The police learn a lesson when a group of undercover cops are ambushed when they try to bust a gay massage parlor. Includes lots of bondage, dildo play & tickling. Another great story from Richard!

Undercover Cops Get Stung In Their Own Sting Operation
by Richard

cop capturedCapt. Kent Henderson, the 35-year-old Captain of the Bedford Hills Police Department, was intently reading one of his young officer's reports of an "undercover" vice operation Capt. Henderson had initiated. The buzz-cut, dirty-blond-haired Captain had ordered the operation when the police got word that a massage parlor had opened in the midst of their upscale suburban town. Capt. Henderson was willing to tolerate a few such establishments in his city, but this latest one was a "gay" massage parlor, and the staunch, stalwart Capt. Henderson could not tolerate such a place in tony Bedford Hills. Capt. Henderson had long ago put a stop to any gay activity in his city (he thought). Capt. Henderson trained his men to harass any gays they encountered in their patrols, and had been instrumental in closing down the town's one gay bar by having his officers lie in wait to hassle and arrest departing patrons, claiming they were drunk even when tests proved otherwise.

The 6' 4" Capt. Henderson had ordered one of his younger recruits, the 25-year-old 6' 2" Motorcycle Officer Victor Martinez to do a preliminary inquiry into the new massage parlor. To add insult to injury, the massage parlor was doing business under the name "Cop-A-Tan" in a storefront masquerading as a tanning salon. Capt. Henderson was certain that this name was chosen to annoy the Men in Blue. Capt. Henderson had instructed Officer Martinez to dress as a young suit-and-tied businessman visiting town on business and seeking to maintain his natural half-Latino/half-Sicilian tan, and to stress that he was interested in maintaining his tan "all over" to make sure the young officer was offered the full range of services reputed to be offered by the establishment. Officer Martinez was to learn as much as he could about its operation, recording his visit on a hidden camera disguised in a gym bag.

Capt. Henderson was gratified to see that Officer Martinez had done a thorough reconnaissance of the offending massage parlor, as Capt. Henderson read:

Report of Officer V. Martinez Re: "Cop-A-Tan" Establishment at 10308

Bedford Boulevard, Bedford Hills, California

"At 0-900 hours this officer entered the premises known as `Cop-A-Tan' at 10308 Bedford Boulevard, Bedford Hills, California. This officer presented himself to the front desk of the establishment, carrying a gym bag containing audio and video recorders to be employed in this operation. This officer encountered one Caucasian subject, standing about 6' 1" tall, dark hair, dark eyes, late 20's, with a pronounced sun-tanned and muscular appearance, dressed in white gym shorts and a white form-fitting Polo-type shirt. This officer deduced that the subject was one `Jason-Manager' from a name-plate worn by the subject on the upper left portion of the aforesaid white form-fitting Polo-type shirt. This officer's astute observation in this regard eliminated the need to interrogate the subject further as to his name and position at the establishment, thereby saving the citizens of Bedford Hills their hard-earned tax dollars and saving this officer's valuable time, allowing him additional time to devote his valuable police resources to this important operation.

`Jason-Manager' inquired of this officer's desire for a `private tanning booth'. As instructed, this officer replied that he would require a `private tanning booth' that this officer wished to `work on an all-over tan'. `Jason-Manager' inquired of this officer whether he was new to town, whereupon this officer replied `yes, I am here on business, and need to relax, my body is under a lot of strain.' `Jason-Manager' replied `I think you might be interested in some of our extra services, sir. We offer full body massages as well as tanning, sir. I will assign you to Lucas and will personally assist you and explain our fee arrangement in the tanning booth area. Just follow me.' This officer then proceeded down a long corridor towards the rear of the establishment, expertly shadowing `Jason-Manager' and retaining eye contact on the subject throughout, in accordance with established police procedures. This officer never lost sight of `Jason-Manager' as he proceeded down the corridor, maintaining a distance of approximately two paces behind the white-gym-short-attired subject, this officer's trained eye noticing that the subject's gym shorts appeared to be approximately one size too small to adequately contain the subject's buttocks. This officer only took particular note of this fact in the interest of comprehensiveness, as it may be a factor to consider in establishing whether this establishment is in fact one devoted to illegal homosexual entertainment. This officer was, however, unable to detect any sign of the possible health code violations in the corridor the P.D. had anticipated detecting, but this officer will report any future violations his trained vigilance detects as this report progresses.

This officer entered `Private Tanning Booth #3' at approximately 0-905 hours. This officer was introduced to another Caucasian subject approximately 25 years of age, 6' blond hair, blue eyes, also dressed in white gym shorts and a white Polo-type shirt and also appearing to have a muscular, sun-tanned appearance. This individual was again identified by `Jason-Manager' as one `Lucas' a fact also independently verified by this officer's astute observation, as this officer's keen eye detected that this appellation was affixed to the upper left hand portion of this subject's white Polo-type shirt. `Jason-Manager' then proceeded to inquire of this officer `What sort of extras are you interested in? Digital Massage is $50 over and above the tanning booth fee of $25. If you're looking for something frontal that's $100 extra and $200 gets you the whole nine yards.' Further inquiries on the part of this officer, as confirmed on the audio tape, elicited the fact that the term `digital massage' was a crude code for what is commonly known in the street vernacular as a `handjob' wherein the attendant places his hand upon the penis of the subject and effectuates an orgasm by manual stimulation, and that the term `frontal' was a crude code for what is commonly known in the street vernacular as a `blowjob' wherein the attendant places his oral cavity upon the genitals of the subject and effectuates an orgasm by oral stimulation. The term `whole nine yards' was determined to be a crude code for what is commonly known in the street vernacular as `butt-fucking' (this officer only includes this crude term in his report for the sake of accurate reporting, for it is the term the subjects used as verified on the audio tape) wherein the attendant/employee offers his anus to be penetrated by the subject until the subject achieves orgasm. This officer notes for the record that this particular act constitutes `sodomy' and that such activity still remains violative of Bedford Hills Municipal Code section 6969(p). The subjects also detailed various rates for other pursuits described as `kinky' by the subjects, which included, but are not necessarily limited to, activities described as `spanking' `foot worship' `water sports' and `tickling'. The fact that these additional activities were described to this officer and the rates demanded for same can be independently verified on the audio tape made of the proceedings by this officer.

This officer then proceeded to request that the `digital stimulation package' be performed upon his person, this officer having expertly deduced that this activity was both the least objectionable to this officer's person and the most inexpensive illegal activity offered by the establishment, this officer wishing to save the taxpayers of Bedford Hills their hard-earned tax dollars, and this officer also being mindful that the marked money packet provided by the Department for this officer's use in this operation totaled only $75, which this officer deduced to be the sum which would be demanded for the requested service. This officer performed this calculation without the aid of a electronic calculator, thereby further saving the good citizens of Bedford Hills their hard-earned tax dollars and freeing this officer's time for further pursuit of the subjects of this operation.

`Jason-Manager' then requested, and this officer paid, the sum of seventy-five dollars ($75 U.S.) using the marked bills provided by the Department for this purpose. `Jason-Manager' then addressed this officer and suggested that he remove all of his clothing so that the `digital stimulation package' could proceed.

Accordingly, this officer proceeded to remove his necktie (silk, Macy's, $30) followed by his dress shirt (blue, cotton/polyester, Macy's $45) regulation P.D. tee shirt (white, 100% cotton, provided by Department, cost unknown by this officer), dress slacks (navy blue, wool blend, Macy's, $55), followed by this officer's socks (black, 100% rayon blend, Macy's $10), and, finally, by this officer's undershorts (white, 100% cotton, Calvin Klein, non-regulation, $15).

This officer's apparel was taken by the aforementioned subject identified as `Lucas' and then was minutely inspected by this subject (particularly this officer's tee shirt and undershorts for reasons unclear to this officer) whereupon this subject placed and locked all of this officer's apparel into a hanging cabinet located some 15 feet from this officer's location.

This officer now presented himself to the subjects completely nude. This officer noted that the two subjects appeared to take an unusual interest in this officer's naked body, subject `Jason-Manager' stating to subject `Lucas' words to the effect `Wow, this dude is hung' whereupon the subject identified as `Lucas' replied with words to the effect "and dig that hairy chest, those bulging muscles, that hot tan, those sexy, hairy legs; Damn! Even cute, hairy armpits!...' This officer deduced the first comment to be a reference to the size of this officer's penis, which was completely exposed to the subjects' examination, and the latter comments were deduced to be references to the general appearance of this officer's body, which is kept in peak physical condition as a Motorcycle Officer of this Department. These references caused this officer to become very aware of his public nudity, a slight draft from the air conditioner sending a chill down this officer's spine as the draft made contact with his naked buttocks as he stood in total abject nudity before the subjects, who appeared to be feasting upon this sight.

This officer further deduced that these references to this officer's naked body were not references likely to be made by others than those of the homosexual persuasion, thereby further confirming this officer's growing belief that the Department's suspicions as to the nature of this establishment would prove to be true, making this important operation a success. This officer further persevered, recognizing that his contribution to this operation would be viewed as being above and beyond the call of duty, in that it had subjected and apparently would subject this officer to certain indignities in the presence of the aforementioned subjects.

`Jason-Manager' then proceeded to request this officer to place his naked body on his back with his hands behind his head, on a tanning table/massage table in the center of these quarters, announcing that since this officer was a `new customer' `Jason-Manager' would `assist' in administering this officer's `package'. For the record, this officer did observe that these quarters contained ultraviolet tubes for sun-tanning purposes but this officer was unable to independently verify whether these units were operational.

This officer proceeded to comply with `Jason-Manager's' request, lying back with his hands behind his head. This position apparently caused the other subject identified as `Lucas' to comment to `Jason-Manager' words to the effect of `Wow, Jason, check out this dude's hot bod, damn! That chiseled chest, and there are those hot pits again, cool! Damn, I'm not sure we should even charge this time!' Fortunately for the success of this operation, `Jason-Manager' apparently saw no reason why the transaction should not involve the marked money which was exchanged. Again, the comments made by the subject identified as `Lucas' appeared to refer to this officer's naked body and appeared to repeatedly refer to this officer's underarms which this officer may independently verify do contain a certain quantity of pubic hair and have contained such since this officer attained the age of puberty. This officer was somewhat unsettled by the subjects' untoward interest in his naked body in general and his underarms in particular, but again persevered in the interest of the success of this operation, and this officer further notes that, in his opinion, the interest of the subjects in his naked body is further evidence of a likely homosexual persuasion on the part of the aforementioned subjects.

The subjects, `Jason-Manager' and `Lucas' then proceeded to pour warm massage oil on the center of this officer's naked chest, directly on the profusion of jet-black chest hairs which sprout upon this officer's chiseled chest, whereupon both subjects proceeded to massage this officer's naked body with their bare hands (duly noted as a possible violation of the Bedford Hills Health Code), each massaging the oil all over this officer's nude body, the subject identified as `Lucas' rubbing a quantity of same into both of this officer's exposed underarms, swirling the hair growing in this officer's exposed underarms with a deliberately teasing touch, causing this officer to wince and flinch at the unexpected contact before regaining control of his staunch, stalwart senses, not allowing the light, vaguely tickling sensations to cause this officer to laugh at the unexpected contact with the sensitive skin of this officer's underarms.

This officer paid close attention when `Jason-Manager' proceeded to massage not just over this officer's chest, (which said subject remarked was `nice and hairy' to the other subject, `Lucas') running warm massage oil over this officer's nipples and making pinching movements thereon and rubbing said oil into this officer's navel, but then also proceeded further down this officer's nude body, placing this officer on the alert for any direct touching of this officer's exposed genitals.

It was at this point that this officer became aware of the subjects' apparent technique. `Jason-Manager' appeared to carefully avoid this officer's exposed genitals, massaging just around but not directly touching this officer's flaccid penis or pendulous scrotum and testes, while stimulating the areas around this officer's genitals. This appeared to this officer to be a deliberate attempt to stimulate this officer's genitalia by forcing this officer to anticipate imminent contact with that portion of his exposed body, thereby causing this officer, whose body had not enjoyed the release of its natural sexual tensions for a number of days, to slowly respond to the subjects' calculated ministrations, this officer blushing and willing his body not to betray its need. Nevertheless, the subjects' teasing ministrations in and around (but not on) this officer's exposed genitals eventually caused this officer's flaccid penis to begin to fill with blood and lengthen and harden slightly, as the subjects seemed to will this officer to achieve an unwanted erection of his large penis in their presence.

This officer was therefore initially relieved when `Jason-Manager' instructed this officer to roll over onto his stomach, this officer not realizing at first that this would require this officer to lay on top of his growing, unwanted erection. This officer was further distressed when the subjects began liberally pouring more warm massage oil onto this officer's back the subject identified as `Lucas' again commenting out loud how `muscular' and `suntanned' this officer's back and shoulders were, and urged his fellow subject to `Look at his cute, humpy butt, Jason, damn, it's so cool how his pale, white butt is in total contrast to the rest of his deeply tanned bod, and check out those lightly hair-flecked buttcheeks, that line of fur splitting the cheeks, damn!' which this officer deduced to be yet another comment about the quality of this officer's naked body and further evidence of the subjects' apparent homosexual interest therein.

The subjects then massaged this officer's naked shoulders and back in firm concentric circles, relaxing the muscles of this officer's back surprisingly well, this officer emitting a few groans of relief as his tired back muscles relaxed totally, this officer obtaining relief from his aching muscles caused by the prior day's long shift on his police motorcycle, this officer sighing in relief as his spine was expertly worked on by the strong capable hands of the two subjects. The subject `Lucas' further massaged each of this officer's legs, massaging his massive thighs and calves and feet expertly with the warm massage oil, although the subject's fingers slipped once on this officer's foot, causing this officer to jerk that foot away before this contact caused this officer to giggle at the inadvertent tickling sensation this caused. Were it not for the details of the rest of this operation, and the subjects' increasingly evident homosexual persuasion, this officer would have recommended that the Department hire these individuals to relieve the back and foot strains and pains associated with police work, particularly those officers like the undersigned who are assigned to the motorcycle traffic division.

This officer's thoughts in this regard were put aside when the subjects suddenly began to apply the warm massage oil directly onto this officer's bare buttocks with their bare hands, the subjects massaging this officer's bare gluteus maximus, massaging and separating this officer's buttocks and trailing oil-soaked fingers between each of this officer's naked buttocks, their fingers deliberately brushing against the entrance to this officer's anus, which was deliberately exposed to the subjects' view by their having widely separated this officer's naked buttocks. This officer was further surprised when the tips of the subjects' fingers pretended to `accidentally' brush the hairs and skin on the back of this officer's pendulous scrotum and testes, thereby again stimulating this officer's genitals and causing his unwanted erection to grow as a result of their stimulation of this officer's sperm contained within his scrotum and testes which had not been released in many days.

`Jason-Manager' apparently deliberately chose this awkward moment to roll this officer back onto his back, thereupon revealing to both subjects the increasingly rampant state of this officer's penis as it approached a full, unwanted erection, which only seemed to increase as the subjects avidly gazed at its unwanted growing length and hardness, as this officer's penis swayed and pulsed visibly as this officer lay on the table, unable to will his erection to subside, this officer's face hot and likely blushing at being brought to this state of growing need in the presence of the subjects.

`Jason-Manager' deliberately approached this officer and stated words to the effect `My, my, my, what do we have here, my friend? Looks like someone needs his hand-job now!" the subject also deliberately blowing his hot breath directly onto this officer's erection as he made these comments, which this officer deduced to refer to the lewd act contemplated to be performed upon his body. Again this officer hesitated to proceed further, but solely in the interest of the success of this important operation, this officer allowed "Jason-Manager' to place his bare, oily hands upon this officer's erect penis and slowly make motions with it up and down the length of this officer's penile organ, causing the remaining foreskin on his circumcised penis to crest toward the head of his penis, only to be pulled down to fully expose the head of this officer's penis, the subject repeating this act over and over again as the subject simultaneously stimulated this officer's pendulous scrotum and testes with his other bare hand, deliberately pulling on the pubic hair growing there, until this officer was forced to audibly groan in rising sexual excitement as his stimulated genitalia threatened to spew this officer's accumulated semen from the depths of his stimulated testes.

At this point, however, the subjects changed positions, `Jason-Manager' holding down this officer's bare feet between this subject's suntanned thighs while the subject `Lucas' held down this officer's wrists behind his head deliberately wrapping this officer's hands between the subject `Lucas'' suntanned legs and then around the subject's gym-shorted buttocks as he stood behind this officer. `Jason-Manager' then produced a large feather and proceeded to apply said object along the length of this officer's erect penis, paying particular attention to the tip thereof and the urethral opening, as well as the underside of this officer's glans. `Jason-Manager' produced another feather which the subject applied to this officer's tightening scrotum and his testes within, the subject also trailing said other feather onto and around this officer's anus below, parting this officer's bristling pubic hair around said orifice and applying said object directly upon this officer's anus. This officer was unable to fully contain himself in a professional manner at this point in time, as this officer believes is verified by both the audio and video tapes produced at the time of this incident, this officer being forced to emit guttural sounds from within this officer's throat as this officer's naked body, genitalia, and anal orifice were simultaneously stimulated against this officer's stalwart will. This officer also believes that said video tape verifies that this unnatural stimulation of this officer's exposed genitalia and anal orifice caused this officer's erect penis to achieve an erection of enormous proportions and caused said exposed reproductive organ to pulsate with each beat of this officer's heart as said organ beat steadily within this officer's heaving chest, since said reproductive organ was itself being directly stimulated by the subject's other feathered object.

While the subject `Jason-Manager' proceeded to stimulate this officer's exposed genitalia and exposed anal orifice with said objects, said subjects both proceeded to teasingly brush this officer's sides and ribs with said feathers or with the subjects' fingers, the subject `Lucas' applying his bare fingertips to this officer's exposed underarms again, swirling and tugging on the pubic hair growing beneath this officer's exposed underarms, while the subject `Jason-Manager' appeared to deliberately use the bristling blond hairs growing on said subject's suntanned thighs to tickle and tease the soles of this officer's bare feet as they lay trapped between the thighs of said subject.

This officer deduced that the subjects were attempting to arouse or annoy this officer with this tickling teasing of this officer's naked body, taking apparent pleasure in this officer's natural reaction, i.e., this officer's flinching and jerking of his body parts in response thereto, taking particular pleasure when this officer reacted to the activity taking place in his sensitive underarms by inadvertently jerking this officer's feet up between the thighs of said subject `Jason-Manager', this officer's bare feet sliding up the front leg openings of said subject's gym shorts. This officer was further dismayed when said subject closed his thighs even more tightly around this officer's bare feet as they lay trapped up the subject's gym shorts, especially when this officer's bare, curling toes made contact with rubberized fabric contained within the subject's gym shorts, which this officer's toes deduced to be the subject's athletic supporter undergarment.

Further feather stimulation of this officer's exposed reproductive organs and exposed anal orifice, combined with continued unwanted stimulation of this officer's exposed underarms, erect nipples and exposed navel also caused this officer's hands, which were trapped between the subject `Lucas'' legs as he stood behind this officer's body, which writhed on the massage table, also shot up the rear leg openings of this subject's gym shorts as well, this officer's hands making contact with thin cotton fabric beneath said garment which this officer deduced to be a pair of cotton `bikini' variety undershorts which seemed to provide minimal covering for the subject's warm, moist buttocks contained within said article of clothing.

This officer regrets to inform you, but in the interest of thoroughness must divulge, that at this point, while this officer was effectively trapped between `Jason-Manager' and `Lucas', `Jason-Manager' produced a large, in fact, over-sized clear plastic replica of the male genitalia (in a transparent pink color) (erect penis and partial testicles) and brandished said object at this officer in an obscene fashion, causing said large replica of an erect penis to wiggle outlandishly in the air. "Jason-Manager' proceeded to apply a lubricant to this obscene object. This officer did not want to jeopardize this operation, but felt compelled to state at this point that he did not wish to be penetrated by said object, not wishing to engage in the illegal act of sodomy (although this officer did not state the latter part of the foregoing in fear of jeopardizing this important operation.) `Jason-Manager' assured this officer that the large size of the head of the penis replica was designed only to stimulate this officer's anus, and that said object could not penetrate this officer's anus because `Jason-Manager' had already observed that this officer's most carefully guarded bodily orifice was small (`tight' was the subject's crude term to describe it) and had obviously never been penetrated before. `Jason-Manager' assured this officer that if this officer wished to have his anus penetrated that he could oblige this by beginning with smaller penis replicas. This valiant officer assured `Jason-Manager' that he most certainly did not wish to be anally penetrated at all, but felt compelled to comply with `Jason-Manager's' attempt at mere anal stimulation, not wishing to arouse suspicion in the subjects that this officer was indeed an undercover vice officer, thereby jeopardizing the progress of this important investigation.

Accordingly, this officer steeled himself for this latest assault on his person, as `Jason-Manager' proceeded to slide said lubricated penis replica between this officer's clenched buttocks, managing despite this officer's most valiant efforts to prevent its being able to access that region of this officer's naked body, said obscene object insinuating itself between this officer's naked buttocks in a most disturbing and unsettling fashion, as the lubricated object felt remarkably flesh-like and had the texture and firmness of an erect penis. `Jason-Manager' then placed the large head of the clear plastic penis replica directly against this officer's hair-encircled anus. As the subject had stated, the over-sized head of this object was unable to penetrate this officer's `tight' (to use the subjects' crude word) anus, but this officer regrets to report that the obscene object, which had already become warm due its absorption of this officer's body heat, caused a warm glow to radiate up and outward from this officer's exposed anus heightening the sexual arousal of this officer's exposed penis as this officer continued to be simultaneously assaulted by feathers on his armpits, nipples, sides and ribs by the subject `Lucas'. Meanwhile, "Jason-Manager' continued to slide the obscene penis replica throughout this officer's anal region, then pointed the deviant object back up towards this officer's swollen testicles, sliding the hot tip of the life-like phallus directly against the hairy, pimply moist flesh of this officer's over-stimulated testicles, deliberately teasing this officer's churning semen within his exposed testes. `Jason Manager' then proceeded to slide this fiendish marital aid back down and through the hair-lined channel between this officer's naked buttocks in such a fashion that this officer experienced a crude, animalistic pleasure, as the fiendish subjects seemed to delight in forcing this officer to arch his back and writhe in a primal sexual abandon, this officer inadvertently `riding' this obscene pole of warm, firm flesh up and down up and down, this officer pressing his anus against this evil arouser, forcing this officer to grind this officer's naked buttocks and anus directly against its stimulating length, as this officer was caused to utter further guttural exclamations and oaths as is recorded on the audio and video tapes, as this officer's tongue lolled out of his mouth and this officer was forced to shamelessly ride this obscene appliance as unbidden waves of lustful pleasure erupted from deep within this officer's body, the subjects stating that they had successfully stimulated this officer's prostate gland which lay not far from the obscene object, just within this officer's nearby anal chamber. This officer regrets to inform the readers of this report that he experienced intense, unbidden sexual arousal as a result of having his anus stimulated by this obscene object. As the subjects derived considerable amusement from this officer's loss of some control over his behavior as a result of their fiendish over-stimulation, this officer overheard the subjects discuss how numerous suit-and-tied heterosexual businessmen from the nearby exclusive Bedford Hills Business Park had made a recent habit of visiting the massage parlor to request just this sort of anal stimulation as part of a lunch-hour `massage' session, how the fiends had introduced these fine, upstanding members of the elite Bedford Hills business community to this anal stimulation, which caused said persons to `squeal their fuckin' heads off, ride those dildos like bitches in heat, sweat-balls flying, until they shot huge, executive loads, the biggest most intense of their lives' according to the subjects. Worse, this officer's well-trained ears also overheard the subjects discussing how many of the satisfied executives had gone home and reported the perverse pleasures of such stimulation to their athletic (or `jock' to use their crude term) college-age sons, who had in turn introduced this form of entertainment to fraternity houses and dormitories all over exclusive Bedford Hills. One of the subjects stated that he had a friend who was employed in a `sex shop' in the city and that `half of Bedford Hills' men, `were wearing shades, hats, even false beards' and were lining up to buy transparent dildos, and that some had even purchased what were described as `strap-ons' for use by their wives and/or girlfriends! This officer only reports these statements in an effort to reveal the lengths to which the owners of this establishment have gone to try to recruit the cream of Bedford Hills' social strata to their homosexual lifestyles. This officer shuddered to think that some of Bedford Hills' most elite citizens, even `jocks' and fraternity men, had been somehow brainwashed by the efforts of these homosexual fiends into allowing their female partners to anally stimulate, even sodomize them! This just reveals how important our mission has become, to save our citizens, especially the fine young men of Bedford Hills, from being duped into falling deeper and deeper into the world of sexual perversion.

Thereafter, while "Jason-Manager' continued to anally stimulate this officer with the obscene penis replica, the subjects also continued to provide further unwanted stimulation to this valiantly struggling young officer's naked body and as the subject `Jason-Manager' intensified his stimulation of this officer's exposed reproductive organs, this officer was forced to jerk his hands and feet all the more, resulting in this officer's toes scrabbling under the subject `Jason-Manager's' athletic supporter, this officer's bare toes making direct contact with the subject's bare scrotum, as well as the subject's penis and a profusion of the subject's own pubic hair. This officer regrets to inform the Department that this subject's penis was detected to be fully erect by this officer's toes and the bare soles of this officer's feet. As a result of this officer's reaction to the unwanted stimulation of this officer's naked body, this officer was also forced to thrust his hands further up the other subject, `Lucas'' gym shorts forcing his hands to seize upon the elastic legbands of this subject's bikini undershorts, whereupon the thin cotton material shredded in this officer's bare hands, causing this officer to find that his bare hands were resting against the subject `Lucas'' bare buttocks, this officer's fingers inadvertently squeezing and cupping the weight of the subject's bare buttocks under the subject's gym shorts, and encountering the area between this subject's bare buttocks whereupon this officer's fingers slipped into this moist area where they were brushed by what must have been the subject's pubic hairs lining the area between the subject's bare buttocks.

This officer then felt the subject `Jason-Manager' further intensify his assault upon this officer's erect penis, his scrotum, testes and anal orifice with the feathered objects and/or the clear plastic penis replica, while the subject `Lucas' simultaneously stimulated the moist body hair and flesh contained in this officer's exposed underarms and stimulated the tips of this officer's nipples through this officer's chest hair. The subject `Jason-Manager' alternately stimulated this officer's exposed ribs, sides and navel. `Jason-Manager' further alternately slapped this officer's buttocks with the obscene penis replica and/or teased this officer's innie navel, tits and hairy armpits with it, sliding the obscene object into this officer's hairy armpits, stimulating this officer's nipples and/or drilling the lubricated, warm head of the penis replica directly into this officer's hair-encircled navel. The combined effects of this intense stimulation caused this officer's erect penis to assume gargantuan proportions as this officer felt this officer's sperm, which had been churned in his testes as a result of this unnatural stimulation, rise up out of this officer's weighty scrotum, causing this officer's toes to helplessly curl where they still lay trapped in the subject `Jason-Manager's' athletic supporter, this officer's toes and toenails unavoidably curling against said subject's still erect penis, whereupon this officer's head flew back (this officer believes he may have been forced to utter more guttural sounds and exclamations as a result of these exertions, (which may be independently verified on the audio and video tapes of this incident) and this officer's penis suddenly erupted as this officer's pent-up semen exploded from the tip of this officer's fully erect penis.

This officer regrets to report that the force of this officer's unwanted sexual climax was of unexpected force and duration, this officer's semen spewing out of this officer's erect penis under highly pressurized force, this officer's semen squirting an estimated ten (10) feet into the air where it splattered against the ceiling of the establishment (another possible Bedford Hills Health Code violation) and dripped back down onto this officer and the subject `Lucas'. This officer's unwanted sexual climax continued, this officer's semen shooting in volley after volley onto the pubic hairs contained on this officer's chest and exposed underarms, onto his face, nose, eyes and hair, whereupon this officer's penis achieved yet another crescendo of fountaining semen which spewed onto the floor of the establishment in copious quantities. (another possible Bedford Hills Health Code violation). This officer further regrets to report that this officer also raked his hands against the bare buttocks of the subject `Lucas' and inadvertently pulled said subject's gym shorts and the remains of said subject's undershorts down off of his buttocks, as this officer was forced into this unwanted sexual climax, this officer's fingernails raking the bare flesh of said buttocks. This officer hesitates to report the following detail but feels he must in the interest of comprehensiveness. At the moment of achieving this unwanted sexual climax this officer simultaneously felt the subject `Jason-Manager's' erect penis quiver as it and the subject's scrotum rubbed against this officer's bare feet and soles as they lay trapped in said subject's athletic supporter under said subject's gym shorts, whereupon said subject's penis discharged an immense quantity of hot, sticky fluid against this officer's wiggling toes and bare, pink soles. This officer later determined that this subject's erect penis had in fact ejaculated a quantity of the subject's hot semen directly upon this officer's bare soles and toes, and this officer deduced from the look upon the face of said subject at said moment and thereafter, that said subject had achieved a large measure of perverse satisfaction in having ejaculated upon this officer's bare feet and toes. This officer further regrets to report that this officer's nostrils detected a strong odor of male semen, which was not his own, emanating from the crotch of the subject `Lucas'' gym shorts, causing this officer to deduce that said subject had also achieved sexual gratification from his abuse of this officer's naked body.

This officer was then allowed to shower and change back into the aforementioned attire this officer had worn when he entered the subject establishment. As this officer prepared to leave the premises of said location, the subject `Jason-Manager' invited this officer to `return again soon' as he winked at this officer and brandished the aforementioned feathers in a highly suggestive manner at this officer.

This concludes this report."


V. Martinez,

Motorcycle Division

(Working Undercover- Vice)

Captain Henderson laid down the report upon completing and re-reading it several times. He was flabbergasted to realize that he was unable to cross the room to get another cup of coffee, since when he rose to do so, he became aware that he had achieved an unwanted erection himself, just from reading how these homosexual fiends had stimulated one of his finest officers to unwanted orgasm. This den of vice had to be stopped immediately before the youth of Bedford Hills became corrupted!!! This Officer Martinez had performed vice work above and beyond the call of duty, yet had laid the groundwork for next week's "sting" of the massage parlor to be conducted by the entire Department. What a fine, loyal young Officer. The Captain would thank him personally soon. (Capt. Henderson did not know that Officer Martinez had omitted one fact at the end of his report. Officer Martinez's penis had unaccountably and disconcertingly quivered with excitement in the butch officer's dress pants when the Manager brandished the feathers at him as he left, and Officer Martinez secretly looked forward to the upcoming "sting"!)

Capt. Henderson forced himself to listen to the audio tapes and view the video tape several times to familiarize himself with the layout of the premises and the disgusting techniques of the "faggots" running the tawdry business, and in his city no less! Right under his nose! Well, not for long, fag-boys! thought the captain, grinning evilly.

Capt. Henderson could not believe the fiendishness of the "fags" running the massage parlor business, how they used feathers, even a goddamned dildo, for God's sake, on his staunch, stalwart Officer Martinez to tease his, er, private parts. And what a fine specimen, a recruiting poster come to life, a credit to the Department; the video revealed that Officer Martinez was in excellent physical condition. Capt. Henderson also had to admit that the young man exhibited enviable sexual prowess as well. The Captain chuckled to himself as he reflected that the young officer must "eat his Wheaties"- my God, what a load that young man shot! Incredible! But to think that the "fairies" ejaculated as well, just from teasing his fine young officer's body, well, that was just plain nauseating! Capt. Henderson reminded himself that he should personally fill out a Workers' Compensation form for young Officer Martinez after interrogating him as to any physical or mental injuries he may have suffered in the line of duty as a result of the "faggots'" "assault" upon his fine young body.

To that end, a spiffily motorcycle-uniformed Officer Martinez presented himself to Capt. Henderson's office at the end of a long, hot day, Officer Martinez having to sweat out another scorcher on the seat of his motorcycle as he brought Bedford Hills' errant motorists to their proverbial knees. Capt. Henderson thanked Officer Martinez profusely for his excellent report, and then explained about the possible Workers' Compensation claim. Officer Martinez declined to file one (mostly out of embarrassment at the details that would have to be revealed to non-Department strangers) but Capt. Henderson explained that Department regulations required that any potentially damaged physical areas of Officer Martinez's body would have to be thoroughly examined and Officer Martinez's written declination be duly reported. Capt. Henderson explained that he was conducting this examination personally to minimize the fine young officer's embarrassment.

That fine young officer, Officer Martinez, was forced to blush when the Captain made it clear that this would mean that Officer Martinez would be required to strip out of his motorcycle uniform in order for the Captain to inspect for damage caused by the "assault" on the officer made by the two "perverts".

Officer Martinez therefore proceeded to remove his uniform, removing his motorcycle helmet, followed by his sunglasses, followed by his uniform shirt and regulation tee shirt, revealing his suntanned, muscular hairy chest. Capt. Henderson approached Officer Martinez and had him place his hands behind his head so that the Captain could inspect the young officer's exposed hairy armpits which were dripping with the day's sweat, Officer Martinez apologizing for their ripeness. Capt. Henderson replied that there was nothing to apologize for; a man should smell like a man after a hard day's work. Capt. Henderson explained that this examination of his armpits was necessary as a result of the "perverts'" unnatural interest and stimulation of same as revealed in the video and Officer Martinez's report. For the same reason, Capt. Henderson minutely examined the officer's tits and navel, Officer Martinez jumping in surprise as these highly sensitive places had to be examined. In each instance, Officer Martinez reported that there had been no lasting damage to either his armpits, nipples or navel, as Captain Henderson checked off boxes on the form. Capt. Henderson then checked out Officer Martinez's broad, sun-tanned muscular back for any pulled muscles, Capt. Henderson commenting favorably upon the excellent condition Officer Martinez was in, what a fine young, well-developed officer he was, as he ran his fingers over the sun-tanned flesh of the young officer's muscular back, Officer Martinez again flinching at the contact.

Officer Martinez was then obliged to remove his motorcycle boots and socks, again apologizing for his embarrassing foot odor after a long day's work, followed by his tight, striped, form-fitting motorcycle uniform pants and his non-regulation Calvin Klein shorts, until Officer Martinez stood before his admiring Captain completely and utterly nude.

Capt. Henderson finished his examination by having Officer Martinez sit on a chair while he inspected the officer's bare feet, the ones which had been subjected to having one of the "pervert's" semen deposited upon them. Capt. Henderson raised each bare foot high in the air as he examined them, inadvertently exposing the fine young officer's hair-encircled anus, while he ran his fingers over the soles and toes and between same, causing the fine young officer to be unable to suppress a few giggles and pleas to "be careful sir, remember, I'm a little ticklish, sir!" Again, Officer Martinez denied any damage to his feet and toes. Officer Martinez was then directed to stand up while his Captain placed a rubber surgical glove over his hand and minutely inspected Officer Martinez's extremely large, flaccid penis, and hairy scrotum for damage. Again Officer Martinez denied any damage, blushing despite his will not to. Finally, Officer Martinez was obliged to bend over and spread his sweaty, bare buttocks exposing his assfur-lined asscrack while the Captain was required to inspect the fine young officer's hair-encircled sweat-moistened anus with his surgical-gloved fingers, the Captain noting a distinctly musky masculine odor emanating from the fine young officer's privates.

When the form was duly dispensed with, Capt. Henderson discussed their plans for the upcoming "sting" operation whereby they intended to close down the gay massage parlor. It was agreed that young Officer Martinez would return to the massage parlor as a repeat "customer" and Capt. Henderson surprisingly announced that he would sacrifice himself as a "customer" as well, rather than subject any more of his fine young officers to the hands of the "perverts". The Captain was assigning four other young uniformed motorcycle officers to wait in a van in the parking lot listening for "the word" from the Captain when marked money had been exchanged and sexual advances had been made upon himself and Officer Martinez, and then the four uniformed cops would sweep into the premises and arrest everyone, closing it down for good. Capt. Henderson explained that he and Officer Martinez would conceal their shoulder-mounted police radios out of sight, then reach under the massage tables where they would hide them, to radio for the other 4 cops to raid the place. He also explained that he saw no reason why he and Officer Martinez should not allow the "perverts" to bring them both to orgasm in their separate "tanning rooms", that each should be serviced and then haul out their badges and arrest the "fags". They would explain to the waiting uniformed officers that the procedure might take a while, so not to be surprised if they had time to kill in the van waiting for "the word" from the Captain.

As Capt. Henderson and Officer Martinez looked over the price list they had compiled from Officer Martinez's earlier visit, it was agreed that a plainclothes Officer Martinez would ask for the "discipline room", both officers incorrectly surmising that this room was where customers got to beat the asses of the "fag" help, the two officer sharing a laugh at how fitting it would be for Officer Martinez to extract revenge on "Jason" and "Lucas," beat their "faggot" asses and "make" them worship Officer Martinez's feet, tickle both of the assholes with their own feathers, then "force" them to give him another handjob. Capt. Henderson would pose as a newcomer in search of a "handjob" only, and Capt. Henderson intended to make it clear that it would truly be a "hand" job, no goddamned kinky feathers on him, not to mention no "penis replicas," no way! Thanks to Officer Martinez's groundwork, Capt. Henderson would be sure to be on the lookout for anything like that and put a stop to it pronto!

Capt. Henderson and Officer Martinez laughed at the beauty of the plot, then Capt. Henderson announced it was time for Officer Martinez to climb back into his uniform, go to the officer's locker room, shower and rest up for tomorrow's fun, Capt. Henderson playfully connecting with Officer Martinez's exposed, hairy sweaty armpits, the Captain saying "Don't worry, Martinez, I'll never tell the guys you're a ticklish baby, now will I?", Officer Martinez being forced to giggle good-naturedly at the unexpected tickling contact, before the Captain rolled Officer Martinez onto his stomach and swatted his bare, upturned ass as he mock-ordered "Now get the fuck outta my office and hit the showers, dude! You're fuckin' smellin' up the place!" as both laughed heartily and Officer Martinez dashed into his uniform and headed for the locker room.


The next day six of Bedford Hill's finest presented themselves at the targeted gay massage parlor for their "sting" operation.

Little did the officers know that the massage parlor was ready for them as well! Not only had Lucas reported his suspicions to Jason about the fact that their recent hunky patron had been wearing a "regulation" Police Department tee shirt as noted by Lucas when he was smelling its pit area and putting it away on the dude's earlier visit, complete with Bedford Hills P.D.'s identifying label on it (the dumb shit cop!) but also the massage parlor's maintenance man, Manuel, worked another job at the police department. Manuel had notified Jason of the proposed "sting," the officers freely talking about it within Manuel's earshot many times, the racist cops apparently thinking of Manuel as "not even there" while he was cleaning, and wrongly assuming he spoke little if any English. Wanting to keep his two jobs, Manuel did not hesitate to report what he had heard to Jason, who had been treating and paying Manuel well, more than that tightwad Captain Henderson.

Accordingly, Jason and Lucas and the rest of the staff all knew about the "sting," that their patrons were going to be "undercover" vice officers. The knowledge that they would be topping bigoted hotshot cops at their own game added a great deal to the excitement- Damn! Imagine getting the fucking Captain of the fucking P.D. at their mercy, making him writhe and teasing the shit out of his naked body, when all along he thought he was gonna blow them all out of town after he got his own rocks off at their it was unlikely the good Captain would get his rocks off at all in their fine establishment... now wouldn't that be fun, bringing the hotshot P.D. Captain to the brink again and again, make him suffer, yeah, make the hotshot fucker beg, just see if it does the asshole a bit of good! Or maybe they could finally let him cum if he turns out to be a good boy, maybe make him kiss the ass of the other cop, or promise to get them the fuckin' straight-laced "family values" Mayor of this tight-assed town, the young, married hypocrite who everyone knows is banging every broad in town, yeah, get "Hizzoner" down here on the rack soon to learn what happens to bad-ass little boys, yeah, what happens when he's caught with his pants around his ankles, yeah! Maybe let one of his jilted "babes" have at him with a strap-on dildo while the rest of the staff watch and applaud, yeah, the possibilities were now endless!

The unsuspecting, super-confident Captain Henderson and Officer Martinez presented themselves at the massage parlor, each carrying a gym bag with video cameras only, since their audio was being covered by the four uniformed officers waiting in the van in the parking lot. The Captain and Officer Martinez arrived five minutes apart so as to divert suspicion. In each case, the officers made their requests right at the front desk, Officer Martinez in the guise that he "knew the ropes" around there (an intriguing term to use under the circumstances) and Captain Henderson explaining that a good friend had been a regular patron and told him the procedure. As rates and "activities" were discussed and settled upon and money changed hands the doofus cops practically spoke into their lapels to make sure the terms were being recorded and picked up by the four uniformed motorcycle officers waiting in the van in the parking lot, who were themselves comically adjusting their headsets to pick up every word. These four uniformed officers made quite a sight themselves in the van, listening eagerly on all fours with the front two officers' uniformed asses unavoidably presenting themselves right in the faces of the rear two officers whose own uniformed asses faced the rear door of the van which had been intentionally left unlocked and slightly ajar to facilitate the officers' quick exit when they got "the word" from the Captain.

The four officers in the van knew that the undercover cops' audio units would thereafter soon be turned off until the video had established that their genitals had been touched by the "faggots," whereupon the Captain would give "the word" and then all the fun would begin.

The Captain followed two attendants identified as Tony and Jeff by "Jason-Manager," down the corridor to one of the "tanning booths" having explicitly demanded a "handjob" and "a handjob only!" Captain Henderson had no sooner placed his video/gym bag on a chest of drawers he had seen upon entry, the Captain not even having a chance to glance around the room before the lights suddenly seemed to go out in the room.

Meanwhile, five minutes later, Officer Martinez was following Jason and Lucas down the same corridor towards the "Discipline Room" looking forward to exacting revenge on them, forcing them to service him, then busting them. He could hardly wait to see the shocked look on their faces when he fuckin' arrested their sorry asses, with the officer's own cum still dripping off them!

Officer Martinez entered the "Discipline Room" his trained eyes taking in a variety of harnesses, restraints, paddles, and more feathers, brushes and assorted objects of torture, even a wall filled with varying sizes of the famous plastic penises, or dildos in the street vernacular. Yeah, Officer Martinez would get even with these two sick-o's , for sure! thought Officer Martinez as he set up his own gym bag video in a strategic corner of the room. The next thing Officer Martinez knew, the room had gone black for him as well!

In their respective "tanning rooms" Capt. Henderson and Officer Martinez quickly deduced, being the astute, highly trained observers that they were, that their heads had been suddenly placed in a clingy black fabric through which they could breathe sufficiently, but through which they could not see a thing, the officers concluding that a "Ninja" type hood had been placed over their heads, drawn tight around their throats. Before they could more than gurgle protests and before their scrabbling hands could reach up to remove the hoods, each officer's wrists were seized up behind their heads and then attached into leather cuffs which were then motorized up, up in the air forcing the fully-clothed officers to stand way upright, their feet barely touching the ground, each of their less-than-cleverly-concealed lapel mikes falling to the floor in their turned-off state. Oops, no way to call out for aid now!

With bone-chilling results, each officer suddenly each heard his respective captors say "Hello Officer! Looks like you're gonna get your hotshot ass stung in your own fuckin' sting, you fuckin' asshole, two-bit cop! We're gonna fix it so you never fuckin' will dare to close down this place, not unless you want the whole world and your fellow officers to see the videos of you getting your sorry ass beat, see you getting turned on being worked over big time by two, what is it you call us? Oh, that's right, two `fuckin' fags'! Sound good, asshole? Enjoy!"

Without further ado, the two officers soon felt their respective captors either rip-stripping in the case of Officer Martinez, or scissor-cutting, in the case of Capt. Henderson, all of their clothes off, until each was hanging from the ceiling stark raving naked except for their black Ninja hoods, their cocks, balls, asses and hairy chests totally exposed, and their hairy, sweaty armpits stretched to the max as their arms nearly pulled out of their sockets from their positions.

Each officer made loud, protesting gurgles into their Ninja hoods as each of their bare asses was paddled until they were flaming fire-engine red and burning like crazy, their captors pulling and slapping on their victims' cocks and balls, tits and pits while the other swatted their asses.

After several minutes of this treatment, each officer's wrists were temporarily released whereupon the unseeing officers were each escorted to massage tables where their wrists and ankles were strapped down, then their Ninja hoods were removed. Each flabbergasted officer erupted in strings of curses and threats, that they were police officers, that they would personally see that each of them were tossed into prison on their asses forever, etc. to no avail, even to the sound of laughter.

In his own cubicle, Captain Henderson looked down the length of his denuded body hardly able to take in that he had suddenly been stripped bareass and tied up completely naked and helpless, as he glanced down his heaving, dirty-blond-haired sun-tanned chest, past his pointed, pink tits which rose up in the sea of chest hair couthly covering his well-defined chest, down to his hair-encircled innie navel, then looking past the expanse of lush dirty-blond pubic hairs to where his large, flaccid cock lay, its pink circumcised head resting against his hairy, sun-tanned thigh, then down his long sun-tanned muscular legs to where his bare feet protruded from the bottom of the massage table, strapped in hopelessly, each toe separated by being placed in its own hanging "noose" loops so that his toes were virtually immovable, as were his wrists above his head, which exposed the depths of Captain Henderson's dirty-blond-haired, sweaty armpits.

Attendants Tony and Jeff then proceeded to tickle the shit out of the protesting Police Captain, Tony eagerly delving all ten twitching fingers into the struggling Captain's hairy, sweaty armpits, tits, ribs and sides, while Jeff simultaneously attacked the bare soles and twitching toes of the Captain's exposed, helpless feet, rubbing the crotch of his own bulging gym shorts against the Captain's struggling, bare feet, as the shocked, helpless, writhing Captain shrieked, mewled and begged for mercy, going "AIEEEEEE!!!!! HELPPPP!!!! START THE STING OPERATION NOW!!! OH MY GOD!!!! NO RADIO!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! OH MYYYYYGAWDDDD!!! STOP IT, YOU FAGGOT FIENDS!!!! TAKE YOUR FAGGOT HANDS OFF MY BODY NOW!!!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!!! OH NOOOOO!!!! AIEEEEEE!!! NOT THERE!!!! NOT MY FEET!!! NOT MY TOES!!!! NOT MY PITS!!! NOOOOOO! STOPPPPPPPP!!!PUH-LEEZE STOPPPP!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

Tony and Jeff merely proceeded relentlessly, Tony introducing a transparent plastic dildo like that used on Officer Martinez last time, only with a somewhat smaller head, the kind that would easily slide right up the Captain's hair-encircled virgin asshole. Tony handed the obscene object to Jeff, who forced it into the outraged flabbergasted Captain's braying mouth in mid-shrieking from the tickling, forcing the arrogant Captain to cross his eyes in disbelief as the enormous wiggly, eerily flesh-like dildo slid down his gurgling throat causing him to gag and choke on the thing until he was forced to get used to its presence in order to breathe. Jeff fed the dildo in and out, in and out, as the outraged Captain was turned into a cocksucker for the first time in his unenlightened life, forced to slobber all over the thing under the threat that they were going to shove it up the Captain's tight, virgin asshole dry unless he slobbered on it really well.

Jeff then handed the dildo to Tony, who first teasingly stimulated the Police Captain's tight virgin asshole, sliding the dildo throughout the Captain's hairy asscrack till he was oooing an ahhing in unbidden pleasure, then rammed it up the Police Captain's virgin butthole without ceremony, causing Captain Henderson to yelp in anguish at his deflowerment. The Captain was shocked however as the pain soon turned to pleasure as the obscene object kept hitting the arrogant unenlightened Captain's prostate gland while the rest of his body was being tickle tortured and while Tony was freely jacking the captain's big cock and tickling his hairy bull-balls with his spare hand.

Jeff then slid another, larger lubricated dildo, (exactly like that used on Officer Martinez earlier) plunging the large head of same directly into the Police Captain's innie navel, causing the Captain to arch his back as Tony and Jeff continued to simultaneously tickle torture him with their spare hands, while Tony dildo-fucked him and Jeff dildo-teased his upper torso, navel, tits and pits, slapping the bigger, even weightier, dildo against the Captain's heaving hairy chest, as he screamed in outrage and arousal.

Tony and Jeff kept this up for over an hour, then concentrated on dildo-fucking the captain while they teased his body all over with feathers, Tony zeroing in on the Captain's straining boner and bulging blue-balls with the feathers as he simultaneously dildo-fucked the sodomized Captain on video. Tony and Jeff repeatedly brought the Police Captain to the brink of orgasm, only to back off and laugh at his predicament. Tony extracted the dildo from the Captain's ass, replacing it with a larger-headed one which sensuously massaged the Captain's no-longer-virgin back door, while he and Jeff simultaneously tickled the bound lawman all over, Tony concentrating on feather teasing and tickling the Captain's rampant cock and hairy balls. Captain Henderson was forced to slide his hairy asscrack directly against the teasing dildo, the now out-of-it, horny Captain literally riding that pole like a bitch in heat, relishing its sensual impact on his prostate, the fact that he was no longer being penetrated but only teased actually adding to the sensual effect rather than detracting from it.

Meanwhile, Jason and Lucas were similarly working over good Officer Martinez having dildo-fucked and tickle-tortured the shit out of the hapless stud, his big Sicilian/Latino fuckstick at full attention and cum-denied, one dildo going in and out of his sodomized asshole and another going in and out of his cocksucking throat as his eyes bugged and crossed comically at being filled with cock at both ends while his own boner swayed helplessly in the air, aroused and denied.

While Tony and Jeff and Jason and Lucas toyed with the Captain and Officer Martinez, Jason gave a signal instructing the rest of the staff to sneak up on the unmarked police van in the parking lot containing the four sweaty, uniformed motorcycle officers. The four still were each on all fours with their backs to the back of the van. The officers, all listening intently to their headsets for "the word" from the Captain (which was overdue) did not hear as staff members silently opened the back of the van which had been left unlocked for the ease of the officers' exit when they got "the word". The staff members easily extracted the rearmost two officers' guns from their holsters, then pointed their own guns at their heads and ordered all to "FREEZE! OR WE'LL BLOW ALL YOUR WORTHLESS HEADS OFF!!!" The rearmost officer's crew-cutted heads jerked directly into the startled, uniformed asses of the front two motorcycle officers, causing the front two officers to bang their heads on the divider between the cab and the rear portion of the van. In the confusion, the front two officers' guns were confiscated as well.

The staff ordered the officers to "STRIP!!! STRIP OUT OF YOUR UNIFORMS NOW!!! C'MON, WE HAVEN'T GOT ALL DAY!!!" The shocked officers were forced to comply until each was as naked as the day they were born, squatting sheepishly and blushing as their hunky bodies were exposed for the staff's loud amusement, transformed from arrogant, snarling motorcycle cops about to perform a sophisticated "sting" operation one minute, to blushing little boys caught with their pants down the next. The denuded cops begged for mercy, but the staff ordered them at gunpoint out into public in the parking lot with their hands over their heads, each of their sweaty, hairy armpits fully revealed. Their discarded uniforms were gathered up for use at the massage parlor; they could always use more uniforms to satisfy their customers' fetishes, and real uniforms would add extra excitement. The naked cops were forced to scurry into the massage parlor building, their sexual equipment flopping around hilariously and their bare, white asses totally revealed and bouncing as they scurried.

The remainder of the staff forced the hunky denuded cops to put on a show for them at gunpoint, tossing them transparent dildos and ordering them to jack off each other while the other teased their butts with the dildos, then handcuffing them with their own handcuffs and tickling and spanking Bedford Hills' Finest until all four erupted in multiple embarrassing orgasms all over each other which they were forced to lick up, all caught on video tape.

At the same time, Captain Henderson and Officer Martinez were each subjected to several more hours of tickle and dildo torture, then Officer Martinez was brought in to join Captain Henderson in the same room. That fine young specimen, Officer Martinez, was bound to restraints hanging from the ceiling on motorized pulleys facing away from Captain Henderson, so that he was then suspended in the air directly over where Captain Henderson lay bound to the massage table. Jason, Lucas, Tony and Jeff had fun tickle torturing the law enforcement duo, Jason having fun using the motorized pulleys to make the hunky, hairy, naked body of Officer Martinez ascend and descend at will, raising his hanging body up near the ceiling, then dropping him down saying "going down, down, mezzanine, ah, ground floor" as the shocked Officer Martinez's suddenly realized that his hairy, struggling, widely spread suntanned legs were inadvertently straddling the sides of the massage table near each side of his Captain's head as he descended, so that as the pulleys were let down even more, Officer Martinez's hunky, naked body was forced to assume a squatting position directly over his Captain's loudly protesting mouth and face, the Captain's fine young recruiting poster of a cop's hairy balls, erect cock and bare ass hovering less than an inch away from his arrogant Captain's nose and mouth. Lucas and Jeff proceeded to wildly tickle torture the naked Captain's hairy armpits, sides, ribs, navel and feet, causing him to screech and open his mouth wide to scream in response. Jason chose this precise moment to make the pulleys descend an inch more while Tony simultaneously tickled Officer Martinez's struggling feet, so that a horrified Captain Henderson found his fine young officer's hairy bull-balls plopping into his mouth. All of Captain Henderson's outraged attempts to dislodge his junior officer's musky tasting balls merely resulted in his tongue inadvertently stimulating them, causing Officer Martinez's hard cock to bob and sway and pulse hotly as it flopped around on Captain Henderson's flaring nostrils and pulsed against the Captain's forehead and buzz-cut hair. Subtle pushes on Officer Martinez's bare, lightly hair-flecked asscheeks by Jason then caused the suspended Officer Martinez's body to sway forward, resulting in Officer Martinez's exposed, spread-wide hairy asscrack and hair-encircled virgin (except for its recent dildo-sodomizing) asshole hovering over, then being plopped down onto, Captain Henderson's horrified face. Jason deliberately directed Officer Martinez's asshole directly over his Captain's flaring nostrils to force him to get a whiff of its musky manly scent, before letting the pulleys down to plop Officer Martinez's spread-open asshole directly onto the Captain's nose, then subtly pushed and pulled Officer Martinez's asscheeks so that Officer Martinez's entire hairy asscrack tickled the nose and mouth of his Captain's outraged face, the Captain and Officer Martinez inappropriately laughing uproariously against their will due to their ongoing, relentless tickle torture which continued simultaneously. Captain Henderson was then ordered by Jason to "Kiss Officer Martinez's ass, you asshole, show him how much you admire his fine young body!" under threat of even more intense tickle torture and humiliation.

Captain Henderson, willing to do most anything to keep their wildly tickling hands, feathers, ice cubes, and toothbrushes off of his sensitive skin, began to loudly kiss Officer Martinez's lightly hair-flecked buttcheeks making smacking sounds as his tormentors laughed uproariously and pointed at the arrogant Captain being humiliatingly forced to kiss the ass of his fellow, junior officer.

Jason next re-positioned the location of Captain Henderson's massage table, so that the suspended Officer Martinez's suntanned muscular hairy legs were now straddling over Captain Henderson's midsection, Officer Martinez looking down shame-facedly into the eyes of his superior officer as Jason re-lowered the hapless young motorcycle officer/vice cop, placing his studly ass so that it hovered just inches from the tip of Captain Henderson's rampant cock. Jason and Lucas wildly tickled the suspended Officer Martinez, Jason reaching up and tickling his hairy, sweaty armpits, and tits, while Lucas tickled his navel, sides and ribs, causing Officer Martinez's body to jerk and sway wildly, his bare ass waving back and forth, perilously close to the Captain's own throbbing, cum-denied boner, the Captain himself screeching and pulling on his bonds as he was simultaneously being tickle tortured by Tony and Jeff.

Jason chose this moment to lower the pulleys suspending Officer Martinez, so that Officer Martinez's bare ass and asscrack descended directly over Captain Henderson's throbbing boner, Captain Henderson's rampant rock-hard fuckstick sliding sensuously through the assfur lining his fine young officer's manly asscrack, secretly turning the Captain on as the tickling, sweat-wet, assfur goosed and stimulated his red-hot twat-tamer as it slid between the firm, hot cheeks of his junior officer's strong young butt. Officer Martinez's humpy butt glistened with drops of sweat-dew which had dripped down from Officer Martinez's deeply browned muscular back and spine into his hairy asscrack where it further lubricated the Captain's cock as it slid through Officer Martinez's assfur, causing the Captain to growl with mounting lust as his fuckstick slid happily through the sweaty fur between Officer Martinez's workout-perfect firm assmounds. Officer Martinez's humpy ass was itself betraying the fact that it had already learned the pleasures of anal stimulation, Officer Martinez finding that the real thing felt every bit as good, if not better, than the clear plastic dildos had felt when the "fiends" introduced them to his ass, Officer Martinez pressing and squeezing his manly buttcheeks against his superior officer's red-hot prong and riding that pole shamelessly as it slid through his buttcheeks. The duos tormentors decided to forego inserting the Captain's cock into his junior officer's tight butthole, preferring to let the duo work up to that back in the police station.

The foursome instead decided that Captain Henderson and Officer Martinez had been "good boys" so they decided to let them get their rocks off after all, preferably with a maximum of humiliation and embarrassment. To that end, the four suddenly super intensified their tickle torture of the duo, delving their scrabbling fingers, toothbrushes, ice cubes and feathers into their hairy armpits, navels, tits, sides, ribs and feet, Jason and Tony respectively tickling Officer Martinez's and Captain Henderson's rampant cocks and drawn-up hairy bull-balls with feathers, teasing each of their sensitive glans and cockheads while they simultaneously teased their cum-denied balls, until the sadistic foursome triggered the most incredible orgasms of the two law enforcement officers' entire lives, the duo screeching like wild banshees, as each of their cocks exploded with incredible force, their pent-up cop cum spewing out of the tips of their red-hot cocks 10 feet into the air, the Captain's hot bubbling jizz splattering noisily as it erupted like Vesuvius through Officer Martinez's furry ravine, bolt after bolt of hot cop lava shooting like a cannon onto Officer Martinez's deeply suntanned, muscular back, into his crew-cutted hair and up beyond and over his junior officer, as Officer Martinez hung suspended over his superior officer, Officer Martinez's own huge fuckstick spewing out highly pressurized volleys of pent-up cop cum all over his Captain's hairy chest, face, nose and mouth, into his hair and splattering out beyond onto the floor.

Later, the foursome re-joined the rest of the staff of the massage parlor, accompanied by Captain Henderson and Officer Martinez who were now wearing coveralls provided by the business. Coveralls were also provided to the remaining four naked officers. Jason made it clear that the videos would become public if the cops ever tried to make any arrests at their establishment. Sheepish and bewildered from the whole experience and drained of every ounce of cum in their cop balls, the cops left together in the van without additional comment.


Captain Henderson and Officer Martinez were separately reported to have been seen at the sex shop in the city (wearing sunglasses and false beards) each having purchased transparent dildos. In fact, the sex shop reported a brisk trade from many citizens of Bedford Hills. The massage parlor/tanning salon thrived, the hypocritical citizens of tony Bedford Hills outwardly pretending it was just a tanning salon yet secretly knowing and participating in its delights. Even without the threat of exposure of the videos, both Captain Henderson and Officer Martinez became massage parlor regulars, having the best sex of their entire lives.



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