"Tom of Hollywood" dishes the backstage gossip of your favorite celebrities. In this issue, Tom takes on the boys from Magic Mike!

Tom of Hollywood - Chapter 1: Magic
by Dixon
Series: Tom of Hollywood
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TOM OF HOLLYWOOD is a true movie buff, and apparently has sources who fill him in on all the local back stories.

Like, who knew that Victor Webster auditioned for a part in the original Magic Mike! Tom’s sources tell him Webster auditioned with Joe Manganellio and knew he was out of his league. Too bad. We’d all love to see Victor strut his stuff.

The same source told Tom that Joe had a private audition with Tatum, a long one-on-one lasting at least three hours. You know, the star has to be comfortable with the cast.

No one knows exactly how comfy the two got in that private sit down. They don’t believe Joe would “give it up” to get the part, but think Tatum might have had a “man crush” on Joe from the get go.

He had seen Joe in the True Blood series and knew he had a great bod. He probably wanted to see Joe’s moves, as he did with others in the open auditions.

He might have worried Joe would up-stage him, but wisely realized Joe would be a great box office boost. Joe worked both Magic movies, and went on to produce his own “documentary” on the lives of real-life male dancers.

The other actor that caught Tom’s attention was Matt Bomer. Sources told him Matt was determined to get a part, flashing his pretty boy smile all the time. He made the cut in the first round of more than 30 actors. Tatum had the guys try out with different ‘costumes’, from short shorts to thongs. Matt apparently impressed him with his hip action in a snug little bikini he wore in the first movie.

Tom imagines Matt getting plenty of attention from the other actors. His being out as a gay actor, along with his super friendly behavior, might have encouraged guys like Pettifer and Rodriguez to put the moves on him.

The cast was definitely curious about Matt’s sex life. When his hubby showed up on set, they figured Matt was the trophy boy who had found his ‘daddy’. But when they saw him stripped down, they figured he had to be more versatile.

Sources told Tom there were lots of wise cracks and horseplay on the set between takes, and Matt could dish it out with the best of them. But according to those sources, Matt never hooked up with any of the other studs.

Well, maybe Joe. Crew members said Joe seemed obsessed with Matt, from helping measure him for his costumes, to coaching him on some of his moves.

Joe got hands on, with Tatum’s blessing, to improve Matt’s moves for one of his solo scenes.

Joe said Matt knew how to tease, to make guys wanna’ fuck him. That might have been a confession, but every other cast member agreed.

“You gotta’ throw that ass up when you fake a fuck,” he coached. “The higher the ass goes up, the better the thrust is going to be.”

Joe was totally credible, and Matt almost injured himself trying to execute Joe’s instructions. Tom wondered how much Matt told his hubby, or if their sex life went off the scales after the film wrapped.


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  1. scotts60143 - July 1, 2020, 7:13 am

    Interesting take on a cast that could make anyone drool. One could only imagine!

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