When a hunky gay weatherman loses a card game with his kinky best-fuck-buddy and a young hot conquest, he learns submission and earns a handsome reward in the fun story from new author Robcot. Art piece by Cavelo.

Channel 4 Weatherman Loses At Strip Poker
by robcot
Series: Channel 4 Weatherman Loses At Strip Poker

weathermanI want to set the record straight about me and Ted Bricker. No, I am not his slave. Not anymore, at least. Let me explain.

This is nice college town, but the gay community is somewhat small. Ted and I had been on-and-off fuck buddies for a while. I like the guy, but we aren’t totally into the same thing. Like, I knew that he was always into bondage, but I never really was.

It was Ted who introduced me to Billy. Ted and I were hanging out at the Tight End Sports Bar two weeks ago on a Saturday night, chatting a bit, and both of us probably thinking about taking each other home if no better prospect came along. Then I got a glimpse of Billy. Billy was new. Billy looked young, maybe 22 or 23, and was movie star gorgeous. All the guys were looking at him, and it looked like Billy wasn’t wasting time, because he was already heading out of the bar with some other hot young thing.

“Who is that?,” I asked.

“Ah, that’s Billy,” Ted says. “He just started working at the athletic department with me last week. Kid just moved into town.”

“Working for you guys doing what, modelling?” I asked.

“Some kind of marketing guy, I don’t know,” Ted said, smiling. “But he was a model. Or is. He was in an Abercrombie ad.”

“No shit?,” I asked.

“Yeah, back before they fired their gay CEO, and those ads were all basically soft-core porn. Remember that one with five dudes smiling at the camera while they wrestled in their underwear? He was the one who was losing,” Ted said.

“I remember,” I said.

“You want to meet him sometime?,” Ted asked.

“Set it up,” I said.

Ted agreed. We said bye and circulated. I went home with someone else that night.

But a few days later Ted called me told me he had set it up, just a small party for the three of us.

“Dude, he saw you,” Ted said. “Or, he’s heard of you. You’re famous or something.”

“Really? I’m surprised,” I said.

“Yeah, because, you being a weatherman for Channel 4, no one would ever see you,” Ted said sarcastically.

“You’d be surprised how few guys his age watch the local news,” I pointed out.

“Well, then, he’s a star-fucker, because he totally wants to meet you,” Ted said.

“Wait, who are we talking about, here? Abercrombie?,” I asked.

“Billy, yeah, the sports marketing guy,” Ted said. “Come by my place Friday night. I’m inviting him over, too. We’ll have fun together.”

So I went to Ted’s apartment that Friday night, showing up around 9. Ted lived on the ground floor of a classic old apartment building.

Billy was there, looking gorgeous. He was wearing a tight, bright red T-shirt and tight jeans. We struck up a conversation. He told me he’d seen me on the news. I told him I’d seen his Abercrombie ad.

“Oh, that thing,” Billy laughed. “They had us out there on that shoot for three hours in the early morning. It’s a really long time to be in your underwear.”

“I’ll bet it is. Usually, you get out of them pretty quickly, right?,” I asked.

Ted walked in with drinks.

“So, are we going out?,” I asked him.

“We could, but, Billy and I were talking, and had another idea,” Ted said.

“Yeah,” Billy said, “we skip the bar, and just fuck each other silly.”

“I— I could get with that plan,” I said.

I reached down to my waist and started pulling up my T-shirt.

“Hold on,” Ted said. “We were thinking, first, a little game. To decide who gets to do what to who.”

“How about, I fuck anyone who moves?,” I said.

“Charming,” Billy said, rolling his eyes. Uh oh, I thought; too bold.

“Simple game of strip poker,” Ted said. “Lose your clothes, and become a slave. Last guy wearing anything calls the shots until the sun goes up.”

I was about to remind Ted that I didn’t go for stuff like that, but then Billy chimed in.

“I’m in. I’m so totally in,” Billy said.

“Explain the rules?,” I asked.

“Simple five-card stud. Each hand has one winner, and two losers. The winner picks one loser, and makes him take something off. We start wearing T-shirt, pants, and underwear. Fuck shoes and socks, that’s a waste of time. Once you’re naked, you’re out; the last guy with clothes gets two slaves for the evening.”

“None of your S&M stuff, though, right?” I asked.

“Nothing anyone isn’t comfortable with, no,” Ted said.

The truth was that while I wouldn’t mind having Billy as a slave, or Ted even, I didn’t relish the prospect of being a slave to Ted. I’m pretty much a top, and not submissive at all. But Billy was looking at me with fuck-me eyes. He was the hottest thing to come into view in at least three months. I really wanted him. And he was totally into this game idea. Well, I thought, at least I had only a one in three chance of being enslaved to Ted. And, this won’t take long. So, I shrugged and agreed to Ted’s game.

The first hand went fast. No one took much time deciding what cards to throw away. I started with nothing, threw away three cards, and ended up with two pair. That was enough to win: Ted had a pair of threes, and Billy had nothing at all.

“That makes it easy for me to pick,” I said. “Billy, your shirt, please.”

Smiling, Billy pulled that tight red T-shirt off his body. His body surprised me; he was more muscular than I had expected. He had obviously been working out since that Abercrombie ad. He looked even hotter: abs, biceps, gorgeous chest, everything.

“Marketing assistant, my ass,” Ted said, laughing. “You’re angling for another modeling job, aren’t you?”

“I keep in shape, and I’m not afraid to admit it,” Billy said, smiling.

OK, with that, I knew I wanted the fucker naked. And enslaved, if that's how we were going to do things tonight. Enslaved to me, preferably, but I would take what I could get.

On the second hand, I had nothing after the deal, and still had nothing after trading three cards. Billy, again, had nothing. But Ted had a pair of twos.

“Strip, Tracker,” Ted said.

I took off my shirt, and tossed it next to Billy’s discarded red t-shirt on the floor.

“Holy shit,” Billy said, “You would look damn hot in a slave collar, you know that?”

I sneered and winked at Billy.

Third hand. This time Billy won.

“I gotta see the rest,” Billy said. “Tracker, throw those jeans away.”

I hesitated.

“Hey, Billy, have you noticed that our host is still fully dressed?” I asked.

“Hey Tracker, have you noticed that your pants are still on?” Billy countered.

So that’s how it was going to be, I thought; two against one. Well, it was kind of late to back out now. I took off my jeans, unceremoniously pushed them down to the ground, and kicked them toward the pile of clothes on the floor.

“He looks hot when he gets pissed off, doesn’t he?” Ted asked Billy.

I was wearing only my underwear, white Andrew Christian boxer briefs. They were designed not so much to enhance my crotch but just to give my crotch its proper credit. They were doing my job, because that is where Billy was staring. I took another glance at his bare chest and decided that, yes, I was actually pretty happy with how the night was going so far.

Ted was the dealer this time. He dealt the fourth hand. I had three fives. I traded the other two cards, but didn’t improve my hand. I noticed that Ted didn’t trade any cards. Uh-oh.

Billy had a pair of Aces, and Ted had three threes. I won.

For a moment, I admit, I thought of making Billy strip down to his underwear, too. But letting Ted stand there fully dressed while Billy and I stripped each other would have been idiotic. In fact, I realized, that had been Ted’s plan all along. Ted knew Billy and I were hot for each other and he planned on us making each other strip, so he could swoop in and take us both as slaves. That fucker.

“Ted, hand it over,” I said.

Ted took his shirt off. I had seen him shirtless a thousand times, and so had most of the rest of the city, but it never got old: He had a great body. Like me, he was really muscular.

“Anyone want a beer?,” Ted asked, as he walked toward the fridge.

Billy said yes, and I said no. Ted took two bottles out of the fridge. Then he opened a drawer and grabbed some things out of there.

“What are those?,” I asked.

Ted threw two weirdly misshapen pieces of black leather and chrome buckles toward my feet.

“Get a good look,” Ted said. “Tonight’s slaves are going to be wearing them. Ready for your last hand?”

I felt myself clenching my buttcheeks together ever so slightly, as I thought about the cotton designer underpants that were, for the moment, all that stood between me and a nighttime of degradation at the hands of Ted, or Billy, or both. But, then, they were each only two hands away from slavery themselves, I thought.

I had to deal the fifth hand. My hand was a pair of tens. Billy had nothing. Ted had a pair of Jacks. Fuck. Ted beat me.

Ted didn’t even say anything. He just pointed at me, and then dropped his finger to the floor.

I didn’t want to look bashful or scared, so I unceremoniously pulled down my boxer briefs and tossed them away from me. Then, I put my hands on my hips, letting my erect cock stick out and point at my two shirtless masters.

“What happens to him now?,” Billy asked. “Can we make him do stuff?”

“Nope, he goes into the pot,” Ted says. “You and I keep playing. Winner takes all, including this slave,” Ted said, pointing at me.

I thought this was going to feel a lot worse than it did, but something about the way that Billy stared at me made me feel good about being the only naked guy in the room.

Ted picked a leather thing off the ground and walked behind me.

“Hands behind your back,” Ted said.

I pretended I didn’t hear that.

“Hey dickhead,” Ted shouted, “Ignore me again, and I’ll reconsider that promise about no S&M.”

I put my hands behind my back, and Ted fastened them high up, near my shoulder blades. The cuffs had a strap running from them to a thick leather collar, which Ted attached around my neck. He took his time, making sure his fingers stroked my sensitive neck. The fucker knew I was ticklish. I twisted to get away, but the collar strapped to my wrists left me with almost no freedom of movement.

“Holy shit, that’s great,” Billy said, walking up to my body.

“Laugh it up, Abercrombie, because he’s going to get you next,” I said.

“Slave, don’t speak until you’re spoken to. In fact, don’t speak at all,” Ted said.

I didn’t see it coming, but when I opened my mouth to speak Ted shoved a ball gag in there, and strapped it behind my head.

“Look at how much he’s enjoying this,” Billy said, pointing to my growing cock.

“Yeah, he always told me he wasn’t into this stuff, but I always thought he was a liar,” Ted said. “We had better collar that thing before he shoots on my rug.”

Collar that thing? I didn’t realize what he meant. I saw that Ted was holding something below his waist and was heading toward me. The stiff, thick collar around my neck prevented me from bending my head down to take a look.

Ted grabbed my balls, and wrapped a strap around their base; then, he grabbed by cock and shoved it through some sort of ring. He pulled some sort of strap and my cock and balls both were pulled away from my body.

Billy looked at me like a football quarterback looks at a cheerleader. Ted looked at me like a lion looks at a slab of meat. I began to feel really uneasy.

“Shall we keep playing, then?,” Ted said to Billy.

“Absolutely,” Billy said.

Ted dealt a hand. I watched, helpless and mute, as they gambled to see who would own me for the night. Both Ted and Billy discarded three cards. When they turned over their hands, I couldn’t tell who had what, because I couldn’t bend my head. But Billy sighed, so I knew he lost.

Billy took off his jeans. He was wearing a pair of gray briefs. For dramatic effect, he spun around to reveal his tight, near-naked ass to both of us.

So, a word about me, and gray briefs. I have very few fetishes, but gray briefs are one of them, and they are huge for me. As soon as I see them, I get turned on. I could be walking through a fucking clothing store, see a three-pack of gray briefs, and start getting a hard-on. It’s at this point pretty well known in the community that if you want to get me into bed, just let me see you in gray briefs. A fat fifty-year old with back hair and a severe skin disease could get me into his bed if he wore gray briefs.

But now, this beautiful man, who I was already hard for, was in front of me, flaunting a perfect pair of gray Calvin Kleins, and here I was, naked and ready to go, but totally helpless to do anything about it. For me, it was a taunt. For Ted, it was an advertisement.

“He seems excited,” Billy said, pointing at me.

“Yeah, Tracker’s got a thing for gray briefs. Watching you right now is probably torture for him. Too bad, the night isn’t going the way he planned,” Ted said, smiling.

My heart sank. My best shot here was to become Billy’s slave, not Ted’s. But Billy was one pair of gray briefs away from joining me in slavery, and Billy had been playing like an idiot all night.

Just then, there was a knock on Ted’s front door. Still shirtless, he went to the door and opened it. I quickly moved to a corner of the room where I thought I couldn’t be seen. Billy also stepped to the side.

“Hey, neighbor,” Ted said, through the door.

“Hey, Ted,” the neighbor said, “Sorry to bother you. But, uh, you know that money we talked about?”

“Yeah?,” Ted asked.

“Here’s five bucks,” the guy said.

“Thanks,” Ted said, accepting a bill. “Catch you later? I’ve got guests.”

“Oh, sure, sorry to bother you,” the guy said.

“No bother at all,” Ted said, as he started to close the door.

But then, Ted stopped suddenly, as though he had just remembered something.

“Oh, hey, Frank?,” Ted called out, down the hall.

“Yeah?,” said the guy, whose name I guess was Frank.

“That saucepan I borrowed from you. Do you need it back? It’s right here in my kitchen,” Ted said, opening the door wide.

“Oh, sure,” I heard the voice say.

And then I saw Frank walk in. More importantly, he saw me. Frank looked at me and Billy, and stopped in his tracks. Frank was a preppie looking type, nerdy even, wearing khakis and a polo shirt. His face changed from astonishment to a slight smile. Then he looked away.

Frank went into the kitchen, and grabbed a saucepan off the stove. As he returned, his eyes lingered a bit longer as he stared at me and at Billy’s near-naked body.

I looked away from Frank and glared at Ted, hard. Through my gag I tried to curse him out. Showing me off to Frank like this was just not cool.

“You guys have a good night,” Frank said. He walked out the door and Ted shut it.

Billy broke out laughing.

“That guy looked at Tracker and me like he’d never seen male nipples before,” Billy said.

“Yeah, Frank has got issues. But anyway, ready for your final hand, Billy?,” Ted said, shoving Frank’s bills into his pocket.

“Fat chance,” Billy said. “I’m going to get those jeans.”

But if that was Billy’s plan, he didn’t play like it. He took the five cards he was dealt and threw nothing away. Ted, by contrast, exchanged two cards.

Once again, I couldn’t see their hands. But Ted immediately whooped with joy when they turned over, and my heart sank.

Billy turned so that his ass was facing me, and he pulled down the gray briefs. I desperately wanted to see that cock, that one part of him that had remained hidden, but it didn’t happen. Ted walked behind him and strapped some leather wrist cuffs onto Billy, securing his hands behind his back.

“Don’t move,” Ted ordered Billy.

Then Ted spoke to me.

“Tracker, this Abercrombie model and I are going to need the apartment to ourselves for a little bit,” Ted said. “Don’t worry, I own you until morning; I’ll take care of you. But, for now...”

Ted let his voice trail off as he stepped toward a sliding patio door. He unlocked it and pulled it open, then pulled back the vertical hanging blinds.

Ted’s apartment, like all apartments in his building, faced a central shared courtyard. Ted had a very small concrete patio out there.

“Tracker, please step outside,” Ted said, smiling broadly.

I jerked my head sideways at Ted. He couldn’t be serious.

“Sorry, that was a bit vague of me,” Ted said. “Slave, I order you to go outside on that patio.”

To emphasize his point, Ted put his hand on my naked butt and pushed me forward toward the patio. I closed my eyes in shame briefly, but then obeyed. I walked outside and heard the patio dorm shut behind me, and the click of the lock.


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    Holy shit, this is so hot! Hands bound behind him to a collar, gag in his mouth and now naked on a balcony! I’m trying to hold off not shooting!!!

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