A horny gay man has too much to drink and goes home with a hot leather man hoping to get laid. He gets more than he bargained for when he wakes up stripped & tied to a saw horse and is forced to service his hook up and his friends.

Tied to a Saw Horse
by WoofDaddy2
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I know better than to have that third drink, it always sends me over the edge and removes all inhibitions. This night was no exception. I actually went to a fourth drink and now I was all over that hot stud in the leather pants, harness and jacket. He offered me a ride home, his home to sleep it off. I agreed, hoping to get boned before I went to sleep.

We climbed on his Harley, before he started it up, he told me to reach around and slip my hands into his pants pockets. I did and found that the pockets had no stitching to close them up and I could reach all the way to his hard cock. I held onto that big hard pole on the ride to his place. We arrived, and went inside. His house was in the mansion part of town and we went into his den. It smelled of warm leather, all the furniture was covered in leather. I sat in an arm chair while he forced his tongue down my throat and groped my cock through my well worn jeans. Next, he reached into my black tank top and pinched my left nipple as hard as he could. I was in heaven and slowly drifted off to sleep and an awesome fantasy.

I woke up to find myself naked and tied spread over a saw horse. My hands and ankles were secured to the legs of the horse which was bolted to the floor. My cock was inside a hole cut into the end of the horse and my balls were tied off by cords to the legs of the horse. My ass was exposed but very full. A big butt plug had been stuck up my ass. A collar and chain were around my neck and a gag shaped like a six inch cock in my mouth and tied to the back of my head.

When I awoke, I felt a warm stream of water running on my ass. My biker from last night was pissing on my ass. When he realized I was awake, he ripped the butt plug out of my ass in one fast move. I jolted with the pressure and pain as my ass lips were turned inside out. I was a gaping hole now, waiting for more use. The biker stroked his cock until it grew to the full eight inches and rammed it home in one hard move. I was already stretched from the plug so it went in easily but the pressure on my prostate was tough.

He pounded away for several minutes then shot a hot load up my chute. I counted four blasts of the man’s jism spurt inside me, and then it started to drip out my hole while he still rode me. When he withdrew, he took a paddle form the floor and smacked my ass several times, making sure he hit my exposed ass lips and tethered balls. I was crying from the pain.

In a few minutes, four other men entered and each in turn fucked my raw hole, spanked it when they were done and passed the paddle and my ass to the next man in line. Each man took his time, worked my ass to his pleasure and dumped his load into my abused and stretched ass hole. By the time the third man entered my fuck hole, I felt nothing, and I was past the point of numb. The third man inserted his cock and hand inside me at the same time. He used his hand to massage my prostate while he pumped his meat up my guts. When I reach a point of no return, I shot a load all over the floor and my ass twitched so tight he filled me with seven or eight hot spurts of his man juices. He shouts “Oh Fuck!” at the top of his lungs and bucked hard into me. Clearly I got him off with one of the best orgasms he had had in a while.

When he withdrew, I felt the warm gush of his seed run down my aching balls and weak legs. I had been tied like this for hours. The last man jerked off all over my back while fisting my open hole. Finally, he got on the floor and sucked as much hot cum out of my ass as he could. He worked his tongue deep inside me and I shot a second load from this hot tongue action on my man cunt.

Now the biker returned with a buddy. He pushed his ass into my face while his buddy removed the cock plug from my mouth. His buddy lifted the collar chain in one hand and forced my face into the hot but shitty hole of the biker. I was ordered to eat him out and clean up that hole. I did it, almost choking on the stench and shit. When I finished, the biker stuck his cock in my mouth and pissed down my throat. Then his buddy did the same, but pulled out a little early and sprayed my face and head with his warm waste.

The five men returned, untied me, wrapped me in plastic and locked me in the trunk of a car. They drove to their biker club and dumped me on the floor, naked, cum stained, filled with urine, cum and shit on my facile hair form eating ass. When they removed the plastic, there were 20 or more naked bikers waiting their turn to use me, but that’s another story.


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  1. scotts60143 - June 13, 2020, 4:23 pm

    Enjoyed that story! From a fun night out…to a different kind of fun night out!

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