Viking Vanquished! – Part 1

Four captured Viking men endeavour to escape from their brutal captors in hot series by Kronmire4 with art by Amalaric. (Part 1)


Viking Vanquished! - Part 1
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Viking Vanquished!

Sven Torwald hung helplessly in his bonds as he slowly regained his consciousness; but before he was fully aroused his thoughts sped to his last memories of this day -- memories of someone or something charging after him in the woods as he was running for his life. "Whatever happened to Lars?" he mused groggily to himself, and then the thought of Lars and what might have been done to him took over for the next precious moments -- Lars, his boyhood friend --they both grew up on the Norse coast, and the two were more like brothers than mere warriors who had learned to fight and feast together. Raucous sounds now began to break in upon Sven's good memories -- strange, shrieking cries of men, all in a language unknown to him. At last he opened his eyes to behold an even stranger sight -- four obviously warlike men, some with their faces streaked with blue paint, some wearing weird garb -- instantly a flash of realization came to him: "These are the ancient Picts!" His Norsemen comrades had often told stories around their campfires about these people and how fierce they were, adding that eventually long-ago viking ancestors had managed to conquer and destroy them, pursuing their remnants into the hills of this vast island. At least that's what he'd always been told by his father and grandfather.

The alien men were hooting and jumping around in front of him; at this point Sven felt a cold chill, but he knew it couldn't be fear -- fear was something a Norseman learned to conquer almost in infancy. No, it was the chill wind blowing against his completely nude, well-muscled young body. "These vermin tied me up and stripped me!" he thought to himself. Now he remembered what had happened -- his small crew of only twenty men, after voyaging for many days from their homeland until at last they had reached this windswept, forbidding land that earlier natives had called "Scotia". His men had separated that morning and gone foraging for food and any loot that might be around, hoping to find a village to be ransacked. He and Lars had gone into the forest facing the shore where the longboat had docked; the others in their party were no doubt far away by now. There was no time for more suppositions -- the muscular Pict closest to him sauntered over to Sven and without warning slugged the helpless viking in his gut, knocking the wind out of him. Sven fixed the man with a defiant glare as if to say, "bring it on, barbarian, I can take it!" The young viking was proud of his body, his powerful arms and legs toughened by hardship and exertion, his broad shoulders used to carrying twice his bodyweight. His chiseled chest bore only a few tufts of dark hair, the rest of him golden from the nordic sun, his short-cropped head of hair gleaming in gold. Although not yet fearful, Sven noticed that the Pict had lowered his punching arm and was now reaching out to examine the viking's naked loins; Sven gasped as his assailant wrapped his filthy fingers around the captive's mantool and began stroking it. "DAMN YOU TO ODIN AND ALL THE GODS!" Sven yelled out, twisting his body back and forth in his attempts to free his cock from the foreign warrior's grip, but to no avail. The other men began to laugh at their prisoner's outburst, and they decided to spur their comrade on to even more disgusting deeds.

As Sven struggled without success to free himself, the savage Pict took his other hand and began to squeeze the lad's low-hanging full balls, whereupon the young prisoner opened his lungs fully and screamed louder than he had ever done: "ODIN, SAVE ME!"


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  1. scotts60143 - June 22, 2016, 2:54 pm

    Great beginning and can’t wait to read more. Thanks to Kronmire4 and Amal of course for those hot nips!

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