Tim Pritzger is forced to cum and muscle-bound Doug Grande takes a barrage of swats.

Revenge of the Weaker Sex - Chapter 4
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Revenge of the Weaker Sex
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The big room at The Center was hushed momentarily as Zak Lacey, nude, knelt in front of the equally naked but tightly bound-in-chains Tim Pritzger. The other five captive athletes, already exhausted from being forced to ejaculate for their temporary mistresses of the evening, watched warily, fascinated, but with some traces of abhorrence and even nausea as they were required to observe this so-called "man" going down on another man's hard tool! But this gathering of wild women didn't have the same feelings -- the ladies in the hall were both intrigued and aroused by seeing the blushing, mortified young gymnast, Tim, getting off on the actions of Lacey's very accomplished mouth and tongue. It was obvious that Tim Pritzger, the manly young prisoner, was gay, and although some of the women made catcalls deriding his manhood, most of the girls were simply fascinated by looking at one man being used by another -- something they all knew well from their own homes, and their own experiences with straight men who were into controlling "their" women. Zak had no illusions about his own sexuality -- he had been "doing" guys since he was twelve, and he wasn't at all shy or bothered about what anyone else thought of it -- he loved it and knew he always would. Money was only one reason which had induced both Zak and his pal, Sam Bonner, to work for Burrell in this operation -- another was the sheer gratification they got from stalking, pursuing and capturing these usually-hetero boys for the club members' entertainment (not to mention their own!). And that gratification was particularly apparent to Zak at this moment as he enjoyed the stimulating effect his tongue was having on the Pritzger lad.

In what seemed mere seconds, Tim's meaty rod exploded with a vengeance, pulling out of Zak's mouth and splattering the kneeling young man with an incredible cum load -- and, it might be mentioned, all to Zak's utter delight. The girls, spellbound by the sudden climax, erupted themselves into applause which served only to embarrass Pritzger more. Burrell, his own eyes glued to the red-hot action, was almost overwhelmed himself and fought valiantly to keep his hard prick in his pants. As the clapping died down, he recovered himself sufficiently to shout to the volatile, lusty females: "How about THAT, ladies? Wasn't that worth the wait?" The cheering and clapping began again and continued until D. J. raised his hands and calmed them down, saying: "On behalf of young Tim here, thank you again, ladies. But now I have a bit of sad news." The women groaned a bit before Burrell, with a twinkle in his eye, said: "Yes, ladies. Remember that all six of these fine athletes were branded by you as LOSERS! AND LOSERS MUST BE PUNISHED!"

The women laughed uproariously, looking forward to the punishment event. Lady Sarah turned to a companion and whispered: "This is what's REALLY worth waiting for!" The two giggled together before again hearing from their master of ceremonies: "Now you twelve lucky women have had your turns. If Zak here can pull himself together after that last performance and bring out the bowl, I'll now draw the winners for our last and BEST event of the evening." Zak grinned sheepishly and stood up, his cock at last hanging limply again (although still quite a respectable size), a vision in male muscular beauty, picked up his clothes from the floor and started backstage. As he neared the stage curtain, Burrell called after him: "Oh, Zak, don't waste time putting your clothes back on. I'm sure the ladies are not at all embarrassed by your nudity and would not want to waste any more time." Zak turned and smiled again as the ladies applauded him off the stage. The twelve women who had just jacked off their men resignedly went back to their seats, and there was a feeling of palpable anticipation concerning which of their sisters would be chosen next. In a couple of minutes, the still-nude Zak Lacey returned with the card-filled punch bowl, his fine penis and testicles swaying with each barefoot step he took toward the runway as he brought the bowl to Burrell. As the master of ceremonies reached into the bowl with one hand to select the first card, he thrust his other hand between Lacey's hairy legs, stroking the boy's cock, amusing the audience members immensely. As Burrell pretended to look shocked, he said: "Oh my, what can have come over me? But then you know what they say about idle hands." Laughter continued as he called out: "Lady Cherie." The roster of names continued, and each woman chosen squealed gleefully until all twelve had been selected and were directed up the steps to the stage where they stood paired beside each naked captive, gazing hungrily at the helpless young men with unabashed lust. At this point the curtain began to close, hiding the sweaty young athletes from view, much to the audible disappointment of the ladies. Burrell spoke quickly: "Now, now, ladies. It's only a brief interlude so that the boys can be....ah....prepared....for the final and most exciting aspect of your night's amusements. Zak, put the bowl down and start serving some more drinks for our guests while they wait." The nude lad did as he was told and went to get a tray of champagne to circulate among the seated women. The twelve on stage went back down to get drinks for themselves as well; soon Sam Bonner emerged from backstage with his own tray of drinks and began passing them out to the thirsty crowd. Lady Clementine called out to D. J: "Hey, come come Zak's naked and Sam's not?" There was a chorus of mock indignation from her companions; Burrell grinned and said: "How thoughtless of me, ladies! Sam, our guests have expressed an interest in seeing your studly physique. Please don't keep them -- or ME -- waiting!" Bonner took the command in stride, rapidly stripping off his tight shirt to reveal finely developed pecs, broad tan shoulders and washboard abs; as his jeans came off, his fine, hairy thighs were shown, and when he finally pulled off his bikini briefs, there was another round of clapping for his now semi-hard dick, which must have measured at least nine inches, ending in a pulsing, bulbous head already beginning to drip with precum, set off by low-hanging, pendulous balls covered with thick, wiry dark hair. Sam was proud of his body, as he certainly should have been. As he and Zak continued to circulate around the room with their drink trays, the emboldened ladies had no hesitation in pinching the boys' firm asses and even running their fingers up and down those excellently displayed cocks which were so hard to resist in their now-erect states from all that special attention.

The time passed quickly, and Burrell had to call the group to order; the women settled down in their seats to await this much-heralded last event, and Sam and Zak took up positions at opposite ends of the stage. D. J. called for the twelve last winning ladies to resume their places on stage, and as the curtain slowly opened, gasps and shrieks were soon heard from nearly every watching woman in the room! For revealed on the stage was a gigantic carousel turntable, rotating around a tall central shaft; equidistant from that shaft were the six hapless nude athletes, each one attached to some apparatus in a different way and in a different physical position. The carousel stopped to highlight the first young captive, the shivering Doug Grande, one of the heavyweights, who was lying on his back on his section of the turntable, his wrists secured by chains to the center shaft but with his strong legs chained up facing the audience so that his ankles were high in the air and secured with additional chains to that carousel's central pillar, the struggling boy's hairy buttocks fully exposed to the appreciative audience of randy females -- even his butt cheeks were pried apart in this position by the chains so that his pink, pulsating butthole was revealed for all to see and enjoy. The first two of the twelve fortunate winning women were immediately directed by Burrell to "get up close and personal" with the restrained youth. As they were running their hands over the lad's sweaty body, D. J. brought out their punishment tools -- two rounded leather-covered metal paddles -- which he handed over to those eager mistresses. D. J. announced: "Ladies, please apply these where they will do the most good to this first of our young losers." The women easily adapted to taking turns with their swats, letting fly with hard, swift blows to the chained stallion's firm ass; even covered with downy hair, that butt of his managed to redden perceptably as its owner yelped and screamed: "STOP IT! YOU'RE KILLING ME! YEEEEEOOOOOOOWW!" Naturally, those painful cries only stimulated the women to greater efforts, and they at long last concluded the session when they became too tired themselves to continue. Looking at their faces, however, this was the kind of exertion that was most pleasing for the two of them -- not to mention the randy audience!

The master of ceremonies next selected Lady Colette and Lady Melissa from the group of twelve; they were both young women and happened to be dressed in silk blouses and long, form-fitting trousers and stylish boots. Burrell offered: "For our next victim, I would like for you two women to be the instructors for this losing lad, as the special tools for your use will be easier to manage considering the way you are dressed. Are you ready for our next unlucky youth?" Both women chortled and nodded up and down as the crowd before them went wild; as the turntable rotated once more, in the next section was none other than Tim Pritzger. Like the previous athlete, he too was chained to the central shaft by his wrists, but his body position was quite different -- he was on all fours, his head down and facing the central pillar, but with his ankles secured to the table's curved outside edge widely enough to expose his bent-over bottom fully to the audience; it was also apparent underneath his helpless naked body to find his well-hung genitals hanging down between his legs on view for everyone! There was an almost deafening cry from the female roomful as D. J. presented the two mannishly attired women with their own VERY special tools for this session! Could Tim survive? Could he even avoid fainting dead away once he saw what was about to befall him?



  1. scotts60143 - March 24, 2021, 6:40 pm

    Love the suspense with Tim! What’s in store for him? Enjoyed the first part too…I mean who wouldn’t enjoy having some big, straight studly guy tied up for a good spanking!!! LOL!! Great writing in this chapter too! I must interject a quick personal experience that really makes this story ring true for me! When in New Orleans once visited a strip club that had both women and men performing. Never forget when one of the guys was stripped down to a little G String and the ladies were going crazy stuffing money in it while he gyrated around the stage egging them on. One of the women must have grabbed just right as the little clip on the side slipped free and his “cover” started coming off. Well, just like in this story the women went nuts!! Grab it, get it and they were clawing at him while he was trying to hold the little bit of cover over his junk and it was like a feeding frenzy as they were all trying to grab him, the cover off and he literally lost his balance and started to fall into the crowd. They went wild but he was saved by his partner on stage pulling him back and the bartender helping as well. In the end, he lost the G String…but made it out alive!! A fond memory of New Orleans!

  2. Amalaric - March 25, 2021, 3:32 am

    I had a slightly tamer, but also similar and highly erotic experience at an outdoor rock concert in Rome. There were around 70,000 wired Italians and my eye caught a killer-good looking blond guy dancing with a group of friends a few yards away. I edged closer to get a better look (at him) and noticed a very small rip in his sweaty tee shirt. So did some others. To my amazement, a laughing crowd gathered, surrounded the nervous young stud, and rip-stripped the tee completely off. He had an incredible physique, boyish good looks, and a light pelt of blond fur on his naked torso. But that was only the beginning. Clearly very nervous, he was surrounded and manhandled into the air as his shoes, socks and then jeans were gleefully removed. Finally, left standing wearing nothing but very skimpy tight navy blue fly fronts, his assailants dispersed, leaving him, blushing with shame, trying to gather up his clothing in the milling crowd…made my day!!

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