Two gym jocks have a kinky encounter in the locker room after a hard workout in this true story by Strong.

After Work Out Domination
by Strong

After Work Out Domination


I had been going to the gym in West Hollywood for years. I found before they remolded they had a VIP locker room, being that I liked not having to be around the many people in the main locker room I upgraded for a few dollars and bought a new one. One night after a good hard work out on my legs and butt I had one of the best encounters that started in the locker room. The time was late summer, near closing on a Sunday. After my work out I did my routine of the shower. In this locker room one of the amenities was the private showers, vanity mirror, and bath room stalls. In the locker room that evening was me and another man we will call Mark. Now I stand at 6 feet with a lean divers/swimmers body. Chest is about 39 – 40. I have very little body fat and that day had a slight hair on my face. My body was somewhat smooth and tan. I on the outside have a clean cut military alpha male look. I though am very kinky and sub like in private. Sometimes I wear a white shirt with recon on it so some may get the idea. Mark was about 6 ‘2’ with large broad shoulders, a thick black mustache, with dark eyes and thick black hair. His skin was tan, from the look of his body and way he moved he had a very straight acting and alpha looking. He wore a tight dark blue shirt with a fire man’s symbol on it and dark black sweats. Now on the floor where we worked out I had noticed him, he was very hot but chatty with two women so I figured he was straight. Being that I figured this as he undressed I did not make eye contact for I did not want him to feel odd. I have a lot of strait friends who I respect as brothers; I know how to keep my space. But that was about to all change. Mark turned around then as I was in my towel and asked how my work out went. I turned walked over and said “Good”. After this he looked over my shoulder and eyed the t shirt that said recon on it and looked over at me and asked “What did you work out?” he asked with a gentle smile and deep voice. I replied “Normal lower body stuff, legs, thighs, and butt. Then swam some laps. “Mark looked with a tilt his head and nodded a bit. The way he then looked at me made me rethink his orientation. But still I was not sure.

After this happened he then asked “Let me see what the result is” I then opened my towel slightly with a bit of confusion and hesitation he then said “Again” but this time with more sternness and authority. I felt very uneasy for I was getting stiff and the towel was not helping hide it. I made a lean over the bench that he was standing next and lifted my leg in an attempt to hide my hard on. This though did not help but just made his reach closer for after another order of opening the towel to show my leg he went and quickly yanked the towel away from me. After the towel was out of my grip my hard on was fully exposed. If anyone would have walked in I could only pray I reach my gym bag to put underwear on or the shower to turn on the cold water. Mark then asked me “Do you have a boy friend?” I looked down and said “no” Before he could ask why I then replied I am very kinky and into bondage but hard to find a clean cut type that I am into to date that is into it.”

Mark then reached out grabbed my shoulder and pulled me towards the bench closer. My right leg that was on the bench lost its footing and I quickly sat down on top of it in a straddle like way. Mark’s hand on me only tortured my cock for his grip was warm firm and strong. When he walked behind me he started to feel my shoulders and peck’s and then rubbed my back and felt a bit of my butt. I felt very turned on by this and just stayed cool. He could tell I was somewhat nervous, and later used that against me. He then asked “What kind of dudes you into” He asked as he walked away from me and went and grabbed his gym bag from his locker behind me. I was not sure how to answer for he was my type and not wanting to sound desperate (Though I had not cum in days) . I said “Tall masculine kinky dudes that are into bondage that are HIV- negative drug free that are mppph” before I could say anything else I found my mouth was gagged with a long used gym sock. After it was secure in my mouth Mark tied it around my head quickly making the knot so tight the only thing I could do was moan. He then firmly pushed me down onto my chest and then tied my hands together with another long gym sock after he pulled my cock under me to wear it was laying on the bench facing him with my legs spread apart and on the ground. This position left my body very venerable and felt very submissive. In my mind I felt a fantasy was about to come true, and it was. After I was positioned I heard him spit in his hand he then took his left hand and started to probe my tight hole and rub and play with my hard cock’s slit and glands with his thumb. The sensation was intense and sensual. I moaned and buckled a bit. Because of the position I was in, buckling made me get probed deeper by his finger. When this happened my prostate was rubbed a bit. When this happened pre cum came out of my slit. I moaned a bit more as my blue eyes began to wander for here was this masculine god of a man taking control of me the best way any one could. Shortly after the probing he pulled his finger out and released my cock, he then grabbed the towel I was wearing and stood me up to my feet he then walked me to a smaller area of the VIP locker room that had a stall mirror and sink, he quickly threw the towel around me to cover my hard on and placed me over the sink slightly he opened the back and then began to rub my hole then finger me with his spit and cum covered finger then started to more aggressively finger me, eventually I was at the point of my feet almost off the ground. As this happened he made me look in the mirror and then made me say I was his bitch. I moaned it threw the gag several times; this was yes humiliating but also hot at the same time. Up until this point I was a top.

After a few moments of this he pulled his finger out of my tight whole and then walked me over to the stall when inside he placed me on the toilet seat he spread my legs open he then pulled the gag out of my mouth and onto my chin he kissed me briefly then undressed quickly under his tight gym clothes he had on a black jock in the nude he was a sight for sour eyes. Light dark hair covered his tan muscled body from head to toe. When naked he wrapped the jock he was wearing into a small ball and placed it deep into my mouth after he placed the sock gag back on, making to wear the sock covered the whole front of my mouth so that I could not spit the jock back out. After this he rubbed my left nipple with his thumb and pulled me head close to his chest in a arm lock style he then rubbed his way down my tight abdomen and grabbed my balls then said “I am going to lock your clothes and shit in my locker and then shower, if you have plans to night they are canceled. You are my bitch tonight after I shower you are going to wear what I tell you and we are going to leave and u will come back to my place and we will continue. Got it boy?” I shook my head yes as the grip on my balls tightened from Mark. He then just smiled and light tapped my face with his hand he then placed the towel over my head and left me in the stall and went to shower.

As he showered I dared not move from the stall, for I would not want to be discovered. I was rock hard and prayed that no one would open it. I then heard the shower turn off then some movement. Then the door opened. My heart stopped I did not move. I then felt Marks hands. This brought brief calmness to me. I then felt something that was not his finger, it was my plug I kept in the side pocket of my bag, and he had found that and my lube and lubed it up. He then firmly placed it into me. Being that I was sitting on the toilet there was room to do this.

After it was in he rubbed it more then left the stall, I heard him then brush his teeth and finish cleaning himself up. As this happened one of the male attendance came in, he was one of the few strait ones. He and Mark joked about something’s then had a conversation about the woman in the gym. After the worker left Mark entered the stall again and removed the towel he then stood me up and quickly led me out of the stall.

In the locker room Mark placed me on my knees and dressed himself when done he wore jeans and a tight black shirt d boots. Mark then took my gym bag and opened it and took out my shoes I worked out in he then unlaced them quickly and tied my cock and balls up with each of them. After this happened Mark then saw my gym shorts had holes in their pockets. Mark then untied my hands with the sock and tied one of the laces around my wrist then had me put the gym shorts on he then laced the lace through the cock and then back through the other pocket and then tied it around the other wrist. Mark then worked the pants on and then closed my gym bag he then had me step into the shoes that were mine with now no laces.

After he grabbed mine and his gym bag he then pulled the sock away from my mouth but told me to hot the jock inside still. I nodded sheepishly Mark then led me my back of the neck discreetly out the locker room. Thank god there was no one in the gym or on the street. As we walked me shirtless and discreetly gagged and him dressed holding both our gym bags he told me he lived just around the corner.

As soon as we turned the corner and walked away from Santa Monica we quickly were at his place. When in his private drive way he had me kneel I looked down, he then unzipped his fly and I felt my scalp covered in his urine.



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