With the help of Mr Byron and the other men, Les Caldwell thwarts his stepson's attempt to run away from home and instead captures him and a friend for another humiliating punishment session.


Stepson's Doom - Part 7
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Stepson's Doom
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It was the Saturday following Colt's date with Sally Byron; her father was relaxing with the newspaper at home, but his mind still wandered back to that delightful time in Les Caldwell's barn that fateful day -- since that day a lot had happened -- Sally and Colt had both graduated from high school, and Colt's stepdad had surprisingly allowed the boy to attend a number of parties to mark the occasion. In fact, although he hadn't had a chance to talk with the boy since that embarrassing (for him, that is) episode of milking the lad in his barn, Byron was looking forward to the next Saturday; it would mark the next "punishment" session which by now all of his friends and neighbors looked forward to more than anything. As he enjoyed his reverie imagining the things that would likely be done to Colt's fine young studhood in a mere seven days he didn't notice that his daughter had entered the room until she spoke. "Dad", she said, and then the doting father turned and noticed that his little girl had tears in her eyes. "Sally! What is the matter?" The beautiful young girl whose life had seemed so full of promise slowly sat down opposite her father and began to cry softly. Mr. Byron leaped to his feet and sat down on the sofa beside her, putting his arm around her to comfort her shudders. He waited for her to calm down. In a moment she replied, "Dad, I don't know what to do. I just had a long conversation with Colt on the telephone. He's leaving here -- for good!" Byron stifled a gasp and then hesitantly asked, "But why, dear? I thought he would stay and run the farm for his stepfather. And I hoped that the two of you would remain good friends, and perhaps more. Such a likable young man!"

Sally went on: "Yes, I hoped that, too. But he insists that he must run away. He cannot stand to stay around here any longer. He wouldn't say why, just that a distant cousin of his was passing through town next Friday night and that they made plans to leave. I tried to get him to explain, but he said no, and that he would write to me one day when he got settled. He made me promise not to tell anyone, not even you, but I don't know what to think or do now. Please, Daddy, don't betray me about our conversation. But if you know of any way to make Colt change his mind, please help!" She began to cry again, telling her father further details of Colt's intentions. Byron again tried to comfort his only girl, but his mind was racing with possibilities. He said, "Now, now. I'll not tell a soul, Sally. But let me think about this - maybe there is an answer. Just go on to your room and say nothing more about the situation. I'll let you know what I come up with." Sally tried to give a brave smile, leaned over and kissed her father, then rose and went toward her room. No sooner had she gone than Byron grabbed his truck keys and flew out the door -- he must have broken all speed records on the farm-to-market country road and within minutes had pulled up in front of the Caldwell ranch house. Les answered Byron's frantic knock at once and before he could speak Byron blurted out, "Quick, Les! Where's Colt?" Les was surprised by the query and said, "Oh, he's in town picking up some items we needed -- he won't be back for an hour or so. What's the matter?" Still panting for breath, Byron plunked himself down at the kitchen table and disclosed all that Sally had told him. Caldwell remained impassive for a few minutes, but very soon a cruel little smile crossed his face. He looked at Byron and said, "Don't fret, Byron. I'm glad you came to me first -- something along this line was bound to happen eventually, and now that school is over, this is a perfect time to nip this little escape in the bud. But we only have a week -- we must get hold of the others right away." Les had a plan, and it was a good one; when Byron left for home in half an hour he felt relieved.

Friday evening finally came -- Colt was terrified that his plans might be found out, but if anything his stepdad had been unusually generous -- he had encouraged the boy to get out and see his friends, taking time off from farm chores. And Caldwell had not molested the boy or allowed any of his neighbors to do so since the chastity device episode. Still, Colt knew he had to get away from this hellhole, and his friend Daniel's fortuitous passage through the area later this evening was just the lifeline the tortured boy needed. He and his "dad" made pleasant small talk over the supper table, the boy washed the dishes and tended to the livestock before announcing that he was turning in early. Caldwell said, "Fine, son. There'll be chores tomorrow, so get a good rest." Colt jumped into his bed, fully clothed, and then listened for the next two hours before hearing his stepfather going into his own room down the hall. He continued to wait until just after midnight, knowing that Caldwell was a heavy sleeper. He then sneaked out of the house with a knapsack containing his most basic possessions and the little money he had been able to save. He was sorry there was a full moon, but he had no reason to fear that anyone could see him. He cut across the south field and headed for a little-used dirt road which he would follow to the rendezvous spot with his friend Daniel. There was a giant oak tree marking the spot, and through the moonlight he could see his friend standing against it; oddly, Daniel was not moving, but Colt couldn't make out the reason till he got within ten feet of him -- Daniel was firmly tied to the tree, his mouth gagged with a bandana; the young man's frightened eyes were dodging between the vision of Colt coming toward him --- and a huddled figure behind another tree. Just as the situation dawned on Colt, the figure stood and revealed itself to be his former track coach, Dave Blackert. Then two other men, soon showing themselves to be Martin Byron and Elliott Pratt, jumped the startled young athlete, taking him down to the ground. Assisted by the coach and by Brent Potter, they soon had Colt Murray hogtied with rope, writhing on the ground. The men laughed at his predicament. The coach spoke first, "Well now, Colt, you surely didn't mean to run away without saying goodbye to your good neighbors, did you?" Potter added, "Yeah, Colt, where are your manners? Byron, get that new boy from the tree." Martin Byron and Pratt unfastened Daniel from the big tree but left his wrists bound behind him and his ankles firmly tied together. The coach added, "Let's have a better look at the new kid -- he might be a fine addition to our games. Strip his shirt off, men." It took no urging for the two older men to rip Daniel's corduroy shirt to shreds, leaving a fine, lean-muscled torso with ripped abs and a pattern of dark hairs tracing their way down from between his nipples to his navel only to vanish into his tight jeans. The boy had dark eyes with long, lustrous lashes and a head of full, black-as-night hair which set off his strong, handsome face. The men struggling to keep him still were thoroughly enjoying caressing and rudely groping his fine body, especially those perfect ass cheeks encased in their denim fabric. Still gagged, it was impossible to tell if Daniel felt fear or just loathing for his present predicament. Meanwhile Byron had pulled his pickup truck up into the clearing, and the coach directed the others to tie Daniel across one of the front fenders, the same position they would have used for a deer they had successfully hunted. Pratt then said, "Do the same to Colt here. He'll make a pretty package for his return home." The men all laughed but before tying him in similar fashion they also ripped off the golden boy's shirt -- Potter took his time running his excited hands over Colt's sweaty torso as he struggled in vain against the ropes that held him fast. When the trapped boy had been slung across the other fender, Byron and Potter got into the front seat and started the engine; the others jumped in the back. Since this was a back road, and it was nearly two o'clock a.m. by now no unwanted company was expected, and none materialized.


In a short while the truck made its way onto the Caldwell property; Pratt jumped off the back to close and lock the ranch gate behind them. But then came another surprise for Colt -- the truck wasn't headed for the house or the barn! Instead, it turned onto a rutted, little-used ranch track that led over several acres to the northern, unused part of the ranch where it came to rest in front of an old, concrete farm building that long-ago sharecroppers had used for storage. A light was coming from inside, and Les Caldwell opened the door and strode out to survey the half-naked captives on the hood of the truck. "Welcome back, son. And I see you brought a friend with you." The others laughed uproariously at that remark. "Take the new boy around to that closet on the other side of the building and lock him in. Then bring Colt inside with you." The men were happy to do as they were told, and soon they managed to pull and shove young Murray into the lighted building interior. Inside Colt saw that there were newly-installed iron bars on the few windows, and that a new steel door had replaced the rotted wooden one that had stood for many years. A metal cot, a prefabricated simple bathroom, and a metal bench and table were the only furnishings in the place. There were sturdy exposed roof beams in place, and Colt noted with some horror that new metal shackles were hanging from them. Before he could speak the men held him and untied his wrists -- he struggled, but he couldn't fight off all of them. They quickly clasped his wrists into the ceiling-beam shackles and then pulled off his boots and socks in order to fasten similar chains around his stretched-out ankles. The boy struggled and tossed, his gleaming chest and sweat-slicked back and shoulders causing the men to lick their lips with anticipation. His jeans were his only covering, and they rode lower and lower on his slim waist and hips as he strained and fought against the unyielding chains that bound him. "Welcome to your new home, son. We didn't have much time but it has all the comforts of home -- and it will be your home from now on." A thrill ran through the excited men at this remark, a thrill all the more amusing because of the disgusted look on Colt's young face.

But, for now, Les Caldwell had something special in mind. He announced, "As I already told you men Martin Byron is responsible for thwarting young Colt's escape, so I believe it only fitting that he be allowed to taste the pleasures of the boy alone. The rest of you will be here tomorrow evening for your own pleasures -- and don't worry, there will be plenty to go around!" The men laughed again and teased Byron about his "special treat". Les ushered the others out, saying to Byron, "Have fun with him; we'll have your truck back by first light in the morning. I've provided a few ….er… accessories for your use, Byron. Enjoy!" The door closed, and in a few minutes Byron heard the engine start up and the vehicle move away. There were now no sounds but the wind outside and the panting breath of the stripped-down captive in front of him. For the first time all by himself Byron could use -- and abuse --- this exquisite body of muscle in all the ways his active imagination could conjure. Colt's eyes were fixed on the older man, and he knew he was in for the torments of hell. Long before daybreak both men would know the intense feelings that inevitably result from a dedicated sadist and his unwilling victim!



  1. Spankboy202 - September 22, 2017, 6:56 am

    Love how the sadistic stepdad has now confined Colt into a concrete building. Look forward to seeing stepdad inflict a lot more punishment on his stepson!

  2. scotts60143 - October 5, 2017, 7:51 am

    Story is continuing on so great and hot one can only imagine! And now, instead of one toy they have two!! Just love that last line…”result from a dedicated sadist and his unwilling victim!” Now that Colt is a permanent prisoner almost anything goes!! Special thanks to Kronmire4 for continuing the story, and thanks to Amal for the great nips!! Colt has been and still is HOT, but the new guy?? To quote a friend, “Woof”!!!!

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