A pair of Israeli soldiers (who are also lovers) are captured and tortured by a group of Arab men in this HOT and very creative story by steve mchalperin!

Tunnel Ten - Chapters 1-3
by steve mchalperin
Series: Tunnel Ten
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Chapter 1: Gaza

Benge slept during the day and worked at night. His small house in Sderot, just east of the Gaza Strip in southern Israel, had a good air conditioner, easily capable of handling the desert heat, but he kept the temperature warm so he would sweat. He liked to sweat: in the gym, on his night job, and in bed with his BF, Simon, preferably with Simon’s monster cock up his ass.

His full first name was Benjamin, a common Israeli name. His early family name was Benji, which evolved to the single-syllable Benje when he was a teenager and stuck with him into manhood. He and Simon were both twenty-six, fit, hairy, hunky, and were serving in the Israeli military. They occasionally went out with girls, but, like many Israelis, also had a strong private bonding with each other.

The bonding went beyond affection into actual bondage. They were both in a serious S&M relationship. Although they sometimes switched roles, Benje was usually the bottom to Simon’s Top. When they first met three years ago, they would have been chased from their apartment complex for Benje’s screaming were it not for heavy leather gags and hoods. Even then it was difficult to conceal the crack of a whip or strap against skin. A year ago they bought a small, isolated house outside Sderot, moved in together, and sound-proofed one of the bedrooms for their very loud “games.” They had progressed to a “no safe word” relationship with no holds barred. Benje also frequently reminded Simon that as a bottom, Benje had never been “broken,” reduced to begging for mercy, despite Simon’s escalation of the pain he inflicted. For his part, Simon knew he could break his slave/bottom, but he was also quite careful. Safe and sane was the rule, but both men knew it was just a matter of time, finding the right torture, upping the pain level, until Benje was crying and begging.

Benje and Simon were trained in a special skill for military operations near Gaza. They were tunnel spotters. Their assignment was the Strip’s border in the Bayt Hanun area of Gaza, the northeast point of the territory. There were four other teams, covering the entire border. Spotters worked in teams of two during the night, which accounted for their flipped life style. Using infrared vision goggles, enhanced video and acoustic equipment, their job was to identify new tunnels as the Arab builders broke through into Israel. Benje and Simon were very good at it and had several awards. It was March of 2018 and already they had bagged nine tunnels, possibly leading to a new personal best for the year.

As spotters, they did not actually destroy the tunnels. Once identified, they called in the location and a bomber helicopter was immediately dispatched from the airbase outside Sderot. The bomber crew would seal the tunnel entrance, bagging a few builders in the process. Then Benje and Simon would go in to confirm that the tunnel entrance was closed off and get a rough body count. It was a totally smooth operation.

At the end of their patrol shift in the early morning, the bomber and spotter crews usually met at a local dive bar and got blitzed. It was a “strip bar,” but in this one there were no performers on a stage; it was the patrons that discarded various items of clothing depending on how many shots were downed. The game was one piece of clothing for every two shots of whiskey. Benje and Simon were often at a loss since they wore only shorts and boots while on patrol. After enough liquor, Simon usually declared Benje’s ass and mouth “open for business,” while he held his favorite bottom-man down.


Chapter 2: That Night in March

They enjoyed their night work in solitary teams, especially since it gave them the freedom to wear or not wear whatever they wanted in the warm desert nights. The two always went bare-chested, slinging the leather equipment straps across their broad shoulders. The legs and waists of the standard-issue shorts were tightly rolled up. It helped that the shorts had been ordered a size too small. This guaranteed a strong crotch bulge and several inches of ass crack open to the desert air. Their work uniforms were simple: shorts, boots, and black baseball caps. They did have regular uniforms for meetings at HQ, but even these were tailored to fit quite snug and show off their muscles and intimidate the other soldiers. Like most of their compatriots, they had their hair cut in the military “high and tight” look.

“Ready to go, sport?” Benje asked his teammate as he adjusted the handgun strapped around his thigh. Simon would carry the machine gun. Since they were not “in session” Benje did not have to address him as Sir.

“Let me put on the acoustics and then I’ll be set.”

Simon slung the special sound-detection instrument over his shoulder so the large, parabolic microphone pointed forward. He then activated the mechanism which would both detect and record the faintest of sounds. Both men knew the acoustic signature of a tunnel entrance being opened. The dumb builders often spoke among themselves, a further giveaway of their activity. Both men adjusted their infrared goggles, fondled each other’s crotches, and then set out for their round of reconnaissance.

“Team 4 on the move,” Benje said quietly into his throat mike as the two men left their jeep by the side of the road.

“Roger that,” came the reply from the air base monitors. “Good hunting, team 4!”

Benje and Simon worked up a sweat in the hot desert night as they methodically swept their sector. Like many Isrealis, they enjoyed the heat. There was a half moon and their sweat-covered musculature glistened in the low light as they slowly moved from one clump of parched bushes to another. Using the bushes as cover, they swept their instruments inward towards Gaza in overlapping arcs.

“Got something,” Simon said quietly. “Two o’clock, maybe three hundred meters off.”

They turned up the amplification on the infrared goggles and slowly moved in towards the possible bogey. The goggles showed several warm bodies moving about quickly in a concentrated area, a visual confirmation of Simon’s acoustic contact.

“I’ll call it in,” Binge said, switching on his radio with a silent button. “HQ, HQ. Team 4. Think we got one.”

“Very good, Team 4. We’ll tag it Tunnel Ten for you. We have your position.” the radio answered in his earphone.

Benje checked his cell phone’s GPS app to ensure it was broadcasting the right coordinates to HQ, then he added: “Confirming, bogey appears three hundred meters to our 60 degrees. We are moving in for a closer look.”

As they approached the new tunnel, the acoustic signal changed. Simon noted it: “Benje, I’m hearing a new sound on this one. Sounds like large metal pieces clanging together.”

“Hmm,” Benje replied. “That is a new one. They’ve always used wood. What the fuck are they doing with metal? The whole Strip is supposed to be hurting for construction metal.”

“Yes,” Simon added. “That’s what bothers me. Let’s get closer. We need to check this out.”

The two men again stealthily moved from bush to bush until they were within a hundred meters of the target.

“I can confirm metal sounds,” Simon said. “Tell HQ. They should know this.”

Benje quietly called the new information in. The reply was that HQ was going to hold off bombing the entrance. The two scouts were ordered to investigate further. Any change in tunnel construction techniques had to be fully understood in order to pick the right ordnance to bomb it closed. Tunnel ceilings and walls had been braced with wooden beams up to this point, if they were braced at all. The use of metal changed the game.

“HQ wants us to find out more, like what the hell they’re doing with metal!” Benje said.


Chapter 3: Tunnel Ten

The scene at the tunnel entrance was quite typical, even if the use of metal were not. Three Hamas members were using shovels to widen the entrance. A fourth was assembling metal frames from five-foot metal struts. Benje took some infrared video footage of the metal frame work and shot it back to HQ. The response was for them to wipe out the enemy at the entrance and inspect the tunnel further to see how the frames were being used.

The spotters quickly approached the tunnel, taking the Arabs totally off guard. A simple spray from Simon’s machine gun, heavily silenced, dropped all the tunnelers to the sand. Benje and Simon carefully entered the tunnel. Benje took video with his phone and set it to relay real time back to HQ.

The metal frames were two meters apart with plastic mesh strung between them. This indeed was a big change in tunnel design. Both the metal frames and plastic mesh had never been seen before. Not only did this make the tunnels stronger, but the use of new, expensive materials indicated some new source of money was being channeled into Gaza. This was a huge discovery which the Israeli counter-terrorist agencies would have to investigate – and shut down.

“Are you getting all this?” Benje asked HQ.

“Roger that, Team 4,” came the reply.

“It looks like the tunnel takes an odd turn to the left up ahead,” Simon said to his companion.

“Yeah, I see that, too,” Benje replied. He swung the phone so it would pick up views of the odd twist in the tunnel.

“We see it, too,” HQ responded. “Why don’t you move up to the bend and see if it means anything,” came the order.

“Roger that,” Benje replied.

The two spotters slowly advanced the fifty meters to the bend in the cave.

The ambush was swift and brutal. A half dozen Arabs ran from the cave bend and engulfed Benje and Simon. Benje’s phone was stomped to oblivion, their weapons and surveillance equipment quickly taken from them. Their hands were tied behind their backs, rag gags were roughly tied in place around their heads, and they were blindfolded with two more rags.

“Pigs!” Benje heard one of the Arabs say. Hands grabbed the spotters by their thick upper arms and force-marched them around the bend and deeper into the tunnel.



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