The wrestling matches begin and the humiliated young men fight to avoid a mystery punishment - all to the screaming excitement of their female audience.

Revenge of the Weaker Sex - Chapter 2
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Revenge of the Weaker Sex
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By nine o'clock The Center's arena was no longer occupied by sedate, demure women politely sipping cocktails -- those females had been transformed by lust and power into raging, screaming banshees crying out as if for men's blood!  Caleb Wiley and Luke Marshall, standing alone in the midst of these modern-day amazons and being the first two unwilling victims to be sacrificed to these women's insatiable lusts, were watching the noisy audience with terror-stricken eyes as the two athletes faced each other from opposite corners of the central wrestling ring.  They had been informed that there would be three five-minute bouts for each two-man match, signaled by a bell, and that the winner of each would be the one who triumphed in two out of the three bouts.  Although both these muscular lads had wrestled in amateur gym contests before, neither was a specialist in the sport, and they were told that pinning a man's shoulders flat to the mat for five seconds would constitute a victory; the loser, they were also informed, would be given an unspecified but definitely unpleasant punishment later.  Clad only in their tight white briefs, their well-developed genitals becoming more and more visible through the thin cotton as nervous sweat stained those skimpy garments, both boys had almost the same thought:  "I'VE GOT TO BEAT HIM!  I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM, BUT IF I DON'T WIN, THOSE VIXENS WILL DO GOD KNOWS WHAT TO ME!"  Just as the master of ceremonies, D. J. Burrell, entered the ring to begin the contest, he looked at both hunky, perspiring lads and noted the gleams of determination showing in their bright eyes -- he knew they'd fight hard because they recognized just what a hell the loser would likely face.  Burrell chuckled softly to himself, thinking:  "Ah, outfoxing these college kids is a piece of cake -- it's almost too easy."  Zak and Sam had accompanied the fighters to the ring and now removed the boys' handcuffs, ordering them to rise from their stools and await the bell.  Burrell quickly stepped to ringside and rang that bell for the first five-minute bout, and as he did so both athletes sprang at each other like animals just released from their cages, first circling warily and then lunging at each other, time and again, looking for any openings in the other man's defenses.  The key to a good fight lay in evenly matching the opponents, both physically and psychologically -- as always the men chosen for this night were proving themselves up to the challenge.
Watching each sinewy youth grappling with the other's slippery body, Burrell mused about how much he enjoyed these sessions, possibly as much as the screaming women who kept yelling:  "GET HIM!  YOU CAN DO IT!  FIGHT DIRTY, LUKE!  MAKE HIM BEG, CALEB!  HARDER, YOU WORTHLESS FUCKERS!"  As the MC scanned the crowd of unruly females, he was gratified  by their reactions -- by how little it took to turn ordinary businesswomen, meek housewives and even menopausal seniors into lust-crazed jezebels, all their former notions of femininity and subjection to a man's will turned upside down as they jumped and shouted at the gorgeous, sweating, near-naked men wrestling for their very favor!  The striving youths in the ring were not yet tired, so the first five-minute bout ended when the bell sounded, neither man scoring a victory.  They were allowed water and rest for another five minutes in their respective corners before the bell sounded again.  This time, Caleb had an early break, managing to get a chokehold briefly against Luke, but it was not to last.  Seizing his own opening, after about three minutes Luke threw Caleb to the mat and collapsed hard against his muscular back, holding him down as Burrell counted out the required seconds for submission.  It was a win for Luke!  The men were sent again to their corners for rest, both of them panting hard from their exertions.  When it was time for the third and final bout, Burrell stood in the center of the ring to make a special announcement that only worked to send the boys' already low spirits into a tailspin:  "Now, ladies, we have a treat for you for this third and final bout.  If Luke wins again, then Caleb will be punished, but if neither man wins, or if Caleb wins, then we still will have no outright victory -- and you ladies will be called upon to vote whether to declare a winner or to determine that both boys are losers to be punished!  But to make things even more interesting, STAND UP, BOYS!"  Both fighters slowly rose in their corners, not at all anticipating anything good from this order.  They were right; Burrell ordered:  "YOUNG MEN, FOR THE FINAL BOUT IN THIS CONTEST YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR JOCKEY SHORTS -- YOU WILL WRESTLE AS THE ANCIENT GREEKS DID -- TOTALLY NUDE!"  The women went wild with glee, some shouting:  "TAKE 'EM OFF!  TAKE 'EM OFF!  TAKE 'EM OFF!"  Both Luke and Caleb were shocked and shamed beyond measure by this development, and their faces were beet-red with humiliation.  Both hesitated, not moving, even as the chanting continued, but Zak and Sam, standing just behind them, whispered:  "Either get out of those shorts or we'll rip 'em off you.  DO IT NOW!"  Tears were welling up in Luke's soulful eyes as he knew he'd have to follow the order; Caleb was struggling to keep his own emotions in check, but he reacted in the same way.  For the first time that evening a sudden hush fell over the arena as both men slowly began to lower their briefs, the cool breeze hitting their overheated naked buttocks as each inch of precious, private manflesh became exposed to light and air.  The degradation both of them felt was apparent as everything most precious to them was suddenly on display; they stood up and tried valiantly to cover their privates  with their hands -- this loss of essential male pride only served to energize the club members as the ladies bobbed and weaved to get a better view of the boys' jewels in all their natural glory!  Lady Gloria turned to her companion, Lady Desiree, and whispered over the others' shouting:  "I never dreamed this would be so much fun!  My husband would never believe it!"  Her friend replied:  "That's why this place is so popular!  We get to be in charge -- and it's a great feeling!  But this is your first time -- the best is yet to come.  Just wait."
The need to win conquered the fear and shame of Caleb and Luke, and as the bell rang to signal the last bout, both men threw themselves into the fray, forgetting that with each twisting, contorting movement, every luscious muscle and fiber of their naked bodies was open to view by the sex-crazed women watching them and licking their lips!  But this time Caleb had learned from his earlier mistakes and four minutes into the fight managed to overcome his adversary -- he was the winner this time!  Since each man had scored only one success, both were led to center ring by Burrell who stood between them and called for silence.  Then he spoke:  "It's up to you, club members.  You can show by your applause one of three options -- either declare Caleb the victor or give the win to Luke .... or declare both of them LOSERS.  When I put my hand over one lad's head, you will start clapping for him if that is your wish."  With that, D. J. put his hand over Caleb's head, the poor boy still trying frantically to cover his penis and testicles with both his own hands, to the ladies' delight.  There was a respectable but restrained bit of acclamation from several women; then he put Luke to the test, and again there was just a ripple of clapping but nothing more.  Finally, D. J. called out:  "Ladies, please show by your hands if it is your judgment to declare both lads LOSERS!"  The applause was deafening, as Burrell knew it would be -- these women wanted more bang for their buck than any group he'd ever witnessed.  Zak and Sam leaped into the ring and again cuffed the vanquished fighters and led them away, their heads down in mortification, as Burrell continued:  "You ladies obviously know what you want!  Both these men will be punished for your pleasure a bit later.  But now it is time for our next two champions -- feel free to freshen your drinks while we await their arrival."
The following two contests proceeded well, and in the 175-pound class, both Tim Pritzger and Donny Mayer managed only one slam each, so the club members were again forced to make the decision -- losers for both men, as if anyone doubted the outcome!  But the heavyweight division, the 200-pound class, was more interesting.  Doug Grande was matched against Mario Salinas, and both these men were tough, fit fighters.  Doug was a buzzcut hairy-bodied born wrestler and knew all the moves well; Mario wasn't as well trained, but he had grown up as a street fighter and had learned a lot of dirty tricks.  Doug won the first bout, then Mario the second.  The nude and last battle was the key, and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed watching both men's huge endowments flopping and bouncing against each other's flesh; the slippery muscles of the naked wrestlers gave Mario his opportunity to simultaneously squeeze his opponent's balls as he managed to slide him down to the mat for the count.  The well-built hispanic male was the winner!  He smirked openly as the men stood up in the middle of the ring, but that snotty attitude may have been his downfall.  Burrell had been observing closely and decided to dash Mario's hopes and announce a different result:  "Ladies, even though Mr. Salinas has seemed to win, I feel, as the sole judge of these proceedings, that he took unfair advantage.  We can't have that, now can we?  Therefore, I must ask you to name the winner!"  Again, there was laughing and jeering in the audience as Burrell pointed at each man in turn, but it was to no avail for either of them.  As expected, particularly as the horny females had been entranced by the huge male organs of both men, the ladies decided that both gladiators had to be enjoyed LOSERS!  As the chastened boys were led away to be joined up and prepared with their fellows, Burrell invited the ladies to adjourn to the next room and reseat themselves in front of the stage.  They helped themselves to more drinks as he began to make arrangements for the final -- and most exciting -- events of the evening!


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  1. scotts60143 - March 24, 2021, 6:13 pm

    Great second chapter with lots and lots of details including how the guys feel performing naked in front of a room full of ladies. I enjoyed the fact that the guys really got into it thinking if they won they might get out of all this OK. Not to be!! All were losers and subject to those unknown punishments mentioned. Very much enjoying, thanks for the great writing. Nips of course, amazing!

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