Straight boy Jorge gets a lot more than bargained for when he shows up uninvited to a gay sex party in this story by Dixon!

Uninvited Guest - Part 1
by Dixon
Series: Uninvited Guest

Glenn interrupted Tyler in the middle of his latest tall tale, noticing Cal had arrived with someone he didn’t recognize. He moved across the room, confirming that he didn’t know the middle-weight behind Cal. It was his party, and everyone invited knew the rules.

“Hey, Cal, glad you could make it,” he said, scanning down the torso of the stranger.

“You know I wouldn’t miss one of your parties, Glenn,” the young bottom beamed. “I’d like you to meet Jorge, a good friend of mine.”

“Long-time friend, I presume,” Glenn said as he extended a hand and felt the firm response. “Why don’t you let Corbin show you the bar while I have a word with Cal, here.”

Corbin took his cue, turning Jorge to the right, and then nudging him forward out of the foyer to the bar. Cal knew the host would be giving him the third-degree about bringing a guest without clearing it first.

“He just got into town this afternoon, Glenn, I promise. I would have checked with you if I had known he was coming. But he’s cool. He’s from San Fran, and has been around the block a few times. Plus, he knows I’m gay and that your parties turn into orgies.”

“So he’s gay and won’t be a wet blanket?”

“Well, I don’t know that he’s gay. He was a ladies man in college, but he said he would welcome some action himself when I told him what kind of party this was.”

“So you brought some straight guy named Jorge, expecting me to just bend the rules?” Glenn wasn’t taking any chances of a stranger throwing any kinks into his bash. “I tell you what you’re going to do. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to get him hooked up with someone to see if he’s as loose as he talks. If not, both of you have to go.”

“I understand, Glenn. It’s not going to be a problem. He’s cool with sex and not hung up about guys digging guys. He even stopped on the way over here to pick up some condoms. I told him you’d have plenty stashed around like appetizers, but he’s prepared.”

“Better yet, you introduce him to Tyler first thing. If that cock-sucker doesn’t jump him in ten minutes, we’ve got a problem.”

Cal joined Jorge at the bar, eager to prove to Glenn that he was a cool dude.

“Everything okay? I didn’t mess things up by crashing, did I?”

“No. But we’ve got fifteen minutes to prove you’re cool with this scene. So you’re going to get some action right away, or we’ll have to go cruise downtown. If that’s a problem, we can just leave now.”

Jorge scanned the party goers spread across the great room, some of them looking his way, while others were already partying. He saw a lot of bare chests and a couple of bare asses rolled up on the sofa or the floor.

He felt the glare of a couple guys who were coupled up with what Jorge thought must be pretty boys – good looking with nice physiques. One young jock was wearing Superman briefs, staring Jorge down like he was competition. His partner draped one arm over his pretty boy’s shoulder, as if signaling Jorge that he was taken.

Jorge turned his back to the two men, asking Cal to check them out to confirm if he was imagining things, and if he needed to be prepared for Mr. Macho to challenge him to some kind of duel. Cam chuckled, telling him that the two had only hooked up a couple weeks ago, the pretty boy being pretty promiscuous, so Mr. Macho was understandably being possessive. The pretty boy was the one he needed to worry about, his stare more likely lust. He broke the news to Jorge that the only duel he needed to prepare for was defending his ass since he had created a buzz amongst a number of guys who competed to tap fresh meat at every gathering. His being straight would only be incentive for some of them.

“Hey, bud, I know this is a big deal for you, and I’m not going to ruin it for you. Maybe I should just thank Glenn for letting me crash his party, and make my exit.”

“It’s probably too late for that,” Cal answered. “Glenn like you, but says your being straight puts a damper on the party, making his guests suspect you’re an undercover officer from the vice squad. He says you have to convince them all that you’re no prude, and wants you to meet Tyler. He’s a flaming cock worshiper, so Glenn figures if you can’t handle Tyler, you’ll be a misfit all night. How you feel about getting blown two minutes after you meet someone?”

Jorge hadn’t expected to participate in any form of gay sex. He probably should have told Cal he came along expecting to restrain laughing at a bunch of effeminate guys making bad jokes, or confirming his stereotypes about gay men. He’d been surprised at the age range of Glenn’s crowd, and the number of masculine men like Glenn himself, challenging his stereotypes. He even understood Cal enjoying being with other gay men in a non-judgmental environment. Yeah, he’d been flattered with the obvious interest in his presence, even if it was based on his physical appearance and whatever fantasies “fresh meat” engendered.

Cal made it clear that if Jorge was uncomfortable and wanted to leave, they’d both leave. It came down to whether or not Jorge was inhibited about oral sex in public. What the heck.

It took two minutes to find Tyler, and two minutes for him to crowd Jorge back against the patio door.

“I haven’t seen your man tool, Mr. Jorge,” Tyler drooled. “And no one has ever turned down my adoring lips. What do ya say, big boy?”

Jorge simply unbuttoned his jeans, Tyler dropping to his knees and invading Jorge’s pants like he might change his mind in a few seconds. Cal glanced around for Glenn, wanting him to see that Jorge wasn’t making any excuses. Half the room got the satisfaction of seeing his equipment, if only briefly as Tyler went down to the base with his first move, making Jorge grab his head feeling his dick jolt fully engulfed in warm, wet lust.

Jorge wasn’t charging out of the gate like some sex-crazed animal. He hadn’t peeled off the snug shirt, or bared his ass. Tyler had his pants pulled open and his cock unfurled, his head blocking a decent view.

As the action got hotter, Tyler going down on the stranger with his usual gusto, Glenn saw Jorge running his hand over his chest, leaning over Tyler to rub down his back. Good moves, but not sex with abandon. When he pushed his pants down below his knees, baring that sculpted ass, Glenn began to consider waiving his rules.

Straight or gay, Cal’s buddy had a man’s body. Thick, firm muscles clinched across his rear, his hips working in slow moves to pump Tyler’s face. Of course, he might be horny as hell and blow his wad in the first ten minutes, taking the wind out of his sails for the rest of the night.

He must be a mind reader. Glenn had hardly thought about the stranger being inexperienced in navigating an orgy when the man pulled up straight, pushing Tyler off his wet meat. He took control with his hand, stretching the long flesh down between his legs, bringing the heat down without uncorking.

“Now you’ve had the pleasure, buddy,” Jorge said to Tyler. “Let’s save something for someone else.”

Tyler leaned in and licked under his balls, running one hand up across Jorge’s hand on his cock. “You just track me down, stud boy, when you’re ready for me to finish the job.”

Tyler pulled up, glancing around immediately to ensure that most of the gang had seen him get to the new meat first. He didn’t even remember the guy’s name, but he could identify him by his sexy cock.

Cal got the nod from Glenn, and told Jorge he had passed the test. He suggested he circulate and check out the crowd, leaving Cal free to pay his respects to a couple of special friends.

“You’re on your own, buddy. Just don’t have more fun than I’m having.”


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