When "union buster" Cooper is hired by Corporate to infiltrate a group of organizing mechanics, he discovers the job comes with some fringe benefits in this BDSM sex story by Dixon.

The Union Vote - Page 1
by Dixon

The corporate office knew the machinists union vote would cost them. Local managers said there was momentum that reversed their initial confidence they could appease many of the malcontents. They needed Cooper.

The CEO summoned the man who had successfully handled every other critical assignment, including squelching four other union votes. He was to go in as the corporate monitor for the union vote, with full authority to do “whatever he deems appropriate” to protect Corporate interests.

“You have a knack for getting in with the line workers, for convincing them you have their interests at heart. Mitch Campbell can give you the names of the ring leaders – infiltrate them and work your magic.”

Cooper took the $5000 cash advance, insistent on making his own reservations. He called Mitch for a detailed breakdown of five ring leaders, all part of a group calling themselves “Master Mechanics”. There was no such job classification, but it told Cooper they were likely butch, blue collar fellows.

He wouldn’t be checking into the Hyatt, where corporate reps had a suite. He picked a grade B motel, with a Waffle House nearby. Step one was to posture as low key, unpretentious, one of the guys. He’d be having steak and eggs with the ring leaders in the wee hours within a few days.

He went through the procedural crap the next morning, reporting to Mitch and being introduced to all the managers. Mitch toured him around the plant, identifying some of the ring leaders. Cooper would return alone during the second shift, specifically to meet two of the five men who were influencing the clear shift in union sentiment.

At 1:00 a.m. that night, Ernie and Duncan accepted Cooper’s invitation for steak and eggs, with hash browns covered and smothered. Both of them arrived on their bikes, both of them looking more like bikers than machinists. Cooper used the bikes as an ice breaker, suggesting that’s where they had become master mechanics.

“We do a lot of our own repair work, but that’s not the main agenda with the Master Mechanics group.”

Cooper didn’t avoid the union vote. With his usual candor, he convinced both men that unionization was inevitable, now or later, his only concern being that the initial union leadership be hawks about benefits, not padding their own pockets. He threw out enough examples of abuses easily concealed from the rank and file membership that the two men dropped their distrust. Duncan asked smart questions about guarding hourly wages, while Ernie was interested in how to hold elected leaders accountable.

Cooper figured he had made important inroads by 2:30, when Ernie invited him to attend a meeting of the Master Mechanics. They’d pick him up, and of course, he shouldn’t tell any of the corporate brass he was going to “mingle with the enemy.”

He didn’t get much warning about the meeting. Ernie knocked on his motel door about 10:30 Wednesday night, ready to escort him. He wasn’t on his bike, but had a sleek SUV.

Cooper had no idea where they were going, concerned a little when they left the town limits, turning onto a secondary road. They pulled up to an isolated cement block building in a rural area.

Maybe Cooper had been too convincing that he was one of the guys. Or maybe macho Ernie found him to be the type of man his master mechanic buddies would enjoy. As they approached the door to the place, Ernie strong armed Cooper, proving stronger than he looked as he caught Cooper completely off guard.

He forced Cooper through the entrance, locking the door behind him as two other members of the ring took control of Cooper. They threw him down in a chair, clamping metal hasps over his wrists, then harnessing him against the back of the chair with a thick leather strap. He had misjudged Ernie entirely, about to realize the Master Mechanics had a totally different twist than anyone at corporate could imagine.

Ernie made it perfectly clear what kind of mastery these men indulged in, stripping down to reveal his chest harness, fondling himself out of his leather bikini briefs. The mechanics they enjoyed were better known as BDSM. The ring leaders of this union vote were a little leather fraternity.

Cooper tensed up, figuring out that Ernie’s invitation was for him to be their guest of honor. He was definitely overdressed wearing his suit and tie, anticipating he would be stripped down in a matter of minutes. There were at five or six other men visible in the poorly lit room, all of them sporting harnesses, some of them with leather bands down their abs secured with cock rings around their junk. Were they all masters, Ernie included?

“This your first time being the subject instead of the boss?” Ernie asked him. “I bet you love giving the orders.”

“It’s the first time I misjudged who I could trust,” Cooper answered, still hoping to play Ernie and avoid being abused.

Ernie’s response told him he’d have to work a lot harder. He’d have to take some dangerous risks.

“Trust?” Ernie said with a puzzled look. “An impressive man like you and you’re telling me you weren’t looking me over, checking me out? I trusted you were a man’s man.”

“I am,” Cooper came back. “But I don’t jump a guy and bolt him down in a chair. It’s kind of hard to be a man when you can’t get a grip on your manhood.”

Ernie pulled free from fondling his dick, crossing his arms in thought. He strode over, unbuckling Cooper’s slacks, tugging them down free of his legs. Then he tugged the shirt, ripping it free of the leather band, and loosened the clasp on Cooper’s right wrist.

Ernie had called him. He was free to grip his manhood. He slid his hand into his briefs, pulling out his cock and stroking firmly to get it aroused.

He glared back at Ernie, waiving his boner in a tight grip, It was a stare down, Cooper counting on getting Ernie to back down, not come cock whip-ping him across the face.

“That’s more like it. I told Dennis you were a nice piece of beef.” Ernie expressed his being impressed further, “You got one of those deluxe sets of free weights at home, pumping iron when you’re not pumping tale?”

Ernie laughed at himself, not noticing Cooper didn’t answer him. Cooper was thinking he meant he had told Duncan, then remembered the name Dennis from the manager’s list—Dennis, the smartest rebel in the bunch, probably the ring leader. Make that Master Dennis, Cooper thought, probably the king pin in their little leather fraternity.

For now though, Ernie was loosening the left wrist, then the chest band. Cooper had apparently won the stare down, free to stand up and move around. He tucked his cock back in his briefs, glancing around to try to get some estimate of how many ‘mechanics’ were in the place.


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  1. scotts60143 - October 8, 2022, 6:44 pm

    Good intro. Now that we know who all the players are, looking forward to the next chapter!! Great nips with the story as well, certainly helps to get the imagination going!

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