Tom of Hollywood dishes on Hollywood heart-throb Ryan Gosling.

Tom of Hollywood - Chapter 12: Ryan Gosling
by Dixon
Series: Tom of Hollywood
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Sometimes Tom has conflicting loyalties with his men. With millions of others he carried a torch for Ryan Gosling from The Notebook to Nice Guys. Then Scott Eastwood won his affections as the new heart throb.

Instead of dropping Ryan from his top tier, Tom figured even Gosling had noticed the clean-cut Eastwood, and would welcome a hook up. It might even help Scott edge into the limelight to have Ryan’s affections.

To Tom’s eyes, Eastwood was the larger man. It made sense that he would have the advantage one-on-one. Suddenly Tom imagined Ryan being just fine with that.

Better yet, Eastwood came from an icon of the rough and tough Clint Eastwood. His dad had done lots of westerns, so Tom imagined Scott playing cowboy.

Of course he’s no villain. He’s the good Sheriff, reigning in Gosling as the rustler, or maybe just the wayward lad who needs a little course correction.

Looks like the good sheriff has a hard on considering how he’ll convince his captive of the error of his ways. Did he drag Ryan buck naked out of some bordello, or was Ryan on the run and let his guard down, engaging in a little wank job?

Ryan looks like he was unpleasantly interrupted. Having him restrained and naked seems to give Eastwood the dilemma of acknowledging his own urges. See how Tom toys with our emotions!

So Tom helps Eastwood come out in a perfectly understandable way – he, like Tom, has a crush on Gosling.

Gosling can’t complain. Hell, Tom can name a dozen young studs who would welcome Eastwood’s lusty advances. It could be Ryan Oneal, or Chris Pine – Justin Hartley and Milo Ventimiglia wouldn’t put up a big fight, either.

Tom needs it to be a Gosling / Eastwood bromance. Let the other studs be jealous, raising Gosling’s already high status amongst the gay crowd.

Everybody wins (especially Gosling). Tom gets to keep watching both of them, fueling further fantasies of their intimate connections.

Eastwood will have to contend with Gosling’s other crushes. While Gosling didn’t make the cut to strut his stuff in Magic Mike, Tom could imagine him showing up on the set – yeah, stalking big Joe Mangannelio.

He could even see Ryan weaseling his way into the production as an expert at seductive moves. Where do you think Joe got the idea for those pelvic thrusts? Gosling suggested it, even stepping in to support Joe when he threw out his back in practicing.

Tatum didn’t give Gosling choreography creds, but Tom confirmed with five or six source that Ryan being on set was “inspiring”, “amazing”, and “invaluable”.

When he asked Joe about it, he only said Ryan wasn’t the straight-laced goody two shoes a lot of his fans think he is. You’ll have to translate what the fuck that means.

Tom has always seen Ryan as a boy toy, a heart throb. He also imagines him having an obsession with “big bucks”.

He’s been willing to take second bill- ing to co-star with manly men, even having a friendly screen writer come up with some gay-themed storylines.

Who else has the clout to get Chris Hemsworth to show up for a screen test with Gosling for a proposed film about Olympic Moves – a supposed documentary style expose of sex play amongst Olympic athletes.

Tom would have loved seeing Ryan the champion diver paired up with Chris, the gold medal contender in heavyweight wrestling. (There was even a hot scene with Ryan and Chris grappling.)

Ryan’s straight-laced image got a hit when Tom’s sources revealed that Gosling had made several trips as a house guest of Ricky Martin.

Word was that Ricky frequently played The Notebook on DVD, and after repeated invitations, got Ryan to come down “to chill.”

Ryan didn’t survive Ricky’s seductive sexual innuendo, or his uninhibited passions. (Ricky’s hubby Juan went to see his family while Ryan was there, so there was no threesome.)

Tom accepted that Gosling was bisexual, and hoped he took some Ricky techniques home with him – or used them in his next film role. Experience is a great teacher.

Tom wasn’t surprised with the rumor that Gosling tried to get a guest star appearance on This is Us. He first imagined Gosling playing opposite Justin Hartley, maybe even introducing a gay temptation.

Sources said it wasn’t Justin, but Milo that Ryan had a crush on. Right, the daddy figure, the towel-wrapped body that gave the show a ratings boost in season one.

It turned out that Ryan didn’t ask his agent to explore the appearance, or contact the show’s director personally. Nope. He invited Milo to meet up and ”explore possible angles.”

Tom imagined the ass angle Milo got to explore. Ryan got more than he had even hoped for, without ever appearing on the show.

The Nice Guys pairing with Russell Crowe kept nibbling at Tom’s imagi-nation. Russell isn’t the hunk he was in Gladiators, but there was plenty of daddy chemistry between the two men.

It wasn’t much of a leap for Tom to imagine Crowe as a biker daddy, with Ryan his butt boy. Throw in a beefed up Henry Cavill, whom Ryan had to drool over, and Tom had the makings of another story.

He pitched Dads of Anarchy to a producer friend of his, who said the anarchy theme had peaked, and the budget for that cast would be prohibitive. He thought about getting Ryan to waive his salary and be an Executive Producer, but by then he’d shot his wad on that fantasy.


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