Steve Delgado finds himself in a world of hurt for fucking the wrong girl - Sheriff Cummins slutty daughter!

Steve Delgado and the Sheriff's Daughter - Part 1
by Amalaric
Series: Steve Delgado
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Part 1: Steve Delgado Gets Busted

Tacky light from the neon sign shining through the night time window cast a mellow glow on the interior of the cramped motel room in the middle of nowhere. Formica edges were dimmed and blurred into a semblance of romance or, at least, passion as Steve thrashed against her milky need in the sultry heat. Both he and Debbie were slicked with a fine sheen of sweat, grinding under the flimsy sheets, oblivious to the wily mosquitoes buzzing through carefully discerned gaps in the old screen perched on the sill of the open window. ‘Say it again, Steve,’ she cooed, all breathless, as he cupped her left breast in one hot hand, marveling at its supple firmness and the indefinable texture of silky power that sent a raging jolt down his spine then forward to his gut and, finally, to a ten inch dick rock hard and begging for action. ‘I love you, Debbie,’ and he meant it; in the here and now, in this place with the reddish light seeping through the window making everything magic and somehow sincere. ‘I love you, Debbie,’ and he believed it, doubly so as she wrapped a delicate hand around the shaft of his throbbing dick and guided it toward her hot bush all flecked with fragrant dew, thrust forward between round hips charged with a hunger to match his own. He grinned and plunged into her depthless mystery, plumbing his own being in the process, lost in the age-old paradox of dominance and need though he wouldn’t have put it that way. He loved her essence and never bothered to ask why. Wordless as seemed natural, Steve panted a physical urgency buried in her utter delight, pumping his own strong, rhythmic charms against the thrusting affirmative of her tenacious feminine grip- drilling deep within her, simply glad to be young and alive. She bit his ear and Steve groaned with pleasure. ‘Oh baby!! This is good…so good,’ and the fragile dream, deceptive in its urgent illusion which lied, insinuating that all would be forever well, was shattered as a fist pounded on the other side of the flimsy motel room door.

Steve pulled out of her slick cunt; blissful grin creased in an instant to a frown of perplexed concern. ‘What the hell…?’ and, unfinished, the expletive stuck in his throat as the door split against booted feet and two deputies rushed into the narrow room. Caught in the act, he felt Debbie roll away from him in a futile denial of what was patently obvious. The deputies split ranks, one moving toward the girl who pulled the single sheet toward herself, leaving Steve stark naked on the sweat stained mattress, and wrapped it demurely around slender white shoulders. He nodded and, unsmiling, extended a hand helping the girl to her feet. ‘How many times have you been warned, girl? Your daddy’s worried sick with all the wildness you get up to.’ He motioned to the bathroom as she scooped her clothes from the seat of an old chair in the corner of the room, ‘Now, get yourself decent and I’ll take you home.’ Debbie sniffed and, with a last smoldering look at Steve’s long naked body sprawled on the bed, disappeared into the bathroom and slammed the door. Steve lay propped on shaking elbows, back against the headboard, big cock still slick but now flaccid, breathing hard with eyes riveted on the barrel of the pistol held pointed at his hairy chest. The second cop stooped and rose again in one fluid motion, tossing Steve’s jockey shorts, tee shirt and faded levis into his lap. ‘Get your clothes on, boy, and make it quick. It’s a long ride over to the station and Sheriff Cummins is damn anxious to meet you.’ Steve gratefully pulled on his clothes finishing the job as he tied the leather laces of his work boots and rose, standing, at the foot of the bed. ‘Hey, officer, I swear I didn’t mean any harm…’ He was cut off by the other man, still casually fingering his gun, and ordered to turn around. Shuffling on booted feet, the big stud was wary but there was nothing to do but comply and he slowly turned, facing the foot of the bed. Blinding pain followed a split second later as the deputy sent his club thumping into the small of Steve’s back. Ah fuck!! My kidneys! And he went face down on the mattress as intended, shaking with the unexpected pain that wrapped hot fingers around his lower torso. Nauseated, Steve barely registered the motion of the deputy’s knee planted on the high rise of his denim clad butt, arms wrenched backward and wrists cuffed in cold steel. He was quickly dragged back to his feet and stood swaying, icy sweat trickling from matted pits, shaking his handsome head trying to clear his mind, to make some sense of what had happened with such blinding speed.

The ride to the station was uneventful and seemed endless. The deputies had come in separate squad cars and Debbie was hustled into one, her erstwhile lover into the other. Steve noticed wistfully that the scared looking girl didn’t even spare him a glance as she took her seat in the front next to the thin, sandy haired deputy. Steve was levered into the back seat of the other car and settled into a storm of silent anxiety for the long ride. The night was hot, as only August nights could be in south/central Arizona, and the spaces wide between one small town or another. An hour later they pulled into the two-bit hole-in-the-wall spot on the map where Steve worked day labor and had met his girl, down a couple of side streets…and eased into the parking lot of the squat, one story police station. The deputy eased out of the vehicle, proud as hell to have bagged his prize, face creased with the kind of arrogant smirk patented by cops around the world, and hauled his strapping trophy from the back seat. ‘Hey man,’ Steve still reckoned he hadn’t committed any crime and, besides, wasn’t stupid enough to try and run for it, ‘these cuffs hurt, officer, any chance of taking them off- I swear, I’ll cooperate…just a misunderstanding, man.’ The deputy (his name tag read: Ewert Tanner) licked his lips and ruffled the big buck’s thick black hair, running his hand down the damp cotton of the tight tee shirt, fingers tracing the ridges of muscle along Steve’s spine, and hooked three of them deep beneath the denim waistband at the back of his levis. ‘Not a chance, boy,’ and Steve’s breath hitched at the feeling of the cop’s forefinger wedged against the crack at the top of his ass as he was propelled forward toward the dirty glass doors of the dimly lit station.

Two hours later Steve paced the confines of a bare room lit with glaring fluorescence; all hard angles and saturated with the nearly indefinable smell of old fear, wondering where the hell the sheriff, so anxious to see him, had got himself off to. On top of that, he had to pee…bad. The cuffs, too tight from the beginning, chaffed his wrists and he realized, now, that they had been left on purely for spite. He was scared…oh yeah, mighty scared, but also pissed off. Fuck, Debbie has to be at least twenty and I ain’t broke no laws! That thought, playing like a tired cassette in his mind, was interrupted by the grate of a key on the other side of the metal door. The sound of a sliding bolt followed the key and Steve steeled himself for the inevitable encounter with Sheriff Cummins. ‘Well, look what the cat dragged in…’ and the tall buck, oddly disturbed by the tired cliché, turned to face Debbie’s dad, thick black eyebrows knotted with outrage, bone weary, scared, but mostly angry at the crazy trajectory of what should have been a pleasant evening- gone, now, completely out of control. Hap Cummins squinted past the glare and sized up his captive. My little girl may be a first-class slut but, damn, she’s got great taste!


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