Todd Sanders’ humiliating evening continues when unexpected guest arrive and he led down to the X Frame for more abuse in Part 3 of Amalaric’s new series. (Page 1)

1- Unexpected guests

Todd Sanders 3: A Boy and His ‘X’ Frame (Page 1)
by Amalaric
Series: Todd Sanders

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‘Hi Mr. Brewster, sorry we’re late.’ ‘Dylan, Bobby! Not a problem,’ the genial math teacher was all smiles as he ushered the two students from his Beginning Algebra class into his brightly lit living room. ‘I had some chores to do after dinner…’ Dylan began apologetically, but Brewster, waving his hand, dismissed the remark, ‘Just as I said, boys, it really is no problem. Todd is waiting for us in the basement and we had only just gotten started. Please, follow me.’

The two young students, at eighteen, a full year and a half younger than Todd, eagerly descended the darkened staircase and entered the basement. When Brewster opened the door to the room where Todd waited in the frame with pinioned arms and sagging trousers, Dylan Smith-Ryson let out a squeak of pure surprised joy and Bobby Hodgkins, equally delighted, simply exclaimed, ‘Wow! How cool is that?!’ Entering the room their first view of Todd was facing backward; blond head of bristling, crew cut hair, strong arms splayed upward and outward, broad tanned back rippling with muscle over white briefs swollen with the high rise of the big jock’s tight ass and, finally the paler backs of over-developed, fuzzy thighs just visible above the sagging blue jeans. Recognising Bobby’s voice, Todd tried unsuccessfully to swivel around and shouted, ‘Bobby, you gotta help me. Please, man, help me get outta here!’ Ignoring Todd, Bobby turned to Brewster and said, ‘How come he’s carrying on like that Mr. Brewster?’ and noting the lack of marks on Todd’s back, added, ‘I mean, you haven’t even done anything to him yet, right?’ ‘You little FUCKING bastard!!!!’ Todd gave another hard pull at the chains binding his wrists, but was cut off by Brewster, ‘It’s nothing, really. Todd seemed to think that he would be allowed to remain partially dressed and, so, able to protect,’ he cleared a suddenly phlegmy throat, ‘his modesty, though I really fail to see what such a fine specimen of young manhood has to be modest about.’ Addressing Todd he assumed a matter of fact tone, ‘I invited Bobby and Dylan over this evening, Todd, to assist me since they seemed to show an aptitude for this sort of thing back in the classroom. I realize you probably would have preferred more privacy but it just couldn’t be helped.’ You’re not going to let him keep his jeans on are you?’ Dylan nervously asked. ‘Not at all!’ Brewster replied, ‘Everyone knows that a man goes into the frame stripped completely naked. As both of you, and Todd, will soon come to understand- that’s the whole point. Now, you have come at just the right time because I can already use some help…’

2- Stripped in the frame

The party of three approached Todd, already sweating heavily from the tense exertion, still wildly trying- against all logic- to swivel around in the tight frame to get a look at his tormentors. ‘Please, Dylan, Bobby; could each of you grasp one of his legs and hold it stationary- and watch out for those boots- so that I can remove the rest of Todd’s clothing. ‘Sure, Mr. Brewster.’ And, though Todd was bigger and stronger by far than either of his classmates, they easily pinioned his long legs as he stood immobilized in the frame and Brewster peeled off, first Todd’s work boots and socks, and finally slid his denim levis over each bare foot leaving him with nothing but the scanty covering of his fly front briefs. The briefs soon followed, though, as Brewster, anxious to fully secure the strapping nineteen year old, pulled them firmly down the long length of Todd’s legs until, at last, he stood naked in the frame.

‘Spread your legs.’ Sullenly silent, the hairy victim refused to obey, instead intertwining his ankles as if to dare anyone to try and pry them apart. Brewster shrugged and, casting a knowing glance at his two acolytes, picked up a slender riding crop from a nearby work bench. ‘Observe,’ he tersely remarked then firmly landed a hard smack on Todd’s exposed testicles. The big jock yelped with pain and his whole body shuddered with the unaccustomed shock. Brewster repeated the order, ‘Spread your legs,’ and waited five seconds before delivering another blow of exactly the same quality to Todd’s throbbing testicles. A low, ragged groan of mixed pain and desperation tore from the hurting stud’s heaving chest and…he slowly spread his mighty legs. ‘Wider,’ Brewster commanded. Todd tried to obey but was hampered by the taut chains used to raise his arms. Nodding toward Bobby, the math teacher authorised him to activate the small crank and cut the tall buck some slack, which Bobby happily accomplished, grateful to be of some use, and Todd was suddenly able to spread his legs to their fullest extent. ‘Dylan, would you please secure his ankles to the upright posts with these manacles?’ ‘Yes, sir!’ Chirped, eager as a boy scout, and within a couple of minutes Todd’s widely spread legs completed the magnificent ‘X’ of naked male flesh as he was firmly bound within the frame with cold iron at wrists and ankles. Of course, all three observers had seen him in the nude before, but this was somehow special. Brewster celebrated the moment by running a meandering hand nearly the whole length of Todd’s vulnerable and completely exposed body. First, he cupped a bicep, moving it over one of the rounded shoulders to pause at the sweat soaked pit. Pulling a bit at the silky blond hairs he put a finger to his lips and tasted the fresh sweat, ‘Pure nectar,’ he sighed, ‘with just the slightest salty tang. Come, have a taste,’ and, gathering around, Bobby and Dylan dipped into the exposed recess and had a first sip of fear-generated man sweat. ‘Remember it, lads…potent, spicy; the lip smacking taste of power!’ They giggled, unaccustomed to seeing the usually boring math teacher in such an eloquent, excited mood. Brewster’s questing hand dipped lower, arcing, as it had before, the great pectoral sweep of bare chest before caressing the tapering landscape of padded diaphragm and tight lower abs. But that is where the exploration had previously ended…when Todd still wore his trousers.

3- Ready for a Whipping 1Lingering for a while over the thick bush of pubic hair, Brewster indicated that Bobby and Dylan should come closer. ‘I have always found this a curious thing,’ he mused, lightly scratching around in the tight musky curls at Todd’s manly groin. ‘What, Mr. Brewster?’ Standing as close as he could, Dylan had wide eyes for the thick cock sprouting from the talked about bush. ‘Note, first, the difference in shade,’ he reached up and stroked the short hair on Todd’s bowed head, ‘A natural blond, deep gold on top and duplicated in the complex patterns on chest and belly, even his legs and forearms…but here,’ he returned to the pubic forest, ‘it darkens from gold to bronze. And then there is the texture! Tight and course, thickly spiralled curls…but one would never guess if the only reference was to the straight soft head of hair our young man sports in public, or even the fine, if curling, fur on the rest of his body. Truly amazing!’ Both Dylan and Bobby were then invited to their own tactile explorations of Todd’s body hair, lingering as had their mentor, over the pubic bush and, more than once, softly nicking the wide root of his penis with a straying finger. Brewster glanced up and noted a single tear trace the clenched line of Todd Sanders’ stubbled jaw, but the subdued stud kept his silence throughout the humiliating examination, exquisitely conscious as he had never been before of each aspect of his fit naked body, rigidly splayed and immobilized in the unyielding frame, every secret landscape open to exploration. As if reading Todd’s mind, Brewster took up the theme. Using the riding crop as a pointer, he remarked, ‘Aside from the pleasing symmetry of a nude male displayed in this fashion, there are also practical considerations to bear in mind. Todd is here to be punished after all.’ The riding crop snapped against the pale exposed flesh of the captive’s inner thigh a mere inch or two from the double pendulum of his already abused balls. ‘There are many secret, sometimes completely unexplored, fleshscapes revealed by the frame…’ he paused, as if considering something, ‘Bobby, on the left upright are two small cranks. If you would be so kind, please slowly rotate them both…I want to situate Todd in a slightly tighter, even more revealing position.’ He stepped back a few feet to observe the process as Bobby began to turn the cranks. ‘Please,’ Todd croaked, ‘it hurts…bad…’ ‘Slowly, Bobby…that’s right.’ Brewster watched as Todd’s already widely spread legs were inexorably jacked open another six inches, raising him onto his tiptoes and causing the stretched, clearly defined muscles to tremble with the increased tension. The same was true of his arms as the other crank moved them just slightly higher and wider, throwing his chest into greater relief and adding to the already considerable pain in the muscles of his fully exposed torso and the many joints from shoulders to aching wrists. ‘Much better!’ Brewster really did have the eye of an artist. ‘Now, observe; there is no part of this young man’s strong body that can now evade our attention and certain areas…that must, nevertheless, be treated with specialized skill…deserve to be mentioned.’ He firmly grasped Todd’s large dangling testicles, swinging freely between his quivering spread thighs, ‘Highly sensitive, exceedingly vulnerable, perfectly displayed…and there is the added benefit of the shame he must be feeling, yes even now, as they are handled against his will and, of course, there is also the fear…since these, clearly, are a male’s most prized possession. Isn’t that right, Todd?’ Expecting an answer, Brewster gave the captive balls a hard squeeze. ‘Yes…sir…’ panted in desperate, breathless fashion. ‘And, naturally, the same is true of a man’s penis, and I must say, Todd, yours is top notch, and I really mean that.’ ‘Can I touch it?’ Dylan asked, almost shyly. ‘Of course!’ Brewster beamed, and Todd’s warm cock was fondled and explored, hesitantly at first but soon with greater confidence, from the thick hairy root, well over an inch wide at the base, up the soft shaft- another five inches or so of respectable meat- to the flared rims of the hyper-sensitive head, by both of his classmates, each eager to take their turn. Moving around to the back of the frame, Brewster completed the tour. ‘Dylan, Bobby; observe Todd’s buttocks, do you notice anything in particular that may be different when he is in this position?’ Bobby, never a shy one, quickly spoke up, ‘Yeah, Mr. Brewster…it’s like you can see most of the way into the crack of his ass because his legs are spread so wide!’ ‘Precisely, Bobby’ Brewster was truly impressed. ‘Generally, and especially when feeling under threat, young men like our Todd here will instinctively clench the muscular cheeks of their buttocks tightly closed, denying any imagined entrance to the vulnerable, secret places within. As you can see, Todd’s body is very well developed and his butt is no exception; slammed shut and locked down it represents a formidable fortress,’ he laughed, ‘but the frame puts an easy end to all of that. Observe!’ he casually levered the already gaping crack of Todd Sanders’ pale ass completely open, fully exposing the shyly embarrassed man hole, which twitched its irritated surprise. ‘Awesome!’ Dylan Smith-Ryson felt, in that moment, as if he had died and gone to heaven.

4- Ready for a Whipping 2

‘Well, we have a lot of work ahead of us this evening,’ Brewster sighed, ‘I suppose it’s time we got started.’ Returning from an unlocked cabinet he brandished a specialty whip, testing its mettle, adjusting his grip on the shiny black wooden handle. ‘There is a nearly infinite variety of whips available, but we will only have the opportunity to utilize a few this evening. I have selected one to use first on this young man only after careful consideration.’ He continued, ‘A whip can be a dangerous thing and it is not my intent to kill or even to permanently wound Todd but a balance, nevertheless, has to be struck. Before your arrival,’ he glanced at Bobby and Dylan, all rapt attention, ‘I told Todd that he would not be treated like some callow eight year old bent over the knee. No, a man’s crime deserves a man’s punishment and a young man’s fit, muscular body was made…for the whip.’ Illustrating his next point, he skilfully curled the first stinging bite of leather around the back of Todd’s upper thigh. The thick snap of leather against firm, muscular flesh was punctuated by the flinching jock’s deep throated yelp; a mix of both surprise and sudden pain. ‘I chose this particular whip because it is medium gauge; both supple for manoeuvring over a variegated fleshscape of skin and muscle- not limited, for instance, to use on his broad back- and heavy enough to deliver a real punch. It is not unlike one of the whips an animal trainer might use to train a big cat…’ Another fast flick and the single strand of braided leather laid a white hot caress over Todd’s shoulder blades immediately raising a bright welt. After twenty five more lashes, laid on with every ounce of strength Brewster possessed and covering the whole range of his backside from arms, shoulders, back, bare ass, and thighs, Todd surrendered to instinct and began to cry out; great, hoarse manly shouts as the hungry leather seemed to scour his flesh like a sand blaster. Sweat shook from his twitching naked form, held rigid in the frame, like a fine rain and, occasionally, a nearly inarticulate plea for mercy, release, anything at all…could just be made out but Carl Brewster was enjoying himself far too much to pay any attention. After thirty lashes Brewster paused for half a minute, Leaving Todd to hang naked in place and panting like a wounded animal; a great, sweat-slick ‘X’ of male flesh in the grip of the frame. He lit up a cigarette (Fuck me, thought the mesmerized Bobby Hodgkins, Mr. Brewster smokes???!), facing Todd, and casually dabbed at the semi-delirious young jock’s tear-stained face. ‘Almost there, boy, another ten on your chest and belly and I’ll let you take a little break.’ After finishing the cigarette, Brewster (for a change) kept his promise. The insatiable whip slashed across the inviting expanse of Todd’s hairy chest and hard, naked abs and, narrowly (but skilfully) missing cock and balls, played a last crescendo of white hot fire across the previously discussed bush of burnished bronze pubes and Todd’s glorious, over-developed footballer’s thighs before falling silent after the tenth stroke. Todd’s mewling noises of anguished agony were the only sound in the suddenly still space of Brewster’s basement as even Bobby and Dylan could do nothing but stare in stupefied amazement.

Addressing his young guests, Brewster made a surprising announcement that, nevertheless, filled both with secret delight. ‘I have a few more things in mind for Todd this evening, so it’s important that he gets the chance to ‘catch his second wind’ so to speak.’ He glanced at his watch. ‘Let’s say a half an hour or so… Now, I’m going upstairs to do a few chores but I’ll leave you two down here with Todd, if you would like?’ ‘Yes, sir!!!’ They chimed in unison. ‘OK,’ Brewster smiled, ‘and you can play with him a little but I meant what I said, young Todd here really does need a break…so no whips, straps, paddles…you know, that sort of thing. Is that understood?’ It was, and Brewster turned to leave the room. Before closing the door he motioned toward a drawer in one of the dilapidated workbenches, ‘You might find some interesting things in there.’

Bobby Hodgkins amused himself, for a while, by hefting and dropping Todd’s walnut-sized balls, fascinated as they swung in seeming perpetual free fall in the open space between his painfully spread legs and intoxicated at the thought of the helplessness and humiliation the big stud must feel. He also lightly stroked the long shaft and head of the nineteen year old’s penis, hoping to deepen the straight boy’s shame by inducing an erection, but was unsuccessful. ‘Please, Bobby, help me…help me get outta here. I swear I won’t do nothing to anyone or tell anyone what happened, swear…’ ‘Will you suck my dick once a week for the next month if I do?’ Bobby retorted and was surprised when Todd replied, ‘I swear Bobby, if that’s what it takes I’ll do it, only help me, man, please.’ Though Todd was lying, he didn’t realize it at the time, and meant what he said and, if asked, might even have given Bobby his blow job then and there if only allowed to escape from Brewster’s basement. ‘I’ll think about it,’ Bobby smiled, and went back to fingering Todd’s balls. ‘Holy shit! Check this stuff out!’ The sound of unabashed enthusiasm in Dylan Smith-Ryson’s high pitched voice immediately claimed Bobby’s attention and he went over to see what Dylan had found in the drawer pointed out by Mr. Brewster. Clutching what had to be a dildo (he had only read about them, never seen one) in the shape of a large cock, only made of hard plastic, and another- even larger- in a slightly bendable substance of florescent green and all covered with knobbly protrusions, he chortled with glee. ‘Got to try these out, man!!’

Todd was fully aware of what was about to transpire, behind him and, thus, out of sight, because Dylan Smith-Ryson had insisted on showing him both dildos, loudly announcing his intention to ‘fuck the hairy stud up the ass’ as he did so. Frantic, terrified pleading and a feeble attempt (already unsuccessful with Bobby) at bargaining followed even as Bobby helped his friend out by levering wide the deep crack of Todd’s fuzzy ass allowing Dylan to take aim at the tiny puckered hole. He had chosen the (slightly) smaller dildo in the shape of a fully erect cock with a battering ram-sized mushroom head and now pressed it firmly against the hole. ‘Please, don’t…..ahhhgggggg!’ Todd seemed to choke, wide blue eyes brimming with horror that quickly gave way to a glassy incomprehension as the dildo edged past his feeble resistance and plunged deep inside him. The pain was also intense, but different than the whip, and he groaned his deep displeasure- both at the humiliating rape of his manhood and the slow ripping agony that resulted- bucking his narrow hips within the small perimeter of movement allowed him in a futile attempt to avoid, and then eject the insertion, his young face masked with a grimace of scandalized disgust and throbbing pain. The larger, green dildo, was actually far more gentle, and seemed, at first, to Dylan to be a disappointment…but the small green protrusions appeared to possess some sort of hidden magic and Bobby called his attention to the unexpected sight of Todd’s big dick bobbing at half mast, partially forced to erection. ‘Oh, he likes that one!’ Dylan taunted as Bobby, rummaging in the drawer, held up a slender rod, waving it like a magic wand in the air. ‘What’s that for?’ Dylan asked, ‘Too small to be much use here.’ ‘It’s for fucking him up front, dip shit, like he was a woman or something- you shove this up his cock. Hey, let’s give it a try…’


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