucking cl-close!!! PLEASE?!"

"I'm sorry, Todd", Shane whispered with demonic relish, "I just remembered you made me promise not to touch you in a sexual way ... isn't that right? I can't do it. My word is my bond, tuff-guy." Shane couldn't help chuckling in the face of Todd's exquisite frustration.

Todd's lips pursed for a moment under the iron blindfold and then parted to whisper almost inaudibly, "I-I ch-changed my m-mind. I w-want you to. REALLY want you to! I HAVE to cum ... please?! You have my permission to touch it ... pl-please ... RIGHT NOW...PLEASE?!!"

"I'm really very sorry, Todd", Shane lied through his teeth, thoroughly enjoying the unfortunate young construction worker's misery and pleading, "I can't. It wouldn't be right. My hands are tied!", he laughed out loud at that irony and then he reached out anyway and lightly tickled under Todd's free-hanging testicles. In response to the tantalizing sensation, the sensitive flesh of his scrotum drew up tautly around his balls and his cock jerked with enflamed need. Another drop of glistening precum oozed from the distended tip to drip thickly onto the stone floor beneath the suspended cage.

Todd could feel the semen boiling inside him, churning inside his swollen nuts, demanding release through his climax-poised erection, but the necessary tactile sensations just weren't there. His penis could only throb wetly in mid-air desperately waiting for the release that Shane was being very careful NOT to trigger. The feeling was well beyond the intensity of any sexual tension Todd had ever experienced before. His cock ached; it burned with desire. He would have done anything ... ANYTHING ... to convince Shane to wrap his fist tightly around the rigid staff and jerk it to a glorious, mind-numbing orgasm. He would have agreed to any torture Shane could have conceived of in order to cum ... but he wasn't even given that option. So Todd groaned and grit his teeth, waiting in dread for what would come next.

Shane bent down to move his face closer to Todd's vulnerable left armpit, to inhale the strong scent of fear and fresh sweat that was constantly trickling through the dark matted hair. He let his face hover there for a moment, basking in the body-heat that emanated from the tender wet flesh imprisoned within the wide strips of iron. Todd's breathing accelerated in apprehension as he felt Shane's hot breath under his arm. Shane remembered how delicious the poor boy's toes had been when he'd feasted on them in the stocks and could wait no longer to sample the skin of his sweaty underarms. He dove in suddenly, his mouth open wide to devour the entire pit, pushing his tongue into the deep hollow, greedily licking and nibbling at the helpless flesh. The salty flavor spurred him on and his feasting became more ravenous. Todd screamed into the silence of the cellar as he felt Shane's tongue invading his exposed armpit, squirming insistently and wetly along the taut flesh, his teeth nipping furiously at its tender recesses. His screams became mixed with helpless, agonized laughter as Shane continued lapping up the delicious sweat, obviously unconcerned with the degree of torment he caused his unfortunate victim.

"AAAAAAHH G-G-GAAAAHD, NOOOOOOO!! AH AHHH HA HAAAA HA HAAAA, N-N-NOOO OH-OH-OH ... HA HAAA HAAAARRRGH ...", Todd's tortured laughter and screams continued unabated for about 5 minutes until Shane finally lifted his face away from the steaming, saliva-slicked armpit and smacked his lips in appreciation of the flavor. The boy gulped air in shallow, constricted breaths. He said not a word as he recovered from the brief assault, knowing that nothing he could say would stop this ... nothing but giving up that money, and he still wasn't quite ready to do that.

Shane leaned over Todd's blindfolded face then, a sinister chuckle bubbling up from his throat as he watched the poor boy trying to compose himself, "Let's stand you up on your feet, shall we, Todd?"

Without waiting for an answer, Shane reached out to grab hold of the lever at the side of the iron framework that supported the cage. As he began to ratchet the lever, the cage began to slowly tilt upward, notch by notch, from a fully horizontal position to a gradually more vertical orientation. To Todd's utter horror he realized that as the cage became more upright, more and more of his body weight would be distributed to his feet. As they were gradually forced to take on his weight, the bottoms of his feet were pressed more firmly against the blunt iron spikes under them. The spikes were apparently not just for show after all! Todd groaned loudly behind the iron visor as the previously benign spikes began to assert an increasingly uncomfortable pressure on the tender soles of his trapped feet.

Part VIII - Laughter and Tears

As the cage slowly tilted more and more upright on its axis, the blunt spikes pushed harder and harder into the soft tissue on the tender pads at Todd's heels and the balls of his feet. What began as a dull ache was a throbbing, ever-increasing pain by the time Shane locked him into a fully vertical position. With all of his weight supported on six iron spikes under his feet, a grimace of real pain contorted Todd's face. He tried to shift his weight from foot to foot, to pull some of his body weight up off the spikes using his strong arms, but it was useless. The nature of his bondage insured that he could do nothing but stand there, trapped within the inflexible grip of the intensely cramped cage, suffering as the shooting pain in his soles grew with each passing second.

Shane lifted the iron visor up away from Todd's face then, to see how his beautiful brown eyes looked in response to this new dimension in the torture. He was greeted with an irresistible expression of panic, fear, pain and desperate, burning need. Each of these elements were mingling erotically deep down in the furthest reaches of those chocolate eyes; a clash of conflicting sensations and emotions swirled and sparked down there: pleasure and pain, anger and lust ... all of it was reflected in the dark aspect of the boy's wonderfully expressive eyes. Todd was almost beside himself in the mind-numbing intensity of the moment. It took a minute for his dazzled vision to readjust to the firelight, but when it did, the eyeballs in his immobilized head swiveled in their sockets, immediately and desperately looking to the table for the timer. When his gaze found the face of the timer, his eyes squeezed shut in despair and a plaintive groan escaped his lips. So little time had passed! SO much was left to go!! He grit his teeth and tried to face the facts:

Time elapsed: 15 minutes. Time left to endure in this godforsaken cage!: 45 minutes!!!

Todd strove heroically to maintain a stony facade of masculine stoicism, to hold on to the little pride he could in such a compromising predicament. The pain in his soles was still getting gradually worse though, and the only way it would stop was if Shane found it in his black heart to rotate the cage back into a reclined position, distributing Todd's body weight more humanely to the iron bands crossing his back instead of the blunt iron spikes under his bare feet. From the look on Shane's face as he stood there in front of the cage thirstily drinking in the sight of Todd's suffering, it didn't seem as if that would happen any time soon. In fact, Todd had learned enough about Shane in the last couple of hours to know that there was no chance in hell that he would show any mercy at all ... EVER!

But Todd had reached a point at which pleading was automatic and involuntary. He no longer had a choice in the matter. The unbearably tight restriction of the cage, the increasing pain in his feet, the frustrated anguish of his cruelly tantalized cock, and the constant threat of even more sadistic tickling had reduced the poor boy to a handsome, blubbering wreck.

"Oh GOD ... it hurts! It fucking hurts, man!! Aaaah ... OWW, shit man! (grunt) C'MON ...! ", Todd suddenly blurted out through a crack in his stoic mask. His voice was higher pitched now; pure panic had finally taken over completely, "(gasp) ... Aaaaah, FUCK ... you gotta put it back down! (gasp ... grunt) AH, SHIT!! Put this goddamn thing back down ... NOW ... PLEASE?!! I can't take this shit!! My feet are KILLING me, man ... pleeeeze?!!"

The boy was indeed in a pitiful state, but it only made Shane beam with deliciously sadistic pleasure as he listened to the desperate begging, letting the erotic sound of it stimulate him even more. He let his hand travel down to his crotch and give his own leaking cock a few more good squeezes through the dampening denim of his jeans while at the same time watching Todd sweat naked inside the iron body-form, frantically imploring to at least be relieved of the torment in his tender soles. But Shane grabbed Todd's still-throbbing cock instead and firmly gave it an agonizingly slow stroke ... and then another even slower one. The boy's eyes widened in surprise inside the head-cage, a loud moan welled up from deep within his chest, and his entire body went suddenly rigid in its bonds as the fiendish teasing of his hopelessly aroused cock began anew. The pumping continued with Shane relaxing the grip of his fist a little more after each slippery stroke.

Todd groaned. A sound that could have been inspired either by pleasure or pain; it was impossible to tell for sure. The agony in his tortured feet melded with the unbearable pleasure shooting through his groin to create an erotic euphoria that transcended both pain and bliss; his body was wracked with both extremes of sensation. His perfect toes clenched and flexed freely on the outside of the cage, but the iron bands over the tops of his feet made it impossible for him to pull the tender soles away from the spikes.

Shane's grip on Todd's throbbing cock gradually, maddeningly loosened with each stroke until he was barely grazing the poor boy's hungry shaft as it slid slowly in and out of his slackening fist. And then he let it go completely again, leaving the pulsing staff to ache urgently with unsatisfied need. Todd whimpered in quiet desperation and his body shuddered once in the sudden loss of all genital stimulation. A single tear of frustration and pain trickled down a flushed cheek as the pleasure dissipated completely without affording any release, leaving poor Todd with only the insistent ache in his cock, and the pain in his trapped feet which was still increasing by the second. The load of cum broiling in his balls was reaching critical mass. His acutely tantalized penis felt as if it would split in half if he didn't shoot soon! Every cell in his brain was focused on his leaky cock as it throbbed hopelessly out in front of the cage.

Shane knelt down in front of the cage then, and he leaned in close to study Todd's trembling erection. It glistened deliciously in the red/orange light of the torches, silently begging to be touched. Shane delighted in the fact that a single fingertip tickling the underside of the poor boy's testicles would cause him to gasp and his desperately rigid penis to jerk erratically in the air. Unfortunately for Todd, Shane found his captive's uselessly twitching penis endlessly amusing. Over and over again Shane teasingly ran the tip of his finger up the straining shaft and around the edge of the glans, eliciting a deep, tortured moan from the boy each time. He forced drop after sticky drop of precum to ooze from the head of the boy's frustrated cock, keeping his handsome pleasure victim right at the brink of orgasm without ever letting him shoot.

Shane noticed Todd looking down at him in desperation as he toyed with his swollen cock. With a smirk on his face, Shane winked at the helpless construction stud and then parted his lips as he moved his head closer and closer to the poor guy's throbbing erection, maintaining eye-contact with him the whole time.

"Oh yes...do it...do it, please...", Todd panted through a haze of erotic torment.

Shane slowly extended his tongue until it's tip made contact with the quivering tip of Todd's penis. He swirled his tongue lightly through the precum there, and then traced it delicately around the super-sensitive ridge of the glans. Todd's tormented cock began to twitch even more frantically.

"Oh god ... yesssss! ... (gasp) ... OH FUCK, YEAH ...c'mon, man ... (pant, pant) ... suck it ... PLEASE, suck it!!?"

Shane opened his mouth wide and slowly devoured the entire length of the slick, over-heated erection. He let the warm wetness of his mouth envelop it totally. He opened the back of his throat and let the boy's delicious penis in as far down as it would go. Then he constricted his throat muscles around it, squeezing it until he could tell that it was just about to erupt, carefully drew the slippery shaft out of his mouth again through the tight circle he'd made of his lips, and then pulled away just before the poor boy's climax could be irrevocably triggered.

"AAAAHH AH AH ... GOD ....OH GOD, NOOOOO!!!", Todd's face was contorted in a mask of pain and thwarted ecstasy.

"Gosh, Todd ... I am so sorry about that!", Shane stood up, wiped his lips off on the back off his arm, stared directly into Todd's suffering face behind the iron bands, and grinned cruelly, "I keep forgetting my promise not to molest you, don't I?! Heh, heh ...well don't you worry, tuff-guy, I won't let that happen again! Promise. Heh, heh."

Todd's body shuddered continuously now in the grip of Shane's skillful sexual torture. He groaned loudly in utter frustration. His cock tingled with the nearness of the orgasm that had been dangled before him, just out of his reach; his eyes teared with the hopelessness of his situation. His feet were killing him, his cock was killing him ... and he was at the mercy of a man who was loving every minute of it!

"I don't know why I can't remember that ... ", Shane continued, " ... You're NOT here for me to have sex with ... ", the look in Shane's eyes then was pure evil as he mockingly chided himself for being naughty, " ... you're here for me to ... TICKLE!!!"

"Oh GOD, no ... (gasp) ... NO ...not like this!! PLEASE, NO?!", Todd glanced hopefully at the timer. Still 30 minutes left to go! DAMN!!

Smiling coldly, Shane reached up and moved the iron blindfold back into place. Fresh tears rolled down Todd's hot cheeks from under the visor then, and Shane leaned forward to lick the salty drops from his face, letting his tongue trail briefly, hotly, over the boy's trembling lips as he did. Todd's lips were sweeter than honey and the taste of them made Shane's own cock throb inside his pants.

"Ready, Todd?"

"NO, man! Aww FUCK ...(gasp, pant) ... c'mon, man!! This is enough, huh? (grunt) I can't fucking take any more of this shit! I'll go fuckin' nuts, man ... REALLY!!", the tears were continuously trickling down from behind the iron visor, "Look, man ... you can jack me off, man ... (pant, pant) ... I give you my permission, man. I SWEAR! ... You can eat my dick, dude. I'll even suck yours if you want, man, just take me off of these goddamn spikes ... (gasp) ... and for the love of god, don't TICKLE me any more ... PLEASE?!!"

"Do you want the thousand bucks or not, Todd?"

"Oh shit ... oh fuck, man ... ", hopelessness and despair tinged Todd's otherwise masculine voice, "... y-yeah. yes. Fuck! I still want the money! FUCK!!", the poor boy was actually whimpering now, his endurance finally eroded down to nothing, but his greed still intact. His face wet with tears, quietly sobbing behind the metal mask, he said nothing more.

"Well then, you're fresh out of luck, Todd, because unless you're ready to give up, I get to do whatever I want. And what I want to do right now is tickle the fucking daylights out of you while you stand on those spikes, tuff-guy ... heh, heh, heh ... so you better get ready for this! It's going to be BAD!!!"

Standing directly in front of Todd's gorgeous, sweat-slicked, helplessly bound and exposed body, Shane felt a rush of power. The poor guy shivered in dread, every muscle tensed for the attack he blindly waited for. His constricted breathing was shallow and rapid. The soles of his beautiful feet screamed in pain as he was compelled to balance his weight atop the hateful spikes. Shane enjoyed the sublime misery of the moment, and then he dove in with both hands, savagely digging his fingers into Todd's lower rib cage on each side. He began ruthlessly squeezing and prodding the boy's defenseless sides and Todd reacted as if a thousand volts of electricity had just coursed through the metal of the cage. He stiffened within the confines of the iron bands and howled like a banshee:


Shane grinned maniacally and ignored Todd's desperate pleas for mercy. His fingers continued to knead the boy's sensitive ribs, making his endlessly tormented body convulse reflexively inside the cage, reducing him to incoherent sputtering and helpless, uncontrollable laughter. Then Shane moved his hands up Todd's shuddering torso and began wriggling his fingers through the sweat-drenched hair in his victim's stretched-out armpits, causing the screaming laughter to rise even higher in pitch. Todd tried to twist away from the relentless fingers, but it was useless; he could not budge even a fraction of an inch! There was no escape!! Shane continued the horrible tickle-torture for a full ten minutes without giving the poor boy even a moment's respite the entire time. His tormenting fingers moved back and forth from Todd's tender ribs to his dripping pits, making occasional side trips to lightly tease his exposed navel and hard little nipples. By the time Shane's hands came to rest on the boy's hips, Todd was a blubbering mess. He was giggling quietly, as if still being lightly tickled while he tried to catch his breath, and fresh tears continued to stream down his ruddy cheeks.

The sight of the tortured boy was suddenly too much for Shane. Intoxicated by his beauty and his delicious agony, Shane leaned forward and kissed him full on the mouth, and to his surprise the boy's luscious lips parted and allowed his tongue to snake inside. Todd was kissing him back just as passionately! The sweet taste of the boy's mouth mingled with the salty flavor of his sweat and tears as they kissed, and Shane began to press the hard mound in his jeans up against the swollen shaft of Todd's exquisitely aroused cock which spasmed as the coarse denim rubbed along its tender length. He backed off a moment, fumbled with the zipper of his jeans, pulled his own turgid erection free from his white briefs and pressed it up against Todd's precum-slicked penis again, grinding his hips into the other man's crotch, sliding their slippery cocks against each other until they were both on the verge of orgasm. Both men were trembling at the onset of climax, but Shane, the keen observer of sexual responses that he was, pulled away just in time, leaving Todd to teeter on the brink while he grabbed his own bursting cock with a tight fist and stroked it five times to an earth-shattering release. Shane growled like an animal while he came, splattering Todd's still painfully unrelieved erection with several hot spurts of milky-white semen. The poor boy, helplessly confined inside the tight cage, was forced to listen from behind his blindfold to Shane's seething eruption of pleasure, but was unable to reach his own erection; he couldn't cum even though he was so close that one good, firm stroke would bring him off.

"Ungh! Ungh, unhhhh ... oooh, yeah ... UNGGHHH ... UNHHH ... AH ... AHH ... AAAHHAHA YEAH!! AAHHHHH ... oh ... OH ... OH GOD ... yes ... yes ... YES ... uh Uh UH ... UNGHHH AHHHHHH ... YESSSSSSSS !!!!!", Shane's eyes had rolled up into his head and his fist had frozen on his cock, squeezing it tightly just under the spasming head as the powerful orgasm hit and the built-up load of semen shot out of his trembling balls with impressive force, splashing warmly all over Todd's abdomen and twitching, purple/red erection. Shane's eyelids closed and fluttered lightly as wave after wave of exquisite ecstasy washed over him and then gradually faded away, draining him almost completely, but leaving him smiling blissfully in sadistic satisfaction. His fingers, wet with his own glistening cum, loosened their grip around his still somewhat erect cock. Then he opened his eyes again and his smile turned suddenly cold as he took in the sight of his sweaty captured pup, still agonizingly unsatisfied and hovering at the cusp of release, frozen in that split-second before climax when the pleasure is so intense it's painful, that moment when everything but pure sensation is blocked out as the body prepares to plunge into the orgasmic abyss. But there was no orgasm for poor Todd. He was suspended in that pre-climax moment until the sheer nearness of release became a torture in itself. His hyper-aroused penis, rigidly poised for ejaculation, throbbed and ached from need more than Todd ever thought possible!

"Ahhh ... MAN!! (pant, pant, pant) That was fucking GREAT!! (gasp) MMmmmm HMMmmmm ... that sure felt GOOD, alright!!", Shane reached out and lightly stroked Todd's scrotum, still practically bursting with cum, and caused the desperate cock to quiver uncontrollably again, "Don't YOU wish you could do that, Todd? Wouldn't that feel great right about now, tuff-guy? Your poor balls look like they're ready to pop ... and look, your dick's all purple! Heh, heh ... I sure wish I hadn't made that promise ... damn the luck ... then I might be able to help you out, buddy. Sorry. Heh, heh, heh ..."

"(gasp) ... C'mon, man ... PLEASE!?! (pant, pant) ... Please get me off ... please ... GET ME OFF, PLEEEEEZE!?!", Todd was sobbing loudly now as Shane's semen dripped thickly off the end his trembling, unsatisfied penis.

With a devilish grin, Shane picked up one of the feathers and began using it to lightly tickle the desperate stud's swollen testicles. Each light, fluttery stroke of the feather under his balls caused the poor guy's penis to throb harder and more rapidly, and to ache more intensely. He shuddered and inhaled sharply on each pass of the cruelly tantalizing plume.

Then Todd, losing all composure, suddenly let out a loud groan of severe frustration and screamed pitifully at the top of his lungs in the soundproof basement, "DEAR GOD ... (pant) ... OH, PLEEEZE ... JUST LET ME CUM! LET ME CUM!!! OH GOD ... (grunt, groan, grunt) ... I CH-CHANGED MY M-MIND ... DO YOU HEAR ME?! I W-WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME ... I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM ... (grunt, pant, grunt) ... I GIVE YOU MY PERMISSION ... I'M S-SORRY I MADE YOU PROMISE ... DO YOU HEAR?!? I'M SORRY!!! YOU HAVE TO LET ME C-CUM, MAN!!! (pant, pant) PLEEEEEZE?!?!! (gasp)"

Shane chuckled cruelly, his sadism un-quelled by his recent orgasm. He reached out and began to ratchet the crank beside the cage again. The metal cocoon began slowly tilting forward, gradually taking the weight off of Todd's poor feet until his body was fully horizontal again, but facing down this time instead of up. Despite his raging hard-on, Todd sighed in relief as the spikes ceased to press cruelly into his soft soles.

"That feels a little better, huh, tuff-guy?", Shane had pulled the visor up away from Todd's eyes again and was crouching down to look up into the boy's miserable face.

"Yes", Todd whispered as tears and droplets of sweat dripped from his face to the stone floor beneath him, "Yes, it feels better. Thank you ... thank you!" His toes flexed and stretched at the ends of the leg braces, working blood back into the tingling indentations where the blunted spikes had been boring into his soles. He moaned in pleasure as the terrible pain in his feet slowly receded.

"Would you like me to let your arms out now ... let you flex them a bit?", Shane asked a little too sweetly, "Would you like that, Todd?"

"Oh yes, please!", the thought of freely moving and flexing his painfully sore arms seemed like a major luxury to Todd at that point.

"Okay, Todd ...", Shane's voice took on a sober, warning tone, "... but if you so much as touch that swollen cock of yours ... or even scratch your balls ... you're a dead man! I'll tickle you for an hour non-stop as punishment and you won't get a red cent afterwards!! Do you understand, Todd?! I'm very serious about this! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!"

"y-yes ... I understand."

Shane immediately retrieved the wrench and began removing all of the bolts along the bands encircling Todd's arms, starting at the wrists and moving all the way down to his shoulders one at a time. Once they were all removed, Shane pulled each of the iron bands open to free Todd's arms from their bondage at last. The poor boy immediately pulled his sore arms down, out of the open braces, and sighed out loud; another small relief! He was instantly compelled to reach for his aching cock and jerk himself off in a frenzy of sexual release ... but Shane's stern warning still rang in his ears and he used every ounce of will-power he had to keep his hands away from his desperate, leaking erection. The tight bands left noticeable red stripes along the length of his lean, muscular arms, but the indentations gradually faded while Todd rubbed each aching limb in turn, massaging and flexing every tender muscle and moaning quietly to himself. Something almost like a smile crossed his face briefly, but then the sound of Shane's voice reminded him that his ordeal was far from over.

"Ready for a little game, tuff-guy?"

His arms were free now, and he could bend and twist and flex them as much as he liked, working out the cramps and stimulating the circulation, but Todd was still effectively trapped. He could move his arms, but the rest of his body was still inextricably enclosed within the tight iron bands. As much as he wanted to bolt from the cage, he was stuck there, waiting helplessly for the next of Shane's diabolical tortures.

Shane crouched down in front of Todd's body suspended face down over the floor, and looked up into his long-suffering face, "This feels a lot better than when you were standing up, doesn't it?"

Todd nodded as much as he could.

"And you wouldn't want to end up in that position again, would you?", Shane posed each question with exaggerated sweetness, acting if he were truly concerned with the poor boy's wishes.

Todd shook his head as emphatically as he could, and whispered, "no ... no ... please, no ...". Fresh tears began to fill his eyes again as he imagined that prospect; the thought filled him with horror!

"Okay, okay ... heh, heh ... calm down, tuff-guy, calm down ...", Shane chuckled as he reached out and wiped a tear away from Todd's cheek, "... don't worry, I'll leave it all up to you." He took each of Todd's free arms by the wrists and guided them to the hand-grips on each side, bolted onto the framework suspending the cage. Instinctively, Todd gripped each handle in a fist without yet understanding why, extending each arm straight out to either side as if he were crucified. "Now ...", the wicked gleam was back in Shane's eyes, "... I'm going to take the brake off in a second ... the brake that keeps this cage locked into position. When I do that, I'm afraid the cage is going to want to swing back upright ..."

Todd whimpered pitifully at the news, his sweet lips began to tremble, and a few more tears leaked from his beautiful eyes.

"... now now, tuff-guy, it's not as bad as it sounds. Your arms are free, you have those grips to hold onto ... you're all set! All you've got to do is support the weight of the lower half of the cage and not let it tilt up into a vertical position. As long as you can do that you won't have to stand on those nasty spikes again ... I promise!"

Todd's face was stricken with dread. What little resolve he'd mustered to remain calm evaporated and pure panic set in again, "NO! NO, YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! YOU CAN'T!!"

Shane's face was alive with sadism as he continued to taunt his helpless victim, "Aw, now come on, tuff-guy, you're a healthy boy. Look at those big, strong arms of yours! Sure, I know you had to do an awful lot of brick loading today on the job ... I watched every back-breaking minute of it from my dining room window, actually; looked pretty rough, heh heh ... but surely there's enough strength left in those arms of yours to hold this cage up for just about ...", Shane glanced at the steadily ticking timer on the table, "... 15 minutes! You can do it, Todd. I KNOW you can, tuff-guy!! Ready?!!"

"NO!", Todd blurted, "PLEASE?! I'm BEGGING you, man ... don't do this!!! I'm worn out, man! PLEASE?!"

"You're playing this game whether you like it or not, tuff-guy!", Shane released the brake. A loud metallic clank echoed in the firelit dungeon, and at that same moment Todd's arms were suddenly forced to engage, the corded muscles tensing as they took on the weight of the cage he was trapped in.

In that first moment, taken by surprise and unprepared for the weight, Todd let the cage rock slightly back toward a vertical position. He felt the tender soles of his big, trapped feet gradually beginning to press into the waiting spikes, but then with a loud groan, considerable will-power, and a look of determination on his handsome face, he strained until he'd leveled the cage horizontally again. He held the cage in position, knowing that if he let it swing fully vertical he'd never be able to get it back flat. His jaws clenched, his pores dripped sweat, his brow was furrowed and his eyes squeezed shut as the sore muscles of his arms strained heroically to support the cruel weight.

Todd was grunting rhythmically, his face a grimace of effort and pain, when he heard Shane's familiar taunting tone, "Ready to test your powers of concentration, tuff-guy?"

Todd opened his eyes to see Shane grinning maliciously in front of him, threateningly wielding the two stiff feathers again, "Oh God ... (grunt, gasp, grunt) ... NO!! (groan)"

"Oh god, yes ...", Shane smiled, "... sorry."

Todd glanced at the timer and moaned loudly, half in despair and half from the increasingly painful strain on his arms and shoulders ... still 13 minutes left to go!! He wasn't sure he could make it, but his tender feet were begging him to try!

Beaming demonically, Shane moved the feathers closer and closer to Todd's dripping armpits as he struggled, face down with his arms stretched out at each side, to keep the heavy cage horizontal, "Hang on, tuff-guy ...here we go!!"

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