Studs in the Saddle – Page 2

The humiliated cowboy is forced to suck the cock of each of tormentors then forced to suck his own big dick.

studs-saddle-4When Blake finally finished his fuck, he pulled the cruel, slick-coated fuckstick from the devastated asshole, gave the muscular buns a loud slap and announced, "Okay men, he's all your now. Go to it."

One after the other, each of the rowdy gang members took a turn at Clay's ass, and not until each and every single one of them had assaulted the helpless cowboy did they until the bruised and plundered body.

Clay was too weak to offer much resistance when they turned him over onto his back. The gang of surly outlaws lined up in a single file and Blake grabbed ahold of the blond cowpike's ears and held the head steady as the first cowboyt in line stepped up to the table.

"Look what he's got fer you," Blake sniggered.

The desperado's muscular belly filled Clay's vision and the unyielding boner bumped against his chin, smeared mucous across his handsome face and finally came to rest against his lips. The bullys were not through with him yet, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was theirs to do with as they would. He could not escape.

studs-saddle-5With a strangled sob, he shut his eyes and opened his mouth. The glistening, greasy pole of manmeat slid past his lips, over his tongue and down into his throat.

Clay's jays felt as though they would come unhinged from the sheer width of the repulsive thing crammed in his mouth. He coughed and gagged, but the invader was firmly lodged where no dick had ever been before.

"Taste good?" Blake asked with a chuckle, "Whyn't you suck it for him? There's a whole line of guys waitin'"

"Yeah, hurry it up, Dallas," one of the waiting cowboys called, "we want a chance at that purty mouth, too!"

Blake tightened his grip of Clay's ears and began to pump the head up and down on the shaft that speared the handsome face. Obediently, Clay started to suck.

A seemingly unending procession of hard cowboy dicks of all sizes and shapes was presented to Clay for servicing. As soon as he'd finished one, another would take its place. After a bit, the orderly line of ruffians disintegrated into a free-for-all, and he found himself surrounded with peckers. A few of the impatient poles of cowboy meat probed into his ears, some rubbed across his cheeks depositing trails of pre-cum or poked through his straw-colored hair. One of two dicks even attempted to push into his nostrils! At times he even had to take two cocks into his mouth at the same time, his lips stretched into a grotesque grimace to accommodate the double assault.

His jaws ached, and his lips became red and swollen from the rough treatment. His mouth and chin were shinny with his own spit, and strings of saliva dangled from his jawline.

studs-saddle-6Blake waited until all his men had their cocks cleaned before presenting his own stiff meat to Clay for servicing. By then the subdued blond stud had become so good at giving head that he took the burly outlaw's 12 1/2 inches in one easy gulp without choking, and proceeded to give the stallion-sized fuckpole a thorough sucking. Blake's pumping his hips nailed the blond's head to the tabletop and it didn't take long for the brawny renegade to deliver his load of bubbling balljuice.

"Boy, you shore have turned into one helluva good dicklicker," Blake smirked as he wiped off his weapon with Clay's shredded shirt.

"yeah," one of his men agreed, "too bad he cain't know just how good a blow job he gives."

A crafty glint came into Blake's eyes, and he rubbed his stubble-shadowed chin comtemplatively.

"Mebbe we can fix it so's he kin find out," he said softly.

"Watcha mean, boss?" the one called Dallas asked.

"I think we oughta let the pussy have a taste of his own meat." Blake announced.


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