Troublesome young men are stripped, punished and reformed in front of a televised audience by sadistic tv hosts and their own long-suffering mothers in a new series by Kronmire4 with art by Amalaric.


Selling Tough Love - Part 1
by Kronmore4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Selling Tough Love

The studio audience was raptly attentive to the stage of the Residence Shopping Network; as loud and unruly as they had been earlier during the Tough Love Products Hour, each person in that audience was now barely audible even in its breathing, for on that stage, struggling for all he was worth in the X-frame's shackles was the devastatingly handsome 18-year old disciplinary problem-child, Grady Sidney. Looking on nearby were Robin Lathrop and Brant Wainwright, well-known TV hosts for the show, along with Dennis Phillips, the company spokesman for Tough Love Products. The young victim was clad only in his jeans, his torso bathed in the hot lights of the studio which showed off his well-developed musculature to the best advantage. Mr. Phillips had just announced, with the boy's mother's somewhat reluctant permission, that the lad would be punished in a completely nude state. Dennis continued: "Yes, ladies, I know that showing off this young man's total naked form is a bit of a shock, but it is important to remember that effective punishment is not only corporal, it is also necessary to humiliate a disobedient young man. Now if you'll give me a moment…" With that the brusque company rep strode purposefully toward the X-frame and reached around to unfasten the helpless boy's jeans. When Phillips touched the fellow, Grady immediately snapped out: "STOP THAT! LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE! I SAID I'D GO ALONG WITH PUNISHMENT -- BUT NOT THIS, NOT TO BE PUT ON TV WITH ….ER…MY PECKER AND BALLS, EVERYTHING HANGIN' OUT!" Phillips paused and turned to address Robin and Brant: "Obviously this young fellow needs discipline badly. And as far as letting 'everything hang out', well as you see we have him facing away from the audience and the cameras, so only his bare backside will be visible." At this point he leaned forward and whispered so that only the hosts could hear: "Well, at least AT FIRST." The three of them chuckled. Phillips continued to speak to the group: "Now is also a good time to illustrate another fine product of Tough Love -- the ball-gag." He brought out such a leather-and-rubber device from his pocket and proceeded to fasten it around Grady's unwilling and uncooperative mouth. When finished no one could hear any of Grady's cries, just some muffled moans. "Now, that's better. We can get on with this, as I know time is limited." Brant and Robin nodded and watched closely as the well-practiced company rep peeled off Grady's jeans, leaving him standing only in his simple Hanes briefs; then Phillips bent down and spread the boy's legs wide on the platform and secured his ankles to the left and right edges of the X-frame.

Robin interjected: "Before you begin demonstrating your tools on Grady, Dennis, and as anxious as I know we all are to inspect and violate Grady's superb naked buttocks, I am informed by our control room that we need to bring out another of your fine products; once you show it to our audience here and at home, we can get back to Grady." Brant quickly said: "Yes, it's not as if the boy's going anywhere!" The audience tittered with anticipation. Phillips smiled and said: "Yes, Robin and Brant. Our next item will certainly be a best seller and can be used with the items already on display. It is No. X-112, something we call the Punishment Horse -- we expect it to be used a lot by our rural parents on their troublesome sons, and although it looks like a regulation sawhorse, Tough Love Products has improved upon that original idea by molding it across the top plank with a padded leather support, and the four legs which extend to the floor, two on each side, have eye-bolt sockets already attached which can be moved as much as ten inches up or down to accommodate any size disciplinary subject; those eyebolts have also been designed to fit our complete line of metal shackles -- once fastened across this item, the young man is completely at your mercy, and he cannot be released without your consent and assistance. Since we are indeed running short on time, I have taken the liberty of obtaining another subject from our studio audience, young Marty Kendall, and here he comes with his mother, Mrs. Albert Kendall. Let's give them a big hand."

The audience applauded as a dark-haired young man in his late teens, clad only in his clinging briefs, and with a ball-gag already in place over his grimacing mouth was rolled in from stage left, his body strapped across what must be the new product, the Punishment Horse. When the clapping subsided, Robin asked the mother: "Mrs. Kendall, this is your son, Marty, is that right?" Mrs. Kendall: "Yes." Robin continued: "And he's been a problem lately at home, has he not?" Mrs. Kendall: "Sadly, when he graduated from high school last month and turned 19, he started violating all of our house rules, staying out late, refusing to get a job or go to college -- his father and I didn't know what to do with him. Then we saw an ad for this program." Brant: "Excellent, Mrs. Kendall. And we plan to show you how a few lessons and a few excellent tools from Tough Love Products can turn a bad boy into a good one. Don't you agree, Dennis?"

Dennis Phillips strolled over and ran his hand over the sweat-drenched back of the squirming but well-restrained body of Marty Kendall as it lay strapped across the modified sawhorse. There were numerous murmurs of delight coming from the audience now. Phillips' strong, gnarled fingers traced their way underneath the bent-over boy, squeezing the lad's large nipples and then following his dark pattern of black chest hairs all down his rippling torso to his abdomen. Then Phillips took both his hands and ran them up and down the boy's bare, perspiring thighs and calves, causing the young Marty to shudder involuntarily. Once again the audience was quietly attentive. Phillips straightened himself up, removed his own jacket and tie and rolled up his sleeves; facing Mrs. Kendall he said, "With your permission, Ma'am?" She hesitated but then nodded. With that expression of approval Phillips quickly reached out and ripped Marty's shorts into several pieces, leaving the boy blushing with embarrassment and the audience chortling with lip-smacking pleasure! Going to the table Phillips selected the razor strop and after flicking it through the air a couple of times to appreciate the whizzing sound it made, he lined up the punishment tool against Marty's firm butt, those globes of flesh already quivering with fear, then brought the strop back and swung it hard against that fine ass. CRACK went the sound as the strop collided with the defenseless boy's butt -- the ball gag stifled his screams but a loud, plaintive moan managed to escape his lips. As Phillips paused everyone could see a wide red mark spreading across those perfect buttcheeks. In quick succession the company rep sent wave after wave of heavy strapping blows across that ass, each one more devastating to the lad than the one before it. After 20 such blows Mr. Phillips stopped, and the audience broke into spontaneous applause. He nodded and smiled as the evident approval.

At this point Brant interrupted the excited whoops and other sounds from everyone and said: "I've just been informed that we need to take a phone call from a viewer back home. Are you there, caller? Please give us your name." The unseen caller, heard by everyone in the studio, said: "Yes, my name is Ada. And I have been watching your program, and I think it may be the answer to my prayers." Robin inquired: "Thank you, Ada. Just what is your problem? Is it a son?" Ada: "No, it is my two twin grandsons -- they are both 19 and come to my farm to help me out during summers -- it will soon be time for them again, but after last year I had given up hope." Brant: "What was the problem, Ada?" Ada: "Well, they are basically good boys but they refuse to mind me anymore; I can't do all the farm work myself in the summer, and I just never had any ideas about how to discipline them myself -- I am a widow, and the boys' parents live far away. But then I saw that item you called the …I think it was… the Punishment Horse?" Robin: "Yes, Ada. It and the tools in item No. X-69 -- the strop, the flogger and the paddle -- they are just what you need." Ada: "Yes, I think so. I'm already ordering on-line and just place an order for TWO of those sawhorse things and a set of the tools. " Brant inquires: "What do your two young grandsons look like, Ada? Just curious." Ada: "Well, they are fine-looking boys, both redheads, short cropped red hair, well-muscled, six-feet in height, some reddish hairs on their arms and legs. Ah, I do have one concern; uh…would it be okay for me to whip them while they are clothed -- or at least wearing their shorts? I'm a little uncomfortable stripping them completely." Dennis Phillips jumped in: "Now Ada, it is important if you are to make these bad boys into good, upstanding young men, that you lose that attitude. You cannot believe how much nudity improves the punishment session -- that measure of humiliation, the boys' begging and pleading for you not to do it -- all of that is important. So yes, be sure to strip them completely, restrain them, and give them a hard beating. And once that session is over, leave them tied up on the Punishment Horse naked for an hour or so -- let then reflect on their disobedience; you can sit with them during that period, emphasizing their shortcomings and what your expectations are for their future. They'll still be very sore after their punishment so feel free to probe and stroke their aching young bodies while they reflect. Since you do run a farm I assume you have some basic physical strength, but I might point out that if using the paddle or strap or flogger is a chore for you, stand very close behind each boy. Are you left or right-handed, Ada?" Ada: "I'm right-handed, and yes, I am still pretty strong." Phillips: "Excellent. Stand right behind the boy and lay on the punishment tool with your stronger, your right, hand; then to maintain your balance and to increase his humiliation even more, at the same time take your left hand and grasp his penis -- feel free to rub it up and down and squeeze his testicles as you deliver the blows with your other hand. I assure you -- it will make a man of him." Ada: "Thanks so much. I'll take your advice. Thank you all." Brant: "Ada, be sure to keep us posted on how things turn out -- we might even bring you and the boys here to participate! Bye, now."

Robin: "Now we need to finish our demonstration on Grady who has been standing by so patiently (everyone roars with laughter at that -- Grady looks daggers at them and then hangs his head down on his bare chest). Dennis, shall we finish with the boy? And I guess you'd better relieve him of those tight, constricting underpants." Everyone -- except Grady -- was eager for the next demonstration to begin.


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