A straight cop learns something new about himself when he suffers absolute humiliation and degradation at the hands of a family of escaped convicts in this new story by Dupree that left me speechless!

The Pig! - Page 1
by Dupree
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Sergeant Lonnie Higgs sat alone at the main desk, and with the exception of the prisoners in the back he was the only person at the station. It was a Tuesday afternoon in small-town America and the current shift only needed four officers, two of which were out on patrol and the other having called in sick. He was presently the officer in charge but also bored as shit, and he slumped back in his chair and sipped from a can of Dew, his gun to one side on the desk.

Hey, officer!” one of the prisoners called from the holding cell down the hall. There were three of them, two brothers and a cousin from the most notorious, white-trash clan this side of the Ozarks - the Ralstons, and they were being held on several serious counts of poaching while awaiting transport to a county facility. “Hey, I need to make a phone call. Get up off your butt and help me out!

You can make all the calls you want once you get to county!” Lonnie shouted back, for phone calls weren’t a privilege for occupants of the holding cell when there was only one cop in the station.

Fucking lazy pig!

The officer’s feet slammed to the floor as he launched himself out of the chair and down the hall, and when he charged into the holding cell area the two brothers, both in their twenties, stood back away from the bars as Lonnie made for quite a formidable presence! He was just shy of five-foot-ten but was brawny and strong with beefy arms and a massive chest, and even the other prisoner sitting with his pants down upon the shitter stopped what he was doing for a moment. As the forty-year-old cop slowly approached the cell his dark-blue uniform clung tightly to his rounded, burly shape, proudly displaying the large pecs, muscular shoulders, meaty thighs and bulging ass beneath. He was handsome and well groomed, sporting a buzz cut and a nicely-trimmed, brown mustache, but his eyes portrayed a furious authority as he demanded, “Which one of you shitheads just said that?”

When neither one of the two brothers, named Billy and Willy oddly enough, responded, Lonnie turned to their younger cousin Bart who was in the process of taking a dump. “I didn’t say it - honest!” he cried. “You think I’d ask to make a call while I’m sitting here crapping? And do you mind if I wipe my ass without you watching?"

"You see that camera on the wall?" Sgt. Higgs asked him. "Me and the boys'll be watching you wipe your ass on Christmas Day if we so choose." He turned back to Billy and Willy, two textbook examples of trailer trash snot if ever there was one. "And I highly suggest you two clodhoppers shut your fucking traps for the rest of my shift, you boys hear me?" With that said he turned about and tromped out of the room.

The moment he walked back into the front office the outside door was kicked open, and two armed men wearing black ski masks ran in screaming, "Get down on the floor, NOW!" Lonnie immediately threw his hands in the air as he inched toward the desk, and one of the men pointing a gun saw what he was heading for. "FREEZE!" he shouted, and he rushed forward and grabbed the cop's service pistol, then placed it in his belt.

"You were told to get down on the floor - NOW DO IT!" the other man shouted, and Lonnie dropped to his knees with his hands still in the air. "Where are the Ralston boys being held? We're set on taking them with us when we leave!" he announced, his gun trained on the cop.

"They're back in the holding cell," he told them calmly, not allowing himself to panic, for he had held the title of sergeant both in the army and now as a police officer, and he was well-trained in situations such as this. "Wh-who are you?"

"Never mind that! Where's the key to the cell?"

"On my belt..." Lonnie told the men reluctantly, and his hands dropped protectively over them.

"Then get the FUCK up and let's take a little walk to where you're keeping my kinfolk...!"

"Watch what you say, knucklehead!" his sidekick spat, and Lonnie thought he sounded as if he were chastising a younger brother, but he put that idea on the back burner as he rose up, thinking compliance to be his best option. As he ushered the intruders into the holding cell area with two guns to his back they could hear the sound of a flushing toilet, and Billy and Willy instantly began yelling and clapping in a rowdy manner. Bart was too engrossed in the act of pulling up his pants to participate at first, but he quickly got on board the revelry as the cop was roughly shoved forward.

"Open the door!" he was commanded with a gun to his head and the cop found the right key, inserted, and turned it, but it was the Ralston boys who actually pushed the door open with a uproarious cheer as they rushed out of the cell. Bart turned back and snatched the keys from the officer's grip, and he held them up like a war trophy for all to see.

"Well then, I want his badge," Willy decided, and he ripped it rudely off the front of the officer's uniform, damaging the shirt.

"I want something too," his brother Billy announced as he grabbed the stun gun from Lonnie's duty belt, and the cop was ashamed to have allowed such an act but there were two men pointing real guns at him.

"I want this then!" one of the ski-masked heavies proclaimed as he took the cop's radio, and it cackled static at him as if in outrage.

"I want the handcuffs!" the other intruder declared, and he held them up in front of Lonnie's reddened face, mocking him.

"You guys can't do this!" the officer exclaimed. "All those items are property of the city and of the police department, and you are all going to get in so much trouble!"

"We're already in trouble," Billy told him, eyeing the cop up and down. "I want the belt. Take it off, pig!"

"No! I will not!"

"Then I'll take it off myself," Billy told him with a chuckle and he grabbed at Lonnie's duty belt, but when the young redneck had trouble detaching it from the cop's trousers he decided to take them too. "I don't have time right now to figure out your belt, so you're gonna have to lose the pants!" he ordered, and he began to fiddle with the cop's zipper.

"NO! GET OUTA THERE!" Lonnie screamed, and the two masked intruders grabbed his muscular arms and held him tight.

Billy fiddled around the cop's crotch above the zipper until he had his pants unbuttoned, and they were loose enough at this point to pull down over his boxer shorts and legs where they snagged on his shoes. "Kick your shoes off!" he ordered, but when Lonnie simply struggled harder against the two thugs holding him Billy took further charge and removed them himself, then he slipped his pants completely off and held them up like a captured flag. With greedy eyes and a ruthless smile he surveyed his bounty: the trousers which were proof he had pantsed a cop, the duty belt and the interesting little gadgets attached, change jingling in the pockets, the bulge of the cop's wallet...

"Nice undershorts, pig!" Willy teased, for most certainly the cop hadn't expected to be stripped this morning when he chose a pair of boxers with Looney Tunes characters on them. "If my brother gets his pants I should at least get his shirt - it's only fair!" and he rushed forward and began to unbutton Lonnie's dark-blue uniform shirt, all the while casting a mocking grin directly into the cop's face. The officer struggled and pleaded but the masked thugs managed to hold him steady and were even able to help out their cousin Willy by unbuttoning his sleeves. As they wrenched the cop's shirt off they let go of his arms, and Lonnie watched the slender, young man put it on over his own shirt though it fit him like a tent.

The cop's large muscles nearly burst through his sleeveless, white undershirt, and so did the thick, curly hair that dominated his solid chest. "Now get in the cage!" one of the masked men ordered. Lonnie began to slowly enter the cell, and he felt absolutely vulnerable and helpless to be locked behind bars in his underwear and dress socks. Certainly his humiliation could get no worse...

"Wait a minute!" Bart barked. "Just a few minutes ago this pig was laughing at me cuz I had to take a shit in front of that camera up there. I say let's give him a taste of his own medicine and throw him in there NAKED!"

Billy and Willy started hooting and hollering in celebration of the idea. One of the masked men ran up in front of Lonnie and with both hands ripped off his wifebeater at the same time that Bart grabbed his boxer shorts from the back. The result was that the cop fell forward, shirtless, with his face and outstretched arms flush to the floor, and when his boxers were removed it left his enormous, white ass aimed in the air directly at his tormentors. His ass cheeks were like firm, round boulders, white as snow with a dark, weedy patch of hair protruding from his crack, and from deep within that jungle of a crack they could just barely glimpse his puckered, brown asshole shyly twinkling at them.

Billy ran forward and landed a playful kick right across the cop's fat ass, and he shouted, "In the cell NOW, PIG! CRAWL!" Lonnie crept into the cell on all fours, and he could feel someone snatch off his socks right before the door slammed shut behind him. He crawled to the center of the cell, the stench of Bart's bowel movement still lingering in the air, and sat there on the cold, cement floor with his back to the camera, trying his best to cover his nudity with his arms and hands. He had never beforehand felt such deep and utter shame and humiliation, and when he reflected upon the fact that he'd be in such a humble state when several other cops stumbled in for the upcoming shift change he nearly burst into tears.

I served in the army, and I now serve society as a cop... he told himself. I am strong and I will persevere... He kept his arms wrapped around himself, hunched over upon the floor, and he began to listen to the men as they talked.

"Thanks for springing us," Billy was saying. "So what's the plan?"

The older of the masked men told him, "We're meeting up with Chase and the crew in thirty minutes, and after we collect our...uh...belongings, we're all heading...well..." He paused as he glanced over toward the naked sergeant. "Well...you know where we're heading to lie low."

"So we better get going," the other masked man cautioned impatiently. "Like he just said we've got to be out by the old pumphouse in a half hour."

"How many times do I have to tell you to watch what comes flying outa your mouth?" his brother shouted at him, and then he pointed at Lonnie. "Now that he knows where we're meeting up we gotta shoot him!" The cop's blood ran cold.

"I don't know if I'm down for no murder charges!" Billy blurted out.

"Me neither," his brother Willy agreed. "We'll have to take him with us to keep him quiet." All of them agreed, and Bart found the right key and swung open the door to the cell.


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  1. scotts60143 - May 22, 2021, 8:30 pm

    Great beginning. Can’t wait to read more…absolutely love role reversal. That’s a real turn on!!! Taking a naked cop with you into the night to who knows where??!! How exciting!

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