A hairy muscle god is tricked, shaved down and transformed into a cock-hungry bottom in this hot story by Dixon!

What A Difference! - Part 1
by Dixon
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No one considered Kevin to be the head of the class, but any guy who had hung with him, and every guy who’d seen him strip down at the gym noticed his physique. Thickly muscled, with an equally thick pelt of masculine, dark, body hair, Kevin claimed to be horny 24/7, sporting a hefty fuck muscle.

Other Alpha males weren’t threatened by him as much as they fantasized about riding that bull of a man, tapping that hairy ass. The tightly rounded glutes were likely unclaimed, fertile virgin territory that if conquered, could make one fine muscle bitch.

Not the only man to see Kevin’s potential, Carey was the first to come up with a strategy to go for the gold – or rather, to go for that untouched hole. He played on Kevin’s ego, and his perpetual horny state. He convinced the big stud he had discovered a way to arouse his core manhood without any purple pill, and guarantee a mega ejaculation.

Nibbling at the lusty prospects, Kevin allowed Carey to secure a blindfold, making it like a game. He felt Carey’s hands fondling his bulging pecs, then toying with his nipples. He even brushed against Carey’s erect bone, reaching around to stroke his own pecker to full mast. He had no chance to see the six-inch butt plug Carey held, or to anticipate his locking down around his torso as he forced the intrusive probe between those thick cheeks into no-man’s land.

“Whoa, big fellow,” Carey coached, “Don’t fight it, just concentrate on relaxing to let this little toy in to wake up your core.”

Of course Kevin didn’t relax, forcing Carey to pull him against his body with one arm while he flexed the other to push harder. Kevin’s loud grunt confirmed that his sphincter had been breeched, the remaining inches of the plug working in until the ass ring slid down over the sculpted curl to lock onto the base. Mission accomplished – at least halfway.

He pulled Kevin’s arms away from his attempts to reach back and remove the plug, embracing him strongly while coaxing him to feel the link between his ass and his cock. Kevin instantly returned to jerking to restore a hard on, puzzled that it had wilted. Carey slowed moved the man over to the table he had waiting, laying Kevin onto his back and immediately wrapping a rope around both wrists. Before Kevin could struggle, his arms were bound above his head, secured to the table supports. He moved quickly to restrain the man’s legs to the foot of the table, satisfied that he had the man helpless to prevent the most important part of his conversion strategy.

No, Carey didn’t hop up on the table to work that butt plug, or to replace it with the obvious temptation to pop that cherry ass. Kevin might shoot a huge wad, but Carey wanted him more than popped. He wanted to strip away that masculine pelt, to give him a body shave that would sensitize all that muscle tissue to every touch. And he wanted him converted to appreciate – no, become addicted to – dick.

Kevin jolted as Carey squirted shaving cream onto his chest, then massaged it down into the thick hair, down his torso. It took him a minute or two to pick up the scent of the cream and realize what it was.

He tried to mutter his protest, prompting Carey to calm him down.

“Relax, stud muffin,” Carey said. “Just doing a little man-scaping to show off that sexy physique.”

He used scissors to clip away half-inch tufts, then swiped away bands of stubbled flesh. As he worked down across the ridges of Kevin’s belly, Carey noticed the cock edging upward, as expected. The bare flesh was arousing the man, and he hadn’t even touched his crotch.

By the time Carey had methodically cleared with grassy mounds of the pecs, down the trail of the abdominals, and then carefully removed every pubic hair, he was having to hold Kevin in place against his horny squirming. His grunts shifted into soulful moaning, the slit of his dick glistening with pre-cum.

Not wanting any premature ejaculation, Carey pressed the butt plug up snug, making the waving hard on curl down a notch. Then he encircled the shaft just below the head with a choking grip as he ran the razor down the taut skin.

The hairy ass was next, but not last. Carey wanted every blade of hair removed, clearly marking Kevin as a piece of meat – not an Alpha stud, but an object. The pale skin of that bubble butt was super sensitive to Carey’s touch, Kevin humping down against the table.

He rolled Kevin back onto his back, letting the drooling dick wave in mid air with horny rage. His moaning switched back to what must have been pretty threatening cursing as Carey clipped away chunks of hair on Kevin’s head, then shaved the dome slick. With the full body shave completed, he was definitely marked as a muscle toy, a great prospect to be a sex slave.

Carey had intentionally developed dozens of erogenous zones all over Kevin’s body. His naked pecs, his nipples, his hairless balls and shaft, even his bald head if rubbed gently during sex – and especially the valley beneath his bulging buttocks, the pruned forest leading to that most private place – all were capable of arousing his sexual urges.

Without body hair to absorb moisture, he’d experience wetness. Not just the sticky wetness in the arm pits, or the clammy coolness of sweat trapped in the ridges of his six pack, but an unprecedented awareness of his crack.

If he was right, massaging and groping Kevin’s bare flesh was his kryptonite, disabling all that strength from any serious defense. A quick rim job was all the foreplay he’d need.

Time to tap that fine piece of ass. He released the leg restraints, curling those massive thighs outward, exposing the freshly shaved pucker. A couple licks verified that virgin territory was baby smooth, supercharged with sensations Kevin had certainly never felt.

The pucker convulsed to light tongue work, the man root flinching across Kevin’s bared belly. Carey noticed there was no expected moaning, unable to see his mouth gaping open wide, sucking air,

The ass hole opened wide, too, to Carey’s nibbling and tonguing, totally wet. Tight, but hot inside, totally receptive to Carey’s insertion of two, then three fingers. He salivated, edging a thick glob into the quivering hole, lightly rubbing the surrounding skin with his free hand. Yep, this big bull was lubed and ready for breeding.

He unraveled Kevin’s arms, groping his pecs to keep him under the spell of crazed flesh. He kept his hands behind his back as he lifted him up to his feet, letting him feel his rigid bone as he guided it into the valley of his bare buttocks. He released the arm hold, knowing Kevin would go for his enraged boner as he pressed his own bone into the horny, hungry hole.

He intentionally rammed in hard, loving the tightness of the sphincter. To his surprise, he heard Kevin’s loudest response as he pulled back, unaware that his bitch was shooting all that boiling cum in a mammoth ejaculation.

Carey was working that hole, determined to loosen Kevin up, taking him past versatile to an eager bottom. He reached around to massage one of those man boobs, rubbing down the crunched gut, then discovering Kevin milking the last drops of cherry juice from his shrunken pecker. One hand let go, reaching back to grab at Carey’s ass, pulling him forward.

What a difference! This bull of a man was a pussy cat. The body shave had stripped him of any pretense, any macho posturing as an Alpha fucker. He was locking onto Carey’s fucking piston, wanting it deep and dirty. Any concern Carey might have had about Kevin retaliating was wiped away, like all that body hair. While Carey pounded away stretching that pussy hole, Kevin tried unsuccessfully to work up a second load. He bent forward, then grabbed the floor as Carey’s thighs slapped against his ass in the final throws as he shot his wad deep inside that muscle bitch. Kevin summed it all up.

“Your fucking dick sure knocked the biggest wad I’ve ever shot!”

Carey rolled down beside him, groping, fondling, massaging all the bared flesh, imprinting the man with the pleasure of his flesh.


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  1. scotts60143 - February 22, 2021, 9:44 pm

    Enjoyed!! A full body shave of any guy was always a big turn on for me and without the hair just like in this story that “alpha” seems tamed!! Thanks Dixon! Also like the nips to go with the story…always helps to spark the imagination.

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