Grady Sidney returns to unwillingly "model" more Tough Love Products during a 2 hour pre-Christmas special;
this time bound and sporting a chastity device that his mother is eager to display. Art by Amalaric.


Selling Tough Love - Part 3
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Selling Tough Love

The weeks passed quickly at the Residence Shopping Network, and no weekly show garnered more viewers (or more sales!) than those one-hour productions devoted to selling Tough Love Products. By November it was decided, to take advantage of the pre-Christmas rush for "specialty" products, a two-hour special would be just the ticket for reaching all those housewives with problem sons who so desperately needed assistance in discipline. Robin Lathrop peered around the curtain a few minutes before showtime and was delighted at the crowd -- every seat was filled, this time with all women. It was felt that since mothers, aunts and grandmothers were the prime buyers, no males would be permitted in the studio audience. Brant Wainright, the other host for the show, joined Robin and exclaimed: "Wow! These people are anxious -- listen to all that giggling and jostling for position out there, Robin." Robin replied, "Yes, Brant. I think we'll make some record sales this day."

It occurred to both of them some time back that for "volunteers" to appear, any woman would need to write in, briefly describing her son, grandson, or nephew -- the one who needed disciplinary attention. After giving those vital stats, the woman would also be required to enclose several photos of her "problem man-child", clad only in shorts, and a verification that he was at least 18 years of age. Several front-row seats were occupied by the winning moms, but this time their young men were not seated out front but were backstage. Suddenly the studio clock chimed, the cameras were on and running, and the hot lights illuminated the hosts, Robin and Brant, who were met with thunderous applause.

"Welcome, ladies -- and those of you in our viewing audience -- to our first two-hour special on behalf of Tough Love Products!" Brant's greeting was followed by polite applause and a few catcalls; Robin then beamed and shouted out: "Now let us welcome our special representative for Tough Love Products, our good friend and master of product demonstrations, Dennis Phillips. Give him a big hand, ladies!" The applause now was even more thunderous as smiling Dennis Phillips took the stage, bowing and nodding to the delighted women. When the noise died down, Brant asked: "What did you bring for us this time, Dennis? Some special equipment for providing discipline to difficult young men?" Phillips continued to smile as he replied: "Yes, Brant. Let me show our audience and viewers a new item in the Tough Love inventory that has just come on the market -- something no home should be without." Motioning offstage, all watched with anticipation as two stagehands pushed out a wheeled device which looked rather like an old-fashioned doctor's weight scale; a post stuck up from the platform, and two two-foot wide wings extended from the sides of the platform on which the post was mounted. But at first the device itself was hardly noticed by anyone, since standing on the platform, his feet extended and fastened to the side wings, was a breathtakingly handsome but familiar-looking young man in his late teens, golden blonde hair, six feet tall, his wrists behind his back and obviously shackled to the back of the platform's four-foot tall main post. The lad was barefoot and clad only in jeans, his smooth chest and well-defined abs gleaming under the hot studio lights. His fine, strong face wore a sullen and somewhat uncomfortable expression, his tight-lipped visage taking in the hungry-looking women in the audience and wondering what would happen. Then he noticed his own mom in the front row, grinning with pride, and he knew he was in for a tough time.

Phillips continued: "Now, ladies, I'm sure most of you remember Grady Sidney, our young man from several weeks ago. We were about to continue his demonstration during that show when time ran out, so his mother brought him back to us today. Come up here, won't you, ma'am?" Grady's mom quickly came up the steps to the stage and stood next to her captive son. Phillips added: "Now we were about to continue to chastise this very bad boy, but after the show I had the idea to illustrate one of our very newest products -- two of them, in fact. The first is the X-202, which we call simply "The Post". You'll notice that it reminds you of an old scale that was used to measure not only weight but also height. At the top of the post, which we are not using now, is a long rod that extends upward and folds out, extending three feet out on each side of the post. Those extensions have convenient fasteners for shackling a young man with his arms outstretched -- we'll demonstrate that aspect later. But you will note that with Grady here, he is shackled to the ring at the top of the base post, allowing him to maintain the position he is presently in -- and the two bottom extensions of the platform allow his legs to be spread wide as you see. You can easily wheel the device anywhere in your home, garage or barn, and we have value-priced it at only $435.00 including shipping." The women in the audience were listening and watching intently, but their gaze was primarily on Grady's half-naked muscular form and his thigh muscles and hard buttocks still unseen underneath those tight, worn jeans.

Robin interjected: "But you said, Dennis, that there was a second product you would be demonstrating with young Grady here. Our phones are already lighting up with orders for The Post. Now I'm sure our audience can't wait to hear about the next item, too." Appreciative murmurs came from the studio audience, and Mr. Phillips was all too happy to comply with Robin's request. "Yes, Robin. Our development experts at Tough Love Products have carried out extensive research and have discovered that when all else may fail, discipline can ALWAYS be accomplished by the use of a chastity device on a difficult young man. In fact that's what we are demonstrating on young Grady here." Several loud gasps came from the studio, and the audience's gaze became riveted on the defenseless victim's denim-covered crotch. Dennis now turned to Grady's mom: "Mrs. Sidney, we had your permission last week to come to your home and fit Grady here with our No. X-301, which we call 'The Stop-Male'. Is that correct?" The mother smiled and nodded as Grady blushed furiously. Dennis added: "And is it also true that your son has worn the device steadily ever since?" The mother nodded and said: "Yes, there's no way to get it off without the key, which I always kept away from him. He begged and begged for release, but I held out."

Robin interrupted: "Good for you! These troubled -- and troublesome -- boys need to learn their lessons!" Dennis nodded and asked: "Well, do you think your son has learned his lesson?" Grady's eyes pleaded with his mother but he couldn't speak to her for fear of breaking down in tears. Phillips turned to the audience and said, "Well, ladies, shall we see what has kept young Grady from using his penis for any kind of sexual satisfaction? " All of them roared their approval, clapping and laughing at the pitiful boy's predicament. Phillips turned back to Grady's mom: "Well, I think you should do the honors, my dear. Would you kneel down in front of your son and slowly, slowly unfasten and lower his jeans? Be sure to unveil the boy's most private region very gradually and deliberately -- it increases his humiliation and makes the punishment that much more effective." Mrs. Sidney agreed and knelt in front of her son's quivering, struggling form; he strained against his shackles and swayed from side to side, but the fastenings to The Post were unyielding. Ignoring the boy's exertions, ever so gently and leisurely, his mother reached with her manicured fingers for the top metal snap on his jeans, her knuckles brushing briefly against the fine, sweaty hairs massed around the boy's navel. She unsnapped the fastener and began to slide the wet-with-sweat zipper inexorably downward.


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