Two American boys suffer a severe punishment when the get into trouble while traveling through Turkey in his hot bondage and spanking story from Nathan.

A Turkish Jailhouse Experience
by Nathan
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Fucked in JailMy head was killing me, and I blinked my eyes and tried to shake the pain. Damn. I glanced around the stone walls and it all came back, the fight and the cops and then the handcuffs. I knew if my parents found out they would really be pissed. Shit. I felt pretty stupid really. It was just a bar, down a dingy alley and a place where the local youths hung out, out of the way of the authorities and where the booze flowed without any questions being asked. It was the last place we should have gone. But, when you are nineteen and you are in a country where 98% of the population is Muslim, and you find a place where they will let you drink beer you take advantage of it. And so, we had. We drank a lot of beer, and just wanted to have some fun, playing around an old pool table of all things with a group of local Turkish men who were about the same ages as were we. It had all started out friendly enough and with all of us being in our late teens and early twenties we had a lot in common, and so at the time it seemed another part of the big adventure. They spoke enough English and we got buy, just college age boys whooping it up. But as the booze flowed things had slowly taken another direction and that's when our differences started to come out.

The pool table had been just a game, but the conversation had drifted from the game to the fact that we were Americans, and they started putting down our country and then our religion and then us. We started to argue, which was stupid of course, but the arguments grew more heated, and then some names were called, and some threats were made, and then one of them shoved Jeremy and he shoved him back. Someone tossed a fist, and I think that's when I swung the pool stick, and of course all hell had broken loose after that. was all pretty stupid.

I was pretty wasted by then, so nothing was really clear right now, and even though I tried to think, I couldn't remember all of the details. I know there had to have been at least a dozen of them to the two of us. We had actually done alright, holding our own, and yet in the end we hadn't had a chance. I couldn't remember any of the guys in particular, although I know as we fought and tried to defend ourselves we tore the shit out of the place. The pool table ended up on its side, that much I remember distinctly, and the big mirror behind the bar was shattered at some point when one of the bar stools got tossed in its direction.

We should have known better, and had no business being there. When you put a large group of Muslim teenagers willing to down the beer together in a country where that is highly frowned on, you have a problem waiting to happen. Add in two Americans and it’s a recipe for disaster. My parents had tried to tell me Americans aren't that popular right now in a lot of places, but I was pretty naïve really, and so I guess it was a lesson I had to learn on my own. Needless to say, sitting in that shit hole, I felt pretty stupid. I wondered how much trouble we were really in. At least Jeremy and I never tossed any of the furniture, and while we had been in the midst of the fight, the cause of it even, the only real truth for certain at this point was that we hadn’t gotten out of their in time. The last thing I remember was the bar owner yelling, screaming at all of us and mad as hell. In fact, it was he that had struck Jeremy with his fist and put him out, and the last thing I remember was a bottle breaking over my head. Feeling the lump, I looked over at the single dirty cot, and Jeremy was still flat on his back, his right eye blackened and swollen slightly. His mouth was gaping open as he lay there in a fitful sleep, a stain of blood on his shirt. Shit.

I thought back on what had brought me here. When my roommate had come up with the idea to spend our summer backpacking across Turkey it had seemed such a cool idea, with visions of wild ancient lands, and the Black and Aegean Seas. Then there was Mount Ararat, the legendary landing place of Noah's Ark, and while we didn't really expect to hike to it the idea it was supposed to be there added to the thrill of the adventure. But now, with both of us in a foreign jail cell suddenly none of it seemed very smart anymore. Our parents had been against the whole adventure, especially there, of all places, but we were adamant and we were old enough to make our own decisions and so we had. The official tourist guide had made the country seem like a great place to visit, and we scoffed at the dangers and promised to be careful.

For me, the real decision to go was an easy one, and it didn't have much to do with wanting to see Turkey. I longed to spend time with Jeremy and I wanted to be with him alone and away from his girl. It was he who had wanted to go to Turkey, and so that was enough for me. Yeah, I liked him a lot, a whole lot, and I wanted to hold him and hug him and just be with him. Hell, I dreamed of sucking his cock. The problem was that he was straight as straight can be, with a serious girl that he fucked regularly. After every date he would tell me the intimate details, which I found fascinating but of course I hated hearing about it at the same time. Hell, I was jealous of her. I was gay, and I knew it, but that secret I kept to myself. I was a virgin too, and the only sex I had ever experienced was making love to my own fist, which is about the only thing I did regularly. Still, when I jerked my meat in the shower it was Jeremy that was on my mind.

Other than that, we had a lot in common. We both had a swimmer’s build, and I was 175 pounds and Jeremy was 180. Jeremy was blond, with blue eyes and a flat stomach that had horizontal lines of muscles that had been sculptured from hours in the gym. He had strong legs, and a tight, firm ass, and he was about as perfect a male specimen as you can find. Like me, he didn’t have to shave very often, and except for a beautiful patch of blond pubic hair and a dusting of light curly hair that grew down his legs he was pretty much smooth all over. In some ways he looked like a seventeen year old, even though he was nineteen, like me.

As for me, I worked out too, but next to Jeremy I didn’t compare really. My hair was dark brown, almost black, as were my eyes, and the girls weren’t interested in me the way they were in Jeremy. Of course, I wasn’t interested in them either. We were just two American nineteen-year-old college kids, one gay and one straight. Jeremy hated gays, or said he did, so I lived in the closet and kept my thoughts for him to myself. Still, I liked him a lot, a whole lot, and so we had sat out together for a summer of adventure and fun, that had now left us sitting in a dingy stone cell and things had sure turned to shit in a hurry.

The sun came up, and slowly the cell began to warm. It was going to be another hot summer day. There was little sound, except for an occasional clank of metal as a cell door was opened somewhere, and you could hear the sounds of street traffic from somewhere outside. Our cell door looked out into a hall, and there wasn’t a cell window and the bare stone walls, covered with graffiti, didn’t have any openings anywhere. There was a trench in the back of the cell, with a small trickle of water running through it. It was rank, and it obviously served as a toilet, running from one cell to another.

About two hours after the sun came up I heard a very loud crack, and then another, and then another. On the third one I heard a scream, and then as the cracks continued the screams came then, one after the other. Intermixed with the screams I heard someone begging. I couldn't make out the words, but the pleas were unmistakable, and the voice, in a weird sort of way, sounded familiar, almost like one of the loudmouthed Turks from the night before. Whoever he was, he was getting a very serious beating, and needless to say, neither Jeremy nor I were sleeping after that. Yeah, without any doubt someone was getting his ass pulverized, and they were begging as it was happening. With each crack and scream, I could just visualize a naked ass getting sliced by a cane. I had never heard a human scream like that before, and it was obvious someone was in excruciating misery. Later there were more cracks, and more screams, made with different voices, and they came in a string and it was very obvious that somewhere not very far away more than one man was getting his bottom ripped apart. I was so scared at that point it can’t really be described.

The beatings lasted off and on most of the morning. I don’t know how many men were beaten, but it was around ten or so, give or take. Some men screamed louder than others, and some begged and some didn’t. It didn’t seem to matter, as the cracks always seemed to sound the same, intense, powerful, and hard. Most of the cracks came in a series of twelve. However, on a couple of men the sound was different, softer perhaps, and the blows were faster. The screams were the same though, only those sessions seemed to last a very long time and there was no way to count the number of blows. After hearing one or two getting it that way I figured they were being beaten with something else, perhaps a whip or a strap instead of a cane. Whatever it was, from the way they screamed it had to hurt like hell, and those sessions just seemed to go on and on and on without any mercy or any end. All of the sounds echoed down the halls, right into our cell, and pretty soon Jeremy and I were shaking with fear.

A short while later we were summoned to a small office in the jailhouse, where a huge brute of a man was sitting, all dressed up in a very formal Turkish police uniform. We stood in front of him, and they closed the door and then it was just the three of us. He was a big man, a very big man, and he sat tall and straight and radiated the appearance of someone who was definitely in charge. I guessed him to be in his forties as best I could figure. He was really big, with hairy arms and short cropped jet black hair and deep penetrating eyes, and the muscles on his arms bulged. I looked at Jeremy, and he at me, and then I swallowed. He wasn’t a man to fool with, and that was very apparent. He looked at us, grinning, and then he said “You American boy’s are in very big trouble...very big. I...I could do you a favor, I suppose, and deal with this myself. Or....I can send you to the city office, and your parents can hire your lawyers and then we can let the courts and the judges handle things instead. It all all depends on how nice a mood I’m in.”

He was the first official we had seen since our arrest, and I appealed to him. I said “We didn't mean to cause any trouble. We didn't want to get in the was just some local trouble and somehow we got caught up in it with everyone else. I got hit with a bottle, but I didn't toss anything. We tried not to cause any damages, and all we were doing was trying to get out of there. I swear, neither of us threw any furniture. We didn't start it, and we really weren’t the ones that caused the problems.”

He grinned. I could tell he could care less what I had said. Then, slowly, very slowly, he opened up his desk drawer and lifted up two plastic bags, each filled with close to a dozen marijuana joints. As he held them up in front of us, he said “These were found in your backpacks.”

I stared, looking, staring with scared eyes, and a wave of fear crept over me that can’t be described. The bags of shit weren’t ours, but suddenly I didn’t feel very good anymore.

Jeremy spoke up, his voice quivering: “Those AREN’T OURS! I swear! We....we don’t do drugs, we don’t!!!! I’ve never seen those bags before!”

The big policeman grinned. And then he said “Well, I know marijuana when I see it, and you each had these bags in your backpack. We aren’t playing games here. Somebody sure is doing drugs and it isn’t me!”

My heart was pounding. I didn't know if the cop was making this up, or if one of the guys from the bar had set us up. Either way I knew we were in very big trouble! I said again, louder, the desperation in my voice obvious: “NO! THOSE AREN’T OURS! I SWEAR! THEY AREN’T OURS!!! SOMEBODY PUT THEM THERE!” I screamed out, my voice cracking in desperation, sounding like a pubescent teenager. I was scared shitless. I knew we were in very serious trouble, and suddenly the bar fight didn’t seem very important anymore.

The big police officer leaned forward, his hot breath close enough that I smelled it, and then his face grew even more serious. Then, very slowly, he said: “Well, you both need to understand something. You are in Turkey, not America. It's possible someone put the drugs in your packs, and since they were found at the top I suppose it could have happened. But it's not likely. Yeah, it's more likely you put them there yourself. Still, the boys you were hanging with could have done it, might have done it if they wanted to get you in serious trouble or needed to get rid of the shit when we showed up.

Now, I'm a reasonable sort, and I've been around a long time, so I tend to read people like a book and figure them out. You need to understand this. If I forget about the drugs, they don't exist. But if I say these were in your backpack and put that in my report, that’s enough in my country to get a drug conviction. You hear me? That’s all it will take, no matter how expensive an attorney your mom and dad hire. You both are guilty as shit if I want you to be. I imagine in the court system you’ll get your asses thrashed, and afterwards you’ll spend most of your lives rotting in a Turkish prison. Yeah, there's enough shit in those bags to insure you two will be old men before you ever see the light of day, unless they hang you. Yeah, if I turn you in, I’d have to say there is a 50/50 chance they will hang you......after they thrash your bottoms into hamburger of course.”

Almost to accentuate his words there was this loud crack off in the distance, and another man was screaming at the top of his lungs. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. God. Again and again, and the screams grew more desperate and you could literally feel the tension. The policeman leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his neck, listening to the beating with a look of utmost satisfaction. He had us. The cracks continued, with one about every thirty seconds until a full dozen had been delivered. I stared, and swallowed. My heart was pounding with fear. The big Turk was obviously enjoying watching our reactions as we listened to the man getting thrashed, and he didn't say a single word while it continued. About half way through it whoever was getting beaten must have passed out, because the cracks continued but the screams stopped. By that time I was shaking.

O GOD! I looked at Jeremy, and a thousand thoughts flooded through my mind. Visions of the old movie Midnight Express ran through my mind, only this was real and my heart was pounding in my chest like a jackhammer at that point. Suddenly I wanted to be home, to be safe and with my mom and dad. I felt like a kid and I wanted to cry.

After the cracks finally stopped the room grew totally quiet. I could hear the pounding of my own heart in my ears. Then as I looked back at the policeman he grinned again, and then he said: “I suppose two good looking all American boys deserve a break, and I’m a lenient sort of man. I suppose, if I wanted, I could just deal with you myself. I might be willing, if it was worth my time."

It was an opening, an offer of hope, and I wasn't stupid. Besides, he had us, and there wasn’t much we could do. I thought of my wallet, and it didn't have a lot of money left in it, but I knew sometimes you can bribe your way out of problems and that seemed to be what he was hinting at. I looked at him and then nodded my head, and then, carefully choosing my words, I said “I...I’m sure we would rather let you handle it. Perhaps.... perhaps we could pay a you?”

He smiled. And then he said: “I’m sure you will. You will pay we well I imagine. But, there are many ways to pay. Many ways. His face grinned even wider.

There was a long pause then, a very long pause, and then he just stared at me, and then at Jeremy. He looked at us back and forth, as if he was thinking. Then, looking at Jeremy and then back at me one more time, he said the words that stunned us both: “So, which one of you white boys wants to suck my dick?”

I know my mouth went open in surprise, and Jeremy literally gasped. What the fuck? This man couldn't be serious! But, almost to emphasize his point, he reached down to his fly and as we stared he unzipped his pants, and then he took his belt and opened it and pulled his big hose out for us to see. He had a huge cock...really big, and as he brought it out it thickened as we watched, eager with anticipation. God! Neither of us had expected that, not in a million years, and my heart beat even faster. As we both watched, he slid the skin back, and then pumped it a couple of times, making it grow harder, and then he let go of it and it pointed upward, jutting, the man’s big pole eager and fat and oh-so-ready. I stared, Jeremy stared. I stared at his rod and felt the desire, in spite of where we were and what was happening. In contrast, Jeremy was totally aghast; his eyes wide open with fear and his face was literally as white as a sheet.

The big Turk laughed loudly, and he looked at me and grinned, and then he pointed to Jeremy. YOU! You're cute as hell and I like your blond hair. Besides, you're scared shitless, and I like that too! Yeah....I like that a lot, and you now have exactly twenty seconds to get down on your knees and start sucking my cock. If you don’t, then I’ll let them cane your bottoms and hang you high, and I mean it. I swear I will!”

Jeremy whimpered....and I heard him gasp again. He was shaking. I thought of his girlfriend back home, and how he loved to fuck her pussy. Now, the very thought of him sucking a cock got my heart really pounding. I couldn’t help myself! I had dreamed of Jeremy sucking my dick so many times, and so now even though it was another man’s pole that was going to be going down his throat, I found myself eager to watch him doing it, even if it wasn’t my rod he would be sucking. Up until that moment it had been nothing but a dream, but suddenly, as I watched, the dream was becoming a very real possibility and it was highly likely that Jeremy was going to be opening his mouth and taking in the big fat rod of a man, and I stared and watched and my own dick went rigid. Still, I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Jeremy was scared shitless, and he was shaking, and he even started to beg. But, the big man wasn’t in a listening mood, and he shut off his begging and said “SHUT UP BOY....and SUCK! NOW!!! Or I swear I'll let them hang you. In Turkey, when we hang a man, he chokes to death kicking and squirming, slowly strangling until he's dead. It's a very long drawn out process and I can't recommend it as a way to die.”

Jeremy's eyes watered. But, he knew he really didn't have any choice, not really, and so as I stared and watched, Jeremy slowly got down on his knees and went to the man, staring at his big dick with a look of fear and trepidation. He was inches in front of that man's big cock, straining, his eyes wide with fear. The man grabbed his erection with one hand, and put his other hand on the back of Jeremy's head. Then, he slapped his dick over Jeremy's face, rubbing his face with the end of his penis. Finally, he guided it until his dick was at the entrance to Jeremy's lips. I stared. Jeremy stared. Then, he whimpered, his lips trembling. The man said "SUCK IT BOY" and then he used his hand on the back of Jeremy's head and with a little force he pushed Jeremy's mouth down over his pole, pushing down on his head until his dick slid in between my best friend's lips like a big fat popsicle. God Jeremy's eyes went wide open then, as big as saucers as he tasted his first erection! Soon the man hands were both on Jeremy’s head literally shoving my best friend’s head up and down on his pole, forcing Jeremy’s lips up and down over his rod. Jeremy’s eyes bugged out, and his lips were spread wide, the man’s big penis stuffed down his throat and there was nothing he could do about it. Up and down, up and down, the big man forced his cock down Jeremy’s throat while I stared and watched in awe.

The man shoved my friend's head down all the way then, until Jeremy's lips were shoved right into his nest of pubic hair, his cock so deep that Jeremy’s blue eyes bulged out as he gagged on the man's cock when it hit the back of his throat. They were wide open after that, staring in disbelief perhaps, as he gagged on the man’s big dick with every single thrust. I watched as Jeremy’s lips were pushed right into the man’s pubic hair again and again. Each time his head was lifted up until only the tip of the big cock was in his mouth, and then, with another hard push the Turkish policeman shoved Jeremy’s head back down, again all the way down to his pubic hair all over again. Up and down. Up and down. Jeremy was gagging with each deep thrust, but nevertheless he sucked and sucked and sucked. He really didn't have any choice and he couldn’t do anything else.

This went on for about four or five long minutes, when suddenly I saw Jeremy gagging continuously, and then there was white jism flowing down the Turk’s dick, running out of Jeremy’s mouth as the big Turk ejaculated and his rod pulsated between Jeremy’s lips he as he continued to force his cock deep with thrust after thrust after thrust. His jism had to have splashed right into the back of Jeremy’s throat. Jeremy gagged, almost vomiting, his eyes wide with the shock of what he was feeling and he powerless to do anything about it. I saw Jeremy's throat spasm, and I knew without any doubt that he was swallowing at least some of the man's load of cream even if he didn't want to.

Watching it all, I almost came in my pants.

The big man grunted as he came, and he tossed his head back and savored his orgasm. At the very end he held Jeremy's face full down on his crotch, his pubic hair right against Jeremy's lips and his cock as deep as it would go. He finished squirting like that, savoring the feeling of shooting his wad into my best friend's gullet. He held him that way for close to a minute, his wad pumping out ropes of cum as he ejaculated. Finally, he was done. He looked down at Jeremy, with a look of disgust, and then he lifted Jeremy's head off his spent cock one last time, and pushed him away, almost as if he was no longer important. Jeremy gasped for breath, and then he tried to spit out the sperm he hadn’t swallowed, spitting out the remains of the load of cream that had flooded into his mouth and been ejaculated down his throat. His face was red with shame. As he was doing that, the big man just laughed, and then he stuffed his spent meat back into his fly as if he had just taken a piss. Zipping up his pants, he said “Not bad! Not bad for an American teen! Blondie, you suck like an amateur, but for your first cock you didn’t do too bad, and with a little more training you could learn to be a real cock sucker. Yeah, with a little more practice, you’d be an expert.”

Then, he turned to me, and he said “YOU...with the hard on! It’s your turn now....but I want you sucking your friend’s dick, and I want to watch you swallow his load. You got that? I want you to suck him until his dick gets soft, and when he comes I want so see his wad in your mouth before you swallow it all.”

Jeremy’s face went beet red, and he looked at me in total shock. I stared at him, and my dick went so fucking hard it was like a piece of steel in my pants. Jeremy saw the tent in my pants, and a confused look spread across his face, but he didn’t fight me when I went to him, and as I opened up his jeans he looked down and just watched. His prick wasn’t hard at all, and yet when I took it into my mouth and began to work his worm around with my tongue, I felt him stiffen and his penis swelled quickly. He couldn’t believe it, and nor could I. For Jeremy, he was ashamed, totally, his face bright red with the very thought that a guy was sucking his rod. Still, he got hard, and his cock was soon pulsating and he felt the desire surge in his loins, and he grunted from the intensity of the feeling. For me, it was so damn hot, and I savored every inch of my best friend's rod. It was like a dream coming true, and I sucked him with a vengeance and went up and down on his dick with gusto. He lasted about five minutes, and then he tossed his own head back and screamed “OH...OH GOD....I’m SORRY.....I....I can’t help it....OH GOD....I’m CUMMING!” He screamed then, totally humiliated to be shooting his wad down another guy’s throat. I think he felt like a whore. As for me, I gulped him eagerly, and his jism was oh-so-sweet!

As he was shooting the Turk said to me “That's it white boy! Don’t stop though! You keep sucking him until I tell you to quit.”

His words were like music to my years. I had no intention of stopping, and so as Jeremy squirmed and ejaculated I bobbed up and down on his pole, flicking the end of his rod with my tongue as I tasted his seed. When he was spent I opened my mouth and showed my best friend’s load to the Turk, and then I swallowed every drop without being asked and went back down on Jeremy’s spent dick and continued to suck it. Jeremy tried to push me away, and started to beg, the feeling way too intense and the end of his pole way too sensitive. But the Turk said “No! Let him suck you until your dick gets soft...if it does. You're not done until I say you're done!”

Jeremy jerked and his body shuddered, and then his groin forced his cock deep into my throat, humping it. It was way too much for him. He tossed his head back, and then he started to beg.... “Oh...oh.....stop! Please! Oh....GOD! OH...STOP! Ahhhh....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. OH! OHHHH! It's too sensitive! My cock can't take it anymore!”

Still, in spite of the intensity of the feeling, the Turk wouldn’t let me quit, and so in spite of Jeremy squirming and begging, I kept working on his pole, and as I did so his dick stayed rock hard. Of course, it was so sensitive after he had shot that he jerked his body and started to squirm wildly from the intensity of the feeling and I was driving him wild by flicking my tongue through the slit of his big round cock eye . It was way too much for him, and it was very obvious he had never been stimulated like I was doing it now.

This went on for almost ten minutes, and the Turk laughed and watched, making me keep sucking as long as Jeremy’s prick stayed hard. As Jeremy jerked and thrashed the big Turkish policeman just laughed, enjoying every single moment of the show. My lips went numb, but still I sucked. Finally, Jeremy ejaculated a second time. He thrashed out and jerked wildly as he shot again, two wads in a row, and even then I continued to stimulate the super sensitive end of his dick with my tongue. His hips thrust upward, shoving his dick deep down my throat, and his eyes were wide open and he screamed as he squirted out another big load. My friend came and came and came, and I savored every single drop. The Turk laughed, his voice roaring as he watched it all.

Still, he made me keep sucking off my friend, and I did, but in spite of my best efforts after Jeremy’s second wad his teenage dick slowly softened into a noodle. It was only then that I was told to leave it alone. When I finally sat back up Jeremy was staring at me, with a look of disbelief on his face, the intensity of his two orgasms so powerful that he had no idea what to say. He was looking at me then in a way he had never looked at me before, his dick completely spent like never before. I think his cock was numb.

The big Turk was really grinning after that, and then he said “That’s a hell of a blowjob....a hell of a blow.” I hadn’t spilled a drop and his comment made me grin.

Then, seeing me smile, his face grew dead serious, and that's when he said: “Boys, I think its time for your punishment. Like I said earlier, I ought to send you across town, and let them thrash your ass and stretch your necks, but since you are obedient boys, and cocksuckers too, I've decided to be nice and handle it myself. So, I guess this is your lucky day. Still, your not about to get off without getting your asses thrashed, so don't think you are. You tore up an establishment, and I'm going to teach you a lesson you won’t ever forget. I guarantee you will be sorry you even walked into the place. But afterwards, just because I like boys like you, I’m going to let you go. Now, I'm no judge, and this isn’t a court room. If you want me to punish you, believe me, I will."

Then, he added: "So, I'll give you one more chance to change your mind. It's your choice, you can go to trial and take your chances in court. My guess is that you'll be found guilty, and if that happens you'll get your bottoms caned, and then later you'll swing at the end of a rope. That's my best guess, but maybe you could get lucky I suppose. But probably not, and in all likelihood, the best case will still leave you rotting in a Turkish prison. The other choice is me, and if you ask me to handle it, then your bottoms are definitely going to take a beating, and that's a certainty. So, which is it gonna be?”

Jeremy and I looked at each other, and we knew we were screwed. We didn’t really have any choice, and so we quickly agreed to let him handle our punishment. As we saw it, there really wasn’t any choice and he knew it and I knew and Jeremy knew it and that’s just the way it was.

Then the big Turk grinned again, and as did he got out of the chair and he went to the door and opened it, and then he spoke to the guards in the next room.

“I’m going to handle the American's myself. Take these boys to the whipping room, and get them ready. We won't use the rack with them. No, since there are two of them, put them over the rail, and have them in position, with their legs spread and their asses bare. I’ll be in there in a few minutes to deal with them. Also, find Kater, and only Kater. I owe him one. Find him, and tell him it’s his lucky day. We’ve got two smooth white-boy asses and they are eager and ready.”

He walked out of the room, and four guards walked in. They were all business. The first thing they had us do was to remove our t-shirts, so that we were both bare-chested. There wasn't any point in arguing. Then, once we had done that, they just grabbed us by our arms and half dragged us, half walked us, down a long hall. As we approached a room that was obviously where they did their whippings, two other guards were dragging out a Turkish teenager. I recognized him immediately, because he was the kid I had hit with the pool stick from the night before. He looked different than he had with a beer in his hand.

He was stark naked now, his eyes open and staring, with a look of disbelief on his face. He looked younger than he had at the bar, and now looking at him I guessed him to be seventeen. There was a very slight fuzz sprouting across his upper lip, and his bare chest was smooth with tiny, dime-sized nipples. Whatever his age, his thin cock was long, but it hung down limply, like a wet noodle. The boy's entire body was limp as well, and they were literally dragging him by his arms, his feet out behind him and just dragging on the floor. He looked up at me, and we locked eyes, and his face went red with shame and he looked away. As they dragged him by I noticed that his patch of pubic hair was small, but defined, and he was well into puberty but he still had a way to go before he would be a full grown man. But it wasn't his cock that held my attention. No, it wasn't that at all. As he was dragged by us I got a good look at his bottom, and his entire ass looked like raw hamburger, and it was literally black and purple, and it was bleeding. There were a dozen horizontal slices across his bottom, and they went deep and the welts were dark purple. God! He had been beaten to a pulp, and his entire ass was a bloody mess and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I stared at it in disbelief, and as they dragged him by us and down the hall in the opposite direction, the fear went through me like a red hot poker.

They dragged us both into the room the boy had come out of. The room was larger than I expected. There was a wooden A-frame rack along the far wall, and I knew immediately that's where the boy had been caned. Under it was a puddle, which looked like urine, and I had the thought that the teenager we had seen had probably pissed himself during his punishment. On the wall were several very long canes, and some mean looking leather straps. I didn't see a single thing I would want to get hit with. Looking at the punishment implements made my heart pound.

We weren't taken to the rack. Instead, we were half walked up to two rails that were almost in the middle of the room. They were stout wooden beams really, flat on top, and parallel to each other and about four feet in length. The edges had been sanded round and smooth, or were perhaps worn that way over years from use. The beams looked very old, and were about waist high, held off the floor at the ends by two metal poles that were imbedded into the concrete floor. The entire thing was solid, and each beam was about four feet in front of the other. There were some old worn leather restraints on the end of each beam, with buckles, and they were obviously waiting for us.

I was dragged up to one of the beams and bent over it, and then my two wrists were cuffed into the worn leather straps on the beam in front of me, stretching my arms out and apart and almost lifting me off the floor. Jeremy was dragged to the other rail, the one my hands were strapped to, and he too was dragged over that and his hands were stretched out in front of him and then cuffed to the ends of the rail I was bent over. We were facing each other, our heads only a few inches apart and our arms stretched out like some perverse imitation of superman. We were helpless.

After they had us lashed in place, the men unbuckled our jeans, and then they pulled them down and off. Our underwear was next, and after that we were as naked as the day we were born. I felt totally helpless, and was completely vulnerable, and it's not a good feeling. No, it is not a good feeling at all. We were both totally naked and totally exposed. I was shaking, as was Jeremy. If I raised my head up I could look right down Jeremy's back, and it was glistening with sweat and had a shiny appearance. As I was looking at it, the men grabbed our ankles, and looped a piece of rope around each one, passing the free ends through some strategically placed and very rusted rings of iron that were embedded off to the sides in the concrete floor. Then they pulled the ropes tight, stretching our legs wide apart, so only our tiptoes were barely touching the floor. They cinched a knot around the rings, and at that point it felt like my legs were being pulled so far apart they were going to split me in two.

The guards left then, laughing, and Jeremy and I laid there then, bent over with our faces inches apart, staring into each others eyes as we waited to have our bottoms turned into hamburger. Our asses were perched up in the air, high up, almost as if they were begging for what was to come. I struggled, but I was totally immobilized. My legs were spread so wide you could feel the air right up the crack of my ass, and I knew without any question my hole and balls were visible to anyone standing behind me. I had never felt so vulnerable in all my life. I look at my best friend, and then I said “I’m sorry Jeremy.....we’re fucked man.”

He looked at me, and I saw tears in his eyes. I could smell my friend's sweat, and the fear was real and palatable. I was sweating too, and I felt a rivet of sweat literally run down my back and right into the crack of my ass. I looked at Jeremy, and it was then I noticed the drop of the Turk's jism that was still in the corner of his mouth. God!

After about ten minutes or so the big Turk who Jeremy had sucked came into the room, laughing, and next to him was a much younger man, a Turkish guy about our age. He was eighteen or nineteen at the most, and he was built of solid muscle. The expression on his face was that of a younger boy though, and I can only describe it as an eager expression, a very very eager one. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning, with presents waiting to be unwrapped and he poised to do it. The youth was well built, and he was grinning and when he saw us he licked his lips. Then he looked to the big Turk, and said “YEAH! LOOK AT THOSE HOLES! YEAHHHHHH they look tight!”

The big Turk closed the door, and I heard a latch being thrown. After that it was just the four of us. The room grew even hotter then, and I was sweating like a pig. The big Turk walked around Jeremy and I several times, savoring the view. Finally, he seemed to make a choice, and then finally he stopped behind Jeremy, and as he did he reached out with his fist and grabbed his balls. Jeremy’s eyes went wide, and he yelped, the shock of feeling his scrotum in the hands of another man more than he was ready for. The big Turk leaned over then and laughed, and that’s when he said “You two boys are about to get your bottoms thrashed. The only real decision that needs to be made is weather we do it with the cane, or with the prison strap.

The cane cuts like hell, and will rip your buttocks to shreds. It’s the implement of choice for criminals, and you deserve it. Druggies always get the cane. But, I like the strap myself, and while it isn’t quite the same weapon as a cane, it still hurts like shit, and in some ways does a more through job, and I can give you a lot more hits with a strap that I ever could with a cane. But even so, the wounds in time do heal better and you don’t end up with a scarred bottom the way you will if I cane your ass. I'll tell you though that the worst offenders from last night all got the cane. But while you deserve it too, your American bottoms are softer, and I doubt you could take it. So, I’ll leave it up to you.....which do you want? The cane, or the strap?”

What a choice! For a second, a very brief second, I had the thought that if the worst of the Turks had been caned, then I could take it too. But then I thought of home, and of mom and dad, and there was no way I wanted to have lines of scars across my rear end for the rest of my life. And, then I thought of the boy I had just seen, and I knew without question that he would be scarred for life, and so that made the choice very easy for me. I opted for the strap, as did Jeremy, and that made the big man laugh. Then, he laughed louder, and that's when he said "Very well then, I thought you would probably make that choice. However, there is one slight problem with the strap that I forgot to mention....and that is that there is a price to pay to avoid the cane."

As he said that I felt the Turkish teenager's hand reaching up between my legs, feeling my crack, and then as I gasped I felt his finger enter my hole. I hadn’t expected that, and the boy worked in another finger, rubbing it in and out, working it down and massaging my prostate gland as he was doing so. I jerked against the bonds, but I was held tight. My cock went rock hard, almost instantly, and in spite of my fear I was powerless to prevent it.

Jeremy’s eyes too were wide, and I knew just looking at him that his own hole was getting similar attention from the big Turk. If I looked down I could see between his legs, the way he could see between my own, and as I watched Jeremy’s dick rose up until it was parallel to the floor, stiff and hard and eager. It wasn't long before he had a full boner, and the end of his cock was round and purple and his foreskin retracted, exposing the single big eye that seemed to be seeping. The two men kept fucking our holes with their fingers. I wanted to say something, but it seemed pointless, and it was very obvious that we weren’t in any position to stop them, no matter what they wanted to do. Just as I had that thought, I saw the big policeman open his pants, and he pulled out his big pole for the second time that day and pumped it hard. Behind me the younger one was doing the same thing, and I looked over my shoulder and could see his teenage cock, which was long and thin and like its owner, very very eager.

It was too much for Jeremy. He totally panicked, and started thrashing out against his bonds, jerking hard against the ropes that held his legs apart. He jerked with every muscle in his body, but even so it didn't make any difference. His voice cracked like a pubescent teenager, and then he started to beg: “Please....please don’t! Please don’t fuck us! PLEASE!”

The big man laughed, loudly, and then he said “Why not white boy? You’ve got a beautiful hole, a virgin hole I’m sure, and your legs are spread wide and your hole is waiting and ready. I like a tight hole, and your hole looks tight. If I want to fuck your hole, I will fuck it, and you will thank me for doing it after it has been done.”

Then, to prove the point, he positioned his big prick at the entrance to Jeremy’s bowels, and I saw Jeremy’s eyes go wide open, as big as saucers. He tossed his head back and screamed then, as he felt his hole violated and the big Turk’s fat cock was shoved inside. Almost at the same instant I too felt a stiff cock in my own ass, the two men driving into us in a single deep stroke until their cocks were in so deep their balls slammed up against our bottoms. It was a very intense feeling, and I felt violated, and yet as I felt the hardness of the teenager’s pole in my rear my own cock twitched from the feeling.

The teenager was my age, and he was fucking me, hard. In and out, in and out, and I was powerless to do anything about it. I was being raped! Jeremy was grunting as he felt the big Turk thrust into him, slamming into him so deep with every thrust that the big man's balls would slap against his ass. Slap slap slap.

"Ugh.....ughh.....ughhh" Jeremy grunted as his ass was pounded with thrust after thrust after thrust. God he was being fucked hard! Again and again, thrust after thrust. I looked down, and Jeremy's cock was stiff, parallel to the floor, and there was a long thin clear line of semen drooling out of the end of his rod, hanging down and swinging in the light. It was literally being fucked right out of him. I watched Jeremy's stiff dick, and listened to him grunt as he was being fucked. This went on for close to ten minutes. I just wanted them to cum and get it over with, but it turned out Jeremy was the first to lose his wad. His eyes went even wider, and then he gasp, and right after that as I watched lines of white cream shot out in ropes from his prick, his load of seed shooting out just from the stimulation that was going on from the pounding in his rectum.

He shot and shot, a big load, and grunted it out as the Turk continued to fuck him. As he ejaculated for the third time that day the rhythmic contractions of his ass muscles stimulated the big Turk and took him over the edge. The big man tossed his head back and grunted, and then he shot into my best friend's hole, filling his bowels with his hot spunk. Jeremy's eyes were wide open saucers as he felt it happening.

I never came, but I was close. But the boy fucking me did, and soon enough I had a load of his teenage jism squirting into my hole, filling it up with white spunk until it was literally running out of my rectum and running down my legs. I might be gay, but I didn't like being raped. I could only hope I wasn't getting AIDS or anything else as my hole was being filled with sperm. It was a hell of a feeling, and no matter what I did, or how hard I struggled, there was nothing I could do but lay there with my legs spread wide and feel that young man driving his rod into my hole as he spurted out his seed.

When they were spent they pulled their pricks out with a slurping sound. The teenager who had fucked me slapped my bottom, and then he hefted my balls and gave them a squeeze. I was so humiliated and I felt so violated I can't really describe it. Then he said "Alright, you American's time for you to thank me for fucking your ass."

I thanked him. God. What else could I do? The big Turk must have squeezed Jeremy's balls as well, because a few seconds later I listened as Jeremy choked out his own words of thanks. The big Turk made him thank him for the fuck, and for filling his hole with a real man's seed. He made Jeremy say it several times, to make sure he got it right. I know I felt totally humiliated, and when I looked at Jeremy he had tears in his eyes.

After we had thanked the two men for our fucking, they put back on their pants, and then they went to the wall and picked up two heavy leather straps. It was time! The things were about two and a half feet in length, and each about four inches wide, with a heavy wooden handle. The leather was so stiff that when the straps were held horizontally they stayed almost flat. Right away I knew this was going to hurt like hell!

Just before they started strapping us the big policeman said: "You American boys come to my country and strut around like rich fucks, acting like you own the world, while your cowboy president attacks sovereign nations with his military might. You go and drink our beer and then when you are good and drunk you start swinging your fists. Finally, you tear up a man' business, making a mess of things just because you could, and you end up with drugs in your backpacks on top of everything else. Well, just be thankful I'm a merciful man, because I should have let them hang you, but I suppose a thorough strapping is going to have to do instead.

Suddenly, the big Turk raised his strap up, way up, high into the air, and brought it down full force right across the cheeks of Jeremy's bare bottom. My roommate screamed a blood curdling scream that was half human and half animal, a primal scream that was indicative of the tremendous power of that first, single blow. I resolved right then and there to not cry out, no matter what, but then suddenly, I felt a burn that was so intense it can't be described. I heard my own voice, not recognizing it, and then I too was screaming, the voice coming out almost on its own in spite of my resolve to do otherwise. The younger Turk was slamming his own strap into my bottom, setting it on fire that felt as hot as any blowtorch. I bucked my hips, and jerked against my bonds, and yet I was powerless to do anything but to just lay with my legs spread wide and to feel the strap as it painted my bottom cherry red.

After about a dozen blows, the two men changed places, and suddenly the big Turk was cracking that leather across my own ass, while the younger teen was slamming his strap into Jeremy. God the big Turk hit hard! Again and again and again it came, slamming into my buttocks. The big Turk was pulverizing my bottom, and pretty soon I had the impression that even though I wasn't being caned nevertheless the strap on my ass was literally turning my bottom into hamburger. The two Turks took turns strapping us, changing places every few minutes, so both Jeremy and I got strapped by each of them. The younger man had a lot less control over his strap, and so as he wielded it the big piece of leather lashed out wildly between our legs, sometimes curving around and catching the flesh on the inner thigh, or even across our holes, and on occasion directly on our balls. GOD IT HURT LIKE SHIT!

Pretty soon there was nothing in the world but those leather straps and our bottoms. I screamed and begged and jerked against my bonds, and I know Jeremy was screaming so loud and so shrilly he didn't even sound human. They beat us hard, and continuously, and when I didn’t think I could take any more they just seemed to hit us harder. Crack. CRACK. CRACK. It went on and on, and they laughed and made comments on how red, and then later how purple, our white bad-boy bottoms were becoming. And yet still they cracked that stiff leather across our bottoms, working every single exposed inch of flesh. They worked that leather down the crack of our asses, and across our holes and all along the back of our thighs. They striped that leather from our knees to our waists, covering every single inch of our perched up bottoms. I had never imagined anything could hurt that bad, and all I could do was to beg and to scream and to jerk in panic against the ropes and leather cuffs that held me down.

I think they strapped us for close to half of an hour, or perhaps longer, pausing once to catch their breath and to drink some water. By the time they were done the two men were sweating, and both of our bottoms had started to swell. They would eventually swell to at least twice their normal size, but right then they were just flame red on the surface with a deep, sinister shade of purple underneath. Even my balls were red and sore where the young Turk had nailed them with the strap on more than one occasion.

Finally, they were done. When they unstrapped us from the beams I couldn’t walk, and neither could Jeremy. The regular guards were summoned and they dragged us back to our cell, and as we were being pulled down the hall it occurred to me that we must have looked like the teenager we had seen earlier, our sore bottoms on display and looking like ground hamburger. As this was being done, I saw another young man, a man I recognized from the bar the night before, with a look of fear on his face, as he was being walked towards the punishment room, wearing only his pants and obviously headed for an ass thrashing of his own. He stared at my ass as he went by, and I looked down in shame. I can't describe the misery of what had been done to us, but there was little doubt that we had suffered greatly, which of course was their intention.

We were tossed back into our cell, and we lay on our stomachs, side by side on the single bed, our sore bottoms sticking up for anyone to see. Later the big Turk came by, escorting the owner of the bar to our cell, and I guessed he was giving him some kind of special tour. They paused at our cell and the owner admired the result of our strapping, and it was very obvious he enjoyed seeing the way our bottoms had been pulverized. He grinned, and then he thanked the policeman for the thoroughness of our punishment. After doing so, he continued down the hall on his tour, and I can only assume he was shown every thrashed bottom that belonged to the boys that had trashed his bar.

Just as the sun was starting to go down, they came and got us and then tossed us out of the jail. We could barely walk, and all we could do was to drag our backpacks down the street and into a nearby shit hole of a hotel, where there was only a single room left to rent. My wallet was empty of money, as was Jeremy's, and it was quite apparent that we had been "fined" as well. I still had my mom's credit card, which got us the room, and Jeremy and I fell into the single small bed and lay there together in our misery. Sometime later, I turned around and set up on my side, and lay next to Jeremy who was still on his stomach. I had a good look at his well strapped bottom, and it was quite swollen and it had been beaten raw. I took some first aid cream, and worked it into his rear, gently putting it on as carefully as I could. When I got to his crack, he spread his legs, and let me work the cream down along the edge where the strap had cut into him. His round puckered hole was flame red, and it contrasted to the ring of blond hair that surrounded it. I noticed the hairs there were crusted with dried semen. As I looked at his hole, it seemed to wink at me.

When I was done, he said "Let me have the tube" and then I rolled over and let him do the same to me. When he finished, I rolled on my side, so we were facing each other side by side in bed, with my head at his feet and his head at mine. I was literally staring at his dick, and for some reason I just didn't feel inhibited anymore. I took his pole into my fingers, and looked up at him. He stared, and his lips parted slightly, and I caught a glimpse of his tongue. I felt his rod stir and begin to stiffen. That was all the encouragement I needed and I leaned forward then and pulled his beautiful cock between my lips. As I was sucking him, feeling him, tasting him, I suddenly realized he too had wrapped his lips around my own rod and I felt his tongue playing with the tip of my cock the same way I was playing with his. I was rock hard in an instant. I hadn’t cum in a week, and with the intensity of what he was doing I didn’t last very long. A few minutes later I shot a big load of jism. I yelled out a warning just before I did, and then after that I was just grunting it out in ropes of cream. It was a hell of a wad and the intensity of my orgasm surprised me. But what surprised me even more was that Jeremy swallowed all of it, flicking his tongue over the tip of my dick even as I ejaculated out my seed. In that instant, suddenly the pain in my rear wasn't so important anymore.


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