After an undercover cop's cover is blown, he is forced to strip naked in front of his captors and tightly bound in this hot new series from Red1skin and Amalaric!

Undercover No More - Part 1
by Red
Art by Amalaric
Series: Undercover No More
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The fun is about to begin, now that our young undercover cop has been forced to self strip by his captors. His humiliation is clear. Unable to face the three goons taking aim at him, he turned his back before stripping. That didn’t bother any of the viewers as they admired what was exposed to them with each piece of clothing removed. After all, they knew they would soon enough have the cop bound where every inch of his smooth well muscled body would be available to them to do with what they desired.

As the three henchmen whispered back and forth during the cop’s striptease, they discovered that each of them had a particular area of interest in which they enjoyed inflicting pain upon. The tall heavily muscled henchman liked taking care of what he was currently looking at. The back and butt. The short stocky henchman indicated he favored seeing just how much the chest and abs could take. The third, which was tall with an athletic build, wanted to stress and test the arms and legs.

Josh could hear them whispering but couldn’t make out what they were saying. His mind was a flutter with what they were going to doing with him now that one of the suppliers had identified him as cop. He didn’t recognize the guy from the bust late last year that took place at the Orion, but the supplier hadn’t forgotten him.

The boss was coming in from the other coast but they were able to make contact just before the plane took off to share this development. The boss had suspected the last couple of weeks that there may be an informer among them and was pleased with the news. To reward the three men, the boss gave them permission to use Josh in any way they saw fit with only two exceptions…they were to make sure the cop was conscious for when they arrived and they were not to touch his private area during their free play.

This would give the three men nearly six hours to punish the cop for his infiltration into the organization. They were already getting hard just thinking about what they would do to this masterful body.

As the last article of clothing dropped to the ground, the tall heavily muscled Lance quickly grabbed the wrists of the cop and pulled them back and snapped a pair of handcuffs on before Josh had time to react in any way. That snap of the cuffs was a familiar sound to Josh, but never did he dream he would be the one restrained. As Lance and the shorter stocky Anthony each grabbed a bicep to lead Josh out of the office, Rob followed with his sidearm drawn and pointed at the cop.

After walking down a hallway, they passed through a doorway that led them into a large warehouse type environment of what used to be an assembly line for riding lawn mowers. It had brick internal walls, dark painted windowpanes, overhead fluorescent lights; exposed wood beams overhead and metal pillars from floor to ceiling all throughout the space. Then of course there were all types of leftover tools, machinery and materials. This was but one of several dozen abandoned warehouses from better days and was located down by what used to be a busy port by the water.

Josh walking in a daze felt like he was in some sort of dream that he could not wake up from. He blindly went where his handlers led him, without resistance. Josh was surveying his new surroundings, it was almost like he was watching everything on a low quality TV, the only difference was he couldn’t see himself in the show – and that was because he is the show.

His two escorts, Lance and Anthony, led Josh to an area between two support pillars about 8 feet apart. They turned him around facing the doorway they came through. He saw Rob still holding his barrel pointed right at him. He continued to visually take in his environment trying to get a grip on what was really going on. He vaguely felt his hands separate from behind his back and within seconds, he felt each arm being slowly raised towards the ceiling. Lance and Anthony skillfully had handcuffed each wrist of the cop to a chain that was strewn over the top beam overhead and connected to a pulley system mounted on each pillar. The sound of the pulley system raising the chains was like a distant rattling at the end of a tunnel. Before Josh new it, his arms were fully stretched out and above his head. The two escorts then attached another set of cuffs to each ankle and began to pull each leg towards the pillars until they could not be pulled any further apart. There he was, perfectly displayed in the traditional spread-eagled position.

The sporting fun was about to begin, but Josh was still living in a dream world. They had to have him alert so he could fully partake in the nights festivities. Thanks to a barrel of dirty harbor water sitting in a corner, Lance was able to fill a bucket and dowse the bound muscle cop in the face and chest. The cold dirty water did exactly what the henchmen wanted, it woke Josh up from the foggy existence that he had lived in during the last 10 minutes. Suddenly alert, Josh began to test his bindings and became very anxious about his situation. Seeing the three henchmen standing in front of him with evil grins on their faces told him he was in big trouble. This was certainly no dream as he had hoped it was. The three men had no weapons showing, as none were needed at this point. They stood about 20 feet away, just far enough back so that when the three were quietly discussing something, he was unable to hear. That just enhanced his anxiety.

Then after breaking out in laughter, all three men began taking their shirts off. Josh couldn’t help but notice how well muscled this trio was, he knew that each of them was in peak physical condition from the hours he had spent with them over the past month. It was almost a pre-requisite as each member of the team was clearly in top shape. Lance was tall, dark, well muscled and had the perfect amount of short brown chest hair to match his perfectly short sculpted head of hair. He was incredibly good looking; he could have been a model. Guess that is why he was so good at networking and bringing in tons of business. His smile was infectious. Then there was Anthony, almost looked Greek, very sharp features with medium length dark curly hair, dark eyes and olive skin. He was smooth and built like an amateur body builder. Could not have been more than 5 foot 6 inches but his heavily muscled v-shape physique made him an impressive looking young man. Finally Rob, the one who had kept Josh in check by keeping his pistol aimed at him, had always looked military to Josh. Although Josh had never heard him talk about being in the military, he had the look. Dark blond buzz cut, the build of a serious athlete – but not overly muscled, nicely tanned, average height with a hairless chest but a nice treasure trail leading down to where his jeans were buttoned. One could easily see him handing out orders to be filled and then sitting back and making sure they were followed. Lets others get their hands dirty so to speak. He was the one that gave out instructions to this group when the boss wasn’t around.

What transpired next seemed a little odd. Josh watched the three play rock, paper, scissors. What was this all about? Lance and Anthony both showed paper and Rob showed rock. Rob took a step back not too happy. The two remaining played again, this time Lance showed scissors and Anthony showed paper. Scissors cut paper…the winner Lance laughed out loud. Anthony didn’t seem too bothered about losing and still grinned. Rob though, you could still tell he was irritated – he had always been competitive and like mentioned before, seemed to like being in charge.



  1. scotts60143 - November 14, 2019, 7:26 am

    Great beginning!! There is something very interesting about having a cop exposed, and the idea of him having him remove his clothes instead of being forcibly stripped is a great idea! It really messes with his mind! Looking forward to the next chapter!!

  2. Bend9784 - November 29, 2019, 8:24 am

    Part 2 appears on the list, but when I clicked on it, all I got was a near-blank screen.

  3. 31118azti - December 12, 2019, 3:58 pm

    Oh, to be a part of this team to play with such a good looking naked guy!

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